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The Last Samurai (2003) – The Fog Battle (1/2) | Movieclips

August 19, 2019

Move into position! 1st Company, form a battle line on me! Pay attention, it will save your life! 2nd Company, form on 1st Company. 3rd and 4th Company, form up behind. Fill in on command! – Where’s Hasegawa?
– Apparently he refuses to fight against Katsumoto. – Cover down!
– Captain Algren. We are not here as combatants. – Then who’s gonna lead these men?
– Their own officers, for Christ’s sake! Let’s move to the rear. We’ll be there presently. Fix bayonets! – Mr. Graham, accompany me to the rear.
– Yes, of course. Sergeant Gant, report to the rear and see
to the disposition of the supply trains. – Sargeant Gant, did you hear my order?
– I did indeed, sir! Then you will obey it. Now! No disrepect intended, sir, but shove it up your ass. Load! Samurai come. You’ll be fine, son. – Assume firing positions!
– Assume firing positions! Fire on my order only! Hold your fire! Hold your fire! Reload! Hold the line! Fire at will! Lieutenant, fall back!

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  1. It took me a decade to realize that Khatsumoto is "The Last Samurai", and not Tom Cruise. I always wondered why they cast a white dude to be "The Last Samurai".

  2. I've always been wondering why people get mad if a movie like this doesn't really get 100% historically accurate. it's a frickin' movie, just an adaptation definitely loosely based on something-somethings historical. movies can be romanticized however the director wants as long as it gets more interesting. the film never even said that it's a reenactment of how things went in history. it's just a story just for the the sake of being a story that happens to be BASED on something that actually happened in history.

  3. Fatima sekh mujhe intajaar hi us din ka jav U.S.A. mujhe . U.N.O k saamne laayega… Tumhra poora khel samajh min aa gaya hi

  4. anyone total wars shogun 2 here? which clan is you're fav and how would you conduct this battle? for me i always play the Saga clan and i would always bring artillery and naval support into the battle.

  5. That's the difference between people who picked up their first weapon 2 weeks ago and have no idea what War is and people who have been training since birth to destroy their enemies and never stop until death forces them to. Jeez I'd be shitting my pants too. If I had no training whatsoever and was told: "You're about to face one of the world's deadliest elite. Good luck" I'd send a letter home saying don't even wait for my return.

  6. I don't understand the fixation on firearms of the age
    In the hands of a skilled archer, bows were more accurate, shot more rapidly, were virtually completely silent, did more damage(barbed arrows) and gave off no smoke so as to obscure the vision of the shooter and expose their position. Bows were superior in every way but training, as it took much longer and much more talent to produce a capable archer.

  7. Just a friendly reminder that it's a movie. In reality, samurai were the bad guys that wanted to keep their privileges

  8. Questions to any historians/relevant experts. Had they held their fire until the Main Character gave the order what difference would it have made? The time it takes them to reload seems to be too long before the next wave hits

  9. Imagine being raised your entire life, to fear and respect the Samurai as the baddest mother fucker on the planet. Guns or not, its no surprise these men are literally, shaking in their boots.

  10. "Assume firing position" as shown here seems dumb. and with a topheavy musket, the longer you wait, the more you'll tire out your arms and your aim is getting less steady. Plus some useless shits are just a twitchy finger away from firing.

    The good old "make ready/present/fire" would've been better.

  11. 1:19 Like the Vikings from Scandinavia, the Pagan Slavs from Slavia and Yougoslavia, the American Natives from North America, the Berbers from the Maghreb and the Mongols from Mongolia, the warcry is so dreadful it freezes your blood instantly and puts you into total panic mode, like an elk surrounded by wolves.

  12. You see this is why Order 227 had to be issued, otherwise all the peasant troopers would ran away and Russia is lost. And people still refuse to believe it.

  13. I remember watching this movie as a teen… when the Samurai were approaching, all I could think was…

    Here come the good guys defending their land from imperialism.

    The nationalist wearing proudly their traditional armor.

  14. There's so much wrong from this from a military view. Why would you let the samurai choose the field of battle and why would you enter a dense forest under fog when you know that your enemy knows your location?

  15. I had to do an essay on this for college back in the States, I actually lived in Japan so ask away

  16. It was like a goosebumping when looking at the samurai troops came in slow motion. They look so brawny with the horse-step heresy.

  17. Being Japanese and having been raised there, there are a lot of issues I have with this movie… but this scene….The way they come through the fog as if they materialized out of the forest is just undeniably awesome Lol

  18. You could just imagine how fucking terrified those soldiers were. The samurai were the ultimate warriors in their culture and they probably were told stories and legends in school. So seeing them like ghosts emerging from the fog must have shit their pants.

  19. Hang on… 1877, why are they using muzzle loaders? They're definitely using bolt action rifles later in the movie.

  20. Notice that the first few samurai cavalrymen fell when the stragglers fired their shots. Imagine if the riflemen actually waited for Captain Algren to give the order to fire. The first few rows of cavalry would have been annihilated.

  21. 1:39–1:45

    Rare footage of a scared employee on Black Friday telling his boss he hears people outside

  22. That moment when you're a Serpent Clan but only trained musketeers and you faced the Dragon Clan filled with Samurais armed to the teeth.

  23. This is a very authentic start to a samurai battle. The warlord on either side would usually sound a horn/raise their standard and let out a war cry. Usually the war cry was something simple such as (as it was in this movie) "Eiiiiiii!" After which all the soldiers would respond with a fierce cry: "OOOOOOH". Then, the battle would commence

  24. 霧の中から侍が現れるとこほんとかっこいい

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