The Sims 4’s Best Expansion, Game And Stuff Packs (Because There Are Too Many)
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The Sims 4’s Best Expansion, Game And Stuff Packs (Because There Are Too Many)

August 26, 2019

Ello everyone, it’s Alice from Rock Paper
Shotgun. I recently covered The Sims 4 Get Famous on the channel – it’s my favourite
Sims 4 DLC so far. Yes, it’s just about the vacuous pursuit of shiny things in Hollywood,
but anything to distract us from incoming ecological apocalypse, right? Making the video
got me thinking about the eight billion DLC packs already available and which of them
are actually vital. Okay, it’s closer to 30 packs, but for the price of all those you
could buy a real house. Some of you weren’t happy with me calling
Get Famous my favourite expansion yet – I’ll admit, I was swayed by seeing my job and skills
represented in The Sims and because it reminded me of The Movies, which is a PC classic. The
Sims means different things to different people, so do pick your essential DLC in the comments. I’ll also say: yes, most of the Sims 4 DLC
pales in comparison to similar packs in previous iterations of The Sims. But this isn’t a
video about comparing Sims 4 to Sims 3 or Sims 2, but about making The Sims 4 the best
it can be. DLC comes in many different flavours. In EA’s
own words, Expansion Packs “expand your game and take your Sims on new adventures,”
Game Packs are “medium-sized packs that add new experiences to play in new thematic
ways,” and Stuff Packs are “Smaller packs that add more to your Sims’ lives with fun
objects and fashion.” I’m honestly not sold on these definitions,
considering Jungle Adventure – which literally takes your Sims on a new adventure – is classified
as a game pack. Although saying that, I would’ve been disappointed if it were an Expansion
Pack because it felt soooo empty. It was more of a deforestation adventure given how little
life was in it. But before I get too bogged down in my complaining
– for our American viewers, we refer to toilets as bogs over here, which is why that joke
is hilarious – I’m going to go through each type of DLC and let you know which ones give
you a fuller Sims experience. Though again: happy to hear your suggestions in the comments. First things first, which little stuff packs
are are worth bothering with? They say the Kitchen is the heart of the home…
Don’t they? One sec… let me have a look at Ah, yes, yes
they do. So it’s obviously important to keep your heart both happy and healthy by,
erm, buying lots of cupboards? Designing a kitchen in a house is always one of my favourite
things to do – it’s like building a zoo for food. Where should cabinets go? Does it
need an island? What does my dream sink look like? Is it sad that I have a dream sink?
This pack adds ice cream makers, new counters, a stove… it’s a small pack, but it adds
a lot if designing is important to you. Or if you like virtual ice cream. Is Hallowe’en your favourite time of the
year? If your idea of a good time is dressing up and scaring the crap out of candy-hungry
kids then the Spooky Stuff pack is for you. This came out way before Seasons was even
a thing – in The Sims 4, that is. I know it existed in the games before, and real life…
But it gives your sims a pumpkin carving station and a candy bowl. Probably for the best they
haven’t made dentist DLC yet. You can also throw a spooky party to show off the new dress
up options. Who wouldn’t want to dress up as a pirate or fairy at every party they go
to? And check out this spooky sofa, it’s super cute. I am rubbish at bowling. As in: one time I
managed to get the ball in the gutter IN THE LANE NEXT TO MINE. I’m pretty sure I’ve
been banned from the Bedford Megabowl. Luckily, you can’t get banned from this bowling venue,
which means I can finally wear one of those cool shirts you only ever see people wear
in movies. Bowling is a fun way to pass time with friends even if you’re shit at it.
But your sims can now level up their bowling skill, which has five tiers. So from level
1, we’ll call that the Alice, to level 5, aka: The Big Lebowski. For a stuff pack, this is pretty full. You
can build a bowling hangout, with lanes and everything, so you can either attach a bowling
alley to your local gym or make a whole new commercial lot from scratch. Then send your
sims there in their cool shirts. Is it wrong to be jealous of digital clothes? Now I know what you’re thinking “really,
Alice? A stuff pack about doing the laundry?” and my answer is yes. This is an expansion
that the Sims 4 made in collaboration with the community, and if I’ve not said it before
– I love the Sims community, and I love that EA recognises them. Yes, we’ve still not
had spiral staircases, but at least we can clean the clothes we soak with tears because
we don’t have spiral staircases. What makes it so great? Before this stuff
pack came out I would download Custom Content that *looked* like washing machine and tumble
dryers just so I could pretend to have a utility room attached to my kitchen. So imagine my
excitement now there are washers and dryers that actually function! Absolute bliss. Not
only does it add the electrical laundry items we all know and love, but it also adds an
old fashioned washtub and the more eco-friendly way to dry, clotheslines. Your sims can also
rummage around in laundry baskets for loose change. Ka-ching! Now we’re onto the slightly more fleshed
out DLCs, the game packs. This was not very difficult to round down, as I’ve not been
blown away by them, but here are my top three. Dine Out was the first Game Pack I bought
for The Sims 4, because I felt the game was lacking a good restaurant mechanic. Maybe
my tastes are niche, but I just want my Sims experience to mirror real life as much as
possible. Okay, I don’t own a restaurant in real life, but I spend enough time in them
to give management a go. The exciting bit about this is taking your
sims to a proper full-blown restaurant and experiencing a proper date night! Er, minus
the bit where your date makes you eat all the free bread so you’re too full to order
a starter and dessert. And if you’d rather be on the other side of the restaurant you
can set the perfect menu, set your pricing, and hire and fire staff. Become a restaurant
owner mogul, or become a proper foodie. God, I love food. I know I just said I like realism, but I also
like vampires. This pack is a bit of a let down as its Sims 3 counterpart had many supernatural
beings. Where are my fairies, wizards, werewolves, and witches? Yeah, you can dress up as them
in the Spooky Stuff pack, but that’s skin deep. Vampires is a decent Game pack though, if
you ask me, and I guess you are because you’re watching this video. The new world that comes
with it, Forgotten Hollow, is wonderful. Building a vampire’s lair is the stuff of my wildest
goth dreams. Of course, my spider web covered vampiric bedroom would look even better with
a spiral staircase. This pack has been well thought out, with
your vampire sims having the ability to turn into a darker form of themselves when they
do whatever vampires do. If you don’t want people suspecting your vampire’s a vampire,
this helps with storytelling, or maybe you just want to make them an even creepier version
of themselves. You could also recreate one of the best films ever made if you wanted
to. This is another one where “mimic real life”
doesn’t quite come through. Being a parent is so far down on my list of things to do
I don’t think I’ve even written it down yet. I can barely keep these virtual goofballs
alive, let alone a living, breathing one. However, Parenthood is great for a more realistic
family. Adding stroppy teenagers, acne, and proper parent child interactions is just what
the Sims needs, if you like to give your sims kids. You can discipline or encourage child behaviours,
teach values, and leave an actual lasting impact on their future. Which is just like
real life. It’s not quite as full as the other two are, but it does add a lot to storytelling
and mechanics which is why I think it’s worth noting. I really struggled narrowing down the full
Expansion Packs, as they all bring good stuff to The Sims 4. Get Together brings social
clubs and a lovely new town that is inspired by Germany and Norway, and City Living brings…
well, City Living. It brought a lot to the Sims, including themed festivals, apartments
and a new world with new careers. The only reason these two aren’t in the final four
is because I don’t think they affect the whole Sims universe as much the others. They’re
good, but apartment blocks only appear in one world, and clubs are easy to avoid. Onto the best four, then. Get To Work was the first expansion in the
Sims 4 to get rid of those bloody rabbit holed jobs. Meaning sims no longer just disappear
from their lot, as you can now follow your sims to work – in some careers. It brings
Doctors, Detectives, and Scientist careers that let you tag along to help them succeed
at work. And it also gives you the possibility to create and customise your very own retail
business. Pair this with Dine Out, your sim could soon by a property tycoon. Next stop:
the White House. EA should totally make that DLC, by the way. Get to Work also added the world Magnolia
Promenade, and alien Planet Sixam, along with playable Alien Sims. With the baking and photography
skills, your sim could open a bakery or even sell their photographs. It really does open
a whole avenue of new options, and it was the first DLC I bought for The Sims 4. I mean,
it was the first big expansion, but whatevs. It’s great, ok? Cats and dogs was a long awaited expansion
that seemed like it took forever to come out. It took over three years – my real life kitten
grew into a grumpy housecat in the time it took to release. Adding a new town, Brindleton
Bay, and new veterinary career and skill were all welcome and new things that we’ve not
yet seen in previous iterations. But something was glaringly different. The rodents. The horses. And controllable
pets? Where are they? Well, the rodents came out a few months later in My First Pet Stuff,
and yes you’re right – I haven’t suggested that here, because I was annoyed when I realised
that furniture sets from Cats & Dogs were incomplete unless you went on to purchase
My First Pet Stuff too. I get that EA love money, but come on… It’s a reluctant recommendation then, and
only because the Create A Pet tool is fab, and the ways your sims can interact with animals
is brilliant too. Animals can be scared of things, have realistic animal-like traits,
and also can wear ickle little jumpers. So cuuuuute. This expansion gave me a lot of
what I missed going from The Sims 3 to The Sims 4, but it felt empty. You might argue
that you can’t control your pets, because you can’t in real life. Yeah, fair point,
but you know what else you can’t do in real life? Control your family members, set objects
as people’s heads, and make friends with the Grim Reaper. I rest my case. Seasons was one of the best Sims 3 expansions,
so it’s no surprise that it’s also one of my favourite Sims 4 offerings. I just love
being able to make my game feel more real, and this does it so effortlessly. Honestly,
I’m surprised The Sims 4 didn’t come with Seasons or something like it from launch,
but hey. The idea of someone holding back the seasons until you pay them is like an
evil plan from a Bond film, but EA are gonna EA I guess. From the new Gardening career, to a new family
calendar, and everything in between, The Sims 4 Seasons is so… nice. Chilly? Your sims
will wrap up warm. Raining? Your sim will grab a brolly. Hot as heck? Your sim has a
whole different outfit for those summer days. Being able to ice skate, roller blade, and
celebrate holidays properly – yes, even Hallowe’en – is so good for storytelling and is subtle
and unintrusive. Which isn’t usually what you get from such a large expansion, but it
works nonetheless. I won’t badger on about Get Famous too much,
as I covered it in great detail only the other day – check out the on-screen link to hear
my thoughts. But I do love its realisation of Hollywood, the new influencer career and
media production skill that comes along with it, and the chance to relive The Movies, I’ve
said it before, I’ve said it again, and I’ll say it a third time. I loved that game. With so many new golden items that make me
feel like I’m a member of the Habbo Club again, it’s hard not to love the glitz and
glam that comes with this pack. From the comments on the last video it doesn’t appear to be
a fan favourite, but it is an Al favourite and that’s what matters. That’s a thing.
I’ve just made it a thing. Have good celebrities, mean celebrities, celebrity criminals, or
celebrity astronauts. Make your very own Pewdiepie or Rock Paper Shotgun video team, or even
Zoella if you really want to. The opportunities are endless. Er, as long as you want to make
a celebrity. Sure, it’s not as full or as realised as
Late Night, but that has been the trend with Sims 4 DLC. Maybe you can’t stomach that
and want nothing to do with any of it. Perfectly understandable But in the context of Sims
4 expansions, this is heaving with content and things to do, and that’s why I love
it. Well, there we have it, my one, two, three,
four… nine, ten, eleven favourite Sims 4 DLCs. Please do give me your rankings in the
comments – i find it fascinating to see what other fans are up to. As I mentioned before,
I play way too much of this game so am happy to answer any questions you might have about
the expansions mentioned or even the ones I haven’t. If you want to see more videos
like this one make sure you like this video, and subscribe to Rock Paper Shotgun – ring
the bell if you want to stay up to date. And why not check out the other stuff we do on
the channel – I’m currently doing a let’s play of Divinity Original Sin 2 with the rest
of the team or you can hear my thoughts comparing Two Point Hospital with Project Hospital.
Thanks for watching and hope to see you soon!

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  1. Thank you muchly for this video. With the Sims 4 and all of its DLC on sale, I've been considering if now is the time to jump from Sims 3 to Sims 4 and get the transition over with. Finding specific information about each DLC pack hasn't been super easy, so having this video break a lot of it down has been helpful.

  2. Hi, i hope yáll had a great Christmas! I'm gonna buy my own created bundle tomorrow but i don't know which packs i want really. I am doubting whether I buy Seasons or Get Famous! Also the game pack, Jungle Adventures or Dine out! And the stuff pack i think i will buy Laundry than! Please let me know what i should buy! xo britt

  3. Thanks so much for the input. I had my friend gift me the extension of my choice and I really didn't know which one to pick. Following what you said, I went with the Seasons pack and it is downloading right now! I can't wait!!!

  4. I don't have ANY pack…. Help what do I get?

    Seasons (it's like $12)
    Cats and dogs (idk)
    Dine out (idk)
    Vampiers (idk)
    What??????? Tell me plz!

    Also there is a a deal or something that it's $25 dallors it comes with:
    Vampiers pack
    Party pack
    Glamer pack

  5. The packs I use the most:

    EP: Cats & Dogs, Seasons (I can't have pets irl and Seasons is a necessary pack imo)
    GP: Vampires (Supernatural was my fav Sims 3 expansion)
    SP: Laundry Day (good furniture)

    Packs I barely use (outside of furniture):

    EP: Get Together
    GP: Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat
    SP: Movie Hangout

  6. Favorite Expansion: City Living
    Favorite Game Pack: Dine Out (dont have parenthood I want it so bad!!!)
    Favorite Stuff: I dont use any stuff packs and I have about 70 percent of all stuff packs
    Least Favorite Expansion: I love all if them!
    Least favorite game pack: I rly dont know I kinda like all of them
    Least favorite stuff pack: Basically all of them

  7. EP: Seasons, and city living
    GP: Vampires (crucial must have for my game)
    SP: I dont remember what its called but im not looking it up (Butlers!)

  8. How do you get into first person mode? (I think it was Get Famous to be in first person mode, and I have it)

  9. I bought nearly all of the dlcs in InstantGaming, if you want to save some money you can buy there. It’s really good.

  10. I'm not even buying ANY of these packs. It's friggin Ridiculous that I have to spend over £100 for a near full experience.
    I'm still playing the base game with one wife, 7 GFs, 5 lovers and 26 kids, working as a secret agent.

  11. i hated get Famous. I hated the town the acting career and the celebrity system. my Favorite expansion was get together.

  12. I wish they had an expansion pack of more variety of food and of different ways to cook and it would be awesome if ud be able to actually be a chef like ur in control of ur sim when they go to work and u can make the dishes urself and get to see what the guest ordered to eat and make it urself for them

  13. Hey! Windenburg is definitely based on Germany, not Germany and Norway. Has nothing in common with Norway. Greetings, random Norwegian.

  14. My favorite expansion: get to work.

    You may be asking why, and here’s my answer: I don’t really know. I just find myself using a TON of stuff in that pack, and I use aliens so much. The thing is, I don’t even like it for the jobs.

    Favorite pack: vampires.

    This was so easy to think about! It adds a whole new life stage (which is definitely lacking in the sims) and so much stuff. You can level up your vampires and give them skills and weaknesses. It’s so great!

    Favorite stuff: kids room stuff.

    I don’t even use the room stuff, just love the hairs!

    Least favorite expansion: cats and dogs

    Before you say that I’m being dumb please read this. Cats and dogs… well… adds cats and dogs. And foxes that are actually dogs. And raccoons that are actually cats.. the pets aren’t playable, which would be okay I guess, but you can’t even see what’s wrong with them. They also don’t add horses, deer, unicorns, and others that were in past games.

    Least favorite game pack: spa day.

    IT LITERALLY JUST ADDS A SPA. ITS SO BAD. The hairs are ok I guess…

    Least favorite stuff pack: my first pet stuff.

    This is when you know ea rips people off. “Oh hey, I just got cats and dogs for the sims 4. Oh what’s this?! Another pack called my first pets stuff? ITS TEN DOLLARS? I JUST BOUGHT CATS AND GODMFJDKDKCNDNDMZK”

  15. If you ask me, Seasons is the best pack. I mean, I don’t think I could ever go back now that I have it. Although, it kinda seems like something that should just be part of the game already, without an expansion pack… but I mean they need to make money… so yea that’s the best pack in my opinion.

  16. If you're having a hard time deciding on what pack to get percisely parent hood and dine out (you came to the right place)
    if you want your game play to be more challenging with a few rewards get parent hood
    if you want your game play to be more settle with challenges then get dine out

  17. 3 Favorite Expansion: Seasons, Get Famous and City Living. I have all of them but get famous is SO fun. I loved the vlogger career. Seasons ofc is a must have. And city living is GORGEOUS
    3 Favorite Game packs: Parenthood, hands down, as first. Then dine out, then Vampires
    Stuff pack: Laundry Day, Kids Room, and Toddler Stuff (yes ik unpopular opinion).

  18. the ABSOLUTE WORST expansion pack is get to work! believe me, you NEVER USE IT and the three careers get boring very quickly! the world is also tiny, and it doesn’t give you anything of substance.

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  20. My 1st Pet Stuff is actually pretty good, y'all just don't like it cuz it's DLC for a DLC, but when you look bast that it's pretty lit

  21. Will being a celebrity impact your ability to sell items in your store? Will potential customers actually want to buy items or will they just swoon over your character making it hard to get sales?

  22. In my opinion:

    Expansion packs:
    1. Cats & dogs
    2. City living
    3. Seasons
    4. Get to work
    5. Get together
    6. Get famous

    Game packs:
    1. Outdoor retreat
    2. Parenthood
    3. Strangerville
    4. Jungle adventure
    5. Vampires
    6. Dine out
    7. Spa day

    Stuff packs:
    1. Kids room
    2. Bowling night stuff
    3. Laundry day stuff
    4. Backyard stuff
    5. Movie hangout stuff
    6. Toddler stuff
    7. Fitness stuff
    8. Romantic garden stuff
    9. Spooky stuff
    10. Perfect patio stuff
    11. Vintage glamour stuff
    12. My first pet stuff
    13. Cool kitchen stuff
    14. Luxury party stuff

  23. My favourite expansion pack is a tie between city living and seasons, I just really like realism. I haven’t bothered with game packs or stuff packs but I really want parenthood and the teen/children stuff packs because I live for creating giant families in the sims and I love creating sims so I’d use all the hairs and clothing. I’d say my least favourite expansion is get to work, just because of the effort it requires lol. I’m gonna buy get famous now though, and strangerville and see how that goes. Thanks for this, it helped me decide!

  24. My sister has 1,200 hours into The Sims 4. She said about Cats & Dogs really being one of the best packs she bought. Other ones she would recommend are Toddler Stuff Pack and Dine Out. Are they worth it? I want to have real experiences and fun with my Sims. I don't want them to suffer.

  25. Hi what would you suggest I get? Get famous, get to work, seasons, city living or get together? Thx

  26. I just came back after two years of NO Gaming PC :*( … You must be my spirit animal "Spiral Stairs" Is something I have been looking forward to from the base game !! Thanks for the video ! I am now a new subscriber , this helped me catch up! Even , if there still isn't spiral stairs 😥 lol

  27. My list
    Expansion pack: get famous by far (I did only just get it so that may change)
    Game pack: I dont have any but I want parenthood
    Stuff pack: laundry day
    Hotel: trivago

  28. I had to try SO DANG HARD to download get famous because the sims take SOOOOO much on my computers storage. I shouldn't have rushed getting my computer and got one with more storage…

  29. My favorite one that I own is seasons, plus the camping pack. I also love the city one. I use the Backyard stuff pack a lot. Pets is probably the worst one I own. I get annoyed with the dog or cat and don’t even use it much.

  30. My favorite is
    EP:get famous,city living and, seasons
    GP:parenthood,vampires,dine out
    SP:kids room stuff,

  31. Im working on getting all the Sims 4 stuff despite having almost all the Sims 3 stuff.
    I like the Sims 3 but am tired of it running like complete A*S!!!!
    I have a 1070 and a 6 core cpu that runs absolutely every demanding game really well…But not the absolutely terribly built Sims 3.
    Pisses me off LOL.

  32. I'm allowed to get exspantion packs when I have the money. My 4 favroutes are:
    Get famous
    That city one that I don't remember the name of

  33. I only have two favorites and that is Dineout and CityLiving. There clearly isn't a "the most well made" thing here, just what I enjoy the most.

  34. Sims 4 is a very empty game. Half of these packs honestly should have been in the base game, but I guess EA is money-hungry.

  35. Ironic complaining about the prices of expansions, when real life is expensive as hell too 😂😂😂

  36. Remember the time you could have a bowling line and a hot tub in the sims 2 in the base game. Also, the DLCs used to add sooo much to the game it was amazing

  37. I'm new to playing sims 4 and I'm trying to figure about what to do when your computer runs out of space and you want to get expansion packs and all of that, please let me know any tips or anything that could help. thanks so much 🙂

  38. My favorite so far is Seasons and I how this game is actually playable and that sims are expressive and not dull as dirt and stiff like in Sims 3

  39. You guys have until June 20th (tomorrow) for getting the 40-50% discount, before Island Living arrives.
    I'm not buying all of them, but you know…

  40. What are the best dlc’s to get for the most customization when building homes….that’s basically all I want to do. Eventually I will do something romantically so tips for those dlc’s would be appreciated as well

  41. My favorite packs:
    EP:Seasons, Cats and Dogs
    GP:Dineout, vampires
    SP:Backyard stuff , Cool kitchen stuff

  42. I bought Get Famous when it went on sale near Christmas or something of the sort a while back and it is my absolute favorite part of the game! Of course I also am going to school for acting so I was definitely swayed by the ability to make your sims actors, but I really think this improved my game experience a lot. Definitely would agree and would recommend!

  43. I’ve got seasons, city living and vampires, the problem is is that expansion packs are soooo expensive, like do thy expect me to spend £35.00 on a cat and dog pack when I can spend less in real life when doing more activities.

  44. (English is not my mother language) I have the base game and i want to buy a DLC, but I don't know which one would be the best. Could someone recommend me one???

  45. This video is actually really helpful. I've just recently discovered my knack for building and I'm looking for some packs to add to my wishlist for December (since it is the only time I can ask for pricey DLC). Cool Kitchen Stuff is definitely on the list, kitchens are just so fun to design. :,)

  46. I didn't like Get to Work, because I don't like micromanaging one sim's life, and having to ignore the rest of the household members while I do that.

  47. All the dlc currently cost 400 dollars thats absurd yes I enjoy playing it. However im not buying anymore sims games. And I'm actually going backwards. Im going back and playing all the old sim games I missed out on when I was younger.

  48. all halloween stuff, anything that remember this false 'celebration' , should disappear from the planet earth.

  49. too much money for packages stuff or expansions. 30 or 40$ are way too much . the sims 4 will Always remain a boring game, at a certain point. so spend 40$ not Worth for real. I would buy the games only if the price was under 20$ or so.

  50. Vampires is my favorite dlc so far. But I too am mad that we STILL don't have spiral stair cases or a college expansion. University was my favorite expansion in sims 2.

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