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The Karate Kid Part III – Mike Attacks Daniel Scene (2/10) | Movieclips

November 20, 2019

Come on, guys. This is not funny anymore. Come on, turn on the lights. Hey Danny, I hope you got some good news for my friend Mike here. – I hope so too, Daniel.
– I told you, all right? I can’t help you out. Forget about it. Where are you going? – You mean you haven’t signed the application yet.
– I’m not signing the application. I’m not gonna compete. Please just take your friends and get out of here. Hey, Dennis. He didn’t sign it yet. Hey, hey! Come on, guys. This is getting out of hand now. Don’t you get it? I’m not signing the application. – Sure you are.
– I’m not gonna be there. You’re wasting your time. – Take off, all right?
– You take off! – Come on. Dennis. Take him out!
– Put his eye out! Come on! Hey! Come on, punk! Come on! Let’s see what you’ve got! Nice kick. Not bad.
Better. Good, but not good enough. Come on, get up! Why are you being so stubborn? Don’t do that! I’m running out of patience, LaRusso. Now sign it and let’s get on with it. Stop it! I’ll kick your ass! Just get out of here! – Save it for the tournament!
– Nail him! Mike, come on. Let’s get out of here! Come on, old man! Mike, let’s go! Let’s go! You wimp! I’ll be back, LaRusso. I’m gonna get you, man. You hear me. You’re finished! You can’t watch him forever, buddha-head. So, Daniel-san. Time take Jessica home. – Yeah. Jessica, you all right?
– Yeah. I just want lie down.

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  1. If I was daniel I would get a gun and shoot them all at sight. Thats kinda criminals cant be tolerated.

  2. Whoever saying saying Mike can beat chozen, they both were difficult for Daniel. When Daniel were fighting them before the fight at the end of the movies, he got a cheap shot on both of them

  3. How does that champ quickly recover to get back in the car before barnes after being flipped by miyagi?

  4. How many bully gangs in the karate kid movies
    Karate kid part 1: five white kid bullies
    Karate kid part 2: three Japanese bullies
    Karate kid part 2: three white kids bullies

  5. Mike Barnes vs Johhny Lawrence would be epic. Hard to tell who would win, if they both channel they hate for La Russo it could be a double knock out

  6. Lord Hehan loves how Danny San is a little Princess who needs Mr Miyagi's saving throughout all 3 movies.

  7. I think Daniel is the bad guy beacaude in the movie when cobra kai’s sensei said to not lay a hand on Daniel they all listened but Daniel toook it to his advantage and was toxic towards them and at the beginning Daniel sucker punched a cobra kai student and he just And Cobra kai just defended himeself

  8. I bet if Mike Barnes won the tournament beat Daniel Russo he would have won the title back and challenge Johnny Lawrence to see who the real Cobra Kai is that's a good challenge for John Lawrence

  9. What idiot writer made it so Mike is destroying Daniel when he isn't trying but Daniel can put up a little fight against Chozen when he is going 100%?

  10. All that training and he still can't defend himself.

    Should have just bought an AR-15 and saved a lot of time and anguish xD

    "Oh you guys do Karate? Click-Clack That's cool"

  11. Deja Vu:
    You could have killed him Mr. Miyagi didn’t you?
    Yes Daniel-san
    Well why didn’t you?
    Because Daniel-san, one more second and they get hit by train.

  12. Johnny sure earned his "redemption arc" in cobra kai. Seems of the 4 main teen villains in the original "quadriligy" he was the only one who would not hit a girl.

  13. Daniel’s Karate always blows. He should have taken Jeet Kune Do. He’d be able to fight off all three of those goons at the same time.
    “Best block? No be there.”

  14. @1:28 The demon sorcerer Miyagi uses his magnetism powers to move the punch out of they way before he makes physical contact. Amazing.

  15. Barnes was an arrogant and pompous punk! I can’t stand guys who act like this! He got his in the end of the movie, and so did Silver.

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