The Pocket Shot Arrow Kit
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The Pocket Shot Arrow Kit

August 15, 2019

What’s up guys? For today’s video we’re actually going to need safety. Kids, do not try this at home. I just got this thing called ‘Pocket Shot’ I have reviewed that before. It’s a thing like that and its awesome . You open it up on this side. And you can shoot small rocks from it. I had reviewed it probably a year ago. Well this time they come out with a new upgrade. Let’s see what it’s all about. So this right here, as you can see… It doesn’t really stretch out that much and you shoot little rocks out of it, or little balls So, what we’re going to do is get the lid…. and put it like that…. and twist it open…. Wow, that is a smart design….. Open it up…. There you go. We can put this aside….. Use it later. What we are after is this little thing and much, much longer rubber. You see how much it stretches a lot more than this one because this one is for the arrows. So I’m going to show you quick assembly… just open this rubber, boom. Then, we’re going to need slingshot. Then we’re going to put it in here. All the way. We have to do it really tight, so this rubber doesn’t slip out. Boom. And then this part is going to screw on on here. There you go. Then this locks in in here, and then that can go around your hand. We can adjust it later. Boom. Looks pretty cool, huh? For the arrows, there is a little tip set here. So it doesn’t ruin the rubber. What we’re going to do is just stick it on there. Just like that. And I’m just going to do the same thing to the rest of them. It only comes with four. So what you want to do is grab it like that, boom. You see how I adjust it for my hand. Perfect. Next thing what you want to do is put this arrow through like this. Safety… Let’s check this out. Okay, and then I’m going to just shoot it, boom, into the dirt. Did you see that? Let’s try this one more time. See how well I’m going to do. How well I’m going to group them up. Wow, right next to each other. That’s about, what, like maybe 25 feet away? Which is good if you are hunting for something. You can get to a rabbit at 25 feet. Boom! Wow, they are really close to each other. This actually feels really good to shoot. Oh, the last one went low. That’s actually not a bad group. Look at that. One, I kind of embedded it too low, but these three are perfect. If I shot the third one just like that, it would have been amazing. Let’s try this again. Let me show you this view. Wow, feels so good. Grab another arrow. Put it through… Aim. Shoot. Wow, right next to each other. That’s so much fun, actually. Wow, that flies really fast. Let’s make a thumbnail. Nice. Let’s do a test on a stump. Let’s see if it gets stuck into the wood. Whoa look at that! It gets stuck. Let me show you from farther away what it’s going to look like. Load it up Pretty awesome, huh? You know what guys? Thumbs up from me, because it’s really easy to shoot arrows out of it. A very useful survival tool. I like it. Alright guys, that’s pretty much it. Let me know what you think about this thing. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time.

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  1. ᗪIᗪ YOᑌ KᑎOᗯ YOᑌ ᑕᗩᑎ ᗰᗩKE TᕼE ᖇᑌᗷᗷEᖇ ᑭᗩᖇT ᑌᔕIᑎG ᗩ ᗷᗩᒪᒪOOᑎ??

  2. That is so fun to play with, and fling pebbles everywhere. You can do the same thing with a rubber band, water battle nozzle, and a balloon.

  3. you can hear the report OF THE rubber popping before you hear the arrow hit's it's mark it. the whisper biscuit has no purpose except for looks and sales,mine work's better and much faster

  4. wow when i was like 5 my cousin used take balloons put them around a coke bottle and shoot me with bb's . if only we had thought of marketing it lel

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