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The Technology behind the Paralympics | Samsung Paralympic Bloggers

November 19, 2019

I’m here at the Paralympic village
where I can take you behind the scenes at the Ottobock Centre. Now this is where the
Paralympic athletes will come if they need any help with their prosthetics. It might be a bit tight, but actually that hand if it realises there is something persistent it stops. so this is a hockey skate being repaired
right after the Japan USA match. The toe cap came off. Can I touch it?
Oh it’s fully solid! You have to grind it until it is smooth and then we paint it. This one is for an ice hockey players. So it is protecting his stump. It’s for his sledge. So it is just a cover. Now this particular part has something that is called a suction mechanism. Tell us Walter how does that work? It creates a vacuum in the socket. When you go in with the stump, the membrane
inside the socket closes in on the skin. And then we have a valve, when you go in with the stump it pushes out the air and creates a vacuum. Okay, so the next part of the prosthetic we are talking about is the knee. Now this here is a specific prosthetic because it is used for skiing. So Walter tell us about what is happening right here? The knee is for skiing. We have a large piston inside the knee. And when you are skiing it bounces. so that the skier can manage variable types of terrain and force it. We are going to move to the ankle. So tell us what is happening here? In the foot we have an ankle and the ankle is also fitted with a piston, just like the knee. And it can also bounce and adjust to the ground. You see the bindings for the ski. So you just click right into your
bindings in the ski down the hill? yes

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