The Ultimate World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Football Challenges
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The Ultimate World Cup 2018 Qualifiers Football Challenges

October 7, 2019

Hey Lukas
Hey Konzi what’s up? Wanna do some European Qualifiers Challenges?
Sure, be there in a minute! Hello an welcome to a new video! my name is Konzi
and I am Lukas and as you to the world championship qualification is on! RTL Nitro is broadcasting the game Netherlands – France on the 10th of october We are about to simulate this in 3 different challenges! Now we just have to choose our team!
Let’s go! Let’s start with the first challenge!
It’s called snapshot, and goes like this! What a spectacle the media is there before this game and RTL Nitro is broadcasting live! What is the keeper doing? How does he play this ball? This was an awesome goal! No, way .. Excitement until the end Okay Konstantin, let’s see what Zidane have got his old age! Yes we gonna see that! Maybe a little rusty!? This was .. He fell asleep again The ball wasn’t there, let’s do that again. I get molested by a bee, wait! He can’t do a thing, no he can’t You touched it! Oh what a rat! He scores with his left foot
The keeper touched it I need to take a break as Zidane, I’m a little older! Holy sausage! Ready? This one was nasty .. Oh what a nice shot! Well done! Loss by post and the keeper First challenge is for you, but now I show you who’s the best! We’ll see that in the freekick challenge! Oh that’s close distance!
He has sympathy with us! A really good freekick position!
If you don’t score that…. Won! You gotta go first! Wind is perfect! I was afraid but there was Karol! Cristiano Ronaldo checked his birth certificate again and it says he is from the netherlands! What’s happening here? Did you touch it? What a keeper!
This polish keeper! I will try it with the crowbar! Nooo, impossible No that can’t be true!? First shoot on target and he scores, that’s impossible So Karol, now give us the second freekick position! That’s not bad, looks pretty good, very pivotal.
If this is a good spot for him!?!? I simply decide this challenge He doesn’t! Lukas hiding my face, a little irritation No, where does he take this shot from? Karol attention please! Ready? Come on I have some shots left! Wesley Ronaldo now! He’s going for the knuckle! What was that!? The free kicks today are .. Ibrahimovic now! It was Cristiano Ronaldo instead! Respect! You earned it!
Next time! Now Lukas, let’s get to the final challenge! Penalties! Well the final challenge The winner will get to points even if I’m in lead! so it’s getting a little exciting! Sounds fair!
Fairplay! What was that? Please stop this .. Now the question should he start or not? Alright Lukas starts! You have the advantage! Oh boy!
Who can go with it!? I pull out my joker! What you get your joker now? Let’s do it right from the start! You get your joker now?
I’m not trusting this keeper! You want to bully me from the start!
Yes I’m to excited! What joker do you want?
I’ll show you how to shoot! No, I knew it! What a loser in the goal! Alright but I have to say I gave a hundred percent! I never thought you would go for this direction! I knew it, I would have given my life! I take my joker, the weak foot joker! Oh the weak foot joker!? Well done!
I’ll take my last joker! Now?
Bully them from the beginning! There is a twist! For me it’s two times that hard…
because you just suck? my foot is injured and left foot! Even with that it’s safe! Emergency, we have to change the keeper! I thought he got it, than he tips in! We need the make-up artist Clever, very good! Send him wrong! 3:3 after 3 shots!
Because we are Netherlands against France We’re not just someone!
And now the goalie is giving 120 percent! Last joker, now he has to show Karol the direction!
Last shot, now I have to! Or we he should not jump!
We will see! Can i start? He got it, I knew it! Bro, this was nice! I thought he would go for right!
I showed the middle but I thought you shoot harder I should have known it! short and simple! Congratulations Konzi, it was a tough fight but the French seemed to be a little better! Yes it was tight and if you want to watch the game live, tune in on the 10th october to RTL Nitro Additionally you can win the new European Qualifiers football, place your predictions in the comments below and we will draw one lucky winner one week later. Good luck with the contest!
Stay sporty and see you next time! Bye!

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  1. Meegaa großer Hype auf dass Spiel ich würde den Ball wirklich gerne gewinnen und mein Favorit ist Frankreich

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  5. i Can shoot better than LUKAS,But Konzi shoot better than me …Im left foot but and right foot too !!

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