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The Karate Kid Part II – Mr. Miyagi Fights Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

November 30, 2019

Come here, I want to show you something. Your sensei teach you how to fight with spear? No. Too bad. Maybe he teach you how to be coward. Leave message. This is your teacher’s fault. If he were a man with honour you would live… …but he is not. Enough! Uncle problem with Miyagi, not with boy. No. You have problem, old man… with me.

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  1. Chozen hates Japanese culture. It explains why he attacks it. He was also very evil and so much stronger than Daniel.

  2. I love how people think chozen is the strongest villian in the karate kid series just cause he did this 2:24 just cause he hit mr miyagi and was the only person to do that dont mean s*

  3. Still watching in 2019
    I never understood why the plants and vegitation were destroyed.
    They were harmless. ?
    Love from Michigan ?
    USA ??
    Peace ✌

  4. In Minecraft when an admin put my status to visitor so I had to just watch as he destroyed my base, but was then saved by the server owner.

  5. Notice how Chozen's buddies are pulling out the Sago Palm with their hands at 1:17. Those palms are so sharp they'd never be able to do it without ripping their hands to shreds.

  6. I've seen this movie dozens of times, but this is the first time I realize Mr. Miyagi apparently loves to kick people in the nuts. I counted at least three nutcracking kicks in this fight alone.

  7. Just because he hasn't taught the kid how to fight with a spear, doesn't mean that he doesn't know how to fight or defend from one.

  8. i love the karate kid movies but just for entertaiment beautiful movies with philosophy of life but in a real fight i only believe in bruce lee

  9. I can't believe Daniel-san let himself get owned by Chozen's friends. I expected better from someone who defeated Chozen himself.

  10. if ur billionaire buy this but if ur poor don't buy this if you really wanna watch this Go to other websites for free to watch but it has alot of ads

  11. OMG why did he choke Daniel so much!!?? He could’ve died!! Why didn’t Daniel just kick Chozen where it counts!!??

  12. Ok how ironic is it that Chozen talks bout honor but yet he doesn't show any himself so you wanna tell me destroying somebody's dojo and fighting someone 3 on 1 is honorable wow you have a twisted view of honor

  13. Mr. Miyagi should've broken that spear the first time he removed it from Chozen's grip. Would've saved him a deal of trouble.

  14. 2:34 I love how miyagi just picks the dude up by his hair and punches him for no reason when he was already beaten. ? it's always been hilarious to me

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