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The Karate Kid Part II – Daniel vs. Chozen Scene (9/10) | Movieclips

November 30, 2019

Behind you! Kumiko! Get back! – Get back or I’ll kill her!
– Chozen! Don’t do this. I was wrong. Hate is wrong. – It’s over.
– I cannot hear you, Uncle. I am dead to you, remember, huh? Chozen, you are your uncle’s finest student. No disgrace him here. Your student disgrace me. – I have been dishonoured all because of him.
– For whatever happened, I apologise. Apology will not give me back my honor! – Well, neither will this.
– In their eyes it will. No more talk. You cross the bridge, or I kill her! Daniel-san, this not tournament. This for real. Now! No bridge. Now I dropped the bridge. Let her go. – Come on!
– Now we fight to death!

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  1. Chozen, dont do this, I was wrong, hate is wrong, it's over! How big of a deal in that tradition honour based society, is to admit you where wrong!

  2. I really want Chozen and Kumiko to be in season to of cobra kai they're already bring back the evil teacher from the first movie and Ally, I really want these to be in the new season or season 3 tops or maybe just Kumiko for season 2 and then Chozen somehow comes season 3 and becomes the evil villan that season b/c we all already the teacher from the first movie is going to be the villan in season 2

  3. The way the cobra kai series could bring Chozen back, is if chozen heeded the words of Sato "i was wrong, Hate is wrong" maybe 30 odd years later on could be looking for Daniel to ask for his forgiveness and possbly help run Miyagi Dojo.

    Chozen maybe saw an arguement between young Sato and young Mr.miyagi when chozen was 7 years old, he has flashbacks of what happened between the two sensei's but too young to remember, after Sato's death he tries to put things right?? just some ideas??

  4. Daniel could have just jumped into the water…probably not that deep. Then Chozen would have had to jump in after him lol

  5. As much as I love the first movie, this will always be my favorite. A trophy is just a trophy, but here Daniel was fighting for his life; a true warrior

  6. Daniel should have married Kumiko instead. In the trilogy it looked like she may have been the one he loved the most. Also helps that he saved her life.

  7. "Your student disgrace me!"

    Yeah, Chozen. Daniel was so wrong when he accidentally exposed you for cheating people out of money.

  8. This should have been the ending of the third film after Daniel won the two titles in parts one and two.

  9. daniel san should of tapped kumiko longgggggggggggggggggggg before this fight lol if he died at least he got some tight asian punani lmao lol ;pppppppppp

  10. Completely healthy Daniel beats this guy, buy months before was bettering Johnny. Yeah, real fight, blah blah.


  12. Chozen a dork what did his Uncle hate and tourmented past have anything to do with him I wonder what happen after Daniel beat Chozen anyway.

  13. Looking at Daniel’s Miyagi-Do outfit in this scene, I do wonder-if Daniel’s students wore that same outfit, what color would it be? For Robby it would be Red, for Sam it would be Pink, Demetri would be Blue, Chris either blue or green, Nathaniel would be green and the other four students either blue, green or red.

    What say everyone else?

  14. let it be known that this dude is the most biggest douche in the entire karate kid/cobra kai franchise (aside from kyler)

  15. Chozen is a man of honour
    He cons villagers, bullies people into bets, throws a hissy fit when he loses said bets and tries to steal the money he loses fairly, destroys other people's property, threatens to kill people and refuses to help save a young girl's life in danger
    You know, honourable things

  16. It's confirmed that Daniel is going back to Okinawa in Cobra Kai season 3. Will he meet Chozen or Kumiko again?

  17. How did dropping the bridge separate them from everyone else? It didn't look too hard to from one side to the other unless they are afraid of the water? I mean look at 2:05. That looks like an easy ledge to hop over.

  18. Somebody get the cops down there!!! We got attempted murder, unlawful confinement, assault, battery and bad 80's drama

  19. This really should have been the third film. It doesn't make sense to go back to a tournament after having fought a life-or-death-battle

  20. Daniel-San crosses the bridge to save her life and what does he get in return? No nookie and then she dumps him, just like the girl who dumped him from the first movie, so she can attend dance school in Tokyo.

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