The Kung Fu Master – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES
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The Kung Fu Master – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

January 20, 2020

I have called the famous Kung fu grand master to train all the people of Furfuri nagar. Today he is going to show his talent to you people. If the people of Furfuri nagar agree then they will start a class here. We can guard our self’s, if we learn Kung fu, then we will not need Chingam sir. Oh my god! In this case, I will lose my job. If everybody learns Kung fu then we will have to shut our robbing business. Motu, come let us do the demonstration with John and goons, it will be fun and they will get to learn a lesson. This girl will teach Kung fu? Haha!!John’s number one will win over her. Yes number one, attack! Hey, my boss can easily beat him. Your boss won’t fight with him, fights happen with equal strength of people, only you can win, isn’t it John? Yes number 2, attack. This is our grand master. John is also not less than a grand master, isn’t it John? Why are you forcing me to get beatings. John this is a small child, if you get scared of him then nobody will get scared of you in Furfuri nagar. Yes boss, nobody will get scared of us. I will shoot. Very good!! I am John and I will be the don!! Today we have to tell them, who has won and who has lost. Wow boss!! What a poetry!! Forget the poetry and put the powder by which they will feel drowsy. If Kung fu master is not found then I will lose my job. Motu Patlu, find out who has kidnapped them? We can’t doubt John, the way he was beaten up yesterday, he won’t even think of kidnapping them. I have an idea, listen. Oh my lord!! This Kung fu master will give you all the training. Patlu, why have you made me a beggar now? If we don’t find Kung fu master. I will lose my job and then finally I have to become a beggar. Chingam sir, whoever has kidnapped them, when they come to know that Kung fu master are training. He will definitely come to check the new master, and he will go and find out with his friends. You keep an eye on them and then we can follow them to their den. Somebody come and attack, Motu, I mean the fat grand master will teach you, how to defend, Boxer you attack. No, don’t trouble Boxer, someone else come, you and you. Hey sir, I am going to attack, I want to check, if my boxing is good or your Kung fu? This is a Kung fu wall defence, I have hide behind a wall and you have to attack me. Why do you want me to get beaten up by Boxer? When in trouble, friends come in need. Alright Boxer, I am behind a wall, tell me how will you attack me? Hey sir, then let me first remove this wall. Where did this new Kung fu master from? Enough of playing the game of attack and defense. See, my boxing is much better than you Kung fu. We have taught you only two thing, that is defence, you cannot hit me even once, and the other one is strength. The fighter’s body should be fit enough to take the beatings. This grand master had so many punches from all, and still he looks untouched. You people wait here, I will prepare for the next demonstration and come back soon. I have never got so much beatings in my life. Patlu, your idea of becoming a Chinese master was a super flop idea. Motu, sorry I did not know they will beat you so much, come let us go out, people are waiting for us. Next time I will show how to defense and you will show the demonstration of a strong body. Hey, you come and attack. Hey, why you had to select this man? I did not know he will be an expert, control your pain and do not shout or else it will be an insult. Did you see how strong our body is, after getting beating with the stick. We are standing like a normal people, we will be back to show the next training move. Keep quiet, people are listening. I would like to see how you will keep quiet after getting so much beatings. Come, let us ask Kung fu masters and find out who are these people. Oh my god!! John the don is going back. Come, let us follow them. Master, where are you going, is the class over? To make your body strong we need to run and we are doing so. Lets us also run with Master. Who are those two Kung fu masters? Tell us, from where did they come from? Or else the tiger boxer will teach you a lesson. I will tell you, who are they. Motu Patlu you? Why did you become Kung fu master? So that we could find out who has kidnapped the original Kung fu masters and kept where? The name is Chingam, Inspector Chingam, it is impossible to escape from Chingam’s web. You are under arrest now. It is not only difficult to catch the don, but impossible. What did my grandfather taught me to deal with this? Oh! I remember. My grandfather taught me, how to hit with a stick. Sorry sir, it was a difficult time for you at our place. We did not have any problem, we learned many things after coming here. All these people supported you to save us, we were happy to see this. Motu Patlu, you both are very brave, there is no need of Kung fu, Karate where there are people like you. Motu Patlu took care of Furfuri nagar’s reputation. Long live Motu Patlu!!

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