The Real Story of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Cauldron Lighting
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The Real Story of the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Cauldron Lighting

August 13, 2019

I was trying to keep myself distracted,
and with the show happening, and with the athletes who were starting
their parade just a metre away, I was feeling calm. I didn’t get to see when the
torch arrived into the stadium but only when it was time for me
to come out with my bow, when Juan Antonio Epifanio was carrying the torch. I see him running in the middle of all the athletes towards where I am standing, and that is when I got slightly distracted, because everything was dark. All I can see is the lights that were given to the spectators in the stadium and if I remember right,
even the athletes had some lights too. With all the bustle from the crowd, I was trying not to lose my concentration so I got fully focused. I remember that he got to the platform, which is next to me and
he starts a rotation to show the torch to the public and that is when I got into auto-pilot. I take my place,
and he extends the torch over the tip of the arrow. There is a set amount of time that I take,
I do a mental countdown, then I check that the fire is stable, I look towards the cauldron, as its very dark I could see a slight reflection but not much and then I make my shot. I see that the arrow, as we expected,
flew at the centre and at the right height and then the explosion of joy. I will never forget that I turn to Epi and said “We have done it!”

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  1. Para mi fue falso, el encendido se nota que es automatizado, por muchos días de ensayos que tuviera. No se le quita lo original del encendido, pero, no el mejor. En cuanto a las aperturas, en mi opinión la mejor ha sido Atlanta 1996 con el "llamado a las naciones"

  2. Sencillamente Increíble, Inigualable e Irrepetible. Que sienta el mundo lo que se pierde robándole los Juegos Olímpicos a Brasil

  3. Y si ese día hubiera hecho viento o hubiera llovido?Que habrían hecho?Espectacular …,sin duda el mejor encendido de pebetero en la historia de los juegos olímpicos,y creo que no lo van a poder superar nunca.

  4. Si si muy bonito pero yo estaba tan tranquilo abajo paseando a mi Hamster cuando de pronto una flecha le atravesó y prendió fuego… el pobre salió corriendo como una bola de Dragón Ball hasta que hizo plof!

  5. nonethless this is the best cauldron lit ever!! nothing has come close to match it, hopefully someday a rhytmic gymnast could lit the cauldron 😀

  6. se ve claramente como la bola de fuego de la flecha no llega a caer dentro del pebetero cuando ya emergede él una mega llamarada. xDD

  7. I remember it very well, even the days before. Magazines and tv explained how it was going to be. I was 10 years old and I thought what could happen if he missed the cauldron :))

  8. Si no es por Reyes Abades y sus efectos ni de coña se enciende el pebetero.
    Este es un fantoche que además de no decir la verdad se las quiere dar de guay

  9. Saludos desde Mexico, desde el bello noroeste mexicano, desde mi gran BAJA CALIFORNIA, desde Tijuana… LA MEJOR INAUGURACION OLIMPICA QUE HE VISTO… y que voy a ver mientras viva… y con el encendido de la antorcha se cerro la mejor ceremonia que yo haya visto… toda la ceremonia fue llena de arte… algo esplendoroso, lo mejor… y el gran cierre Antonio Rebollo con su arco y su flecha magica… me sigo emocionando cada vez que lo veo…

  10. Two Olympic flame lighting ceremonies are etched forever in my memory. Muhammad Ali carrying the torch, and this one.

    I remember watching and holding my breath, thinking, if he doesn’t light the flame, everyone, more so him, would be so upset. I remember telling my wife, that he had to shoot the arrow above the cauldron just right, the wind blowing had to be timed right, as the gas would be flowing with the wind, and he had to get that arrow right through the gas, or it wouldn’t light. If course, he made it, and the flame lit. And I shed tears of joy. I usually do at some time during the opening and closing ceremonies. I’m very patriotic, and prone to tears if something like this moves me, even though I’m an now a 60 yr old male. I guess its the fact that, despite what is going on in the world, the athletes come joined together, for one purpose, to show their skills of course, but to make friends, and show the world that despite differences, they can be along together. I wish everyone was like that. Then there would be no wars. We should watch and listen, and learn from the Olympic athletes. God Bless, and for the athletes of the 2018 Olympics, good luck.

  11. The real story is he actually overshot the cauldron and it was lit by someone hitting a button. I like the idea and whole concept of the 1992 Olympic torch lighting. That was one of the better ideas ever for the lighting but the execution was a little off.

  12. This will always be the best Olympic Cauldron lighting to me. Others are also pretty but this one is just epic.

    Knowing millions of people are watching you and if you failed then you will be a laughing stock and your country as well, this is just so amazing.

  13. Interesting fact, to make sure it looked right, as well as not land in the stands, he actually aimed higher, so the arrow went OVER the cauldron, and not actually land inside it.

  14. Come on you expect me to believe that arrow lit up the torch? Most likely they turned it on from a machine somewhere.

  15. I loved the Barcelona olympics, The title is in English but no subtitles, would be nice to know what he is saying

  16. t fallo la flecha, por ahi anda el video de otro angulo donde se ve que la falla por alguna distancia pero supieron sincronizar y prender el pebetero

  17. Sorry everyone, this guy never made the shot, David faitelson has the history about this and they almost got kicked out of the olimpics because they show that he miss the shot.

  18. Go to you tube and search for this interview… Casi nos corren por culpa de faitelson, Andres Bustamante. And you know the truth!!!

  19. The problem is that he never light up the Olympic torch with his arrow because he missed it. Some guys of the Mexican television recorded from another angle witnessed how he missed.

  20. Pero lo que la gente no sabe de ese disparo, es que no estaba pensado para que la flecha cayese dentro, sino para que sobrevolase el pebetero. La flecha cayó detrás, fuera del estadio, hay vídeos en los que se ve XD muy curioso.

  21. No es verdad esa flecha nunca llegó,la televisión mexicana se logró meter al estadio fue la única camara adentro imagínense la seguridad en esos tiempos y ellos lograron grabar como era una farsa lo del encendido el comité les quito esa grabación y es veridica busquen a frustrado Alcántara Barcelona 92 y veran

  22. It was a hoax. Mexican Tv has the angle where the arrow never touched the torch. It was automatically turned on by a mechanical device 😉 sorry for breaking your heart

  23. the Olympic torch lighting hands down . not thee best opening Ceremony  performance over all . that goes to China 2008 . opening, but Barcelona 1992 is in the top 10 No one could top the torch lighting .

  24. Although this lightning of the cauldron was staged. (Meaning he didn't actually light the flame. There is footage from outside the stadium that shows the arrow fly way over the cauldron and land at the safe zone. The organizers just lit the cauldron at the same time the arrow flew over it.) It still looks cool, even though it's an illusion.

  25. I read somewhere that Easton made the arrows for Antonio. Jim Easton told him that he would make and deliver to him all the arrows he needed to practice for no charge. All he wanted was one thing. The thing that he wanted is supposedly now mounted on the wall in Jim Easton's office.

  26. Absolutely the best! Sydney's a a decent second place. I actually really, really liked Rio's cauldron design. The lighting was straight forward but the design was so cool.

  27. I remember this Olympics from my childhood. I used to watch it almost every single day. The torch lighting was the best moment

  28. Turns out the arrow flew very far from the cauldron. They ignited it automatically. They just chose the favorable camera angles to show the moment and make it seem real.

  29. Most magnificent start to an Olympics ever… and the closing song, Amigos Para Siempre by Josep Carreras and Sarah Brightman still brings a tear to my eye. There is no doubt that the Barcelona Olympics were the best ever Olympics and will never, ever be surpassed.
    Thank you Spain for the Memories… may I say…. "Amigos Para Siempre"… Peace to you all.

  30. I remember this! and I remember the next day when other footage from a different angle was shown, he actually missed but the cauldron lit up anyway!

  31. That is amazing. Stepped up and the pressure didn’t even faze him. Props to the people who planned it to, bold desecion to have that! Bet that cauldron was absolutely drenched in lighter fluid!

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