The Patriot (3/8) Movie CLIP – Before This War is Over (2000) HD
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The Patriot (3/8) Movie CLIP – Before This War is Over (2000) HD

August 12, 2019

Release the prisoners! -General, what is this?
-Prisoner exchange. -He has 18 of our officers.
-Who is he? I recognize him. He’s the commander of the militia. Your ghost. Stay that sword, colonel! He rode in under a white flag for formal parley. This is madness. If you harm him, you condemn our officers. With respect, sir, he’s killed as many officers
in the last two months. He has shown no aggression here. Hence he cannot be touched. Has he not? You! So you’re the ghost, are you? I rememeber you! On that farm! That stupid little boy! Did he die? You know… …it’s an ugly business, doing one’s duty. But just occasionally… …it’s a real pleasure. Before this war is over, I’m going to kill you. Why wait? Soon.

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  1. This film clip was a metaphor for the "struggle" between the Leftist/Anarchist and the Conservative Patriot. Mel Gibson's character is the embodiment of the Conservative.

  2. I want to thank you for all the blessings you have brought me. You have shown me the way so many times in the past and… now you are making all my dreams come true. You give me strength when there is doubt, and I praise you for all you have done.  Only you, Mel Gibson, have had the wisdom and the courage to show the world the truth. From this day forward I will dedicate my life to making sure your film is seen by everyone. I will organize the masses so that we may do thy bidding. Hail Mel Gibson. Amen.

  3. No one can deliver a death threat like Mel Gibson…. It's not even a threat. It's a matter of fact. Gives me chills

  4. 1:52 "Soon."
    Mel Gibson actually improvised that line though he wasn't supposed to say anything. Great line though.

  5. Interesting part I just noticed, Tavington exhales ever so slightly after Benjamin turns around and leaves

  6. This movie is total Hollywood fiction. Another attempt by Mel Gibson to rewrite history. Just like he tried to do with Braveheart. The

  7. He has to kill the guy before the war ends, or it be murder. In war, it's fighting but afterwards its a criminal offense. Maybe he should of said, I'm glad there's a war, and I'm glad your fighting against me, so now I have a reason to kill you. How about that line??

  8. I just love the moment when the British generals face look so angry when the dogs were running away ….

  9. Funny thing is, Washington (I believe) did something similar to this where he found a lost dog, called a ceasefire and returned the dog to it's British owner before continuing with the war.

  10. "And she cannot be touched." Said the general. I confuse with this sentence. Mel G is a man, why the general said "she"?

  11. My eyes are teary by laughing…
    How the dogs follow his whistle !😂😂😂😂
    He got his prisoners, fooled enemy by giving them "Straw Prisoners Officers " in exchange…
    And he took the beloved dogs of General 😄😄…
    A treat to watch…

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  15. Only those who have lost immediate family members to brutality know that lust for revenge!! I’ve known it unfortunately for the past eleven years!!

  16. It would be nice for the world and history buffs to see a film made from the British side of the war and their version of events and not the American version . The war was instigated and driven by the Merchant classes and mostly colonists of Scottish decent primarilarly the Ulster Scotts who nose was out of joint from a religious issue apparently about discrimination against Presbyterians I believe . The US version of events are just one big cover up of the US merchant class theft of the British Colony from Britain which they never on any way compensated Britain for centurues of investment.

  17. I don’t think I’ve ever hated a villain in a movie this much in my life. Jason Isaacs did a fantastic job. I wanted to jump inside of the screen and jam his eyes in.

  18. Haha Mel Gibson and more of his history changing films….factual events mean nothing to this man, makes it up as he goes along. 👎🏻😂

  19. One of the greatest villains ever. Jason Isaacs should have won an Oscar for best supporting actor. It’s a crime he wasn’t even nominated.

  20. O’Hara – “He’s shown no aggression here! Hence, he cannot be touched!”

    Tavington – Hold my beer. I’ll get you aggression before he leaves and that will give us the green light to kill him right here right now. [starts taunting him about his dead son]

    Martin didn’t bite, but he lets him know clearly that this is not over.

    They were playing chess in a very tense moment. They both wanted to kill each other so bad, but Martin was winning the chess between them

    Brilliant scene

  21. You think you're smarter than you are. You see you act on assumptions that I'm still naive to events that have taken place in my life. But understand that I see everything clearly, I mean EVERYTHING. So you can try to attack me through guilt of my conscience but I know my wrongs yet also understand them better depending on the reality of each cue.

  22. “You know, it’s an ugly business doing one’s duty, but just occasionally, it’s a real pleasure”. That line right there deserves an Oscar. That is bone chilling

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