The Photography Club and Sleuths in Yandere Simulator
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The Photography Club and Sleuths in Yandere Simulator

August 30, 2019

In most stealth games enemies only have
one type of reaction to the player – taking out a weapon and trying to kill
you. But in Yandere Simulator the player is surrounded by high school students not soldiers or bodyguards. So, how does a high school student react to witnessing a murder at school? The answer is that it’s different from student to student and depends entirelyon their personality. In Yandere Simulator each character has been
assigned a personality type called a “Persona”. Which dictates how they react to
murder and corpses. I was originally planning to only have five or six different personas in the game, but over the past few years I have implemented about 13 different personas. And as of today, I’ve added two more. These new personas will present a tremendous threat to the player. And that’s what
today’s video is all about. In 2016 I described my idea for the game’s photography Club. The idea was that the club would be populated by friendly, carefree students, who don’t actually have any real interest in photography and just used the club for goofing around. But if students start disappearing or dying on school grounds it would impact the atmosphere of the school. And these carefree students would turn into junior detectives, who would attempt to track down the culprit. I called this “the Sleuth Persona” As of now the Photography Club and the sleuth persona are finally in the game. The Sleuth persona functions much differently than every other persona. It’s the only persona that changes based on school atmosphere, which is a number that is affected by the player’s actions. For example, the discovery of a student’s
corpse and school is minus 10 percent school atmosphere. But a student mysteriously going missing is only minus 5 percent school atmosphere. When school atmosphere is over 90% the members of the photography club are happy and carefree so their animations look relaxed. Below 90% they feel worried about recent events at school so their animations look a bit paranoid. Below 80% they will start actively looking for danger and their animations will change to reflect this. When school atmosphere is over 90% they will react to the players camera with a friendly pose. Below 90% they react to the player’s
camera with suspicion. When school atmosphere is over 80% they will use their club room for chatting and goofing around. Below 80% they use their club
room as an investigation headquarters. They build a fake crime scene to put themselves into the right mindset for hunting down a criminal, they put photographs of potential suspects on a corkboard and have serious discussions, instead of goofing around like they normally do. When school atmosphere is over 80% the photography club’s leader has casual carefree dialogue when you’re talking to him about joining his club. Below 80% his dialogue will change and
get more serious. When school atmosphere is over 80% they will spend all of their spare time in their club room just chatting about nothing in particular Under 80% their entire routine changes. They will briefly meet in their club room at the beginning of the day to discuss their investigation plans and discuss potential suspects. And then, they will spend the rest of their
time hunting for the culprit who has been causing problems at school. Around 5:00 p.m. they will reconvene at the club to discuss what they’ve learned. They will hunt for the culprit by visiting each student in school individually and checking each student one by one to look for danger or suspicious behavior. During this process they will also visit the player to observe what you are doing. This is what makes them a threat. Because they check on everyone at school including you, they could walk in on you while you’re trying to get away with murder. The advantage of joining the photography club is that if you’re a part of their investigation team, they won’t consider the possibility that you might be the killer they’re looking for, so they won’t bother to investigate you while they are paying a visit to every student in school. This makes them much less of a threat to the player. If the photography club is shut
down they won’t stop their investigation. Even if they no longer have a club room they will still walk around the school checking on each student individually, as long as school atmosphere is under 80
percent. When school atmosphere is over 80% they will react to a murder with the Social Butterfly reaction. They will run to a place that they think will be populated by other students and call the cops. But under 80% they will react to a murder with the Phone Addict reaction. They will snap a photo of you and run away while texting that photo to the police. If a member of the photography club sees you attack any other member of their club they will use the hero reaction and attempt to apprehend you. This happened regardless of school atmosphere level. The club leader is unique, because he
uses the Hero reaction instead of the social butterfly reaction, if he sees you commit murder while school atmosphere is over 80%. He is the only member of the club who does this. As I mentioned another new persona was
added to the game today. This one is an extension of the Sleuth
persona. You could consider it to be a more extreme version of the Sleuth persona. I call it “the Stalker Persona.” If a student witnesses you commit murder and calls the cops, but the police can’t find enough evidence to arrest you that student will develop a grudge against you and will cause damage to your
reputation on every subsequent day. But, if a member of the photography club
reports you for murder and you get away with it they won’t stop with just holding a grudge. That club member will tell all of their friends what they saw. And that’s where things get interesting. Normally, the photography club would
check every student at school in an attempt to find the killer. But if they already know the identity of the killer they only have to investigate one student. You. In other words, if a single member of the photography club knows that you’ve gotten away with murder, the entire club will dedicate themselves to
following you around school at all times so they can try to snap a photo of you
doing something incriminating. If you approach them, they will run a
safe distance away from you. If you try to outrun them they will always track you down. The one time when they won’t stalk you is during class time and cleaning time. It’s possible that in the future I might decide to let other students switch from their normal persona to the Stalker
Persona. For example, if you increase your reputation at school, make a lot of friends, and increase your seduction stat you will become very popular. Some of the other students at school might develop crushes on you and start following you around. Or, if a student sees you murder their best friend or sibling and they report you to the police, but the police can’t connect you to the crime and arrest you, that student might start stalking you in the same way that the photography club would stalk you after learning your true nature. The student council, The student council, the bullies, The student council, the bullies, the delinquents The student council, the bullies, the delinquents, and the photography club. Each took a lot of work in order to be added to the game. Because they all required new feathures in order to function as I imagined them. The remaining clubs do not have elaborate new features associated with them so in the future it should take me much less time to add new characters to the game. Now when the photography club is finished the next club I want to work on is the science club, since I’ve been looking forward to them for a very long time. Putting them into the game will probably
be my next objective. That will conclude today’s video. Thank you for following the development of Yandere Simulator. Oh, by the way. Are you interested in covering up your naked body? You might want to check out the two new Yandere Simulator shirts available in the crowd made store. I’m super happy with how this artwork turned out and I hope you like it too. You can find a link in the video
description below.

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  1. Doesn you remaind you scooby doo???😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  2. Hold on they have ascots!! Did you base characters off of the mystery gang ?! They don’t look exactly similar but there are some noticeable design features

  3. -_- i'd report a random gang of kids following me around while i stalk lolis at the highschool…

    Tell them to stop following me.

    ah, okay…

    Nothing more to say, file a restraining order.

  4. Are the cameras around their necks for show? Why are they taking picutures with their phones?
    I mean … I understand: When you take a photo with your phone you could send it immediately, but … they are members of the photography club so … shouldn't their main goal/instinct/first reaction be to shoot a good/professional picutre instead of already thinking about sharing the picture?

    But I like the ideas of sleuths/stalkers. Omg, I LOVE detectives! <3

    And I love Yandere Simulator! <3

  5. I was so excited when I saw the new update! Great job on all of this! I’ll be waiting patiently and looking forward to the next update. Have fun!

  6. Haven't been following the progress of development last year. How is Osana going? Was she added to the game?

  7. Well, I may not be watching every update anymore, but I'm still facinated by the development of that game. 🙂

  8. i think he said you dont want people to take this game as a joke… and now he's putting jokes name for a feature that should've been taken seriously

    come on dude

  9. Making original characters isn’t that hard Yandere Dev. You said you are making a serious game that people should take seriously, then what’s with the Scooby-Doo ripoffs? I really don’t get this logic

  10. Could you please add Osana to the game instead of other add-ons like these? Sure it's interesting, but we want to see some results.

  11. Gosh, Yandere Simulator is the fucking BEST. And all the work in it is incredible.
    But, isn't it better if you can hide in the game from the stalkers as well? I mean, this would be a bit more "realistic" than if they are finding you again and again. Cause, they can't always know where you are. Unless they are tracking you. lol.


  12. Photography Club
    Photography Clu
    Photography Cl
    Photography C
    Protection C
    Protection Cl
    Protection Clu
    Protection Club

  13. What is you add like a hall moniter who goes through the halls during class and is you aren't there you get 15 minutes in the head masters office. I thought it was a good idea

  14. anyone else noticed that the photageahy club kinda looks like the Scooby Doo gang? please like if you agree

  15. YANDERE DEV you should make it that when yan chan meets with the club when it's below 80% she can take a pic of some one near a dead body and show it to the club or when they think they have a supect and yan chan can frame that student. plz and thx i love this game and all your hard work keep it up

  16. Waaaaiiiiitttttttt, is the photography club supposed to look the the characters from Scooby Do?

  17. I disagree with comments stating this is getting too hard. There are multiple take out methods. Keep the atmosphere up and the tougher mechanics won't ever come into play.

    This is no different than having different types of enemies in other games. Some blow up. Some posion. Some teleport you randomly etc.

    End of the day the game is the same primary mechanic at hand.
    Take out your target and don't get caught. "Take out " doesn't always have to be murder.

    It's also likely some groups won't become active threats until later in the game. Gradually adding difficulty with each week. As most games function that way.

    It probably looks like a lot because we are seeing piece by piece rather than the compiled puzzle. But if you think about most well liked games, there is just as, if not then twice as much mechanics. You just don't actively think about it because you're playing the layers together rather than like now viewing each one in pieces.

  18. Blond leader with scarf, and a redhead and green glasses.
    I tip my fedora to you, m'reference

  19. implemented science club -> science club researches genetics -> They develop cloning -> INFINITE MIDORI GURIN

  20. I love the nods to Persona 4 with the investigation team and what not. Even with all of this you still make sure that it drives away from feeling like a copy of persona

  21. What if you Frame Kokona will The Photography Club stop looking for the killer?

  22. " are you interested in covering up your naked body "

    That's one way to advertise your merch I guess.

  23. What persona do you have? I'm a combo of Spiteful, Hero, Fargile,Teacher's pet, Violent, and Dangerous. It all depends what mood I am in, and WHERE I am.

  24. yandere dev se que tienes mucho trabajo pero me gustaria que los delincuentes del juego se enamororaran para alejarlos de la entrada de la incineradora o nuevas armas arco y flecha,vumeran con cuchillas,armas de defensa,una manera de multiplicarse una ayano asecina y otra le avisa todo lo que pase o un mode de inuyasha,elfen lied adiós yandere dev suerte bueno bye💖💖💖💖

  25. Yandere dev thank you for all the work u put into the game, i love the game and every thing about it!

  26. Their names song familiar…. hmmmmmmmmmm… Scooby Doo theme comes on in background

    Eh, maybe I'm just thinking too deep into it…

  27. Wait, so are the photography guys having the sleuth persona or the stalker persona? I got confused there… or can they have both??

  28. i have a idea, deliquents don't care that you are going to the furnis so can you make a mini game for that or something?

  29. Pls can you add an iPhone debug bc I really want to play Your game because you make it sound really good I don't mean good good I'm mean GREAT hope your interested☺️

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