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The Karate Kid Part III – Miyagi Makes a Stand Scene (8/10) | Movieclips

November 18, 2019

Danny, Danny, Danny… From the moment you met me I’ve been making you do things you didn’t want to do. What are you talking about? – What am I talking about?
– Yeah, what? Let’s show him what I’m talking about! I’m what he’s talking about, shithead! – We have an agenda here Daniel, it’s really very simple.
– You guys are crazy! Either you fight one fight on one day… – …or you fight every day for the rest for the rest of your life!
– You guys are sick! – What’s it gonna be, Danny-boy?
– It’s gonna be I’m not gonna be there. Just forget about it! Let’s show Mr Kreese how he’s gonna get his business back! Hey, I’m not gonna fight, you can’t make me fight! You don’t have to, you can just stand there and let him kick your ass! Do the crane, Danny-boy! You’re doing this to yourself, man! Yes! Yes! – You want to see some more?
– I want to see a lot more! Bring him back! You see his face? You see the trail, I think he peed in his pants! Well, well, well. Look who’s here! The big war hero! What are you waiting for? Party time! We’re old friends. Come on, little man! Let’s see how good you really are!

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  1. best part is when miyagi takes a stance when he thinks he has to fight both at the same time, but then stands there totally chilled when he only has to fight kreese. he shows him that he isn´t worthy of being taken seriously

  2. None of these guys have any clue about Kung Fu karate so so so poor. Just a shity movie. There are ppl who have real talent setting home while millions wasted on actors who have no idea how to do a basic kick properly. Hollywood

  3. Makes one think , who really did marital arts in this movies . To me I assume no one did marital arts in real life . Now if you watch Enter the dragon we know Bruce lee did Jeet kane Do in real life . We also know that some of the fighters like Jim Kelly and Bolo did marital arts in real life .

  4. For me it kinda lets out all tension to see the supposed bad guys getting utterly wasted early into a movie. If you have the old master fight them, at least make it a draw, or avoid actually having them fight, by allowing them to get stomped like this all threat seems nullified.

  5. What Miyagi did was manipulate attack by using defence. He beat them without touching them. He did the same to Kreesw in the glass breaking scene. In other words you never attack someone thst can manipulate defence. Quite similar to the Ali rope a dope. Ali was able to absorb punches, tire out George Foreman and then when he was exhausted, then beat him to a pulp.

  6. If and when Daniel and gets into a fight with Kreese, Barnes and Silver, he needs to do the "waah, waah" after he wins! 😀

  7. With all the years that Daniel learnt Karate with Miyagi, he couldn't even defend himself against punches from Mike Barnes? Hell, I don't know Karate, but even I wouldn't let Mike do that to me without getting a punch or two in. How on earth he won the life-or-death fight between himself and Chozen was nothing more than a fluke.

  8. 0:18 Daniel should've said, "Whoaaaa, you train here as well, Barnes??? Small world!!!!! I bet you're nervous about the tournament now I know everything you do, eh?????/ ;*)"

  9. 0:39 Daniel: You laugh like a bunch of Disney cartoon characters, you cobra kai leaders!!! If you wanna show me you're tough, you're going the wrong way about it!!!!

  10. 2:04 Kreese was beaten so soundly, you could literally see the bitterness and resentment leave his body, as he wasn't capable of comprehending those emotions anymore.

  11. Wa ever stand your making isn't working with me anyway,mentally bullied loads,anyway about a couple of years ago I was playing great football,anyway keep transformimg,I keep get hamstring snapped and eat thier poison because my name aint good enough for them

  12. Never saw this one beginning to end. I watched the first and second and get the impression that some viewers wish the others never happened. For me anyway, that wish is pretty much granted.

  13. Too bad to Terry, he never said wassah once is why he couldn't hit miyagi, usually he goes wassah, wassah Loool maybe if he had said wassah he probz would have hit miyagi, usually he's wassah hits on

  14. So Daniel who beat has beaten both Johnny and an Okanowan master litterally trying too murder him gets wrecked by Barnes and yet an elderly man (as good as he may be) who has been training Daniel for years at this point can go up against Barnes as well as two other Karate Masters half his age and not only beat all 3 but absolutley wreck all 3 and walk out without a scratch on him! Because Logic!

  15. I was rooting for Kreese and Silver in this movie but only because what they were trying to do made absolutely no sense.

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