The Prairie Dog – Coyote Archery Bow Hunting POV Video – Film It Yourself
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The Prairie Dog – Coyote Archery Bow Hunting POV Video – Film It Yourself

August 17, 2019

on the way to a job site I found a
coyote hanging out in a pasture where I like to deer hunt. I’m always up for a
little bow practice plus the rancher said he’s been having issues with
coyotes, so I grabbed the bow and rifle and headed out into the pasture it’s too windy for him to hear the mouse
squeaks and the pup in distress calls just aren’t Perkin his interest so I’m
gonna move a little closer and get behind a little more cover unfortunately
the wind direction is not as good here but I’m just gonna have to deal with it he took off like he’s getting out of
here so I grabbed the rifle but then he turned and headed my way it’s Bo time he’s done I had a tough time I don’t know what the
heck happened I came in on this guy and you know I just kind of played until I
got the wind right got him close enough to where you can hear my squeaking as
soon as I turned that squeak up a little bit away from him a little towards front
in front of the front shoulder but it gets a massive damage he didn’t make it
100 yards and he was pretty sick first time at it the old beau check out for a
walk a little while be patient say get me an see you taking a 200-yard
rifle shot on the skyline which I wasn’t gonna do but had an opportunity I just
repositioned and got in a good spot and you know didn’t have to worry too much
about the camera scans Travon that’s quite the accomplishment getting the dog
who’s your beau especially at that distance I don’t know what he was but
I’ll get a measurement

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