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  1. Awesome Video and great hunt, very impressive! how far did you estimated that shot or did you use a range finder?
    I have been bow hunting for about 5 years, it is the best thing going. Only hunted Elk once in the Kootenays British Columbia Canada. did not get one but sure was a fun experience.Do you have any Grizzly bear in that area you have to be concerned with after the kill?
    What state are you inn?

  2. Thank you! I ranged the opening when I got there. It's hard to see in the video because the cam was on my head. It was about 27 yards I believe. There are bears, wolves, lions etc… in the area and I was definitely making my presence known throughout the night once it got dark. Its gets a little eerie out there when you've got blood all over your hands. I'm from California, but originally Michigan.

  3. This is a great vid man! Love how you video the whole hunt every part of it. Me an a buddy are going archery in Colorado next year an already planning out our gear list an training for the back country hunt !! Do u have any suggestions on gear or cameras that work well an are must essentials while out their? Thanks

  4. Just wanted to say, that in my opinion this is excellent footage and editing. I really enjoy blue collar over the shoulder productions. I watch a lot of them on the tube and yours ranks at the top. Thank you for sharing this hunt. I really relate, this is exemplifies how my father, sons and I work hard for our elk every year. Well done and please keep sharing.
    Les in Oregon

  5. I'm very happy for you, but that was very lucky with that quartering toward you shot.  Never a good idea.  That normally does not result in anything but a wounded bull going to waste.  Just felt I had to say that in hopes others would realize that was not a good idea.  With the adrenaline running, it takes some wear with all to avoid, but generally better for all in the end.

  6. What unit did you guys hunt in? Also try deboning the quarters next time, it will save ya alot of weight. Other than that congrats on the elk!

  7. Great determination and documenting it. Congrats to the both hunters; yours is definitely a mounter! I too do a lot of Film It Yourself Hunting and have even begun manufacturing a product to get great solo video. We just released a video of an elk (not near as big as yours) getting arrowed, with several dozen others + more to come. I urge you to check out out videos on my channel and facebook. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great video thank you for sharing! I have to ask out of curiousity, why you didn't bone the elk out? Again not judging just curious. Thanks again for sharing you video

  9. I thought the video was outstanding. I would love to know where you were hunting but as a native Idahoan hunter I respect the privacy. Beautiful country. The comment about killing the animal with your fathers bow was pretty neat. Also the Sweet Brown was killer. I got me the bronchitis, ain't nobody got time for dat!

  10. I killed my first archery bull this year in Idaho, too. It was a 6×6. I did not video and only got a few picks. Your video helped my relive my adventure. Thanks. And congratulations!

  11. Just watched your video for the first time.  I went to Idaho in September for the first time. Saw a lot of elk but couldn't manage to get a shot.  I thought your video was awesome because it wasn't just the shot it was the whole journey getting there.  Every other video is just arrowing the bull and celebrating.  Half of the hunt is the pursuit and the scenery.  Its hard to explain the amount of work that goes into it! I went into our hunt thinking I'd be happy just seeing an elk. We ended up seeing about 15 elk including about 8 different bulls, a few mulies and two black bear. I drew back once but didn't have a clean shot.  Its hard work, but I can't wait to go back, congratulations.  

  12. This is the best hunting video I have ever watched on YouTube. I swear I was mesmerized the whole time. I think I got something I my eye though about halfway through. Excellent job!

  13. I have to say, that was one of the best family elk videos I have ever watched! Very well done.
    Thanks for filming that and sharing that, brought a tear to my eyes…
    And got a chuckle out of " I woke up thought someone was barbequeing and said oh lord Jesus it's a fire"
    Keep hunting, straight shooting boys!
    God bless

  14. I'll have to say this is by far the best hunting video I have seen on youtube, it was way worth the time to watch this. You did a fantastic job putting this video together, congrats on the bull! What gopro did you use for this?

  15. Great vid and congrads! this vid and many others from SOLVID FIY and others is great inspiration for this Iowa archery whitetail hunter as i just moved to Idaho in January 2014 and will be doing my first elk, muley, and bear hunts this fall! these vids are what i love to see and keep my intrests peaked for the upcoming archery seasons. Good luck to everyone this year on getting great films to upload this fall! I look foward to watching them!

  16. This my first time watching this video, and I'm very, very much in ahhh. I'm an avid bow hunter, that has killed only deer with a recurve and a rifle. I have yet to take an Elk with a bow, this video was very inspiring and greatly done, and shows the true nature of hunting with a bow. My first most love after god and my family is bow hunting, the fact that it is more of a challenge then dropping an animal at 250 to 300 yards shows the true nature and skill needed for hunts like this. I will take one someday and I will keep all my fellow bow hunter in my heart when that day comes, love the video and thanks for sharing..

  17. Very cool video. I liked that you showed the work after the recovery. Am dreaming of making it out west soon and have collected most of my gear for a backcountry archery hunt. Just found out we didn't draw ID this year after applying for a controlled hunt.  We'll be headed to ND for waterfowl instead as this has been the on the bucket list too. 

    Was this in a draw area or OTC tag?

  18. Thats awesome that you got that with your dads bow. Truly rewarding, for both you and him. Hed be very proud!

  19. Nice elk! Really great footage by far the best hunting video I've ever seen, good luck in ur future hunts!! Wish u the best!

  20. Awesome video!!!! Made me tear up when you talked about your dad and its really neat you got this bull with his bow. I myself lost my dad while out bow hunting together in 2012 due to a heartattack and this is the first year I'm hunting again and I'll be using his bow (kind of like having him with me again). I hope I have the same luck as you!!! Awesome video man, good luck to you on your future hunts!!!

  21. Wow,never thought watching a Elk video would make me cry,I can sympathize with the man about his dad.Great video, made me feel like I was there.

  22. Definitely get an appreciation for the work that's put into a hunt like this. Nice hunt and great footage! Thanks for re-inspiring my dream of doing this someday!

  23. wow!! what great footage  thanks for sharing such intimate moments in your hunting party, what luck to have filmed the eagle from that angle…lol by the way your dad's bow is wicked man  thanks again and good luck in all your hunts

  24. Nothing against blind/stand hunters, but this is the REAL way! This is hunting. That other stuff is just harvesting. Awesome vid, thanks for sharing.

  25. Aloha, awesome video and a great hunt.  What was the specs on the bow you used?  Im planning a elk hunt, Im pumped since seeing this video.  Nice to see Fred Bears words of wisdom.  Hes always with us..  Mahalo..

  26. I think you were really lucky.  I'm thinking that was a really risky shot, but you got away with it. Congrats.  The young man that shot the spike was also very lucky to harvest that bull, because of how high he hit him.  He got away with it as well.

  27. Hey fantastic job. Greetings from NC. Hunters from everywhere are extremely envious. You did a great job of filming.
    I enjoyed watching every minute.

  28. Awesome thanks for sharing , might want to cover those Garmin /gps radios, like a mirror with your friend walking toward the camera. Are they legal to use while hunting ? I flew from AK last year to CO to bowhunt my old areas while s resident and had a dang bull moose call to me while setting up my tent, never heard a bull elk bugle the whole last 9 days of the season 😡

  29. Many congrats!  Awesome hunt…Awesome bull….Awesome way to honor your Dad.  But just curious, why pack out the bones?

  30. Amazing. Just amazing. …. and what an outcome… I could not believe it when the camera brought that bull into view… stunning size and condition. Congratulations and many thanks for sharing it.

  31. Hi, can anybody tell me what is the mouthpiece for? I am from Europe and we don't have many things and options you guys in US have. Yeah great vid of course 🙂

  32. Great video! I guessed that shot was into back lungs & gut, but did the job just fine. I shot a similar sized 6×7 as well in Oregon in 2009. It's a memory I'll never forget but wish I'd had your video equipment.

    Can you take a moment and talk about the cameras you used? Meanwhile I'll search through all the posts.

    Thank you for taking the time to make a GREAT VIDEO… much better than the most, because it really reflects the reality of all the work involved in getting an elk.

  33. How good is this video..?? I watched the WHOLE THING. That's how good it is.

    Congrats on an awesome hunt and trophy and thanks for sharing it with all of us out here in internet land..!!

  34. thank you for leaving out the excess music and phony theatrics. I can actually enjoy a hunting video where someone isn't talking the whole time and trying to sell me a bunch of crap.

  35. What a great hunt.
    Building a fire next to your prize, working your tail off and getting blood under your finger nails. Packing out the meat and doing the heavy lifting, very pure and very cool. Thanks for producing this and sharing.

  36. I've been looking threw your videos all of today. And they our really good! Keep up the good work man! Just wondering where was this in idaho, sawtooth nf?

  37. I love the way you produce your vid's. What type of arrow and broadhead setup do use? Can you give a little rundown of the gear your using?

  38. Great hunting video so good to see you all enjoying your hunting times and the fellowship of your buddies… I hope maybe a Lord willing I'm going to get some hunting elk time in too… Idaho sounds good. Looks like they produce good elk there…

  39. Amazing video! We just PCS'd to Mtn. Home from Texas and I really want to get on to some public land and hopefully harvest an animal for the freezer.

  40. Great respect for you man …not forgetting Dad .,, Great Hunt .. Onward, Onward Is the watchword…

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