The Karate Kid (Master Li’s Studio Meeting) 4K
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The Karate Kid (Master Li’s Studio Meeting) 4K

December 3, 2019

What Are you Doing? Why did you stop? Finish! Come Here! Okay Mr.Han, Let’s get out of here We do not stop when our enemy is down No Mercy.. No mercy in the studio.. No mercy in a competition… No mercy in life… Our enemy’s deserve pain What are you looking at? He’s the one who attacked me. We are here to make peace. Let your little thing mind himself. One to one, no problem… …six to one, too much to ask of anyone I see… Prepare For Match Woah, Mr. Han, does he want us to fight? We are not here to fight You attack my students and disrespect my studio? You want to leave? Not so easy! Master Li…. You both came here. One of you fights now. The boy will fight there. We accept your challenge Please instruct your students to leave my boy to train Attention! From now on, this little thing is to be left alone… ..until the tournament. Understood? If he does not show up for the competition… …I will bring the pain to him and to you So, that pretty much how you planned it? There’s good news and bad news… The good new’s is that they promise to leave you alone Really? While you prepare

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  1. Love how they ripped off everything from the original Karate Kid but made it about a black kid in China instead of a white kid in California, USA. Also, this should be called kung fu kid since this is not related to karate.

  2. So the dude that loses the sparring match goes to the semis and goes onto beat Dre ovi by DQ but still won….. Since he got last move… While the other kid that beats the Dude loses to dre in first round and we don't see much of him Good One!!!

  3. Putain j'adore ce film , il est trop cool et trop bien , je vous le conseille vraiment pour ceux qui adorent les arts martiaux et l'action 😉❤❤

  4. never got why mr han was scared of master li on this scene, i mean he knew how to fight too, they never really explain why🤔🤔

  5. ( Mr. Han and Dre enter the dojo while two boys are in combat, one wins over the other )………….

    Master Li : What are you waiting for idiot, FINISH HIM !!!!

    ( the boy finishes him )……….

    Master Li : Come here…………

    ( a moment later he slaps the little boy )………………..

    Dre : Okay Mr. Han let's get outta here…….

    Master Li : STAND UP !!! We don't train to lose at battle, be a good sport, showing weaknesses or ANYTHING LIKE THAT !!!! Mercy, Fear or pain doesn't EXIST IN THIS DOJO !!!!! A man faces you he's the ENEMY !!!!

    ( Approaches Cheng slowly )

    Master Li : What's the problem ??

    Cheng : That man attacked me yesterday……………………….

    ( Mr. Han and Dre approach quietly while the students notice their presence )

    Mr. Han : Greetings to you………

    Master Li : What do you want old man…………

    Mr. Han : We came here to ask peace to leave this little boy alone………….

    Master Li : Is that so…………….

    ( The students bow down as Cheng stands alone walking to the center of the mat )…………….

    Dre : Whoa, Mr. Han does he want us to fight ??

    Mr Han : We didn't come here to fight, we came to ask peace………

    ( Master Li approaches them quickly )

    Master Li : Impressive words old man, you don't just come in drop a challenge and leave, I'm afraid you're NOT gonna leave until you fight………………….

    Mr. Han : Please let us go……….

    ( Master Li threatens Mr. Han by grabbing his hand firmly, and Mr. Han manages to keep Dre safe by grabbing his hand )………………..

    Master Li : Give me one GOOD reason why i should let you live after dis honouring my dojo……..

    Mr. Han : The boy will compete in the tournoment……………..

    ( Master Li looks at the poster, he laughs and lets go of Mr. Han's hand, and Mr. Han lets go of Dre's hand )………………

    Master Li : Are you kidding me right now old man…………..

    Mr. Han : No, he'll compete, but your students must leave him alone in order to train…………

    Master Li : LISTEN UP !!! No one touches this little brat until after the tournoment, IS THAT UNDERSTOOD !!!!???

    Students : YES !!!!!!

    Master Li : Hey !!

    ( Mr. Han stops )

    Master Li : If the boy doesn't show up, i WILL bring great PAIN to him, and to YOU………..

    ( Mr. Han and Dre leave quietly )

  6. "One to one, no problem. Six to one, too much to ask of anyone." Literally the same line that Miyagi says in the first one to Kreese, and I love it!

  7. The original Karate Kid had part 2 & part 3. I see why New Karate Kid don't want to make part 2 because they don't want to see Jackie Chan fighting against Yu Rong Guan.

  8. Jackie chan he knows karate when they go to the rim and the karate kid knows karate they'll stop bullying .The karate kid

  9. master li is just depressed to have a small dick and from that day on, he had big sex problems and wanted to calm down by shouting and beating people up

  10. Master Li would've been better as Mr. Han and Jet Li would've been a better Master Li IMHO. As they are; I feel Master Li doesn't have that fear factor of John Kreese; he's more of a modern Mr. Miyagi. And Jackie Chan was too emotional for this role.

  11. Jackie Chan and Rongguang Yu have a great acting skill. I can feel the real intense between Mr. Han and Master Li right there..

  12. Yu Rongguang one of my favorite martial artist 👍👍👍 he’s also star in “the three kingdom” as Guan Yu also known as God of war

  13. I love how they name this movie karate kid when it takes place in China and they practice Kung Fu

  14. My karate teacher used to punish the laughing in class by hitting the students… We were just kids… Our parents noticed that and his dojo was closed down forever (he was an asshole…)

  15. 2:25 why does Jackie grab jadens arm like that? I never understood that part was he saying like be cool??

  16. I thought karate was meant for defense and is suppose to encourage honor and humility. This master is cruel.

  17. This obviously mirrors when Miyagi and Daniel went to Kreese's dojo after Miyagi whupped Johnny and co's asses and wanted to call a truce with Cobra Kai.

  18. I have to admit Li is right about the world, the world shows no mercy why shouldn't we do the same to those who bullied us, they must pay the price.

  19. This scene is mixed up because the kid getting his ass kicked is the one who put Dre out of commission when really the kid winning the fight is the kid who hesitated to finish him and Dre off

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