The Story Of Paralympian Oksana Masters #LoveOverBias
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The Story Of Paralympian Oksana Masters #LoveOverBias

November 16, 2019

When people see success they can jump to an assumption that it came easy and happened overnight They see the shining moments of victory in the Olympic arena But they don’t see the grind and grit and people behind what it took to get to that moment in time gentlemen It’s a pleasure to welcome you to Bozeman Today I would tell you guys the story of Oksana masters Amok fondant masters, I’m a three-time Paralympic athlete in three different sports I went to London 2012 for rowing 2014 for cross-country skiing biathlon in 2016 for cycling so I love sports I’m a little indecisive when it comes to sports, and I have three Paralympic medals one silver to bronze from those games My life kind of started halfway around the world though I was originally born in Ukraine and I lived in three different orphanages until my mom Saw a picture of me and decided to be my mom So Procter & Gamble recently came out with a film that I really want to share with you guys and it’s called love bias It’s about the Bison struggle. We all face growing up, but through the eyes of the mother It’s something we can all relate to on a level as we’ve all had successes in our lives that came with struggles along the way And who was there for you during those struggles in Oksana’s case it was her mom I Have two prosthetic legs I was born with tibia him Emilia and also like webbed fingers I just had so much birth defects that were all what we’re assuming is a result of radiation induced What does your guys’s favorite memory together I wonder if it’s I don’t even know if it’s the same memory, but yours Waking her up in the orphanage hmm What 11:30 at night? first of all she’s wearing Three layers of clothes a sweater under all these blankets because there’s no heat in the orphanage at all And then she goes I know you you might be my mother I have a picture you want to see those think it’s supposed to be the picture. I sent her really that’s right That’s you basically. You know like I know you you’re my daughter. It’s right, and then at that same time She also told me she wasn’t gonna learn English very smart. She could teach me you crazy I just remember everything about that moment I remember like it’s just that grogginess waking up from that deep sleep and being tied to like The blankets like they like to really tighten you down, and I just remember like like feeling and seeing you kneel down in your big black coat yeah, and Because you were to the left of me and That was amazing So that’s yeah, that’s definitely fine one of my favorite. Just because it was such like Like this really happened because I actually knew about my mom when I was five and she knew about me then too but wasn’t able to get me until I was seven and a half because Ukraine closed their adoptions during that time There was a this band put on it, and so she you couldn’t make any like adoptions at all from Ukraine my mom Was told that she can go to Russia and she can adopt a baby, and it could be like within a week She could have her a new baby and because she originally wanted a baby she didn’t want an opinionated seven-year-old Procter & Gamble just came out this new video with love over bias and I don’t know how many times I’ve like watched that on repeat leading into this games because it’s Super inspiring to me because it’s all about like seeing the world and like all these Biases through a mother’s eye, and I know I would not be here without my mom at all, and I think that’s something that When I first started into sports and wanted to do something and definitely doubted myself I wish I saw myself more through your eyes, so I always found my Phone calls sometimes that meant just being in the ER be just yeah She adopted me when I was seven and a half and embrace me single parent my mom didn’t speak Ukrainian I didn’t speak English so the communication was really fun a lot of hand gestures Sometimes get it right sometimes. We got it wrong when I was younger I was taught to just never show emotion on my face and cry so when I wasn’t feeling good I Would say like my stomach hurts, but I’m saying it all with a smile on my face My mom’s like oh good cuz I’m smiling she doesn’t hold I’m saying they think I’m vomiting all over the floor, and she’s like Yeah With just a little over two months until the Paralympic Winter Games Oxana schedule is packed But she found some time in her day to teach me a little bit about what she’ll be competing at the upcoming games, okay, so You’re gonna kind of know how to reenact this is I’m missing having my legs Like hold on to like my knee or something yeah, and then a little narrower oh Wow all right we’re good to go hot three things don’t be afraid to fall We’re not that far from the ground. That’s the good thing about this kid falling in super normal and ready stop. You just kind of Just gonna like leave with your poles and just a lot of it of course you want to stabilize your core You go like go all out, and I’ll try and go all out okay Wow that’s really good Oaks onna will be competing in both Nordic skiing and biathlon for her second time Nordic skiing is cross-country skiing only and biathlon is cross-country skiing and shooting I always go okay When I first like realize I can go to the Paralympic Games one coach like basically just like laughed and said Good luck, but I think you should look at other things to do with your life basically my bill is so small I don’t look like a jacked elite athlete when you first look at me And that kind of fueled my fire a little bit because I really wanted to prove not just her But it’s like any young girl or any person out there that yeah you might not be the type to be like a gymnast or an ice skater or a Weightlifter, but like it’s not what you have It’s what you do with what you have embrace it and love it because there’s only one you Oxana is such a beautiful person and a fierce competitor despite her obstacles She has overcome bias around appearance and ability and proving them wrong Thanks to her mom and her attitude of it’s not what you have It’s what you do with what you have so that’s the story of Gaye and Oksana masters Don’t forget to tune in to the Paralympic Winter Games Pyeongchang starting on March 9th, so we can Oliver it on our girl Oksana also check out the link below it takes you to love over biased comm so you can watch the film as well as learn More great stories, just like Oakes on us. Thank you guys for watching this video I really hope you liked it, and I’ll see you next time

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  1. I wish youtube would push this type of content. This should be on the trending page. Your an incredible artist Monica

  2. Monica you really use all your channels for being motivational all the time. I am so proud of what you are becoming! You are truly amazing!

  3. MONICA WE NEED MORE OF THESEEEEEEEEE your content here is above every single youtuber that really is just onto materialistic stuff, being famous and getting some money. and thank you for this. I admire you so much!!!

  4. This is so well written and well shot. I love this content and I think you should keep making videos that make you happy!

  5. Came here from the vlog! This video seems a lot more YOU, which is what I love to see. I'm not subscribed to this channel (but I'm subscribing now! ;)) because I don't like watching most the content you've made in the past on this channel. It just doesn't feel 100% like the you I know from the vlogs, and I LOVE your vlogs. I don't know if it has something to do with age or interests, but I do love the way you use your camera, the way you edit and the way you tell a story. 🙂

  6. Seriously amazing video! I'll be sharing it on my blog on Saturday! Love this type of video and can't wait to see what you do with this channel!

  7. OMG!!! This was so touching!!! You did AMAZING with this Monica!!! What an awesome experience. I am adopted as well but of course my situation is a lot different than hers. I love the quote "It's not what you have. its what you do with what you have". That quote means so much to me in so many ways. I am definitely putting it up on my wall.

  8. Amazing video, and Oksana seems genuinely so sweet and lovely, but at the same time is such a driven and successful athlete – what an amazing person!

  9. I hope you can make more videos like this Monica. I really love it. I think documentary/ narrative videos showing other people’s lives are amazing and you truly did a great job showing us the unseen sides of Portana.

  10. I think this is my favorite video I've ever seen of yours! I can feel the care you took in every shot and word, and its clear in your face and voice that this is the kind of content you really like creating. I've been watching you since I was in middle school and now I'm in college, and after watching this video, I have to say I'm really proud of the woman you have become.

  11. watching this for the 50th time now! i'm not very confident in my abilities (and my appearance) but this really inspired me

  12. She came from having nothing and half her legs to doing something so extra-ordinary. I'm inspired. Thanks for sharing her story.

  13. YouTube hasn't been sending these to my subscription feed. This video is great- I'm 27 and would love to see you make the more mature content you want to make. ??

  14. this video have a great message but as a younger ish viewer i think it need to be edited to make it more exciting to keep people interested

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  16. This is beautiful. What an incredible story she has! You do a great job of projecting inspirational stories and opportunities 🙂

  17. I think one of the reasons this doesn't have as many views is because you are not in the thumbnail and people don't realize this is your video.

  18. I'm so glad you mentioned this in your vlog channel. I currently have been trying to share content that takes longer to create and has more substance than the alternative. People don't seem as quick to watch it but I really enjoy making it.I don't know why some aren't ready for it yet but thank you for creating this anyways. Continue sharing stories Monica. You're doing a lovely job already.

  19. Россия с тобой) Ты невероятно сильный человек во всех смыслах, вдохновляешь)

  20. Monica, you should interview Olympic divers and gymnasts! It would be so cool to combine your history of the sport with their experiences.

  21. I feel like you needed to work on the small parts of this and it would have felt a lot more polished. For example, in the interview, you're all holding coffee cups and it stops you all from gesticulating and moving your hands to explain the story. It also distracts the audience.

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