The Most ICONIC Moments in The International History (Dota 2)
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The Most ICONIC Moments in The International History (Dota 2)

October 8, 2019

Every August, the best Dota 2 teams travel from around the world, seeking to raise the coveted Aegis at the most prestigious competition in esports: The International. Over its short but fabled history, The International has managed to produce more than a few of Dota’s most unforgettable stories. (Casting) But before more heroes and legends are added to the competition’s lore this summer let’s look back, and relive the Most Iconic moments in The International’s history. The Fountain Hooks (Casting) Game-breaking. Brilliant. Hilarious. Cheating. No matter how you describe it, Na`Vi’s Fountain Hooks from TI3 is still one of the most unorthodox strategies to ever be used at an International. Only 15 minutes into game 3 of their upper bracket match against TongFu Na`Vi found themselves with their backs against the wall. (Casting) Sensing incoming defeat, Puppey and Dendi pulled out the ultimate cheese strategy – the Fountain Hook (Casting) The product of a unique interaction between Chen’s “Test of Faith” and Pudge’s “Meat Hook”, the Fountain Hook created a long ride to certain death for anyone unfortunate enough to be caught on the end of it. (Casting) From there, things became more and more ridiculous as Dendi landed hook, after hook, after hook. (Crowd Cheering) In the end, despite its absurdity, this cheese strategy was crucial for securing Na`Vi’s comeback. (Casting) While the interaction would later be patched out of the game, this iconic moment forever stands as a testament to not only Na`Vi’s inventiveness but the near-endless possibilities of Dota. (Casting) The Mega Creep Comeback (Casting) (Panel Talking) In the six-year history of The International, no team had ever successfully overcome Mega Creeps to take the win. That is, until August 10th, 2016, when EG met EHOME in an absolute slugfest of a match. (Panel Talking) From minute one, both teams went blow-for-blow in teamfight after teamfight, (Casting) but EHOME slowly ground EG down and pushed forward, eventually claiming all three ‘rax to get Mega Creeps. (Casting) With the impossible challenge of overcoming Megas in front of them, EG didn’t waver, putting up an unbelievable defence, somehow clawing their way back into the match. (Casting) With the game well-past the hour mark, and Megas threatening their every move, EG took the momentum of their valiant hold and brought the fight to EHOME’s front door. (Casting) As the crowd blew the roof off Key Arena, EG cemented their legendary status with one of the greatest Dota 2 comebacks of all-time. The Deny From The International 2013, KYXY’s deny is one of the most infamous blunders of Dota’s history and is iconic for all the wrong reasons. (Casting) In the Lower Bracket finals, Orange eSports took on Na`Vi for the chance to face Alliance in the Grand Finals. Orange came into the series hot, and jumped out to a strong lead in a deciding Game 3 against the favorites, Na`Vi. (Casting) Orange was in a commanding position, and opted to take Roshan to ensure the win. But that’s when disaster struck. (Casting) As Roshan died, KYXY misclicked, destroying the crucial Aegis of the Immortal just before his team could pick it up. (Casting) Without the Aegis in hand, Orange was unable to close out the game safely, ultimately creating an opening for Na`Vi. (Casting) Na`Vi capitalized on Orange’s misfortune and charged back into the game, overcoming a 7 thousand gold deficit, knocking Orange out of the event. (Casting) While KYXY is still a celebrated player, this moment will forever linger. Adding to the cruel iconic legacy of this misplay is the fact that, to this day, Aegis denies are still called KYXY’s. (Casting) The Six-Million Dollar Echo Slam (Casting) From the Grand Finals of TI5, The Six Million Dollar Echo Slam is not only one of the nastiest two-man wombo combos
you’ll ever witness, it was the tournament-winning play for Evil Geniuses. Up 2-1 in the Grand Final against CDEC-Gaming, Evil Geniuses – the hometown heroes appeared to be on their way to victory in game four. (Casting) Then, a glimmer of hope presented itself for CDEC: a catch onto SumaiL created an opening to take Roshan and potentially reclaim the momentum. (Casting) But, as quickly as the window opened for CDEC, PPD and Universe slammed it shut even faster, unleashing their ultimates onto their unwary opponents to devastating effect. (Casting) Only 10 minutes after this game-defining play, EG would hoist the Aegis as North America’s first ever champions. (Crowd chants: EG! EG! EG!) s4’s Million Dollar Dream Coils From the epic Grand finals of TI3 s4’s Million Dollar Dream Coils are quite possibly the most clutch plays in Dota 2 history. TI3’s Grand Finals was the culmination of one of the game’s best rivalries: Alliance vs. Na`Vi, the “El Clasico” of Dota. With the title on the line in a deciding Game 5, both teams were digging deep. Alliance started slow out of the gate, giving Na`Vi early control. (Casting) That’s when Alliance started to do what they do best: split-push. (Casting) Na`Vi grouped up mid, attempting to force Alliance to defend. When it became clear their strategy wasn’t working, Na`Vi tried to bail out. But, s4 had something to say about that. (Casting) With Na`Vi stalled in their recalls, Alliance took down two lanes of ‘rax, completely outmaneuvering their rival. (Casting) As the game was coming down to the wire, s4 once again came up absolutely massive. (Casting) While there is plenty of debate as to which of the two moments is the true “Million Dollar Coil”, there’s no doubt that both are spectacular. The plays catapulted s4 into the Dota pantheon and helped Alliance secure the Aegis in one of the most epic finishes to any International. Dramatic, sensational and undeniably clutch s4’s Million Dollar Dream Coils are the definition of an iconic Dota moment. BuLba and Clockwerk (Casting) Sometimes, one man can make all the difference in the world and during The International 2013, that man was BuLba, who helped carry Team Liquid to one of the most dramatic upsets of all time. When Liquid met LGD-Gaming China in the Lower Bracket of TI3, everyone predicted that North America would once again fall short against a Chinese powerhouse. (Desk Talking) However, in a now-legendary game, BuLba on Clockwerk went to work, picking LGD apart across the map and landing crucial hooks to give Liquid a chance. (Casting) Thankfully for North American fans, Liquid did not waste the opportunity produced by BuLba’s heroics, closing out the upset with a brilliant teamfight. (Casting) With LD’s famous call resonating throughout the building, North America emerged the victors. (Casting) The match remains iconic for not only BuLba’s ridiculously heroic individual performance, but the significance of the win in the landscape of NA Dota. The Play What can you say about The Play that hasn’t been said already? From The International 2012, The Play is still to this day Dota’s most famous moment – a highlight you simply need to see to believe. (Casting) In a crucial Game 2 of their upper bracket match against Invictus Gaming, Na`Vi was in firm control. With eyes on the Tier 2 bottom lane, Na`Vi gathered themselves and grouped for a push. Sensing an opportunity to mount a comeback, iG didn’t hesitate. Wrapping around behind Na`Vi under cover of Smoke, iG’s plan worked perfectly, catching Na`Vi off-guard and setting up what looked to be an absolutely devastating teamfight. (Casting) However, LightofHeaven popped his BKB, landing a massive four-man black hole on the grouped-up iG, completely reversing the trap. At the same instant, Dendi Force Staffed himself out of iG’s attacks, stealing Ravage and returning it in kind, leading Na`Vi to decimate iG in a clean wipe. (Casting) Na`Vi would go on to not only win the game, but the series as well, advancing them into the Top 3 at TI2. While iG would earn their revenge in the Grand Finals to claim the Aegis for themselves, it does little to tarnish what is Dota’s most iconic moment of all.

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  1. u outta think that if an ice vortex appears in the rosh pit and rosh is not even low u should back out lmao

  2. I miss when the booths were across from eachother. I think this is why Na`vis power was weakened, their taunting and yelling were the highlights of my memory of DOTA. It was just insane and so hype. I miss those setups

  3. First played dota over 5 years ago, I can still vividly remember my first match which was a 5 v 5 lobby with my friends.

    Watching the 2013 roshan set up and navi plays brings back memories. Good times indeed

  4. i wonder how many of todays players actually were dota players when patience from zhou happened, since we have a pretty old demographic, it should be very decent, but id be suprised if it was over 50% atm.

    the best thing about it is dendi enigma, what a sick and bold move that was.

  5. fountain hook was cheating, just imagine you were the enemy team, i feel like they should've played a rematch for that.

  6. I remember back in the day pretty much 30% of dota players whould have Na'Vi.???? names, and some of them even had Na'Vi.Dendi and they always picked pudge, at the time it was super annoying but now i look back with a smile.

  7. This is so trash and focused only from the perspective of the western dota viewer. The most iconic things also happen in China when they won with their teams but here you see once again the ridiculous bias towards the western teams.

  8. china has no idea about being creative on the game , they just play, they dont have soul, they dont have fun, they r just fighting. maybe they can win the some fight , some TI, but history call them loosers, non-creative loosers.

  9. "near endless posibilities in dota."

    Only that most of them were patched out, and the game so boring now without them…

  10. Dendi made history with pudge, abed with meepo, miracle with sf, sumail with es, ana with ember, bulldog with nature's prophet, kuku with huskar. Their plays with these heroes made dota epic unlike LoL.

  11. Why am I happy I saw some of these personally. Like it's a video game and yet… Can't lie I grinned like a manic when the ones I saw live came up.

  12. "They are all together" immediately after the announcer says that, ults are fired
    Honestly hope those headphones have EPIC noise cancelling, otherwise that announcer gave a cue to throw an ult lol.

  13. I think if Na`Vi consistently going for the throne of Alliance instead of TP back just like OG bypass the rax, we maybe have the first 2x TI winner.

  14. The S4 dream coils. I watched it brought Alliance back to the game. I thought its over until they cought Dendi on Roshan. Thats the beginning of the end.

  15. 2019 and still having goosebumps. Thank you for all the memories and to all the legends who started it, especially Dendi..

  16. Asian won the 1st place in almost HALF of the history TIs. Still, youtubers keep ignoring that fact because of what? Talk about irony, ppl repeated "USA~USA~USA" once when European team won aegis.

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