The Paralympic Drive
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The Paralympic Drive

November 17, 2019

[TEXT: ShareAmerica] [TEXT: Brenna Huckaby, snowboarding]
We’re from the U.S. Paralympic Team. [TEXT: What drives these athletes to succeed?] [TEXT: Amy Purdy, snowboarding]
I lost my legs when I was 19 years old, and I became a Paralympic snowboarder after that. My family was there the entire time,
by my side, pushing me forward, and they basically support me and
whatever my dreams and my goals are. [TEXT: Danelle Umstead, alpine skiing]
Even though I have no vision, skiing with Rob as my guide and traveling to speeds
up to 70 miles per hour gives me a sense of joy and a sense of freedom and adrenaline, and
excitement, and endless possibilities. [TEXT: Andrew Kurka, alpine skiing]
From the moment I broke my back when I was 13, a certain spirit of fearlessness has definitely embodied me. I want to be an example to others to show them really what
I can overcome and that they can overcome anything as well. [TEXT: Aaron Pike, Nordic skiing]
Once you find something you love and you’re very passionate about it, that drive is just going
to come with it.  You don’t have to work hard for it. It’s harder for me to have an off day than it is to
have a training day because I just love what I do. [TEXT: Oksana Masters, Nordic skiing]
My goal is to inspire the next generation and more, just show the next generation that
it’s OK to feel comfortable in your skin, whether you have prosthetic legs, in a wheelchair, anything.   Feel comfortable in your skin, because that’s
the true beauty that really shines through. ♪
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