The Newly Improved Archery Tag Arrow!
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The Newly Improved Archery Tag Arrow!

August 9, 2019

Hi! This is Randy with Archery Tag, here to talk to you about something very exciting! We are always driven to constantly improve on our great ideas. With that in mind, we set out to create the most robust, durable, yet
replaceable foam tip ever. We started from the ground up. We totally re-engineered our tip and our blunt using improved materials and proprietary methods. Here’s our new blunt which’s unique design features the threads which
keeps the foam securely attached. Here’s our foam tip. First you’ll notice the Archery Tag logo embossed on the front. Secondly, the outer surface has a smooth
finish. This soft, but durable outer skin resists abrasions and dirt. And then on the back you’ll see this recessed area which is designed to keep the blunt from
coming in contact with the player. And finally you’ll notice this ring of adhesive. This provides an added measure of
keeping the foam attached. You take that off, add that… Right there, secure. Now that you have it on… uh… you wanna — you can replace these. Now again, it is securely attached as you try to get that off… uh… you wanna — you can replace these. Now again, it is securely attached as you try to get that off… But just take a little bit of effort if you have to replace a tip. Kinda just peel that back, break that adhesive… There you go! Put on a new tip, peel another piece of adhesive, you’re ready to go! Brand new tip. And that’s not the only thing I want to show you about our redesigned tip! We added a protective coating, a protective
layer on there that allows you to play out in the rain, mud… you name it… There it is, clean as ever! We tested this out, went out and played in the forty degrees, cold, rain, muddy… The tips are just as clean as they were from day one. Come rain, come shine, it’s Archery Tag time!

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  1. Thanks for the interest! Currently, we do not have Archery Tag arrows available for retail purchase due to some cases of buyers using the arrows improperly. We now provide equipment exclusively to our licensed affiliates who host their own Archery Tag games in their local area. If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, visit af.archerytag . com to learn more. Or if you're just looking for a place to play, you can check out our new interactive map at archerytag . com/locations. Thanks again!

  2. is there no hope to sell these arrows again ? if i want to be your affiliate living in brazil , is this possible ?

    A lot of people can use many things improperly too , sell it again please 🙁

  3. We would like to just purchase these as well, we are trying to figure out if they are amtgard (a LARPing organization) legal so we wanna check them out!!

  4. but why make the tips soo big?  just make em small and dark colored soo they are harder to avoid and doensnt decrease arrow speed much

  5. i could make a better arrow head then that , that form arrow head slow the arrow way too much also i make one that i could just screw on with my arrows

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