THE SIEGE! Hungry Polar Bears Surrounded Russian Village In Siberia And Hunting For Humans!
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THE SIEGE! Hungry Polar Bears Surrounded Russian Village In Siberia And Hunting For Humans!

December 10, 2019

This week shocking scenes are coming from Chukotka. Polar bears took the whole village for a hostage. More than 50 bears gathered near the polar village of Ryrkaipiy, where several hundred people live. The Chukchi Sea still didn’t really freeze, and the bears cannot leave on the ice to hunt for a sea animal. They came too close to apartment buildings in a search of food. What next to do, our correspondent Nikita Bereznyakov reports. Unusually warm weather for the beginning of December was established in the area of ​​Cape Kozhevnikov. In addition, strong winds disperse not so strong ice. Thin and hungry, adults and young animals, females with cubs of different ages gathered in the vicinity of the village of Ryrkaipiy. According to experts, a total of about 60 individuals. Bears are forced to seek food along the coast, getting closer and closer to people. During the summer, when I was there, up to 27 bears gathered there too. But they just behaved differently. They were scattered and did not cause fear among people. When they came now hungry and with a whole bunch, like piglets near the trough, and gathered around walruses, it seemed like some kind of horror. At the end of summer, a huge rookery of Pacific walruses forms on Cape Kozhevnikov. Sometimes their number reaches tens of thousands. You see that next to me there are dead walruses. Small and big ones, there are on the coast. Predators cannot just pass by with an abundance of food. When the ice is strong, polar bears go far into the sea and prey on seals or sea hares. They are the best hunters in ice water. But now, when they cannot leave the village, they are forced to look for autumn stocks, which are abundant here. The task of volunteers is to drive away predators and remove bear food from the territory of the village, otherwise, there will be even more bear feet. We will now take this walrus and send him away. Every evening, residents of Ryrkarpiya go on patrol. At night, polar bears come to the village in search of food. Bears are coming here. We can see near the school, boarding school, and houses. All social events are canceled. Residents are securing the village with the help of their snow machines. Evening time is the most dangerous. The streets are empty during the night. People are now walking on the streets. Currently, bears are walking there and around the village. Border guards promised to help the residents of the village of Ryrkaipiy. Cartridges and deterrents will be purchased In the near future. According to weather forecasts, durable ice will not be established in this area earlier than two weeks. And only then bears can leave.

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  1. Yet another reason why civilians need fully automatic belt fed machine guns for #PersonalProtection

  2. There is a garbage dump near by , this has been going on for many decades its nothing new and they are not out for humans

  3. in Russia there are polar, brown and himalayan bears. Red and gray wolves. In Russia there are tigers, lynx, siberian cats, snow leopards, far Eastern leopards and many more different cats. Lots of different birds. Killer whales and different polar dolphins. Russia is some kind of reserve.

  4. Once mammoths lived in those places and palm trees grew. This is proved by numerous excavations. Even now these fossils are found.It’s just that the Earth’s climate is constantly changing and it does not depend on us.

  5. 56 very hungry polar bears, this is a problem. And for the bears, and for the villagers … The task is to save everyone. People are a priority. It is necessary to hold out two weeks before the formation of ice. This will save the bears too.

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  7. THE

    HUMAN…. SHIT….

  8. Russia Hit With Four-Year Olympic, World Cup Ban Over Doping – -The penalties are a humiliation for Putin's legacy,
    Russains are CHEATS !!!!

  9. I guess those must be the last polar bears in existence, given that we're told they're almost extinct? I suppose the walruses will be next?

  10. In fact, these are former domestic bears who are tired of a boring and well-fed life! It's just that some are tired every day of drinking vodka with the owner and listening to how he plays the balalaika. They left the house and entered the society of freedom-loving bears!

  11. Is Trump blind ? Shove this video his face! Global warming is a reality! Climate change is happening! Wake up industrial nations, soon you will have no reason to wake…deep slumber in death is in store for you

  12. If I hadn't been hearing about the ice caps melting and the world ending for most of my forty years of life id be more concerned

  13. each of us is to blame for this. it is people who made bears survive now. this is a bitter and cruel truth. the bears are not to blame, they are saved from hunger. I’m talking now not about our residents in Russia, but about people all over the world. everyone is involved in this.

  14. Dear President Putin…….please come and gather up the House democrats, ALL of the administration of California, the population of mexican Los Angeles, the entire city of San Francisco and airlift them to feed the polar bears…………….thank you.

  15. Polar bears and Grizzle bears are mating and the cubs are huge and very aggressive, they are the size of a Polar but the head and teeth with aggression of the brown Grizzly. It is said due to migration the brown Grizzly is moving north the last few years.

  16. poor things. i didnt think there were that many left. send out a boat to catch food for them and feed them away from the village. or if you think like i do… everything that dies now is luckier than those after the nephilim finalization of qeq.

  17. Churchill Manitoba in Canada has similar issues some years with polar bears. They encourage tourism to see the bears. Maybe this village could contact them and share polar bear technics . Lol

  18. of course this is a big problem, melting ice leads to disaster. moreover, the polar bear is the largest bear in the world and he has a man in his diet. this is a dangerous situation for both the medeved and the person. If you want to see a bear, come to us in Kamchatka, now we have more than 20,000 bears on an area slightly smaller than the area of France.
    and they really run in our streets( this is not a joke

  19. A small correction. There are no polar bears in Siberia. Chukotka is the North-East of Russia and is separated through the Bereng`s Strait to Alaska.The whole territory of Russia, which borders the Arctic Circle in Russia is called the North. North and Siberia are not the same thing.

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