The PC at E3, next gen consoles vs PC, game streaming vs PC and more | The Full Nerd ep. 97
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The PC at E3, next gen consoles vs PC, game streaming vs PC and more | The Full Nerd ep. 97

February 10, 2020

boy hey you’re on people run episode
zero yeah I need to be prepared to be disappointed for that what don’t remind
me yeah it’s not a big deal it’s just the
system number you know we uh you just celebrate 99 is it isn’t really isn’t
one the celebration thing no 100 whatever it’s the turning point doesn’t
you know also it’s funny because we got recently on Spotify and the I’m able to
look at the metrics and stuff yeah and a lot of people go back to episode zero to
check it out just to see where it started I guess I mean I do that
sometimes with if I’m going into a podcast so if you count zero the 99 is
yeah but I mean whatever do you count all the special editions
that we’ve had I mean we just have to go with a number you could do some negative
ones in there and it kind of like bounces out a negative yeah you make
some negative ones I you know the ones that suck it’s like you know I I still I
still remember the one the the blind keyboard challenge that was a great one
that was early on yeah that wasn’t cheating either its iOS
for that to people when they say like you can’t it doesn’t make any difference
it doesn’t make any difference yeah I was like episode twenty something
that I think harder than that I think well I think it was in the teens but you
know we’re getting old guys but now when I feel when I go up to a new keyboard I
you know I press I’m like can I tell only professional like Hayden Yeah right
yeah we actually live already yeah it looks like it looks like we’re live
everywhere we’ve got all the friends of the shows we got the wills we got the
Peters we got the Rusty’s hey folks we had we are gonna be talking about
allons-y gaming roundup hayden man on the floor I was on the floor actually
barely on the floor she got me three obviously I mean they’re on Sunday so I
was nearby you’re an inmate you were III adjacent for one day yeah what uh you
know one of the things I missed out with on this year exciting ago was a Korean
barbecue did you get some cream we ended up get it was too hot we give
up on that idea did I was like a hundred degrees down there come out I was just
like have you been in a barbecue place you like sit over a hot stove the entire
time yeah but it’s alright it’s worth it if
they the barbecue is good yeah we used to go to in the South Bay you know my
dude friends we driver now we drive an hour we wait an hour yeah and we’d stay
there for two hours yeah that’s how you do it sure we shut that place down
because we like 800 pounds of meat no that’s it that’s how you do it but I
would rather do that when it’s up here and it’s like 70 degrees there maybe
sweltering in a tiny place in Koreatown did you get to go to your your favorite
Mexican food yeah many times yeah I like a burrito every day yeah did
did you get to bring down any eraser respawn they had a booth on the show
floor you know I got a man bomb since since we’ve had it I’ve actually been
have you been drinking it and I’ve been using the the hints uh-huh – like parrot
you know so like I had the blue raspberry with the but you have the
cherry and then I have the watermelon with the watermelon pomegranate but now
I’m gonna go back to the the green apple the one we hated the most INSEAD is okay
with maybe the green apple hint you know just to see Braverman yeah so you know I
know my opinions have not changed since that video there’s a good video you
should go watch it changed your favor now I still like red the best and then
blue the second yeah so I tried that here and then I try G fuel on the show
floor tech one I know it’s not Logitech it’s just some random oh really I don’t
think it’s Logitech maybe it is but I don’t think so the name of that was and
I’m gonna quote this sour blue chug rug oh yeah I thought you posted this on the
quarter didn’t you it was not good but also white rug rug I don’t understand I
don’t I don’t want to drink anything that says chug
it sounds real gross right get attention now with this specialty drink and then
they have a good bang energy drink had a booth on the show floor and they brought
back booth babes for the first time and yeah bang ba ng yeah they brought booth
babes to e3 for the first time in like five years
yikes yeah there was a lot of yike Seng going on between people 1987 I mean hey
it’s not like Computex Computex was in full had an experience of yeah III
really like crack down on that stuff for a while
and now it’s usually like one booth a year will do something weird and this
yearõs bang for sure they had like a full suite of dancers on stage and stuff
idea just to get attention oh yeah like that I maybe or just get the nerdy dudes
to come drink your energy drink chug you know this was bang they had pina colada
flavor that you can find it in grocery stores I’ve seen it since I got back
really but like I don’t feel like you need if you’re handing out free energy
drink at e3 I feel like you don’t need extra attention to get people to come
drink your energy drink that’s a pretty easy sell when you’re on the show floor
so yeah I drank quite a bit of bang it’s made by the people that made red line
actually okay bang and breathe let me let me spray let me spring this on you
cordon 300 milligrams of caffeine per can that’s a lot yeah three cups of
coffee safe no you have to be 18 and up there’s an 18 and up label I can yeah
there’s a lot of flavors dude yeah we have a piña colada one in the sour heads
one yeah I hate sour stuff like 300 300 milligrams it’s just not so yeah I drank
one of those uh the Pina Colada one was very gross yeah sour heads one was
better but I would not buy it alright alright well so yeah anyways discuss it
so III yeah over should we actually start the show yeah we talked about energy drinks all day by
drinking vitamin water by the way you labeled it but yeah I’m in water yeah
yeah I don’t think you’re allowed to say it once you’ve taken the label off the
whole reason you take the label off yeah why did you take a label off I don’t
know all right let’s uh let’s do it in this episode of the full nerd III gaming
roundup next gen console specs and disturbers vision right here we go I’m
just really tired I don’t know it’s something weird this is something in the
air in this episode of the full nerd III gaming roundup next-gen gaming consoles
and streaming versus PC that’s pretty good that’s pretty good thank you
generate energy I don’t even need 300 milligrams of caffeine so lot of
caffeine I run off my anger welcome to the full alert episode 97 I’m your host
Gordon Mong Brad is off today Elaine is sick everybody’s sick but the good news
is we have Hayden Dingman yeah our intrepid sort of seems reporter games
calmness fresh from e3 we’re gonna talk about everything he saw but I got also
introduced Adam otherwise he’ll just shut us off that’s it no I didn’t get to
go to e3 this year so we all got to live vicariously for you guys Norton Gordon’s
won 24 hours stay in Los Angeles I was horrible I woke up at 4 o’clock in the
morning to get the airport by 5:00 I got you know on the plane at 6:00 and then
on the ground uber lyft whatever to the hotel yeah
there was there all day and then I left it like 8 or 9 my flight was delayed not
evil not even 24 hours you were just down there for the day I was down there
for the night and get back to like 3 o’clock in the morning well it was just
horrible yeah and I still had to write a story
for the next day because you know Margo you and the new rising parks well
because I would say that this this year was an amazing year for the PC at e3
what what do we think yeah I mean I feel like we’re at that point in the cycle
right where the consoles are on their way out as we’ll
talk about in a little bit yeah and so now we have all the cool PC stuff easy
is the way to play all these games right now I will say PC gamer did a did
write-up of the cyberpunk 2077 demo gear rig apparently that rig that they ran
cyberpunk on for the demo yeah was four thousand three hundred dollars or
something so oh wait I gotta find that Europe when you
I know PC gamer hope so when you’re curious how much these or what these
what these demos are running on at this point it is like PC with two graphics
cards probably that’s you supply mmm interesting we’ll see I don’t know I
don’t know what they would spend to make the data I mean maybe if you put 128
gigs of RAM in there something you could above that you could definitely you
couldn’t easily make a $10 maybe yeah you see with you know 32 core CPU put in
a yeah the Xeon znw 30 was trying would spend that much money on a on a PC these
days easy no you couldn’t I’m just trying to
figure out what you would prioritize they hit that forty three hundred dollar
price point that would actually matter for your game DEP RGB yeah sure $4,000
case yeah no I really I mean because you look at a lot of the the boutique folks
like that you know origin yeah behind this we got a and uh God main gear main
gear how my brain is just fried see I need more I mean those machines more
respond a lot of it is just annoying is in the is in the craftsmanship right
yeah I mean the parts we face it our commodity GeForce right Radeon rising
core but yeah it’s all the extra beauty that yeah well that’s I’m curious what
they would prioritize that would make a difference for their demo because like
once you hit that 20 ATI and then you throw in like a mid tier like a you
could put an 8 core processor in there yeah I mean probably be doing fine but
they don’t want to scare people off I think sometimes they want to like hey
here’s a cool gaming rig we’re running dumb but they also don’t want to scare
people off saying you need a 42 totally not but that’s why I’m here
you know what that’ll translate to four I mean that games that game was out in
nine months so you know you say you got to see it again obviously we saw it last
year do you think it’s nine months away or do you think it’s like oh I would
have said last year that game was not a visit gen game yeah so the fact that
they said that game is coming out in April I’m really curious to see that
game running on an Xbox one and not like the Xbox one X like an actual baseline
2013 Xbox you’re skipping to the next topic
sorry out that’s the mid-tier upgrade that’s the game already out on or no
it’s Alex next year next April and so yeah like I’m curious what that’ll look
like I do think that they’re putting all those games out in March April so that
they can then sell you the Marez in the in the fall so it’s like next March and
April are looking like and this kind of is what we’re talking about with our 10
best PC games of e3 it’s a great article check it out PC world talk ah next March
in April are looking like some of the craziest months I’ve seen since I
started doing this it’s a cyberpunk is due in April dying light too is due in
April I think maybe the same day but I’m not sure vampire the masquerade
bloodlines 2 is due in q1 so you think March April
Baldur’s Gate 3 is due in the stadia launch window and stay Diaz due to
launch to founders in November so you think like if you’re launch Windows 6
months that puts it sometime in the spring also watchdogs Legion is a March
release I think that might cover the main one so that’s five like and like
those are not small games those are each you know thirty to a hundred hour games
probably all releasing in that two or three month span they try not to land on
each other right you don’t want to like have yeah that’s the things I I think
we’re out of time because if we
are seeing new consoles next holiday these are all if these are current gen
games everybody wants to get them out before the console switchover hmm and so
everybody is just like well march/april and we’re all gonna push him out why did
they want to get out ahead of the console launches hi so that’s why I was
saying I think that what yeah I think we don’t know how the next gen consoles are
gonna work right but I think what a lot of them are trying to do is the same
stuff that we saw this gen where we’ll get a new version of that game right but
they’re trying to do the GTA 5 thing of hey we’re gonna release this game and
then we’re gonna sell you the nicer version of the game
six months later Wow so we’ve heard that and Gordon I know you don’t understand
but we’ve talked about this for that actually happens a lot I do you know
like if they if they sold GTA 5 on the switch I’d buy it for a third time yeah
I mean it just it happened that’s why like Red Dead Redemption – everybody’s
waiting for that to hit PC and the assumption is it will hit PC eventually
and I’d buy it first of all like the reason GTA 5 has sold a hundred million
copies is in part because they sold a 360 ps3 version of that and then an Xbox
one ps4 version and a PC version and now like a switch version same with Skyrim
like Skyrim has sold so well cuz that game is on every console forever and
people who’ve bought it have bought it probably two or three times but yeah I’m
not Kurian they’ve already said that both those next-gen consoles are
backwards compatible – at least the gem so what that’s what I don’t understand
but like you could see them maybe selling like a like selling a 4k
texturepack maybe okay here’s a $10 up rez something like that so maybe you’re
not selling them a full game at that point but you’re still selling them
something so yeah we’ll see it uh it’s gonna be a busy spring its own yeah cuz
I mean pcs you buy it once right I mean you may buy and packs or whatever but
you wouldn’t go like oh I’m gonna buy the ray-tracing feature functionality
yeah just included and definitely not like within you know 10 years or
something like they’re demoing games I bought a second time on PC yeah but it
seems like ah this game was you know 20 years
old and right it’s on the same sale or something I’m like I might add it to my
library and and I think Microsoft actually is like pushing it a little so
we saw Age of Empires 2 definitive edition at e3 oh wait what and that was
like they just did HD Edition in 2013 and that was like they’ve released
expansions that all this and they’re now gonna charge you for the definitive
edition also and I was a little skeptical of that like it’s only been
six years since HD Edition came out I bought HD Edition is very good but then
they I went and met with them and they’re doing some really cool stuff
with Age of Empires 2 definitive so they’re reworking a bunch of the old AI
to make the AI not cheat anymore they’re they’re programming it to use actual
tactics that are used in tournament play which is pretty cool oh that’s ok and
then they’re doing a bunch of quality-of-life stuff so I don’t know
how familiar you are familiar you are with Age of Empires 2 so they’re doing
stuff it has become standard in RTS a–‘s in the last like 15 years but was
maybe not standard in 1999 when that game came out so like selecting if you
like drag and drop across a bunch of Units
it will not take your peasant units anymore it’ll only select your army
because that’s what you want right yeah because you used to get into a situation
where you would like grab a bunch of people send them off to war and like
your three villagers with you know marching behind like oh I guess I guess
we’re going or guys actually fixed that so you don’t just automatically to death
any question so there’s neat stuff like that for the game even so I was still
like it’s only been six years and they’re giving you like a $5 discount or
something it’s not enough to e if you if you can show that you had the
yeah you have the HD Edition they’ll give my 5 bucks off on Steam that’s
interesting yeah that so like the main stuff and a lot of this came out before
e3 but like you got game pass on PC yeah which is cool what is that exactly
and it’s $5 right is it I feel like I couldn’t get a definitive
answer now so it’s so Microsoft has their subscription service game Pass
which has been on console for two years now and that’s Microsoft goes out and
curates a third like a hundred games or so 150 a lot of third party but then
they also put all of their first party games on game pass day and date with a
release and that’s been on Xbox for a while and you’ve if you had the Xbox
game pass you could access Microsoft’s games on PC through it but you couldn’t
get any of the third-party stuff so now they’ve made an actual official PC game
pass and so unlike like EA EA has a subscription service on PC but it’s like
pretty much just EA games and then a handful of like indie games Microsoft
actually has the clout to go out there and be like hey we want like Bethesda to
take part in this and Bethesda is gonna put like pray and evil within like games
like that they’re like a little bit older but still current on the
subscription service and it’s ten bucks a month but if you have the console
version oh it’s five extra its yeah so like basically you get it’s ten bucks a
month for Xbox Live 10 bucks a month for Xbox game past ten bucks a month for PC
game pass all separate but you can get all three combined for 15 bucks a month
so if you play on console oh huh then it ends up only being like a five dollar
add-on well here’s a scary thought although we haven’t even gotten into the
e3 gaming roundup yet but I I have to ask this because for people who used to
be big fans of Adobe products I mean it’s cool that you get the latest
version of the Adobe products yeah some people just I just wanted my Photoshop
and never want to deal with it again totally are we moving toward that really
a bad model I think for what gaming I I think that some people would like us to
and I know that’s the concern I would say the difference right now is Adobe
stuff is like 60 bucks a month yeah yeah wild it’s a lot of functionality you’re
getting totally but 60 bucks a month is a lot that’s like 600 bucks
right now every year every year which is a lot of money whereas like this at the
moment at least is like 120 a year which I think is that’s the cost of two games
and so if you’re playing more than two games a year that does not seem like a
terrible idea you’re a terrible value and you have
access to games that maybe you wouldn’t already pay yeah we’re so like Bryce
Microsoft’s line I when I went and interviewed Microsoft and they were very
mr. Microsoft yeah mr. Microsoft they were very keen on repeating that this is
like an additive thing for developers like they’ve seen so so a lot of
developers will put one game from a series on the on game pass and then
they’ll see sales of the other games in the series rise because people play the
one and they’re like oh I want to play this
so you’ll notice a V if you look at the PC game pass list
rise of the Tomb Raider is on there which is the second game in the series
and so theoretically what squares trying to do is get you to purchase the
original the reboot from like 2012 or whatever 2013 and then you play rise for
free and then maybe you’ll buy shadow also which is last year’s and so you see
a lot of that where it’s like parceled out and in the same way the Netflix does
yeah you’ll see like one movie from a series on Netflix it’s it’s Netflix Sam
and so yeah I’m not sure whether it’ll be a good thing long term or not
microsoft says that developers get value from it and without seeing their numbers
we can’t really dispute that I will say having talked to musicians and stuff
about Spotify they are not happy with what subscription services have done to
revenue for music really yeah well for movies too
yeah they get paid out like garbage can you know the people actually buying
albums yeah but the the counter-argument is that nobody’s buying albums yeah and
so they were just pirate it you know at least they’re getting something from
streaming yeah so you just don’t really know and that’s I think it’s dangerous
because games have had a successful reach
model for oh yeah a while now and especially like we’ve all made the pivot
to digital on the PC so this looks a little dangerous but it’ll be kind of
based on how Microsoft ends up treating it I guess you know it to backup to a
high level again the you know with with the new talk of the consoles and all
that stuff probably a lot around III did did it have a sense of like hey PC was
taking a back seat like most people were showing off you know maybe what the new
consoles were there was focus on consoles or were people still like hey
pcs out there we’re demoing this on PC this is still the best experience I I
think PZ is still the forefront I can’t remember we were talking about this
before we were live or not but this cyberpunk stuff was easy because none of
those clients like ya know those consoles are on the show floor yet and
so you might they might be using pcs that our target spec for next gen
consoles but as far as I know none of them we’re running off of the actual
hardware at the show so yeah it’s it’s felt like a very PC year I mean that’s
you went down to see AMD stuff yeah yes there’s Intel right to tell have some
announcement around there as well or no more like they just want to throw dirt
at aim down there I mean that’s like we never used to see that stuff at e3 the
pieces he was never even at e3 for a long time AMD didn’t have a booth for it
I don’t think so but plenty of peripherals companies did like
peripherals that only makes sense for PCs we’re on the show floor it felt like
the PC as I said we’re sort of at that point in the cycle where the new console
hardware is not out there yet and so next year you know maybe that $500 or
whatever console ends up being nicer than your $1200 PC and you’re like oh
now we see all these consoles on the show floor again but at the moment yeah
it seems like a very PC show interesting speaking of PC show what about the PC
gaming show I actually didn’t watch anything on that
was a great transition yeah it was probably too long again yeah they’ve
been doing that for five years now yeah you sponsored this year by epic gaming
store which everybody’s mad about I love the PC gaming show because it’s
all the weird stuff yeah so and it’s PC so they put the planet Zoo trailer in
the PC gaming show and I’m incredibly excited for that game that’s on our on
our list somewhere yeah we should go to this list I want to see what the list is
yeah we let’s do it I mean it’s so outer worlds which is a obsidians new game
that’s the it looks like they made Fallout New Vegas but without the
fallout license oh yeah that’s how this year hell yeah
got the fallout mice yeah like because Bethesda won’t let them make another
Fallout New Vegas it looks like they pretty much cloned a lot of that tech
and made their own game and their own set it looks awesome yeah it was
incredible they have it’s hilarious too they have like so we had a mission where
we had to go invade like a meat factory and once we got in the meat factory we
found out that it was the animals were called sister pigs and they were like
pigs with tumors that grew on their neck and they just all fall off when they’re
ready to be harvested and it was like Oh sustainable meat product I so I got very
like there are a lot of jokes about like corporate language and stuff in outer
world so okay sorry it’s so very relevant number 10 so yeah they’re not
really in order but yeah number 10 shirt number nine yeah watchdogs Legion which
I don’t know if you guys saw the trailer for that or followed any of it but I was
a big fan of watchdogs two was set here in the bay and I didn’t really know how
they would follow that up they followed it up by they’re going to London but
more than that Clint Hawking who is the one of the guys from Far Cry 2 which is
a respected game because it was very weird for Far Cry that was the one where
you had to stave off malaria the whole time they’ve built in tech where you can
recruit anyone in the game to your group basically
so like you can walk around and it’ll be like a UH like a grandma in a pub and
you can like get her whole backstory and then you can recruit her into your group
and then play as her through the entire story and they have like wow all
different versions of the script they have a bunch of like voice modulation
tech to like give everybody different voices and then twelve or so different
animation sets and so I played as like a bunch of grandma ladies I just like that
was my whole demo I played for about an hour and I played his only grandmas and
they change like how you move and stuff so as a grandma you kind of like do like
that power walk instead of actually running and then you can climb up walls
but it takes like five seconds like she like gets up and then she like kind of
like struggles to get up the wall that’s funny and then yeah like all of the the
dialogue is tailored to each specific person so you can play as like a you
know you could play as like a bunch of soldiers or whatever but you can play is
like grandma’s or just like a bunch of old dudes who are in a in a pub together
and sort of like set up your own stories about like how these people got
recruited they were quick to point out like if you went one of our missions we
went to Scotland Yard and we had to like steal some tech out of Scotland Yard and
they were like you got to recruit all the guards in here also so it’s not just
like people on your side everybody in the game is like on a on like a meter
that says like they’re for or against you and you can eventually convince all
of them to join you so we’ll see how it actually works in reality because that
sort of procedural stuff sometimes sounds really cool in theory like no
man’s sky and then you get it and you’re like actually the strings are very
apparent here and it doesn’t actually feel natural yeah cool roo-roo to asking
if you can play as Gordon Mong I hope he’s in there somewhere he won’t work
with the controllers though I mean that’s like that that’s like that
million typewriters million monkeys thing right like I’m sure
he’s in there if the rules bounced around enough so yeah number eight
number eight cyberpunk we know action we’ve sorta
asked here we’ve sort of talked about yes IRA punk that does look like Liana
Reeves is in it they really paid him for it yeah I and you know I liked him
coming out on stage – he was like quirky just nerdy yep it was great yeah if you
haven’t watched that moment yeah good mom watch it it was great it also was
really fun then people started making memes of because he came out and he was
like check it out and we pointed the screen and everybody started replacing
what was on the screen dumb stuff that was fun yeah watch Point Break if you’ve
never watched Point Break yeah cyberpunk looks great I don’t know
that it’s hard to say much else at this point it seems like that was like the
the headliner of it yeah it’s very impressive and very ambitious and the
fact that it’s out in April is shocking and then not only that but Keanu is
apparently everybody kind of thought he was just like making a cameo but
apparently he has the most lines of anybody except for the real character
entire games so they like really got him he was about it so yeah I also I don’t
think this is on our list but I can’t remember I might be on the list but I
played John wick hex that like turned it’s not turn-based but that like sort
of turn-based John wick game that people are making
I think it’s Mike Biffle from he made Thomas was alone and volume which I
don’t know I looked at Gordon because Gordon has not played either of those
you know Thomas is alone I’m familiar with that volume I’d yeah so they’re
making this game called John with hex that’s like an official adaptation of
the movies and it’s like a top-down strategy game and yes it’s they call it
a timeline strategy game because it’s not actually turn-based but it’s also
not real-time everything is governed by like a timeline at the top so every move
that you make takes a certain amount of time to do and so it’ll be like like
jabbing takes less time than like a takedown
I think there’s an actual gameplay towards the end of the the end of the
trailer yeah there you go that’s interesting so like everything is like everything takes a certain amount of
time so it’ll be like Oh a takedown takes like two seconds and if guard
Perry’s you that only takes like half a second and so he’ll parry you and then
you’ll change your move to like you know throw your gun at him
and so that was like a really neat I mean also kyani but a really neat
strategy thing that I haven’t seen before
I’ve played plenty of real-time games and plenty of turn-based games but it
was a neat combination on the two in a way and then they’re supposed to have a
replay function at the end then I’ll just play everything back for you in
real time so you can watch you just like run around and and flip ever laying on
their backs yeah it was a it was a cool old a cool
demo okay I’ll say it’s a very hard game I think to explain yeah there’s no like
easy parallel but um so yeah plant zoo we mentioned this up top it’s from the
people who made planet coaster which was its frontier they also make elite which
is a weird it’s weird that company makes elite dangerous and also yeah planet
coaster but I like plant coaster a lot it was like roller coaster tycoon for
the modern era and they had a really great suite of building tools so you’d
build pretty much anything in that game you being in zoo yes this one now planet
Zoo you’re building a zoo that’s basically zoo zoo tycoon
which frontier mall so so frontier and I didn’t realize this when they released
or when they revealed planet Zoo frontier made that plant
sorry made that Zoo Tycoon game at the beginning of the Xbox one era which I
don’t know if you even remember because I barely remember it but it was like one
of the launch games for the Xbox one really was a Zoo Tycoon game in 2013 the
original original Xbox the intel-based one no no no no so they’re so like back
box one no early early days yeah they had Zoo Tycoon but no Xbox one like the
current Xbox Oh now the name is not the original Xbox
but the current Xbox one Xbox 360 it not that one did not that one Jesus
yeah so they they made the zoo tycoon that came out in 2013 so this is a guest
building on that building on they also made that Jurassic world building game
how about I wanted to play that so bad I just never had time this one seems like
it so drastic world was really limited in what you could build this one is a
lot cooler they so they showed off with beta chimpanzee enclosure and you can
build like the custom like log you know how like every chimpanzee enclosure has
like logs for them to climb yeah you can build those like piece by piece and then
the chimpanzees will actually use them like they’ve been trained they’ve been
programmed and passed to like use the things you put in the that’s closure I
so also like if you put trees in there they’ll swing through the trees you put
in I’m pretty neat and then the animation is just really good they got
us like real up and close with a bunch of the animals like the alligators and
zebras and stuff and all of them look fantastic and they’re animated pretty
realistically and they’d it will just like wander around and eat hang out nice
so yeah it seems really neat in a very zen sort of way yeah I’m sure you can
also play you know let all the Lions out of the enclosure and have a meet
everybody of course that’s the fun part I’m gonna have to deal with I mean cuz
there are people who really think animals shouldn’t be in zoos yeah like
other protest they’re definitely like on a on a modern zoo that would like the
huge shares and all that so they they have like a minimum size de San
Francisco Zoo also also it’s a game that too but no they have like a minimum size
per animal and stuff so that you don’t overcrowd them and oh yeah they seem
like they’ve really tried to put some thought and do it nice alright next up
number who knows yeah dying light too again a lot of that was from last year
yeah really basically have taken dying light which was a zombie game with some
parkour and then turned it into like a branching
storyline game and so this year we saw a lot more of that at a bunch of points in
the demo there was like a hard left right on the analog stick choice of uh
like one of them was like sorry I just had to point out Gordon’s face yeah what
you said analog stick that was pretty I just because I think I tried out a
little bit was dying light or whatever like oh you’ve got to hold the elevator
left right left right oh my god really no no these are movies these are these
were choices it based so it’d be like the first one in the demo you basically
you’re setting up a deal or you’re trying to set up a deal between multiple
factions and the guy who is on your side while you’re not down there it gets shot
and so you run down you’re like oh my god what happened they’re like Frank’s
been shot Frank you know immediately like the first choice was you can either
chase after people who apparently shot him or you can stay with him and try and
find a doctor and not a you know spoil this pivotal spoilers story moment but
if you go after the van which we did in demo and it sounds like that was the way
the demo went in general Frank dies and they were very clear about like hey if
you don’t go after the van he might live huh with other consequences presumably
for letting the van get away and so yeah it was a like that’s like it he’s one of
the main story characters and they just killed him off in this demo and so those
sorts of things seem really fascinating and we had a bunch of them during the
demo and it ended with we can either choose to turn on these water pumps and
give the rest of the city water or not and this guy was saying like hey you
really shouldn’t do this we have these pumps you know turn off
for a reason mm-hmm you don’t listen to him you kill him you
turn the pumps on and it drains an entire section of the city that he had
like set up as a moat oh and so the rest of the city gets water which then sort
of feeds into some stuff we saw last year which was a like once they have
water in the city they like everybody’s happier and there’s
less riots but there were like new zombies that came out of the ground
after we drained this section of the city and then Techland was very clear
about once he’s drain that section of the city that’s all explorable so if you
play you if you had a playthrough where he’s left that moat intact
you would never see anything that was in that section of the city because it
would be underwater interesting so I’ll game sort of gave
you those totally inching and it would affect totally but this is to a
different degree and it’s like the size of these choices are so huge and
especially like but the tell-tale stuff was always like very tightly controlled
yeah camera angles and all that you know very little action this is like they
said when you finish this game you’ll have seen about 50% of the stuff they’ve
made for the game on any given playthrough because I’ve got a lot of
them are these binary choices of like oh well now I’m just never gonna see this
quest line I’m never gonna see this whole area all that interesting
interesting idea yeah and like that’s again I didn’t think that would be a pre
console switch over a game but apparently that’s out next spring so
yeah we’ll see yeah it sounds really amazing but life had like any three demo
you know is trying to drive you know a lot of the zombie genre today is sort of
like these hard choices you have to make yeah you know like the Walking Dead is
like except they just like let’s just stay here for for four episodes because
we don’t want to pay for a new set I think what about number 10 on the list I
think we’re not at number 10 yet but baldur’s gate 3 not much to say here
except it was revealed and I’m looking forward to it anyway and we can talk a
little bit more about the stadia yeah so yeah baldur’s gate 3 it’s been 20 odd I
mean not 20 but it’s been almost 20 years since Baldur’s Gate 2 came out and
there’s been rumors about Baldur’s Gate 3 at various studios for a while now and
then last year they actually pinned down and somebody said Alerian was working on
this and Larry into I did it and lo and behold they’re
working on it so they said sedimentation a fifth
generation or fifth edition DD so no Sacco and that’s about all we know
okay but yeah stadia I don’t know if we want to talk about stadium John wick hex
we saw for tonight’s Rises getting a Lego expansion it’s already out you can
go play it I don’t really know I haven’t touched it yet
last Thursday I haven’t touched it yet but in demo I played at the Microsoft
showcase was fantastic they’ve made all the cars blocky and it looks it looks
great it’s amazing you like go through like a haunted forest at one point in
the demo it’s just a real fun time I I heard an interview with some of the devs
saying that it really messed with their physics model because of the you know
the like the air wrapping around the car like totally got messed up when the car
locks came in so they they had to kind of retool it for some of those cars it
sounds cool and especially to be able to like destroy Legos and yeah there’s a
lot of little park is you could like blow through like stone fences and stuff
and Forza horizon 4 but now you’re just like blowing through block fences a lot
more fun they like explode all over that looks like fun yeah it’s great and it
follows on the back of Forza horizon 3 which had that Hot Wheels expansion and
I didn’t know how they would top that but this to me feels like a good way to
do it well what about price sorry I know I’m
curious yeah I’m not sure I would assume like 20 15 or 20 F it’s 20 they included
the expansions in the Ultimate Edition this time which they didn’t do before so
that’s actually really nice they used to you would get the car pass with the
Ultimate Edition but you wouldn’t get the actual expansion content what’s rise
before they finally included both so you can just play it so yeah there’s that
and then doom which looks like doom I mean but dude this is like game of the
show for me I’m so decided for more trailer Oh I mean to it
I mean it’s just it’s more zoom people dying yeah like doom was uh and they
have a grappling hook oh okay look um so yeah you can pull
yourself towards enemies and shoot them it looks so good III need I I think I’ve
played through the doom 2016 like at least four times now I think yeah man I
I need an excuse to play another doom yeah I’m excited they’re leaning into
the dumb like doom guy cannon that they’ve built yeah
doom Slayer yeah do Slayers just like an actual character now oh that is real
that crap in the hook looks good I’m so excited for this so yeah
doom looks great yeah it looks tough you gotta say what
you’re gonna play this Gordon yeah I mean I you know I was leave it did you
play 2016 I play part of it but then I just got tired of looking for stuff and
I gave up you know that’s not you supposed to play it so the shoot stuff
dude no yeah I bet you’re like I’m just lost I’m just lost right yeah I’m in
this stupid cave and I just like I need more ways to just I don’t have it’s it’s
not really a high attention span kind of a game I would think so it I just want
to run through and blow stuff up why would you like and that’s what that game
was I had to find the right wait are you kidding all right game that’s yeah cuz I
got stuck in some stupid cave somewhere you know like I don’t know where to go
well sounds like the grappling yeah I I was a huge fan of the the the lithium
all done quick too so yeah I’m looking for and that one’s out this year so
unlike a lot of these I’m so done sucks at the end of the year so excited we
also have Wolfenstein coming out in July so yeah yeah I just forget about that
coming soon but yeah this so then final game on here is that vampire and that’s
great bloodlines so yeah you you you sent me a gameplay demo and there was
some man there was a lot of back and forth in the the YouTube comments on
that saying like oh I’m so excited for this and then on the other side saying
like that this looks janky as hell yeah I really am
it is janky hopefully they’ll get it polished out before launch I think
anybody that played the original bloodlines that game was notoriously
janky yeah people were saying like actually they kind of liked that some of
that charm well not not only that but like that a lot of that was fixed by
fans of the originals there’s a fan patch that I think he’s up there like
ten point five or something in terms of versions I think that
somebody worked on for you know the last 15 years so who knows maybe bloodlines
to comes out in his buggies health but I know for me that’s not why you’re
playing like I’m playing for the story stuff and the story stuff in there is
really good all the characters they showed were like
super memorable from even just the you know 10 minutes or 15 minute damn oh
that we saw so there was like a guy called slug
Nosferatu degree and Nosferatu are not allowed out in the daytime or like
they’re not allowed to be seen by anybody because they’re so ugly that
immediately is like oh that’s a vampire and so he was like this quivering I
don’t know begging guy that we ended up I think in the gameplay I sent you he
ends up getting killed in the demo so I spared him but yeah there’s definitely
jank like we had a problem we I actually had you edit that video because in our
demo the demo person tried to show me like hey like here I’ll show you that
other power and set the police off and then she ran up the side of a building
to finish the quest and the police just kept shooting at us the whole time we
were finishing requests and they were like yeah
so there’s definitely stuff that needs to be fixed and it definitely needs to
be optimized but I love the way they’ve they’ve really nailed Seattle front I
mean I don’t live in Seattle but I have been to Seattle Pioneer Square looks
really good and then yeah all of the story stuff so
I actually just finished I replayed the original bloodlines and finished it last
night and that game still holds up in a lot of ways the back half of that game
is not great but the front half of that game is still very good and if they I
mean they’ve got Brian Matsuda the original lead writer on bloodlines back
for the sequel he seems very passionate about making
the game as good as they can this time and paradox I think has something to
prove also because paradox has been like a mid-tier publisher for a long time and
this seems like the game that could maybe push them out of that interesting
like this looks like a jank aside in the the gameplay demo like the trailer looks
like a full-on triple-a game yeah and so it’d be cool to see paradox
you know elevate itself through this game to that like top tier status
thanksful we’ll see we got a we’re supposed to get hands on with that later
in the year so okay a funny other side note in the the second half of the
gameplay that the studio provided for us yeah was also featured in an IGN video
so everyone was like oh you’re ripping off IGN great great journalistic entire
world we were not here all they provided it was provided to us and then we used
it was because yeah the second half of that demo went off the rails
so yeah little peek behind the curtain there how shows work I have another
question dude because I saw it came up with the Call of Duty preview video you
did yeah people said like this looks like it’s on
the console they didn’t believe it was on a PC yeah you did say this we might
call the duty it was a Ghost Recon Ghost Recon they make you play with the xbox
play with a controller and a lot of people’s like what I would have denied
it I would have said no I’m not gonna do it that’s not how these work if I could
give you another P behind the car yeah yes the reason that they usually make us
play on controllers is because usually they have debug keys mapped to
everything on a keyboard and so usually they don’t want so there are a couple
games that they let us play mouse and keyboard on the show floor but that’s
pretty rare and usually it’s because well first of all there’s a couple
reasons first of all controllers much cheaper than mice and keyboards also
much easier for them to bring to the show so if they have to set up like 50
demo stations they’re gonna use controllers because 50 controllers so
they can fit in a box 50 mice and keyboard that’s a okay I don’t buy any
of those reasons but come on to the show I think it was Gordon in the trolling in
the comments uh but then on top of that yeah the debug command so like we’ve had
I’ve had games where they let us play on mouse and keyboard and they are like you
cannot touch the numbers one through five or whatever because it’ll just like
warp you to a different part of the map or warp you to a different part of the
demo in fact that happened this week I played a demo
or a game called moons of madness which is a fun calm game okay and they out
front they were like hey you can’t hit one through five because I’ll change
what part of the demo you’re at and about two minutes in the demo I didn’t
think about that and I was just messing around on the keyboard I hit number
three and it teleported me halfway through the demo and then I had to hit
number two and hope that it was close enough to where I started
oops that I could get back in the MIDI mo okay I can buy that so yeah there’s a
lot of like people have noclip mapped onto certain keys they have all sorts of
like debug commands Maps so yeah that’s usually the reason why we’re on control
or smoke but you you so yeah this was played the developer played our vampire
stuff that was on a controller and then yeah I played Ghost Recon also on a
controller it was a PC you saw the beat yeah it was on a PC physically eyeball
yep it was on PC for Ghost Recon but it was with a controller and I don’t think
I mean I know that you are vehemently anti controller
no not for I wouldn’t necessarily play vampire or goes recon on a controller
goes freak on because it’s a shooter vampire first-person yeah but they’re
definitely games that I just don’t care like if we do all of our SAS ins Creed
demos it shows for instance on a controller and that’s how I would play
that game at home anyway so I’m sure there are people out there that play
Assassin’s Creed with a mouse and keyboard but that seems very cumbersome
so yeah there are certain games where it’s better yeah you know but yeah so
that’s the the peak value and it’s usually debug and then the the challenge
of transporting all those controls to a show floor for also I would think
because of the the thumbstick movement and like less panning and stuff it makes
it more smooth or yeah progress yeah bird video – yep so yeah there are a lot
of reasons oh those list game console stuff is
actually real quick I do have one leering lingering question from renee
asking if you saw anything VR related anyone talking about VR
yeah so I played Sniper Elite VR and it was good and that’s about it we
purposefully don’t make VR appointments or I I guess I cuz I’m in charge of
scheduling that’s not a priority III cuz III has all these Peaks behind the
curtain I was living in meetings basically from like 10 a.m. until closed
which was 7 p.m. most days every single day just like won
back-to-back meeting after another and so and that was without VR games and I’m
the only one that covers e3 for us so usually that’s not the priority VR stuff
doesn’t so there was VR stuff there yeah VR games especially don’t really do
traffic but like yeah oculus at a booth in fact Facebook have three booths at
the show I mean definitely we’re in the long slog yeah so like a bunch of VR
stuff is happening right now I think VR is really probably the most interesting
it’s been since before the original consumer launch because we have the
valve index launching this month the oculus stuff just came out last month
and that HP heads that just came out young and so like everything is really
cool right now there’s a lot of neat ideas floating
around and I wanted to get over the oculus booths at one point but it’s that
yeah not a priority yeah okay and so we’ll see
I’m sure there’s stuff coming out soon that lone echo – I heard was back at e3
and I’m looking forward to that also starting to wrap up another III related
question Elvis is asking if he saw any new keyboards I need anything of note
from the perfecter we did but we can’t talk about any of it I’m already sure
they tuned for on PC WorldCom it’s always funny to me because it’s like
some keyboard manufacturers really truly like this is special stuff yeah oh
really got next generation Intel opt in mechanical suite Logitech have their
blue switch yeah yeah this is a big deal yeah so I think a lot of a lot of the
manufacturers keep that stuff under embargo
after the show so that I can get out away from the news crunch because
nobody’s gonna write up like ah there’s a new keyboard from such-and-such at
during the show and there’s a million other things to cover but I might write
it up like two weeks after the show because July there’s nothing going on at
least they saw it yeah so we’ve seen some stuff but nothing that we can talk
about okeydoke then that’s why don’t we move on to some energy drinks oh yeah
watch the pre-show yeah you do what you want some reason respond buddy I have
some tea here yeah because our coffee so bad
so yeah the the console there’s been information about the new consoles Navi
related rise and related focuses on SSDs you know we kind of know Gordon’s take
going into it but don’t people want to hear you know what what we think about
the the new consoles versus the PC I think the SSD stuff is real neat so
much detail that would yeah yes so this is first of all let me say we have ps5
specs sort of and project scarlet which is Microsoft’s Xbox follow-up which you
wrote up about that yeah yeah that was during the show and the PS 5 stuff came
out about a month ago both of them are almost exactly the same from what we can
tell looking at like just the specs that are out there which admittedly are not
many specs but looking at the specs are out there they’re basically the same box
and the thing that both hinge on is the SSD and they’re both touting Microsoft
and Sony are both touting the exact same thing which is no load times which
doesn’t sound I like we’ve had SSDs on the PC for forever and we solve load
times but theoretically the idea is because now the consoles will have SSDs
then people actually program for the SSD and the way that sony 8 sony has phrased
it is it’s like faster than even SSDs aware we’re using on a pc because it’s
console base right so they know exactly what the specs are yeah I personally
took that as a burn but yeah some people here don’t think that’s a burn when they
say their I think Sony except they said exactly our SSD will be with more
available bandwidth than any PC yeah which I don’t know about you but I think
that’s a burn yeah who knows how true it actually is will we’ll have to wait for
Digital Trends to break off in six months yeah and also real quick Timothy
do we know that it’s just an nvme SSD in there or is it new tech yeah that’s the
thing they it Sony made it sound like it’s new tech entirely and so we just I
don’t think so it’s hard to know yeah all right
it’s hard to know what that stuff will look like Microsoft from their scarlet
stuff was very clear about using the SSD as RAM for the console room which would
be we might actually see some games take more than 16 gigs of RAM finally I know
also I gotta say just two generations ago it wasn’t a given that a console
even had a hard drive in the Box 360 yeah he had launched with a no hard
drive version yeah so a lot of the optical drive yeah yeah yeah and so yeah
a lot of yeah you know a lot of games were held back because it was like oh
well we have to go to min spec and the minimum xbox360 had no hard drive yeah
it’s crazy game installs didn’t even become a thing until like midway through
the 360 gen that was like that was like a four years into the 360 gen was
installed on console and I feel like both Sony and Microsoft looking at this
next generation have been better about putting specs in here that seem like
they were thinking about the future even if none of those specs are actually
going to be taken advantage of so like right in the headline here
Microsoft is like we’ve got ray tracing and maybe they do but I can’t imagine
it’s going to be the same um sort of like you’re not getting to it
at 2080 I is like what a $1,200 card yeah they’re not selling this Xbox at
$1,200 if they do I’ll eat some rice paper no it’s just really yeah that
paper we got kicking around but we still have the paper this is uh what was that
game that hasn’t launched that’s the wait for you at some say yeah
ray-tracing like yeah it might be on there in some
capacity should support is what like guesses you’re not you’re not getting
twenty ATI quality out of these boxes presumably and and the same goes with
trying to think of like some of the other 8k like they’re like they’re
already like oh yeah we got a case support in project scarlet and like yeah
it might output native yeah to 8k scale but like developers are not going to be
running no then the 8k native and so for them to come out and say some of these
things it’s like yeah it’s good that you’re thinking about this I also don’t
think anybody’s ever going to it same with a 120 Hertz capability is finally
in these new consoles so talking about it you know and so theoretically you
could see like Forza for instance saying hey we’ll give you a mode that’s medium
quality 120 Hertz or even medium quality 60 Hertz and then you know a high
quality 30 Hertz assurance but like the number of developers are actually gonna
run their games at 120 Hertz is gonna be like 5% as mostly indie games and it’s
because indie games are less load on that system well like these current
consoles support 60 Hertz yeah nobody makes 60 Hertz games except Call of Duty
and like forth side or like fighting games you know yeah fighting games yeah
so I think that that probably won’t change they always seem like they
threaten us it’ll be 30 Hertz I’m gonna call it right now next-gen the mid spec
will be 30 Hertz maybe 1440p but probably 1080 for a lot
of these games still yeah yeah and it’ll just look
really good because that’s what they always do they’ve done it every time my
current gen consoles support sixty Hertz they support 1080p the baseline Xbox one
and ps4 cannot run any games basically at 1080p
yeah they can’t run them at 60 Hertz and so yeah like it’s fiver than the say
they’re supporting all these things but like you’re still gonna get a better
experience probably out of a PC which is why the SSD probably is probably not the
word on yes but certainly which is why the SSD stuff to me is the most
interesting part of this it doesn’t really it’s the only thing that I think
the new consoles are doing that will push the PC forward in a meaningful way
yes froggen yeah yeah where exactly is the leap frogging well there’s like I
still have for instance a bunch of 7200 rpm hard drives and for years that’s
been good enough to run pretty much any game I’m for seeing and again I’ll eat
some paper if this don’t happen but I’m for seeing in like the next three or
four years you will probably need an SSD to run these games on PC I think that
developers are gonna stop optimizing for 7200 hdds and I think you’re going to
start seeing requirements for SSDs because we’re already in certain
open-world games I already have problems with load streaming off of a 7200 our
hard drive I’m trying to think of like most recently I want to say like Rage 2
I was having problems on a hard drive anthem was notorious because at release
the hard drive load times were like three minutes long or something yeah
because there is just not a priority for a lot of developers anymore I think that
we’re gonna get to a point next gen where if you’re running off a hard drive
it’s going to not be enough to run some of these games or you’re gonna have a
very compromised experience where you start seeing the pop in and stuff like
maybe yeah it was greater extent it’s funny where I go all the way back to the
original SSDs on PC when they from the late night well early back then when the
hell was that I guess early 2000s you know and Intel was demonstrating like
look if you run in SSD you actually get higher frame
rates in some games yeah you know but it was like nobody ever took advantage of
that no developers ever because it’s just like yes it just took a long time
for whatever for everybody to get SSDs that it just didn’t matter so but that’s
what I’m saying if the console spec is now SSD based that to me is what pushes
us what about my xbox one X version yeah you know I mean that’s it you’ll get
cross-gen for 200 or three years but I don’t think you’re gonna get that and
consoles you could put SSDs and consoles I mean you know but that’s already a
thing yeah they don’t take advantage of it necessarily once developers start
programming their games with the the assumption that they have an SSD to run
off of I think that you stop seeing 7200 rpm hard drives become yeah oh my god
you know it’s gonna be awesome because the consoles have eight cores now yeah
all the games on PC woeful yeah and hopefully what happened but like we have
seen well I would say we did see when the consoles moved to quad-core parts
quad-core also became the standard on PC they don’t take advantage of those cores
but they have moved to quad-core as the standard I mean I for me it’s more about
like RAM and stuff when you see more RAM put into those consoles the RAM
requirements have gone up on the PC as well I guess but it is sort of I feel
it’s mostly it solves itself on the PC before a different like these consoles
are one of them come out to 2020 yeah holy smokes who doesn’t have an SSD now
I mean totally but as I said like a lot of people are still running 7200 rpm
hard drives because these games are a hundred gigs each oh and and so exactly
I have like chatter saying that same thing like Vignesh she’s like hey you
sometimes you just can’t afford it yeah but like I have I have let me like I
have 12 terabytes of storage in my PC because I review all of our games yes
and I have filled up probably nine terabytes of storage over the years with
just like ah this game I was leaving installed I think that we’re gonna hit a
point where like you need an SSD and yeah a lot of people are gonna have you
know 500 1 1 terabyte SSDs because that’s the
best that they can have and it’s gonna be a lot of Drive Tetris again
yeah well I gotta move this stuff around and make room I’ve I have one in my home
system I have one m2 and then two SSDs yeah and they’re all half at half a
terabyte yeah it’s like so I don’t have one big one that I use yeah and I mean I
definitely when I switched over to that I definitely saw an increase in load
times for Hampshire but I mean not the kind of stuff they’re talking about on
the new consoles that’s what I’m saying they’re kind of leapfrogging
yeah as I said like to me it comes down to if they start programming with the
assumption like hey we have an SSD so now we can count on you know this amount
of data coming through in this amount of time that that hard drive might and as I
said it’s already started like they’re definitely open-world games that
struggle on a hard drive right now to get all of the assets streamed in on
time and yeah it would be nice to everybody hit Isis to use oh yeah
and that’s right that’s what I think we’re going like I think all of the hard
drives I have will be fine for the stuff that our I have installed there but I
don’t think they’re gonna be long-term available here’s a good question from
dead isn’t mad will consoles move on to or to something like the max fusion
drive or do you think it’s purely SSD – I mean obviously we don’t know details
we don’t know but it sounds very much I mean they’re also targeting it so the
end of 2020 is forever away so I’m guessing they’re targeting
penciler both rising base AMD they’re gonna be PCIe for you know most likely
right so they’ll be specialized SD controllers PCIe 4 and a 20 20 I could
see them actually coming with one terabyte SATs yeah rather than you know
then magnetic yeah I know and I could see I could see different skews like
that they’ve already talked about Microsoft’s code names have leaked so
who knows how real this is but scarlet ended up being the actual code name for
the project so I would soon I want to say it was like project anaconda was
their high-end kit and then they had mammoth space on the other name
but I’d like a lower-end box that they’re planning as well because they’re
doing X cloud and all that and so we’ll see what both those boxes end up
shipping as also maybe one of them is just say a hard drive that you’re
streaming off of because you’re only putting saves on there or whatever
mm-hmm uh well and also I have a feeling that that maybe like the X or they might
stay around in some form because you can play old games but you can also do the X
cloud stuff on it so I could see that being a third price entry but dad isn’t
mad also asked earlier what do we want to try to take a stab at price points
with what we know right now actually since Gordon’s really good to get some
prices lately I’m gonna say 500 for the top and on both of them the highest in
fact yeah I think that’s 600 which I think the original Xbox one had a $500
SKU the ps3 had the $600 Xbox one x come out of the 600 now 500 oh five okay ah I
feel like 500 they’ve found is the most they can ask I feel like when the ps3
came out of 600 there was a ton of uproar of course and it’s like I’m such
decade and a half later so like 600 in in two thousand seven dollars or
whatever yeah yeah I I think the 500 ends up being like a fair price for the
highest-end one for the highest-end version and what about if there is a
second lower I assume that’s a $300 350 the normal like hey here’s your here’s
your cheap I mean cuz they’re talking about that is like a streaming ultra
sort of box presumably with no disk drive or anything like that we don’t
know because we haven’t seen anything about that we’ve barely seen X cloud
actually yeah what do you think Gordon you know it’s
this hard work I mean they are involved and it’s really far away they take a
loss on the first couple of years anyway eighteen months away which is forever
away but I would think honestly they’re gonna try to push the elasticity of the
market is what explain it which is they’re gonna charge
more I say they pushed $200 okay both of them will push the if they both agree to
push $600 then what yeah I mean I think that’s
that question is they usually don’t they usually they like to undercut each other
but I mean the insane part is I don’t how in the world who’s gonna buy the
iPhone 10 R XR if they just announced iPhone 11 they’ll come out for a year I
really think I know Adam thanks actually I thought I thought it well of course
it’s gonna hurt sales but it’s like there’s ah
I would I follow some some people on Instagram that I don’t personally know
but somebody just got a head of video unboxing a new Xbox in you’re like oh I
got one thing I mean it’s like dude people are always buying my stuff
there’s not educated people like what’s coming next and some people don’t care
about what schematics I just want something that’s here now
I think the difference this time is as I said earlier in the show we know that
both of these are backwards compatible last generation so ps5 has said they’re
backwards compatible to ps4 and Xbox has gone even further they’ve said they’re
backwards compatible to the original Xbox and who knows what that means I
would assume that it means all of the games that are currently backwards
compatible on Xbox one will be backwards compatible on the next Xbox they’re not
gonna just like fix the rest of the library but the ones they had and
they’ve also said all of the hardware is backwards compatible so if you have a
original Xbox controller sitting around and get a USB adapter for it you can run
it on the next Xbox which is wild as well yeah so they had to say it because
the they announced that elite 2 controller I’m really looking forward to
very extension I still think it’s true well but I mean come on if if we think
of this as just another PC another bump in the the cycle yeah like are they
gonna stop saying graphics card because you know there’ll be a new one a year
and a half from now if they actually announce and talk about specs
hell yeah you know it’s getting depressed sales nah dude come on we
always do this how many times did we argue in this in this very podcast of
people saying oh the 2080 just came out I’m just gonna go buy a tinny adder I’m
talking about people still buy old summer sales there’s a reason nobody
talks about the 20-25 forts in 2019 and I so there’s a couple things here no but
it does say I agree that a little depressed sales to some extent but I
don’t also don’t think Microsoft has much to lose because Microsoft has
already lost to this console hate when gold pixel Ford literally just got
announced and that’s still four months in the making solid and I feel like
doing this I feel like Google kind of forced people’s hands to some extent
like they wanted to get out there with their streaming stuff which then forced
ps4 Sony to come out with their PS 5 stuff because they knew Microsoft was
gonna do this this year I think there’s been a lot of chain reactions going on
being like oh crap we have to get this out yeah well and also guess what all
this stuff gets leaked anyway yeah so I’d like whether it takes leaked Gordon
or whether they come out real but yeah difference between getting on a stage
and talking about look at check out the brand new thing coming out I don’t think
so I don’t think so I I think leaks are gonna happen no matter what I mean I
that’s why Google came out with the the pixel stuff they’re like oh well all right
it’s leaked so we might as well come on and say Adam won by yeah I got one
nobody buys it’s like you know what I know I know nothing and again I think
that like a lot of it ends up being forced hands by competitors yeah like
I’ve heard rumors at the show for instance that Google threw together that
stadia thing in like the last second function because they thought Microsoft
was gonna hit heavy with X cloud at e3 and so Google was like oh we need to
have our own event so they held this event that like basically said nothing
again filmed that that sizzle reel of releases didn’t really I don’t think
make a huge impact on anybody and then Microsoft just didn’t talk about X cloud
at e3 they’re like that they barely mentioned it and so like you that’s like
shadow war stuff right like Microsoft it Google makes an assumption
what they think Microsoft is gonna do Google reacts to that and then Microsoft
just doesn’t follow through on that assumption yeah right and so I think
we’ve seen a lot of that this year I think everybody’s gearing up for next
gen and so we’ve seen as I said Google announced their thing
so then Sony feels like they have to get out in front of Microsoft at e3 because
they know Microsoft’s gonna do it and then because of that we’ll see Sony
react in a couple months and we’ll just play the game for a year and a half I
think as I said Microsoft has the least to lose because they all suspects were
Gordon I’m sorry despite all this they will continue to sell consoles I sure I
ramas they won’t sell as many consoles as they wouldn’t I mean but nobody I
don’t think Microsoft cares as much and that’s the weird thing about Microsoft
at this point is I don’t really know what their tactic is was like really
switching to software because I mean they’ve beefed up their their lineup of
games that they actually develop and publish and also the X cloud stuff if
that runs everywhere then yeah how much do they care where yeah well whether you
have a box and that’s the thing is they they already allow me to run all of
their Xbox games on PC and so like I could tell you right now sitting here on
you know June whatever it is 19th 2019 something uh I’m not buying a next-gen
Xbox yeah I’ll probably end up reviewing it if one comes through here but I’m not
buying one because I have PC that will run I already know he’s gonna run all of
their games and so if you’re watching at home you know PC world faithful I assume
you have a PC I assume most of you are not buying an Xbox either yeah Microsoft
seems totally okay with that which is different than which is awesome
Microsoft five or 10 years ago Microsoft used to be a very console
focused place and I think they still would love for you to buy a console and
play on your couch and they would love for that console being Xbox but like
they’re not locking those games to that platform anymore and so there’s not much
reason for me stay in that eCos and also all the messaging that they’ve had phil
spencer has been out there and you know i don’t know him i’ve actually never met
him but he seems like a genuine dude for the most
and you know the he’s very much coming out saying hey listen you want to spend
$2,000 on your PC awesome go for it oh hey you only have four hundred to spend
in a console cool awesome go for it hey you can only really run stuff in the web
browser cool you know a $5 $10 whatever it is gonna be a month you know we’ve
got so many different ways to get into it that they don’t care they just want
the more options for more people to get into it as long as you stay in their
systems well but that’s the subscription thing right you know yeah and well and
we’ll see like I don’t know how it’ll end up playing out but I think that
Microsoft is much less concerned with selling Scarlett to people than they
were the last time around yeah with the Xbox one they have diversified what
their company is doing yeah or at least what the gaming portion of their company
is doing to an extent that I think is sort of admirable looking from a PC side
and has definitely made me it is put Microsoft in my good graces even if I
don’t think many of their games these past few years have been good and I
don’t know what’s Carla will look like it is at least made me have some
goodwill towards Microsoft that I definitely didn’t have it to be gained
in this generation when Don Patrick’s out there being like if you don’t have
if you’re on a nuclear sub we have a console for you it’s called the Xbox 360
stuff like that that like really bad messaging the Microsoft had at the
beginning the last console generation it’s nice to see them move past that
yeah I guess but I yeah they should I still think they should just stuck with
their guns because the connect was cool yeah and they charge a higher price that
they have a feature they force everybody to have it that means that every single
console has it developers go everybody’s got Kinect I’m gonna add Kinect features
then it turned into well maybe I’ll have these features and maybe not
sure I just don’t think Kinect was the the halide ion yeah my guy that’s the
thing I think this you this time around the SSD stuff seems like a much better
more applicable thing for people to get behind like oh cool no low times
hey everybody understand I guess but I also think like at the same time
who is not going to play game connected to the internet now who once know
totally totally so were they I mean well I but no actually we do have a lot of
shirt listeners that are overseas that can’t get a stable connection or I mean
there’s a this is unfortunate and I think Microsoft was sort of just ahead
of their time on a lot of that stuff anyway like a messaging I said I think
if they announced a console that was you know online only at this point it would
still be problematic well yeah it would be problematic and there would be an
uproar but I think there would be much less of an uproar than there was started
2013 like we I could say now like PC is almost always online at this point
steam is steam has an offline mode but it barely works and games as a service
has become such a thing that like mostly games that you’re gonna run require a
connection at this point anyway and so yeah like I think that nowadays the idea
of oh this console doesn’t work without like here’s the thing I think the
publisher is basically backdoored the always online thing by just making it so
every single game yep was an online game so even the games that you play as a
first / or as a player game are all online games at this point they all have
some component that you lose because you’re not online right i I just I am I
just when I look back to all the all the anger all the shouting at Microsoft for
Kinect increasing prices and online only yes I mean hell they were right right I
mean Kinect yeah I mean it could have been if he had continued yeah it was
fine I just don’t think Kinect was the I think same thing Kinect was ahead of its
time like it basically just turned into Alexa and Google home that was Kinect be
far more powerful focus i Kinect was well yeah I mean definitely some yeah
you had more more sensors on on Kinect yeah I mean it’s still so like this
stuff that people ended up using Kinect for was just Xbox on and like very basic
voice yeah unfortunate because I don’t know like I
I will not go to bat for Kinect yeah in a way in the same way you are like I
think it was a fine piece of hardware that nobody ever really did anything
cool with and yeah and the reason why they never do anything cool is cuz not a
hundred percent of the consoles I mean but for the first year one hundred
percent of the consoles had it and also and also a hundred percent of one
console yeah you know let alone like yeah like you could ya make a ps4 game
that had Kinect functionality in a meaningful way yeah imagine Ubisoft
being like alright well you know we’re gonna make games for all these platforms
oh we’ve got a connect thing over here and the same problem VR has now of just
like you’re either making a game for VR or you’re not and there’s not really a
way to convert between the two you can but it usually ends up bad so yeah I
don’t know let me ask you this though so I I’ve been saying and I said this you
know I’m not gonna name the person cuz you know don’t door nor ears burning but
I think boring I’m just I think it’s kind of boring honestly these next-gen
consoles I mean I I think it’s awesome what AMD is doing with risin and radion
and awesomeness but like PS 5 and whatever it is the Xbox is like yeah so
let me I’ll tell you what’s gonna be in there it’s gonna have Radeon I mean
Rison sure but you know boy that’s you know you were excited before the Xbox
one that I had jaguar core just I’m just surprised by how incredibly boring it is
I mean but they’ve become you know phone or PC releases like I I don’t get
excited when the next gen of laptops comes out either he will still make new
yeah I would be how many I would counter and say that generation means less now
this time like next gen totally means way less you know intelligence being
from 8th gen denied gen yeah I mean look there’s diversity in PC platform good by
an HP you can buy Dell one could be AMD one could be Intel one could be Invidia
one could be Radeon sure right there’s all different things but like these
consoles like that this is the only difference is the operating system it
seems like that’s why I said when we started this like yeah they’re the same
box yeah like so boring like this service side of
it is much different yeah Microsoft has leaned heavily in the services Sony’s
thing is like hey we’ve got this great stable of first gen or first party games
I say you’ll probably get in another God of War you’ll get what are your last of
us whatever Naughty Dog ends up making yeah uh ghosts of Tsushima whatever that
ends up being like there’s exclusives that’s their thing is the prestige game
side of it but yeah I agree I don’t think it’s as cool as you know ps2 ps3
xbox original Xbox 2 360 like I remember seeing the screenshots of Assassin’s
Creed and being like oh wow this is amazing because like they had those
crowds and you could go anywhere you got all these other world stuff and yeah I
don’t think this is nearly as interesting but like I think a lot of
that a we’re on the PC side of things and we’ve seen a lot of this stuff like
incremental these exciting if you go from an xbox one like the year original
2013 model Xbox one to Scarlett whatever Scarlett ends up being it’s gonna be a
huge ship yeah imagine running on a like ok what was i running in 2012 I was
running a 78 50 I was running a sapphire 70 xbox one really from 2012 2013 yeah
and it was equivalent to I think the 7850 so imagine going from a 78 50 last
year to like a 20 70 next year or whatever yeah and like imagine like oh
my god like this is amazing everything and then add an SSD like imagine you
went from having a 5400 rpm hard drive to all of a sudden you have an MDOT to
and you’re like wow this is amazing everything runs so fast
it looks beautiful then they’re already too late though Hayden because a lot of
those people have love for platform for PC would say a lot but there’s
definitely some definitely grown the same way it has at the end of every
console gen for the people who really care about this stuff but like there’s
definitely plenty of people who are just like I play Call of Duty every year I
play it on my original Xbox one that I bought in 2030 I play Madden every
yeah and like those people are the people that are gonna buy a new console
and they’re gonna be like oh my god this is amazing look at how far we’ve come in
seven years I think that we’re just spoiled because we get graphics cards in
we like see how everything is progressing year-over-year and so yeah
when you have like a yearly incremental upgrade and then you have another one of
those I don’t think that’s very exciting for us to me that’s why again like it
not to harp on this I think the SSD stuff is interesting because of the way
it could pan out and affect what PC yeah because the rest of it like whatever I
don’t think any of the stuff that’s you know if this is a 20 60 equivalent or
whatever well I don’t know what it will end up being but 20 60 equivalent
console like yeah that’s not gonna impress me I have it I have a 1080i at
home it’s a beautiful card everything looks great but yeah if you end up oh
cool nothing has low times anymore and I’m playing on PC and like suddenly
nothing as low times on SSD not even like the you know 2 second load times we
have now just like there’s no low times ever yeah that stuff ends up being
really cool SSDs we recognize have been on pcs for years totally even large SSDs
most I would I would I would gather to say you know 99% of tone higher end PC
game machines have been running SSDs probably a hundred percent but like the
console scale is so much bigger than the scale of those SSDs on PC this is like
the same thing I mean I’m not I’m gonna i’ve run android right and everybody I
think in this room runs Android yeah of course they not other option but Apple
when they come out and say hey we’re supporting a thing on the iPhone like
taking everybody on Android is like taking with a headphone check or adding
stuff usually like if when Apple is like hey we’re adding wireless charging and
Android people are like we’ve had this for five years but then as soon as Apple
says we’re doing a thing suddenly there’s a million peripherals out there
that support it there’s a million you know services on the App Store that
support it and so that’s the thing is I I agree we’ve had SSDs on a PC first
so many years I’ve been running an SSD as my main OS drive since like 2013 or
something but there’s never been there are not a lot of games that are like
built for an SSD on the PC spec that is not the spec that most developers are
interesting I wonder if that’s because developers are like well we don’t need
to put time into making sure this all streams correctly on the PC cuz we’re
worried about our console version yeah those are all on hard drives and that’s
what I mean well a lot of people on the PC still are on their drive so I’m
saying like I’m not saying that it’s gonna be I’m not saying that the fact
that consoles have SSDs is like a life-changing thing because oh wow this
amazing tech that the consoles just discovered it’s more a net boon for the
PC crowd because the last thing in class has finally gotten across the finish
line so now we can move on tell us that what the and that’s why it’s a little
different than you know oh my god there’s gonna be awesome because now
consoles like entire group back is across now we can move on sure but that
but that is the reason like the fact that consoles have SSDs is the reason
that we can then move those goalposts forward again how about maybe the last
one at the back of the line and you know it’s okay to be last but maybe try to be
not last all the time sure like that’s a it’s just a I mean that’s a side effect
of how the console release cycle works available at least every seven years
like sure they’re gonna be last yeah they’re it’s if the Xbox one base spec
is a $500 PC by 2012 standards so like yeah it’s it’s a while to get to the
next also uh Timothy and our YouTube chat says as a programmer the way you
program against in a hard drive versus an nvme SSD is rather huge no seek times
ten to ten times the man with can change the entire way a game is loaded yeah and
that’s what I mean I I agree the fact that consoles have SSDs is like a Wow
finally factor but the way that it affects the PC is actually a fairly
major in far as now our min spec is oh they have
SSDs and we can finally program for that and so I think it’ll actually that’s
like the thing that will be cool to me is seeing that get pushed forward in a
way that like when the cons will say wow we have ray-tracing like I could care
less about whatever the graphics capabilities of the next Xbox are
because I know that my PC is still gonna be better than those consoles yeah
but the SSD stuff all that like oh cool we’re actually gonna see people take
advantage of this hardware I’ve had yeah in a way that’s not just oh the low
times that you already had will be shorter because that’s what it’s been
for the last like 10 years now you know I was playing vampire which is a 15 year
old game and every time you go through a door in that game you still have a load
screen and it’s like yeah the load screen moves a lot faster than in 2004
but like it’s still there and like in fact we have a load screen at all it’s
like oh what the hell are you doing like this should not be here yeah I mean and
and and the thing is it’s just drive access is not the only thing holding it
back totally sits you’re decompressing textures you’re all the assets and all
that stuff is loading in the rain but they never worry about really sort of
officially managing that for a faster core storage space i but yeah that’s
because again it’s like the scale thing and the pcs have a double problem on a
scale thing Kade and then pcs the last one okay this is the height where is
console consoles balancers then I got 5400 rpm hard drive well Gordon
I don’t know by usual big difference I’m excited for it but moving on are you are
you excited sighs wrote here waiting for console to
get across the line with SSD you’re here finally we can go now well I’m if
talking about something in the future like we’re looking towards future tech
things that aren’t really available you know widely right now we’re talking
about exciting things like game stream oh yeah pointed out last person crossing
the finish line now we can now we can set it down well hey you know NVIDIA has
been here with chief force now this new you know it’s been available on actually
Sony has a streaming thing for a couple University about it this is gonna be you
want exciting future tech imagine a multiplayer game that it’s running on a
server and isn’t just capped by a hundred people it’s a thousand yes
sounds interesting do you think it’ll actually happen Adam
I don’t but it’s exciting future tech Gordon you’re always excited about
future tech right this is you know this is something that there wasn’t possible
like why would somebody hold back this ray-tracing technology you know like
just for a hundred eight hundred dollars you know like you should be investing in
the future this is the future goal so you’re saying games your game streaming
speech is here I let me ask you to is game streaming gonna kill is it gonna
kill console is gonna kill PC which is standalone gaming clients I think it
would kill a console before PC because consoles aimed at a affordable
crowd and the PC is not I think we I think that mean from the the streaming
stuff so far is the pricing model just doesn’t make any sense to me
no it doesn’t sound good so wait so when Google was like when we so we saw them
at GDC right when they announced all this stuff and when they said first like
it they started having rumors float around about subscription services $10
month subscription service which they have it’s called stadia Pro or whatever
mm-hm I thought that made sense because Google
has a history of shutting down services no really oh and when you’re comparing
like 10 bucks a month if they decide to shut this down in two years right you’re
not out anything like hey you yeah you lose the the $10 a month that you paid
for that subscription but like description goes away okay like I lost
my subscription it was the same one on live shutdown
I lost my online account it was fine then they started talking about last
week during their before e3 that the pro service will get you like a certain
amount for the subscription but then you’ll
also be able to buy games through stadia and presumably those games are locked
into their ecosystem like they’re not giving you steam keys or epics keys or
whatever to go along with this so there’s locked in Google’s ecosystem
so you could buy you know pay $60 for Assassin’s Creed running on stadia place
a screed streaming and then if Google just decides to shut down stadia in two
years but never you know whatever you bought is just gone
at that point like they don’t have an exit strategy for me to like get my
Assassin’s Creed purchase out of there you can’t download it because that’s not
what their service is about so you’re not gonna be able to like you know hey
we’re shutting down stadia and you can download all your games before we shut
down but then we’re gone like no you can’t do that because they’re not a
download service mm-hmm and that was where I kind of stopped being interested
in stadia I think when they sold you though for wood yeah which she started
talking about buying games that’s where I started to get very like oh I’m not
sure about you yeah which why I think GeForce now is
better because you’re at least buying still through the services the the the
steams the Epic Games does you know so it’s still yours whether you play it
normally or through GeForce now and that’s what I’m like I’m curious about
Microsoft and X cloud which again they barely talked about at the show I played
some X cloud stuff actually I played Gears of War on the phone
it ran about what you would expect for a streaming service over a 4G network
which is say not great there was at least like a half second lag I want to
say what yeah I found latency awesome I’m terrible maybe with 5g that gets you
know improved if 5g ever rolls out but I found it untenable I would not want to
play games that way or at least I would not want to play a shooter that way well
I do maternal so like again they weren’t plugged in at the cause we were playing
off phones so like maybe stadia and like maybe X cloud on a PC when you had
an Ethernet cable plugged in and I gave you a big connection like maybe that’s
better but like at least on a phone it felt bad but yeah I’m at least more
interested in what Microsoft has to say because presumably those will be games
that you are buying through Microsoft and so like oh if I have you know if I
bought a console the Xbox version of I don’t know Gears of War 6 or Halo
infinite or whatever presumably I get the X cloud version of that maybe with
an added subscription fee but like presumably get that included and so then
you have a disc version of that game for if Microsoft says oh X clouds not
working out we’re gonna shut this down Google I just they don’t have a backup
like once that shuts down you have nothing you’ve lost you’re assuming
it’ll shut down but there’s that risk totally right yeah well that’s the thing
like Google has not done enough to dissuade me from that risk do you know
what I mean no I agree and you know like Microsoft I know will be around for a
while in space selling you a key to the game that you can probably play on your
PC er yes like for stream Microsoft is not shutting down their Xbox Department
in the next three years I don’t think and then if they did they would at least
be able to say hey you have halo infinite still for PC you can just
download it and play it that way like we’re getting rid of the Windows 10
store or whatever like they’re not doing this but suppose they said well they’re
stepping away from ewp yes beause I said we’re shutting down all of it they would
at least say hey you can download all of your purchases before we shut down
Google has no like out like if decides to shut down stadia there’s nothing for
you to do your purchases are presumably just gone because you have no way of
running them you can’t download them you can’t like have your own server you spin
up would you say that Google is disadvantaged against Microsoft and Sony
and Nintendo because they don’t have exclusives right each Xbox Playstation
Nintendo they have exclusive titles that bind you to their service Google doesn’t
yeah yeah Google is trying so they’ve Google’s built out a first party studio
or actually a couple of studios in turn it was like it was things she’d enough
Jade Raymond yet was the on stage at GDC so she was out there saying we’re
putting games out who knows whether anything actually happens cuz Amazon
said they were putting out games six years ago and they still have yet to
release a game and actually just laid off like I think 80 people last week or
something I saw that how do you get to like I mean cuz there are really like
hey I get it halo Xbox thing PlayStation has its thing everybody has their thing
it’s really hard to make this one thing that everybody wants to run to your
platform totally but they and I mean they’ll end up doing it I assume the
same way that epic has done it just with the epic game store which isn’t even you
know they didn’t even build a new platform it’s just a PC storefront but
they have paid you know okay we want six months exclusivity on your game we want
a year exclusivity on your game and we don’t really know how those contracts
are structured it seems like maybe they’re just you can’t release on Steam
contracts because like Metro Exodus is a epic game store exclusive except during
e3 they announced they’re gonna be on Windows Store whenever game paths for PC
oh really mm-hmm and so presumably epic allowed them to
do that which makes it seem like it’s just anti steam at that point mm-hmm but
yeah like presumably Google if they feel like they need games can afford to buy
games that I mean they already had reveals like that was the baldur’s gate
3 reveal was at stadia and I can’t remember there was something else is it
exclusive yes any stuff that destiny oh yeah no not exclusive but they they’ve
already they’re forming those connections that you could see them
going out and being like hey we want six months of exclusivity on this like
Ubisoft showed up in a big way at the stadia presentation I bet there’s a
Google exclusive Ubisoft game in the next year too Hurley’s to skin or
something yeah I think that Google can afford it for sure
like if epic afford it and Google can definitely afford it it’s more a
question of whether anybody will actually be swayed by it yeah like the
epic game store I don’t mind that exclusivity because again it functions
like Steam I mean with some major caveats but in general
it’s a platform that I understand it’s I go and I download my games and I play
them stadia I just feel very skeptical about the entire idea of it it’s just
the the idea of having these games locked to a service that Google controls
and then not really understanding how Google will let me out of that ecosystem
if that time comes I wouldn’t even make sense
from a money point of view because one you know do you first experience g-force
now I can’t remember what they call it it’s actually pretty cool service it
works you know decently well it’s been out for a couple years yeah if not three
but they’ve never ever sort of released it with a price because it’s like well
they did and then everyone pushed back and was like whoa yeah Bryson they’re
like nevermind because I mean it’s not like you have one server managing email
for you know 800,000 people it’s like a rack of servers consuming a ton of power
yes so like 10 people can play a game I’m not sure like if you actually pay
for stadia and you played your games for 80 hours
they’ve lost probably $10 just in electricity just and running that I
don’t understand how it makes his financials yes I don’t I don’t know and
I don’t know like again we brought this up earlier I don’t know why it makes
sense for devs like if this is tied to subscription service type stuff like I
don’t think that makes much sense for developers because they’re getting paid
less than they would otherwise there’s a lot of stuff that I’m skeptical of which
sucks because I think the underlying tech is very interested the original
Witcher on a Macbook back in was in gradient college and yeah it was not a
great experience but it was good for certain types of games like you could
play sieve or whatever on OnLive or the holly and not have a problem because the
latency didn’t matter very much into those are very early technology so I
mean they’ve did the compression that was young it was not great wait wait but
if it was your only option like it worked fine it was not your best option
for sure but there were certain games or PC
exclusives and I didn’t have a PC in college that we’re like oh I’m gonna
play this on my macbook through the power of the internet and it worked
great but like I so like I see the tech being really cool and I think for the
$10 month thing for stadia it seems interesting and then they’ve also talked
about like you can play certain games for free on stadia that sounds really
cool too is like a demo I’m just skeptical as soon as they say hey you’re
gonna pay full price for games on this thing that to me seems like a really
like a trap like this oh no I’m never gonna do that yeah I’ll give them the
$10 month subscription cuz yeah whatever 10 bucks a month I pay that for 8
subscriptions or whatever already so who cares it just seems like it’s it’s it’s
a very uphill battle at this point especially where we are especially on PC
because high high refresh rate extremely low latency then we have with gaming pcs
totally consoles are actually getting there too so but it’s the same thing
like well no but it’s the same thing like I think that we are spoiled because
we all have nice gaming PC’s we have consoles all that I think this is very
much more geared towards people who like I would check out this game but I don’t
have a thing to play it on and then being able to be like oh well you just
play it on your phone like all you need is a controller or oh you can play it on
your TV because all my TV’s come with chromecast builds in at this point stuff
like that like puts it right out in front of like my parents my parents are
not gonna buy a console then when they play fortnight or do they’re not gonna
buy a console like 40 note on their phone but like my mom has always been
very interested in games it’s just not a thing that she wants to put out down 400
dollars up front so I get into do you know what I mean some parents might be
badasses and so firfer yeah totally no but I’m talking about my parents they
are not gonna buy a console and but like they might be able if I was like mom why
don’t you put 10 bucks in and you can just play like let’s just give it a shot
and gonna be complimentary to the PC totally cuz I mean you play game on
stadia you’re like wow this is kind of cool I wish I had a better experience oh
well just yeah but I said all gaming PC and I think the main problem again is
like for me like Google’s ecosystem being its
own ecosystem which is why I’m more interested in Microsoft because with
Microsoft presumably how this will work and again we don’t know details on X
cloud presumably though you’ll be able to like play on PC I could play Halo
infinite on PC right next year and then I want to like go play in my living room
I’ve got my xbox there I’ll play it on the Xbox for a bit and then it’s like
I’m I’m gonna be out and about for the rest of the day what if I could just
play my same halo infinite save my same character all that stuff on my phone and
just take that with me and that to me is like the real promise of this stuff is
like those circumstances where you don’t have your main so like for me I think
that this could kill for instance gaming laptops not kill but put a dent in
gaming laptops because like if I don’t need to especially like high-end gaming
laptops like I right now I’m running a 1080 in my laptop or whatever it’s heavy
it generates a ton of heat and it still will be obsolete in about a year or two
because that’s the way that gaming laptops Uruk and they’re incredibly
expensive so it’s like you know you’re paying twenty five hundred for a top
tier not even a top tier for like a high tiers on the laptop you know at least a
thousand for like a baseline gaming laptop which will run games for about a
year and a half you know for good graphics and then you’re just
diminishing returns I think that stadia and stuff like that would be great for
people like me who travel a lot who are like I wanted you to be able to bring
like a low-end laptop and then play my games on it and see how it goes yeah and
I I disagree that because I I think the vast majority of people buying gaming
laptops it’s their primary gaming device so but yeah those people who actually
travel with a gaming laptop I think this could kill that because it is just a
much simpler experience and a less costly experience over time I guess
those gaming laptops are so expensive and the upgrade ability is so poor
the people who if you’re into even thinking about buying a $1,500 gaming
laptop not gonna settle for this lossy compression yeah possibly highly I would
like I feel like I am the target market and like I absolutely would if it meant
not having to carry a 15 pound laughter you know and here’s the thing that I
think all of this all of the streaming stuff we’re thinking of it like killing
one thing you’re killing another I actually think most of the people
signing up for this stuff especially early on this is this is not gonna be
their primary way to play totally like GeForce now like as much as I use it and
I actually do like it I still have I still have my gaming rig you know so
it’s like I think everyone always has their their first place that they will
go to play games yeah wherever it is and then you start to get extras like for me
I love having a PC and then I love having the Nintendo switch you know like
that like the switch isn’t my primary thing but it’s an it’s a nice second
option so I think all these streaming services you’re still gonna have your
primary piece of hardware that you own in your house or whatever and then this
is gonna be a secondary thing so when you’re traveling or when you’re just
lazy and want to lay in bed like I actually don’t think any of this is
gonna kill any of that I think this is just saying hey most of the people who
sign up for this are this is gonna be their second option yeah well that’s why
I say like gaming laptops to me are the most at risk because like I’m gonna keep
my desktop and I might keep a console hooked up to my my TV but like for
travel and stuff like that I definitely am like it’s much easier for me the
other ones like bringing my phone like oh cool I could just play Halo on my
phone in you know wherever I’m at if I like LA last week I had to bring a whole
laptop down there like do game stuff and it was like oh yeah let’s play scratches
your spot Hayden that’s enough to fulfill your gaming need there’s just a
play playing yeah for a week or like a couple days like I travel enough they
like yeah absolutely well it’s either that or bringing your
whole gaming rig from home like that sense like I don’t know just don’t play
yeah I mean so it’s sort of like I have like a certain kind of quality quality
effects I’m not gonna go for that I just I just don’t well but you don’t know how
good it’s gonna be yet there’s a thing like if it I can tell you it won’t be as
good as lotro right totally spa-like don’t worry generator pings I’ve been
making a joke about this locally generated pixels are always better than
a pixel shipped to you from 500 miles of course of course but how that is gonna
be your special is how bad is it going to be sustainably locally farm pixels
way better better quality lower latency I think way better than I think Gordon
is just a Luddite against the new consoles he’s against streaming he just
hated it all yeah well he loves rate racing because it’s the future but he
hates streaming because it’s the feature I I think it’s we can get it I don’t
want to get on the raters any but I just do I just think that I like high
resolution non-compressed totaling I mean people like look at the look at the
full freakout over like oh my god DL SS makes a little bit a little a little
blurrier when I freeze each frame and look at each one worse calm totally and
I crowd going to know they’re not gonna go to it that’s like nobody’s gonna give
up their thing you know I was like nobody’s gonna give it up what do you
give up for it and you know how it comes to air every time of year saying well
you know what let’s look at the bill what don’t use well use Netflix you know
what maybe I’ll toss you overboard well no but that’s a stadia thing but that’s
the thing like I really that’s the thing is I think what it’s a supplemental
thing and that’s why I said again like I think X cloud is the one that is worth
watching because if you were just like hey I’m just playing the same game I was
playing on my PC but now I’m like over at a friend’s house and I’ve got 10
minutes to kill and I can play like couple Civ turns or whatever yeah maybe
you get that to me is Xbox and you’re gonna get it for PC and all of them at
one is that and that’s the thing like that to me is the use case like I don’t
care the stadia stuff I don’t think is the way forward and it’s just because of
like Google’s ecosystem and the way that they are pitching it and then the way
that it’s priced but I think that Microsoft doing the same thing could be
very interesting because they have hands in the PC in consoles
and then this allows them to get onto phones on the on two tablets the stuff
that you might want to take with you if I was like hey I’m gonna like be over at
my friend’s house for an afternoon I’m not gonna haul like it’s not that it’s
not the 90s I’m not gonna haul my entire PC over I’m not gonna haul my console
with me but I might bring like my phone with me cuz I have my phone number where
gaming laptop that’s your primary gaming device you bring over yeah
but like if that was a if I could replace buying a $1500 gaming laptop
every two years with I’m just gonna like play on my phone and it was your gaming
laptop for to hit I know when it’s a tax write-off to you do Photoshop you’re
doing all these other things yeah but most people that’s on your own indie
game so yeah we’ll see I don’t know I don’t care how it’ll shake out I’m very
skeptical of Google for but yeah GeForce now and X cloud if it works that way I
hope it ends up doing some cool stuff and I feel like when you go over to
somebody’s house and they’re like they got they’re busting out and they’re
playing you know you got like mini land party you’re like check this out I’m
playing this on my phone yeah like what if everybody was playing on your phone
do you really think that’s ever gonna work I don’t think so I think Adam will
be playing on his phone and I just feel like I already do play on my phone you
know when you’re when you’re at one of those kind of like ad-hoc land parties
you’re like no I think I think what I’ve seen twelve people just stand there with
your hands behind your back look in the pupil playing have you seen all the
platform according to how many people played pokemon go on if that’s playing
phone against phone yeah I think you’re gonna end up with just everybody playing
on their phone no there we go yeah that’s the future you want that’s your
land party whatever whatever we’ll see you when we get there anything yeah also
guess what you know you sign up for stadia and it’s running
you’ve got ray-tracing you got you know high-end specs in the cloud you know the
funny thing about that too is when you’re playing it on your phone you’re
you’re using it as a client its client focused you’re generating it’s locally
sustainably organic we’re running out of time here so I’m sorry we’re not gonna
get too questions again this week so maybe next
week if it’s a lighter we good arguments yeah maybe if it’s a lighter week next
week we’ll do like an all questions episode or something sorry I know
they’ve been piling up in discord we will get to them but Gordon we got to
get out like what next week for your fix the PC talking the full nerd for audio
listener subscribe to us on itunes google play and citrus in questions and
comments to the full nerd at pc Worldcom every time you do someone stops playing
game streaming thanks for coming I’m Gor done with painting man hey and Adam
Patrick Murray will hit the streaming stop button yeah weird it’s almost like
people like to stream some stuff you know maybe they’ll stream a game local
yeah let’s try it let’s try it later go streaming games bye

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  1. I disagree with the 30fps argument with next gen consoles. The reason why this gen majority of games runned at 30 was becouse jaguar cpu bottleneck. So by pushing visuals the bottleneck was more on the gpu which was much more powerfull. Thus we get better visuals at 30fps. Next gen however will have Zen2 cpu so there is no reason for 30fps. Sure there will be still same games at 30 but unlike this gen they will be in the minority.

  2. I can see game streaming being big with families/kids if you can game on a smart TV with a controller or just give a tablet to a kid to shut them up on a car trip and it ends up like Netflix with a flat cost of 15 month with some/most games parents will buy it so fast. (even just the big free to plays will do it)
    no kids asking you to buy games each week there just there and they can play on the bus to school.

    it may not work day one/ year one but I think the fight will be over IP and getting a large base to grow (that beta test it).

  3. There's quite a lot of xbox one x games that play native 4k at 30fps… If Scarlet is around 4 times faster than the X then we can expect 4k 60fps (but likely at lower settings then PC). It's 8k capable because its HDMI 2.1 which will make it a great box for streaming when 8k TVs become the norm in coming years. PC will always be better…. but when these consoles come out you will not be able to build a faster PC for the same price of 500-600 bucks.

  4. When tariffs kick in all you will be able to play is streamed games. I wonder if Renesas and other fringe suppliers will come out of the woodwork.

  5. Gordon obviously dont understand the point of consoles and importance of next gen. Going from 5400 hdd to ssd, from jaguar to Zen2 cpu, from 7870 to something like 1080, not only is that huge but it will benefit PC as well. Also if you look at games like GoW or Spiderman you wonder how its even possible on 7870 and jaguar cores at 1,6 GHz. Now imagine what the devs can do with this new specs.

  6. The only thing I like about all this streaming talk is the focus it turns to the corrupt ISPs and their bs data caps.

  7. As much as it might sound like heresy, consoles are now leading the development of desktop hardware, and this generation of consoles is coming on the market right around the same time everybody is about to introduce new radically new hardware. Intel is the 800lb gorilla with all of the most closely guarded secrets, and until they tip their hand next year after the consoles come on the market, this rabbit hole is only going to steadily prove to get deeper. More expensive too.

  8. Gordon, im from south america and here an ssd (and all electronics) cost the double that they cost in the US because import taxes. If you dont want to pay that amount of money you need to be lucky and have a familiar or friend, that can brings you one from the US. Is not so easy.

  9. Xbox has upgraded many games for the XBOX ONE X without charging for the "4k" packs. However someone did ask Phil Spenser about that in a E3 interview and his answer did not seem to be a final answer. He responded by saying XBOX has given these graphics updates for free for the Xbox One X so he would assume that is how they will proceed from this gen to next gen. He also ended his answer by saying we will have to look into that more. Soooo I guess we will need to wait and see.
    My impression after playing on XBOX ONE X with the graphics improvements with no extra charge would just be the same for next gen. I still play the PLAY ANYWHERE titles on my PC over the XBOX ONE X though because its a better experience.

  10. Cyberpunk #7? That is my most anticipated along Bloodlines. Outer Worlds looks like just another kill murder act stupid game. That's kind of brainless. It has its place but not top ten in my book.

  11. It could be that they might go with a higher price on consoles because of the backward compatibility giving new buyers more value up front especially if you can use your old console hardware too. $600 seems right especially with PCIe4 and SSD internal.

  12. I quote Gordon in response to the developers launching the game early before the launch of the next gen and then relaunching it: "wow". Such a waste of money for the gamers, wait until you have the next gen console and only buy the game-play-license (after all, you don't even buy the game) then!

    I like it as much as anyone that Keanu Reeves is in Cyberpunk but that is nothing new. Look at GTA San Andreas (Samual L Jackson, that guy who played a Hobbit in LotR and a character in Lost, a prominent tv-show actor…) and Mass Effect (Martin Sheen, Seth Green, Yvonne Strahovsky and Adam Baldwin (Chuck)…). Still, it is cool that they can still hire A-list actors to voice characters in games, as long as those actors are suitable for it.

  13. $120 is the cost of 2 games? In what universe? Most gamers 'buy' most games when there is a discount, I pay on average anywhere in between $4 and $15. Like Tomb Raider (2013) for €4.99
    The most expensive game which I 'bought' was around €30. For single player games I wait a few years, I run behind with my games library because my hardware is older. Once I upgraded my CPU and graphics card I will buy Rise of the Tomb Raider, Doom and The Whitcher 3 as soon as it is discounted.
    Nevertheless $120 per year is not a horrible deal for a game pass. If you can take it for just 1 or 2 months I could see myself buy it during some holiday, try out a lot of different games, discover new games and then maybe buy a license to play those games for an unlimited time or at least until some company goes bankrupt and the DRM blocks continueing playing it in which case I might play around with a virtual machine and use a crack in that sandbox.

  14. i had a tree fall during a storm and take out my internet for a week.i couldnt play shit and it really sunk in.

  15. There are tons of 40-50 year olds that might have played PC games in their 20s-30s and now would like to play new games, but don't want to spend the money, time or effort to setup a gaming PC or buy a console. Stadia would be perfect for that group. The market can be huge. The possible market is being hugely underestimated. I used to play first person shooting games but haven't in 15 years. I would love to be able to immediately play a game on my Chromecast TV at home for a couple of hours. I love the low cost, implied flexibility and ease of Stadia especially for slightly older folks.

  16. Im gonna call it… write this down on your rice paper!
    I think it will be 1440 60fps – 4k 30fps for next gen XBOX / PS
    I play on my PC at 1440 and it is still a huge upgrade to 1080
    XBOX Lockheart $350/400 – PS5 $450 – XBOX Anaconda $550/600
    I play on PC and console because sometimes im OK to sit at my PC to game and sometimes i Just want to relax on the couch. I will continue to game on both PC and Console lika many do. I will buy the Anaconda and I will upgrade my PC as well next year. AMD actually caught my interest this time around for my next CPU and GPU

  17. I am looking forward to Vampire Bloodlines 2. I am not sure of the rights and all that but I think it would have been a better idea for them to we make the original one and get a good feel for it and then while people are buying and playing that they could work on the second one and make sure it's very good. Obviously it's too late for that now but that's what I would have decided to do if I was a developer and wanted to make a Bloodlines game.

  18. On the topic of PC's vs consoles. Consoles have held back the PC for gaming. A few well known examples:
    – Deus Ex Human Revolution, play this game with the commentary from the developers and you will hear them explain all the time how they were held back by the tiny amount of RAM (512 GB out of my head) on that generation (PS3 and X360) of consoles. For example, they had to cut most of Shenzhen for that reason. That part where you are being scanned for viruses, it is a loading camouflage scene. They also used much lower quality graphics settings for the cutscenes than during the gameplay.

    – Mass Effect with that elevator scene which you couldn't skip which was a loadin camouflage scene. Yes, there were some interesting conversations but those lasted 10% of the waiting time and for the PC that waiting time could have been cut to 0 seconds. By the way, ME1-3 also does not use more than 1 core and 512 MB RAM and you see that in the levels, they could have made it a lot more complex if they would have used 4 GB or 8 GB of RAM

    – the fact that we still don't have games using 8 cores is the result of consoles having weak CPU's.

    – <1080p textures in games like GTAV and Crysis2, not to mention how Crysis2 (and Watch Dogs) was scaled back graphically because of the consoles.

     I agree, even though consoles suck it is great that even consoles finally get 8 proper CPU-cores, up to date graphics cards and a SSD. Games are unfortunately still mostly being developed for the console market, the consoles have the weakest hardware most of the time (simply because consoles are only replaced after 6-8 years, and in the case of the PS4 and X1 the hardware was already mid-end at best when it launched) so that is what you need to adapt the software for.

  19. What's wrong with booth babes? And @5:31 – Check dude trying to tell people what they should do. If people are down to be booth babes, then let them do it. Why you trying to take bread out of people's pockets. These SF tech types be trippin' sometimes.

  20. this guy sounds stupid a pc fanboy. these guys never do any research especially when it comes to consoles

  21. I expect at least a 60fps option, the jump in CPU performance is pretty huge although I expect them to go crazy with NCPs/Ai instead🤣

  22. Microsoft confirmed xbox scarlett will be almost twice the speed of a 2080ti @24tflop, PC gaming is dead.

  23. Everyone will note Matrix move and Neo when talking about Keanu Reves, but talking about CyberPunk I would picture him from Johnny Mnemonic movie.

  24. Big publisher subscriptions are BS. The yearly Humble Bundle subscription is just over $100 a year and you keep the games if you end the sub. They have also included both new Tomb Raider games

  25. Next gen consoles are going to have games running at native 4k 60 fps and demanding games at upscaled 4k at 60fps. That’s my prediction.

  26. Backwards compatibility isn’t forward compatible there will be games for the new console platforms that are exclusive to its hardware configuration if not then the knew consoles will be super lackluster

  27. there is nothing can beat pc because next gen consoles will use an apu only an apu is very weak compare to deficated cpu and gpu pc is always use dedicated cpu ans gpu thats why pc is the ultimate gaming platform

  28. CPU is a huge bottleneck on the current consoles, and major reason for why you don't see many 60 FPS titles. It affects load times too, and you won't get the most out of an SSD if you connect it by USB3.

  29. 2tb ssds need to come down in price for all to afford. I have a couple 1tb drives but they fill fast.

  30. “I don’t need caffeine, I just run off my anger”-Gordon 😂 quote of the year! Edit: it’s also a travesty that Jedi: Fallen Order wasn’t on the PC Games list.

  31. Why Gordon doesn’t understand that most game sales are on consoles and that companies like nixxies are hired to port the console game code to the PC. Most games are not developed FOR the PC for at least the past decade. Also as someone who has a 2080ti equipped PC and all 3 consoles, I consider myself a gamer, not a console guy or #PCMR.

  32. Gaming to me is so dead. Just repeating games that have already been played out. I don’t care about hd then hd+ and selling extra crap that doesn’t matter. It’s just a greedy ass industry now and call of duty part 900 just bleh.

  33. I'm with your guest as far as Google is concerned. Google is constantly shutting different services down, remember Allo? Hangouts? Google+? Stadia could go the same way at anytime.

  34. if stadia works there will be no need to build a $1500 pc to play the same games that are on stadia for a low monthly fee of $12 a month game streaming will kill pc far as the consoles go is about the games and xbox cant compete with sony.exclusives will always matter and sony is the kings of AAA exclusives.

    game streaming will replace pc hardware since pc gaming relies on the internet.

  35. Now I just need a reboot of Hexen and Heretic,

    For the SSDs they can say what they want but they are probably using the new PCIe standard, so it has double the bandwidth, with proper programming I have no doubt they can eliminate them(LTs) especially since they won't be able to run some the highest texture packs as the GPU just won't be strong enough looking at the AMDs newest announcements for GPUs was staggeringly disappointing the Wattage/TDP versus performance level and the price are to high for the little they are offering in the midrange, whats disturbing is that NVidia will just price cut and release "Super" until they get their 7nm EUV/UVL Samsung product line rolling out probably 1st or second quarter 2020, NVidia has a clear advantage in Arch. design still given that the R7 seen a 25-30% increase in power on a bad Vega Arch. I am pretty sure we might be looking at Maxwell->Pascal increases or just shy of if they revise the arch a bit.

    PC has an advantage with Ray Tracing(Consoles will say they are compatible but the major question is will it be playable) for now there obviously is developer interest in using it, the main issue is I don't think we will see any real gains for it until PCIe 5.0 gen where due to the increased bandwidth we could see Intel and NVidia using CXL and NVLink through the PCIe bus to create a solution that works without anything beyond API support as its only achievable through a lot of low latency overhead to cut down on Frame Times and some of the issue that required constant driver tweaks for it to work properly and have better scaling with multi GPU solutions.

    Streaming for gaming isn't viable……..not because of Google but because of last mile service, just because someone pays for 200Mbps service doesn't mean it will be low latency to the point you can have a playable experience without input Lag. Keep in mind you have people Like Ajit Pai with fast lanes and a disturbing lack of realistic proof or data concluding his assumptions and dictational policies despite what the mass public and host business ecosystems want.

    Sad part about the Kinect is that it isn't being used…with the VR boom the Kinect would have really been a great all around tracking method, but you know screw it Why use a perfectly good tracking method and just shelve it so no one else can use it……………PC was the best use case for Kinect and they screwed that up.

    I think the whole excuse PC is 2 expensive is just garbage over half the people saying that "buy" an iPhone, Ipad, MacBook and lease vehicles they realistically can't afford, piss away a couple hundred every week at a bar or club, pay thousands for season tickets….and buy a 65inch $2k TV because they actually need that to watch sports on, and complain later they can't afford a PC…….

  36. I might buy the next Gen console, I haven't decided yet. Because, I still have the original Xbox and Xbox One S, I even still play on my first PC I built 4 years ago and the the new one I built back in January. I might build a low budget PC just for hell of it on my desk the other two are hookup to my TV.

  37. Consoles are coming. They are easy convenient and optimised. I have a PC and a ps4. Ps4 is less effort after a day at work. So the ps4 sees more action. .. awesome show as ever

  38. The episode with the keyboards was great, you guys should try something similar again, maybe with headphones or mice. Great show as always!

  39. How will some of those games run on the old jaguar cores of the old consoles? Especially Cyberpunk, which looks like it would need a pretty mordern CPU (because of all the characters and view distance).

  40. You didn't bring up Ubisoft's subscription program. Seems to be a great deal if ALL their games are available unlike Origin which picks and chooses games.

  41. Conversation @1:09 new console price point. You guys say Max is $500

     I say $750 with new type controller High tier. Both companies take loss.
    Mid tier will be $499 break even w controller and $489 streaming only no controler lower end subscription needed break even.

    What do you all think?

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