The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Part 6 (PC) Chapter 6: A Pain in the Back
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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie Part 6 (PC) Chapter 6: A Pain in the Back

September 13, 2019

we got a push on Patrick we’re making
good time he hurt fine too we can’t let it get to us though we’re
men hey maybe we should go see that guy in pain come see dr. lui he’ll make you
guys feel better no Patrick doctors are scary maybe he has lollipops
you make a good point in pain come see dr. lui he’ll make you guys feel better
somehow that’s not so comforting hi there big fella
you want something no you are quite possibly the largest garbage I’ve ever
seen yes machine bet those jeans ever size 46
ways denim PA door oh shoot do you know what’s going on here
i AMSO shot in the Revolutionary Army I fight for hours about the rats
everywhere when I say fight is this protest but it
is ever been – no but if you guys are protesters shouldn’t you have signs and
be chanting Logan them stop that’s what I said but I’ll leave there
Octavio says it’s better we just stand around outside this your place and you
know you do that very well okay I’m gonna go but afternoon hi can I help you I’m here
to see the doctor that’s nice she have an appointment not as such hmm
well he’s a pretty busy guy let me see what I can do
what’s your name SpongeBob SquarePants no seriously SpongeBob SquarePants
do your parents not like you they love me why just curious
anyway what species are you I’m a sponge a sponge huh well I’m sorry mr.
Squarepants but dr. lui is a chiropractor yep well a
chiropractor deals with bones the backbone or spine well how can I put
this you are an invertebrate yep so you have no spine no bones how can you be
treated by a back doctor if you have no back very carefully no I’m sorry unless
you have a spine you cannot see dr. lui barnacles
isn’t there any way I can see dr. lui yeah there is a way
get a spine then I’ll pencil you in good day to you ma’am bye hi what’s
going on guys we are protesting on their fleet loans at the ends of the karapa
thick overlords what a chiropractic a chiropractor is a doctor who please sit
back and span and we are not going to take the injustice they deal any longer
oh I don’t have a spine I can’t join you guys you are speaking the nonsense we
are all in vertebrates at this rally no novice that spans oh well and what good
is at chiropractic you are missing the point we are protesting their right to
see this chiropractic charlatan none of us actually want to see em we just want
the right to do so Isaac this sounds like a job for two men
mr. Krabs it is our duty as men to help these people
iron out their differences oh you just reminded me of something really
important like that Vika look the iron on at home so we have decided to help
you come to an agreement take me to your leader ha ha
Malia’s get a load of the yellow one he wants to see Octavio as if any one of
the streets and demand to see Octavio Octavio
yes he sa Generalissimo of Zee inverter plates and he does not see just anybody
he is a busy man he does not have time to chitchat with Z live laughs does he
have time to fiddle faddle with a flim-flam i do not ask him about these
personal business so what would I need to do to get to see Octavio well I would
need proof that you are serious about anything now cause if you could bring a
piece of ring from the despicable dr. Louie is a nice Inc we go to business
I’m on it okay I’m gonna go viva la revolucion hi did you grow since
we were apart okay I’m gonna go hi it’s me again mom dude don’t scare me with
your infectious happiness so what would I need to do to get to see Octavio well
I would need proof that he was serious about helping out cause if you could
bring a piece of ring from the despicable doctor doing sane I think we
go to business I’m on it okay I’m gonna go viva la revolucion Patrick okay okay have it your way
wait here I won’t be long hello shopkeeper hey say this is an
interesting store you have here yeah well its surface purpose you don’t carry
kelpo by any chance do you not hardly the only food we have comes in cans Oh
food my favourite do you know anything about the Frick is going on outside
lumbar Louise yeah as a matter of fact that guy is no good I’ve got half a mind
to march over there and show him just how spineless we really are I don’t know
I mean he is a back doctor and we don’t have backs what’s the point really what
is this talk you’re an invertebrate I expect better review I’m very
disappointed sheesh I’m sorry I didn’t mean it don’t let it happen again I
spoke with the movement and they told me to come have a word with your leader I’m
afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about you know the Generalissimo sorry
kid you’re barking up the wrong kelp stalk Aviv I’ll revel it’s y’all excuse
me nice talking to you I gotta go okay that sea urchin won’t miss one little
spine he’s got hundreds so guess you have the spine not you
you’re a sponge wrong Oh what is this uh it’s a sea urchin spine exactly so let
me in I’m gonna see the doctor you have missed the point entirely Patrick did
not this kind lady say earlier that if I got a spine I could see dr. lui
she did she did I heard her and I do believe this is a spine
ergo therefore and thusly you should honor your word oh I don’t get paid
enough for this fine give me a moment Adric we are quite possibly the smartest
creatures living under the sea did you see her she was all confused
haha it must be hard being so stupid we live under the sea okay you can see dr.
lui now oh ya doc hello what seems to be the problem about the protest you have
going on outside oh that yeah those guys are kind of getting on my nerves but the
big one he scares me always looking at me kind of shifty and stuff why won’t
you treat them okay I’d be happy to treat them if that’s what they want
wouldn’t help them of course being at their bonus but I’ll do what I can
the problem is they’re pretty touchy especially the leader I spoke with a member of the revolution
and he said that if I could bring him a peace offering he’d helped me reach
octavio really that’s good news got anything I can bring him mmm
you can take my stethoscope you think that’ll do maybe Thanks hi it’s me again
you’re lucky I have lots of patients and very few patients so the word on the
street is that you’re from Egypt and you lack motivation excuse me yep I know all
about it you’re a Cairo slacker Cairo tractor
tomato tomahto let’s not mince words I’m a chiropractor and you’re a sponge you
have no bones so I really can’t help I’m not sure why wouldn’t he let you in you
aren’t sure huh well I’ve got news for you your flunkies have failed you you’re
all alone your kingdom is crumbling at your feet you seem rather excitable
perhaps I should prescribe a sedative I’ll say okay I’m gonna go keep pushing
the fluids you gross hi it’s me again
mom Jude don’t scare me with your infectious happiness
I got a peace offering from a doctor mmm this will do just fine a baby I will
tell you the password to get past up there yours personal God
but it will not be enough you will need to wear the outfit of law evolution talk
to my friend now is he has an extra one okay what’s the pathway seabass where
the EES eat some stones come to break our bones cuz we don’t have any more
like a passphrase really what the veil hi did you grow since we last part your friend over there said that you had
an extra black turtleneck that I can wear you can obvious but I’m afraid it
won’t defeat Thanks okay I’m gonna go not even close okay okay have it your way wait here I
won’t be long hello once again shopkeeper yeah
take me to Z leader I have Z password and the uniform what’s the password
tits and stones can’t break our bones cuz we don’t have any correct bball
revolution Octavio is down the ladder in the back thanks so Octavio we finally meet
abundantly you are a hard man to get in to see
Fabio most proteins in there are people who would see Octavio help so you are
not one of those people who keep trail Dom you are you know spongebob would
never betray Octavio Octavio barely even sure I like this room you know why
because to rage against the dying light stairs tour sold with God because of my
deep peace lies dormant within your heart and Octavio awakens that peace
within this snail of injustice they smell no cologne and cover not even one
death course fine doctor well I was just gonna say cuz it has a ladder and ladder
that one da bo leaves for their truth your answer was good at you spongebob
comes with a peace offering from dr. Louie he wants to offer you his services
right now he’s trapped in his office he’s afraid Marius is going to step on
him he’s just might so you are telling me dr. Louie he’s prepared to treat
invertebrate yes and he gave me the stethoscope to give to you as a sign of
peace a steady do we all versus Noble are there sorry of da Boa stethoscope
well this is more menthols this is like a warrior offering up his
Trident their harp so Dario miss charge dr. Rubik
I will set up a meeting with the smog and once a true shadow ball Oh
Dario offer his heartfelt thanks without you who knows what madness might
have descended in hey spongebob is more than happy to help a thousand thanks I
will go meet this great healer at Wally’s viva la revolucion proving that no good deed goes
unpunished then is the hip man catches up with SpongeBob and Patrick not so
just when it seems that they will be crushed on the foot
a giant boot crushes Dennis saving our heroes but it is out of the frying pan
and into the fire as this mysterious benefactor of a foot turns out to be I
it is giant Cyclops the Cyclops easily captures SpongeBob and Patrick who
heroically pass out immediately when they regain consciousness it doesn’t
take much to realize that they are in a load of trouble help them escape their
most dangerous predicament yet

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