The Karate Kid (4/8) Movie CLIP – Catching a Fly With Chopsticks (1984) HD
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The Karate Kid (4/8) Movie CLIP – Catching a Fly With Chopsticks (1984) HD

November 30, 2019

Wouldn’t a fly swatter be easier? Man who catch fly with chopsticks, accomplish anything. Did you ever catch one? Not yet. Could I try? If wish. Hey, Mr. Miyagi, look! Look. You, beginner luck. I guess that means I can accomplish anything, right? No sweat. First you accomplish paint fence. All in wrist. Wrist up. Wrist down. All in wrist. Up, down, long stroke. Very good. Up, down.

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  1. Two things. First, If you look close enough you can see the string they used for the "fly" and second, what in the hell is in the area to attract flies in the first place?!

  2. Mr. Miyagi's thoughts when Daniel caught the fly: Wtf!
    But it was absolutely hilarious when Mr. Miyagi got so pissed when Daniel caught the fly

  3. I have a great new idea for a new karate kid movie.I need to know how to get in touch with RJ Louis.

  4. If this scenario was real then what actually happened to the fly, myagi, was attempting to catch with the chopsticks in the south sea apartments maintenance workshop – this exposes ,myagi, as being a liar

  5. I was in the Czech republic and no joke almost everyone there could catch a fly by stabbing it with a toothpick. Well I only ever saw one other guy do it other than me but they all said it was easy. No one else in my American group could do it though, the flies there are definitely fatter and slower because I haven't been able to do it since.

  6. have watched this movie for over 25 years , luv this sceen so much emotion and so authentic, one of the classics. if u didnt realize yeah he was pissed but that is the moment that miyagi knew that he was like a son too him . that is love man !

  7. I feel like this is foreshadowing that Daniel is gonna become even stronger than Miyagi by the end of Cobra Kai.

  8. Now I have this image in my head of the Miyagi-Do students trying to catch a fly with chopsticks and Demetri finally gets frustrated, takes a swatter and squashes the fly.

  9. I have a theory here.
    In The Next Karate Kid, Miyagi was fast enough to catch an arrow. This should be no sweat for him. However, we also learn that Miyagi values all life.
    Therefore, perhaps the point is not catching the fly to kill it, but catching it so it doesn't die. This is so test of both skill and self control, which shows that a man can truly accomplish everything.
    Daniel failed cus he killed the fly, that's the real reason Miyagi was pissed off, he's not the jealous type

  10. If Daniel didnt caught that fly he Should not have painted both sides of the fence…. Trust me I have that i mind since I saw this movie ?

  11. 1:20 When you've been working on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle and you've been looking for the same piece for, like, three days… And then your sister comes by, looks at it for, like, three seconds and says, "Oh!", picks up that piece and sticks it in place!

  12. Had to comment this is my favorite scene in the whole movie. I loved how it transitioned into Miyagi having Daniel paint the fence after he was feeling cocky catching the fly.

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