The Shark Hunters of Japan  (Part 1/2)
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The Shark Hunters of Japan (Part 1/2)

November 18, 2019

Natural nature ,Our Company strive to help the communities to come together and join our team networking groups one grow with us successfully grow to the one of the highest leop. #PAJ.Enterprises institute live. Education Off Japan’s coast, fishermen make their living in much the same way they have for hundreds of years but sharks eating too much of their valuable catch has lead to an extensive extermination program that kills around a hundred sharks per year. Vice Japan followed some of these fishermen on a hunting expedition to find out more.

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  1. We met up with a group of fishermen on Ishigaki island in 2016 to find out why sharks are such an issue for them, and see what it takes to catch a shark firsthand.


  2. i admire alot about the Japanese, but i dont admire the way they kill of animals that can be used in some sort of hocus pocus medicine, or that just bothers them.

    i mean i can relate. like when i find dog shit in my front yard from strangers, i often find myself thinking we should just exterminate dogs.

  3. This was a fucking great documentary, and a great example of what VICE used to do. I hope there are more in the future.

  4. If you are reading this Japan fisherman. Your culture is based on respect of nature. Stop killing the sharks because someone is telling you they are eating all the fish that is not true. Be around the ocean and judge it for yourself. Do the right thing and follow your heart. When the sharks are gone the balance will be gone. All of life has a purpose in this world.

  5. So it’s illegal to kill sharks but not illegal to kill tunas which are going extinct!! Keep killing them sharks

  6. so dont let the nature eat, but kill the thing eating nature so humans have enough food. well done humans .. well done.

  7. i would get these guys beers at the bar for sure, have always thoguht okinawa was beautiful I wish other communties hunted sharks like this

  8. no fuckin word about that those shark pieces bring them fat money if they sell it on the blackmarket and shit.sneaky basterds.

  9. This documentary is an attempt to ride the anti-whaling culture. An annual capture of 100 sharks is not a story. Australians in comparison kill millions each year for fish and chips…

  10. Overharvesting is the problem, its always convenient to place blame on others than accepting responsibilities for your own actions.

  11. Man love vice. So many people hate on me becuase after work all i do is smoke weed and watch vice. I learn a lot and talk about many things i learn on here the cold and happy sides of the world. Ect. Keep it lit. But thats honey high episode was dope!!!! I need that man!!!! For medical reasons. Nah im bullshiting lol i want to experience new things but j have my limits

  12. It seems like the asian race is more responsible for harming all enviorments with their stupid medicine beliefs

  13. Sharks are predatory. They reduce fish populations that humans also consume. But what is far worse is that sharks are man eaters.

  14. the question is.. why shark forbid ate fish than tons of human did?
    second what sharks eat when they run out fish on the ocean?

    the answer just one : the most selfish and destructive creature in this world : Human

  15. To all the Shark loving Whinny little Cunts
    Do you know that the ocean constitutes more than 2/3s of the planets surface area?? Thanks to global warming. Japan's population (who consumes shark) is only a tiny fraction to shark population. We have more people eating dogs, cats, rats, grasshoppers, snails, seaweed etc doing more harm.

  16. No wonder Japan suffer from tsunami.ocean is punishing them for what they do to ur ecosystem and they love u back

  17. See, I am an animal activist but I'm also reasonable. As much as I dislike this, it's not like killing them for shark fins etc. and it's done in native ways. No chemicals are being thrown into the ocean and the animals aren't being tortured

  18. If Liberals hate humanity so much and disagree with us using Earth's resources why don't they just stop eating? Hypocrites much?

  19. this stuff needs to stop man. hope this raises some awareness really. a lot of people really over look the over fishing of sharks. and before coming after me for being an SJW just watch Gordan Ramsey's documentary on it. it will make you see what im saying

  20. Sharks shouldnt be killed they control the ecosystem and help see if they dont eat medium sized fish who eat fish that eat plankton and algae then who will eat algae

  21. They claim that they are doing this for ‘Research’

    Ya right, they are experimenting on how to kill Sharks

  22. ecologists and biology majors : we need those sharks to help control the ecosystem and regulate the populations of the fish.
    Japanese people : fookah you shark!

  23. OMG I looked over and saw a episode of bobs. Burgers and tina found a robot shark and then the girl in the bunny hat said that she was going to cut off its fin to sell for soup and tina says: dont cut off her fin its her best feature!

  24. There is something strange about Japanese people. They’re so damn Likable. I really would love to go to Japan one day.

  25. I don't care if you think it's right to hunt sharks but I think it is wrong and sharks are not pests

  26. All Asia is really harming the Sea. The use of plastic contamination and now the shark. Because is a tradition or they say because their ancestors eat that stupid none healthy soup. This should be punished worldwide.

  27. Sharks are really endangered and also tiger sharks don’t eat humans! Also if you are nice to some great white sharks they are friendly search ocean Ramsey

  28. I studied sharks for 3 years and learned they are harmless.. people need to stop killing them. If no more sharks live in the world we will have no more ocean some food and water….

  29. Wait at 11:55 he said a shark cut the hook off along with his fish!
    But there are some ocean fish that can cut through strong wires and hooks easily,
    So they just assume it was a shark?!
    Bloody hell mate! I mistook japan for their culture and creativity as well in their prosperity??????????


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