The New Breed Of E Bikes: In The Workshop And On The Trail
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The New Breed Of E Bikes: In The Workshop And On The Trail

October 7, 2019

E-Mountain bikes are changing and you don’t have to look too far back to these designs are pretty clunky With motors of batteries literally chucked onto a normal mountain bike but now we’re seeing ground up designs that much more integrated the driving Force literally behind that a smaller more compact motor systems like this Shimano steps E-8,000 So first it’s off to Doddie in the workshop. Give you the full tech lowdown on the Shimano system now It’s back to me on the trail. I’m gonna give it a ride and tell you I think This is the Mondraker E-Crusher It’s 150 millimeter travel full Carbon fiber off-Road bike running the Shimano steps E-8,000 system So the first thing you might notice about this is the size of the actual unit now It’s quite small compared to some of the other systems we’ve seen on the market and There’s two main Advantages to that The first is obviously can make the chainstays of the bike a lot of shorter So the bike feels a lot more like the bikes where we’re used to riding without electric assistance And the second one is in fact the the q factor And that’s the distance between the pedals can be reduced so it feels much more like a normal bike to pedal So with this Shimano electric system you get two different crank options you get the hollow tech system Which we’ve seen the Shimano for years, and there’s a slightly more robust fully solid unit There’s also two different timing options 34 and a 38 weight although might be more than you’d normally run a new existing trail bike you’ve got a bear in mind You’ve got that electric assistance so you can maximise on all that stuff now interestingly There’s also an optional chain guide. Which is pretty suggestive or what Somalis think people who could be doing this? So this Shimano system has got three different levels of pedal assist You’ve got eco trail and then boost and to be honest in the past any ebike I’ve ridden I’m just fuckin highest power and gone and hit the trails, but actually I found on this system Trail is really good So it’s got a progressive output if you just spin generally doesn’t give you much power But if you start pushing hard, it will give you enough power to get the re speakers to the Hill But boost is all about riot mode for me Hüseyin is so much fun. You don’t even really need big long sections of Trail I find little trial things of fun popping wheelies trying to hit banks Go up and turn around and come back down that is brilliant for it Eco mode is probably just to be safe We’ll get a new home when you started running low on battery or maybe when you’re riding with people that don’t have a bikes This bike also has the benefit of having the electronic co2 Shimano gears so a bit of a luxury, but also I find it works really well with E-bikes there’s often situations where you want to get through the gears really quickly so I can just Leave my phone and I’ll bang up or down a cassette as I need it the left-hand side the bar I’ve got the mirror image of that shifter I’m actually works the pedal assist mode so that easy just flick through the three and I actually find that I’m using that on the trail a lot more than I thought I probably would One of the Advantages of any bike system is being able to winch yourself up pretty much anything you dare climb and with 70 Newton Metres of torque the Shimano system is going to climb anything you dare point it up and just to put it into perspective What our 70 Newton meters feels like it’s significantly more than any of those twists and go scooters You’ll see around town or if one let’s get another way about the same as a 1986 that’s on a sunny So it’s climbing where you really notice the biggest difference on an E-bike to a normal bike off. So you’ve got all that extra power Really just feels like you got a set of legs from an Olympic track Sprinter This bike has got a really grippy big tire on the rear So actually I’m not spinning up much tall just want it to wheelie a little bit So it’s got a really try and keep your weight on that front tire Paraná Shimano system is a 504 what battery now It’s available in two styles is Fully integrated like the one team on this bike or more Conventional one it just sits on top of the top G bra in a bracket Now the beauty of having this one fully integrated into the downtube here is the fact that is completely hidden Waterproof and protected you never actually need to take this off the black for cleaning because of this but access is easy if you do need to get to it as Of all the bikes you know you’ve got to keep these things charge the charge ports on this one It’s located on the down Tube here directly into the batteries now will reach 80 percent charge within two hours. Which is pretty amazing and 100% Within five hours, and that’s about yourself will last a hundred thousand cycles So it’s on the flat sections of trail. We’re much more likely Flick that left paddle and get it into trail mode just to use that of mid power system with that progressive output don’t forget like all other E-bikes a 25-kilometer now this will stop assisting you It’s got me sad that every single different brand of motor has different sort of feel on the bike the way actually cuts in and out of power And this system is very smooth right when it does give you that pedal assist and also when it cuts off? This is a business end of the Shimano system. So you’ve got your control to great display less You know everything you need to know when you’re on the trail So you might notice it’s the same Displays you get on the di to system and even cycling through the gears you can see the display registering which gear you in Don’t fret though is compatible with mechanical gears 10 on level speeds. You don’t have to have Vi2 integration The display itself has got color-coordinated Eco trails and boost setting so you know what you’re in for easy reference out on the trail and Display itself has got all the sort of range of controls and display that you need so that I have a domitor range trip distance All that sort of stuff, so the whole system has three drive settings, but via the Ichi bap There’s actually dynamic explorer and a custom setting which enables you to buy the app itself Control all of the parameters of the system. How you want it to feel much like Bi2 So for example in the trail setting you might want more assistance or less assistance Where you want to boost out more of a feel compared to that fully customizable, and that’s on the new Firmware update That’s about to drop Especially on the downhills where the e battering the motor better you make that much difference? Scott and said it doesn’t feel like good Mountain bike 150 Miller travel Actually feels like more than that honest and with the extra way to the body it makes the suspension really active I don’t really notice any difference on q-Factor It feels like a good mountain bike with big tires big brakes and really good dying on characteristics Okay, so there’s a focus on the Shimano steps Ea thousand system. It’s pretty created CFr Emags bikes and their motors have come in the last couple of years and just what that means in the performance of the bike overall click on the Giambi on Logo to subscribe chance Hampton already see another video feature in this system click up there for a Scott a Genius by check and down there for video is Brendan Fairclough, E-mountain bike versus normal mountain bike gives thumbs ups like this video

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  1. very strange wheel set…are those the new Mavic XA in Plus version??? does anyone know anything about these wheels?

  2. If you don't want to pedal, just get a motorcycle. Batteries lose efficiency, and making them isn't exactly environmentally friendly so how's that for a juxtaposition.

  3. E bikes are for us old people that have trouble getting it up! ?Once up the hill,,, freight train it down ????????not everywheres got a ?????service.

  4. E bikes are for those lazy downhillers who are to out of shape to go up hills I don't mean there fat just don't have much endurance but it's not the same for everyone

  5. This kind of bike would be good in a place like downeville ca where there are a lot of ohv trails to explore. People also take shuttles don't they?

  6. please look at the bbc news for northern ireland and have a laugh ,i could get 6 points for riding one of these if i do not do a test

  7. Damn, I been spoilt with an e-bike no more pushing up hills ? it's so much fun now I can keep up with those mountain goats ??

  8. The production value and editing on this video was fantastic! This was a very well put together video. Nicely made!

  9. In norway you are not allowed to e-mtb bike in the forest. So, no reason to buy one really. Can just buy an electric scooter instead. But it rains all the time so it would probably short-circuit!
    BTW, the only reason I ride hardtail is that to not lose too much money when it gets stolen outside work.

  10. e bikes are good fun, great for commuting and gives all people in good or bad shape a chance to ride with each other. nothing bad about it.

  11. 3:36 Haha, comparing the torque to a 1986 Datsun Sunny!!

    I'll be on a camping holiday with the missus in Devon next week and she's shown me the website for an e-bike hire company in the area as she has plans to do a full day's ride around Dartmoor National Park. When we do rides together at home in flat-as-a-pancake Norfolk, she struggles to maintain a 10mph average (on roads & ex-railway trails) and we'd only be on the road for a couple of hours tops with stops needed, so without e-bikes her considering doing hilly stuff all day would be out of the question. All power to the powered pedals!

    I'm also keen to try them out for the first time just to experience what they're like. I have arthritis in both knees and though I keep myself sporting and active, I know they will end my footy 'career' at some point in the next few years (I'm 38, so a seasoned veteran); I expect then to pour myself fully into my cycling (under my own steam, hopefully) and continue my running (maybe even get back into my swimming and pick up tris) and walking. Knowing what I go through with my knees just to keep up with those around me, when on the face of it I'm not fat and there doesn't immediately look like anything is 'wrong' with me means I would never judge anyone for choosing e-bikes. Doing parkrun, especially the volunteering so I'm watching and cheering on everyone involved rather than concentrating on my own run, I see all walks of life get active and involved, all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities and that can only be a good thing. You don't know their story (unless you get chatting to them), so don't criticise them for being 'lazy'. They're out there doing stuff, like you, which is more than the couch potato sat at home. Encourage don't discourage.

  12. Riding Electric bikes feels like cheating to me & contradicting the very essence of bicycling -which is to propel the bicycle with your very own effort !! just pedal the fuck up!!!!

  13. These are fine for folks that have paid their dues, but the people who will end up using them is the scooter kid at the skatepark type that has no concept of what cycling is about. Mountain biking isn't for everyone which keeps the riff raff out. Apparently manufacturers and designers have some fat video game playing turd ball kids that need some self assurance complexes. Way to ruin the sport

  14. Eco mode " to make sure you have enough to get you home" cause imagine having to rely on pedal power only you'd never make it…

  15. Tamas, this issue has been thoroughly researched and for now here in Europe do what you want but eventually the exact same . One of these items has no association with a bicycle and never will be considered a vehicle that is powered by a human being with no assisting whatsoever. People have very short historical perspective because the experiment was attempted in the 60s and 70s. Switzerland still has remnants of these legislations with detuned moped motors. There was accidents and mayhem on paths in those days. The same tendency to have more powerful vehicles will occur and already has with the motor brands. This will start entire industries to make electronics that help the motor to deliver more power just like the 70s. I don't care but its a motor bike plain and simple. Plus you could be right and no action is taken but watch what happens then.

  16. Dude, I'm with you on getting people active but as i stated before everyone is making hack kits for these things and its really repeating the same story that happened years ago. In fact i am even more against these bikes on mtb trails than ever. Try and keep up with the current crop of developments with ebikes and everything i said was going to happen already has. The speed hacks for these bikes are ridiculous because they are not even built for such speed. Read my first post and tell me where i am wrong. You can even jump these bikes going uphill just like motocross bikes. A dude at work has one that does 50 mph with the speed kit. Its actually comical that you can just detach the speed kits so the police cannot give you a citation.

  17. I met a bloke out on the hills a few months ago with an e-bike. He was in his 50s, and had been riding mountain bikes for over 20 years. He said that were it not for e-bikes he would only probably have another couple of years riding in him as he was finding it harder and harder to pedal up the hills. So he got an e-bike and said he planned to keep riding them for another 20 years! If you are young and fit, I don't really see the point in them, but for older riders, they are brilliant! No one under 40 should be on an ebike though in my opinion.

  18. Thought you knew all there was to know about mountain bikes? Not anymore.. Ebikes are the most massive leap in biking evolution since the chainless boneshaker to be honest. They've certainly changed the game and done away with some of the more pointless MTB arguments. They're heavier than a regular bike, but perhaps you didn't know that they have a walk mode for when uphill inclines get to be just a bit too tough. – – –

  19. The guy must have misread the info. There is no battery chemistry that can cycle 100,000 times. lithium ion 700 cycles eprox and lithium iron phosfate 2000 cyles lithium pol a lot less than either of the above.

  20. Not looking forward to upgrading the firmware of my bicycle. What's next: mandatory anti virus software and then autonomous driving?

  21. Shimano… underpowered, over priced… I understand why they have designed the step system for such low power… other designs , such as the Tangent, or the GNG electric mid mount belt reduction, offer to the power of ten the power output. Step / E-8000 frame compatible mounting plates for these mid mount systems allows bike to offer the integration of the production bikes, however, with the ability to run electrical drives with upto 6000w of output

  22. Check this out …

    Soon I hope to mix this drive system, with a carbon full suspension e-8000 compatible frame… this will basically give me a Turbo Levo, with 3000w drive. A whole different ball game.

  23. I'm sure it'd be fun to go faster and further but just because something is fun doesn't make it right. You selfishly want access to trails built for non motorized vehicles. "You still have to pedal", " it doesn't produce power over 20 mph". You do realize that for most single track areas most riders avg speed is between 6-13 mph….so you'd be producing power most of the time. Also I've watched test races on here and on a 4 minute coarse the e bike was covering it in around 2 1/2 min. They carry riders uphill almost as fast as a chairlift! These are powerful motors! Yes you still have to pedal I know, but they are dangerous to other trail users. Just because something is fun and you want it doesn't mean you are entitled to it. I know of walking trails that would be a blast to ride my bike on but I don't because they are for walkers and hikers! If the trails are not specifically for non motorized vehicles then have at it, but respect the ones that are!

  24. You mentioned @ 5:21 that the battery will last 100.000 cycles????? Are you sure? For example Specialized gives 300 cycles lifespan to their batteries.

  25. I Would be interested to see the comments in lets say 5 or even 10 years on, when they are lighter and the battery tech has improved. Also as ebikes generally become more accepted and attitudes change i would expect less negative comments. I also wonder how long it will be before an electric MTB class is introduced.

  26. Dont buy a Commercial ebike do what i did and build your own. Its a lot cheaper, you can select what power you want, batteries are not make specific so not tied to one make. You can choose what add on's you want and when you destroy your ebike you can just move the motor and battery stuff to another bike. And me personally, I hate the look of commercial ebikes, i want my ebike to look like a bike not a motorbike.

  27. wow i got a magic marry and maxis tyes for chistmas and pedals and full face helmet the tyes make a very very big difference

  28. Not really against these but lets face it, GMBN are preaching these because its the only way they can enjoy some XC.

  29. Is it really that loud? My Levo makes nearly zero motor noise. Tires and chain make more noise. I wouldn’t want an eBike that makes electric noises.

  30. And that Shimano drive unit with all the whirring noise will let everyone know, including animals that you are blazing through on a ebike! Vroom Vroom!

  31. I am lost as to why a 4 minute demo destroyed my reputation.

    I recently had a chance to test out the e-bikes. The argument with e-bike where I live is they hurt the trail more than normal bikes. I made a vid and posted it to my local trail group to help shed light on this. I got hundreds of threatening emails, yet only 40 views so they seen the headline and just went insane. ,I was banned from several local trails for this video. I used to be a well respected member who put in a lot of hours maintaining the trails arround me.

    I would like you guys to revisit this topic, because you guys seem to be impervious to such issues. I would like for you to cover the damage the bikes do vs normal ones. Who the bike is good for and why they should be allowed. I don't need one, but people like my uncle and girlfriend could use one to keep up with me. I would buy one just so my partner could ride with me and not hold me back.

    If you all read this I would be most grateful if you acknowledge this comment. I am so beat up over this. Linked below is the offending video.

  32. Ha All the people who hate on e bikes are most likely still getting carbon wheels and carbon frames and anything to loose bike weight because it makes riding a lot easier when you don't have to lug a heavy bike uphill then make fun of the e-bikes because they make it easier to bike up hill! ??

  33. Is this shimano system the same as on the orange alpine e? How long will the battery last on a days riding,can you buy a spare battery to carry?this bike looks awesome

  34. Does the Shimano really makes that awfull sound?I thought the Bosch would be "loud" and had big expections on the Shimano engine but that bike in the video sounds terrible.I could not stand that for long.

  35. I've owned a Levo for 3 years now and do 2 full cycles per day, 5 days per week. I have gone through 4 batteries which has cost a lot but still…I love commuting and riding it in my free time 🙂

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