The Ref Show – 20th November 2017 (Part 2)
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The Ref Show – 20th November 2017 (Part 2)

October 8, 2019

Welcome back, ref show part two with Hacket and Lawrenson. The North London derby didn’t even make it onto part one,
well it would have done but for the fact that it was the first game of the
weekend and it kind of recedes in memory and what were big headlines at
the time maybe smaller headlines now however, Arsenal 2 Spurs 0 however
much Arsenal deserved to win that game Mark, that first goal could have been
ruled out twice. Don’t you just love it because Arsenal’s last game was at city Man City and Wenger was moaning like hell
about the incidents about the foul on Sterling I think, Monreal wasn’t it about the offside
whatever and all of a sudden it’s in his favor and he saw these, he did indeed, it shows
it evens out though doesn’t it as well. I don’t generally sort of subscribe to that, does
it really even out because at the time you think it doesn’t but I don’t think it does. This was Mike Dean in charge, usually a safe
pair of hands but just on that goal I mean the free kick award for the first
goal, allegedly the first goal. I mean it’s not even a foul. I always say to referees don’t explain why you’ve
given a free kick visually because what he’s saying is there’s a pull, yeah. Well
there was nothing, it wasn’t a foul. Got it wrong, so he was totally
wrong on that and then of course the ball comes across, the players offside
and puts it in the back of the net. Compounds the whole scenario, but despite that Arsenal
deserved to win, yeah? Yeah oh yeah Tottenham was just a non performance
wasn’t it and Pochettino had a moan up but he’s sort of it was a little bit
sort of yeah but wasn’t it, it was a bit half-hearted I thought. Well knowing that his team
were poor I think that was a whole thing he sort of went well yeah,
okay no doubt whatsoever in Craig Pawson’s game Manchester United 4
Newcastle 1 We can’t query the result being affected
however there should have been a penalty to Manchester United as well in that
game Lukaku wrestled by Kieran Clark. Well he could/should have been
sent off as a result that, well Craig is improving slowly as the games come
he seems to mature a bit but he’s so laid back I mean he can’t allow where
the shirt is almost ripped off a big player like Lukaku, everybody’s seen it
and he’s completely ignored he can’t do that
referees have got to see those things and act. Talking of which, how on earth
did Lee Probert not see the build-up to the corner that produced a
goal in that Bournemouth 4 Huddersfield 0 I mean it wasn’t just a foul was it? It’s the fact that he lunged as well wasn’t it, even if your thinking that his is obscured you could just see the way the guy went
in to tackle, it was Charlie Daniels wasn’t it. I think it was Charlie and you just go and, which bit about that didn’t you kind of get. I think that you know when you look at Probert he’s come back from a long period of injury, he is miles
off the pace, he’s a long way from this particular incident. Would he not of done the fitness test Keith? Oh he’ll of passed the fitness test
but passing the fitness test you can train for that and pass, I think that
when you get into a game situation, it’s the sharpness. Well it’s that speed off you know it used to
be about sort of endurance running refereeing, now it’s all about impact
you’ve got to be explosive. They’ve to be close to proximity to play,
there was also an offside goal in that one. But I think you know where are
the assistant referees in lots of things that we’ve talked about this
afternoon there’s no doubt that the assistant referees could have come in
and helped those officials. Having said all that it’s great to see Callum Wilson get
a hat-trick you know a fellow who’s terrible fortune with injuries, well he did both acl’s didn’t he.
His right then his left or the other way around, I mean just to come back was
fantastic, terrific. This was I don’t know if you saw the last week
seemed ages ago since the Premier League before the weekend but
Bournemouth played at Newcastle, right. Did you see the chance he missed, oh
my goodness it was so much more difficult to miss it than actually score, so that’s great for him. He was a very promising player and can be again
you know. He was the one they took from a lower league who’s actually trained on, wasn’t he from Coventry, yes he was. Well it’s great to see, hope he has better luck this time and carries that on. There was a sending off
in that Simon Francis two yellows which not really an issue to
talk about. Let’s get on to the Championship, several things there kicked
off of course Friday evening with a non-event game up in Lancashire which
was a 0-0 draw, boring but in the one that wasn’t on TV, Burton 1
Sheffield United 3 explosive form still from the blades and Chris
Wilder, doesn’t surprise you I think you were one of those that early season
thought that this could happen. I just saw them play and kind of thought knowing the Championship we’re watching so
much in the press and I thought they’re going to do well
these lads and they’ve done fantastic where there obviously injury to Coutts now,
yeah stops them a little bit in their tracks. Very influential player pulls the
strings hub of the team but you know regardless of that it’s about an
individual and a horrific injury that he suffered in that game, you know the
images were graphic of it. You know there was a debate there always is on
social media about whether there was any intent in the challenge from Marvin Sordell
but the the consensus seems to be in the manager success in an attempt to
block a shot and there’s been a very very unfortunate
result in that although Chris Wilder did make the point should have been a
penalty to his team, for sure should have been a penalty. But all the
players gather around the injured player yeah they did, both teams. We were
always told walk away don’t go anywhere near him because I mean I
saw, I said it before that Kevin MacDonald did it for Liverpool at Southampton and
half of his leg was dangling in his sock. Jim Beglin famous one against Everton, all our lot would go to you get out, just because once you look
at it and then you’ve got to play on it’s like that could have been me
and you do, you have five or ten minutes before it leaves your memory bank
you know. This was shortly before half-time, see I noticed it yesterday at the Watford game
when Arnautovic got injured, all the players went to see
if he was alright. You kind of get that but then you sort of don’t get it, just like
look let them get on with it and let the medical boys sort it and just don’t look at
it. He was in agony wasn’t he? Absolute agony and everybody wishes Paul Coutts the best
speedy recovery hate to see injuries like that obviously. We hate to see Sheffield
Wednesday 0 Bristol City 0 it was our miss fortune to see that over the weekend
Tony Harrington was in charge, what’s that for Wednesday a nil. (laughter) They didn’t have a, Hackett’s a bit quiet isn’t he? He was there, that’s what I mean he’s a bit quiet now. There were two penalty appeals in this game, the
first half Jordan Rhodes was wrestled down, no question has to be a penalty an easy one. Second half though this was the one that’s divided opinion Barry Bannan is going through, there is some contact
okay he goes down, you’re in the no
penalty camp? Yeah because I think Bannan moved towards the player to make
that contact, I wouldn’t have expected it. I think that overall I was disappointed
in Harrington I thought he was weak, I think you know when you’ve got players
Hooper for example consistently coming up and challenging him on every decision
there’s a point at which you say right move on or is at a point in which you say right yellow card stuffer up his nose to make the point and even when
Bannan was wanting a penalty kick, you noticed he ran half the length of the
pitch and then had this great debate with the referee and people around me
are saying get on with it, get on with the game. Another thing there whether you
think it was a penalty or not, contact in the area does not necessarily mean it
has to be a penalty is that point worth raising? Well I think the point that
comes out of this is it’s a contact game we don’t give free kicks in midfield just for contact, all
over the place, and I think here this is part and parcel of the game.
What you’ve got to make your judgment on is, is the challenge careless, is it
reckless and in that sense that’s the judgment and I think for any young
referee coming through it’s like a good midfield player when you see quality
midfield players, quality defenders, Mark was one they have time they give
themselves time to be able to read the game. Refereeing is no different, don’t
jump in. I’m just laughing at the fact that Sheffield Wednesday have got 17 strikers under a plank. It’s only 16 actually, sorry 16. I’ve got to tell you, it was boring, it was really really boring. That’s not the word you used when you emailed me over the weekend. I mean in fairness Bristol came with a view we’re going to defend, it was very strong. Were going to get a break, we’re going to take it, really did a good job, good coaching. Big game in the Championship obviously a
televised game as well, Leeds Middlesbrough good to see Leeds back on
the winning trail for their manager I think because I think he’s shown some good
things Thomas Christiansen 2-1 against Middlesbrough, Gary monk having a
bad return eventually to Elland Road. Penalty call in that one that brought
Middlesbrough back into the game from a corner six of one half a dozen of the
other but the six of one occurred before the half a dozen of the other, so it
should have been a free-kick. That was Keith Stroud in that game, I can never get over this, if you
actually pull someone’s shit or whatever you do and you can’t go I didn’t do it, it’s like I don’t know it drives me mad. It’s horrible to see in the game, shocking. You’ll start us off with another campaign
against grappling but we have seen less of it but you know I mean I can’t understand
why referees don’t go in and say stop it because that’s a complete waste of time, simple
solution. Thanks very much guys just finally on the show Cardiff 2 Brentford
0 Neil Warnock’s team going well in the Championship that’s not the reason I
mention it it’s to relay the good news if you missed it that Neil’s wife
Sharon has been given the all clear from cancer so Neil who’s a
member of the You Are The Ref team a columnist we’re absolutely delighted for
all the family about that news, great news. Right cheers chaps see you for another
ref show next week, bye now.

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