The Karate Kid 2010: I want to go home
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The Karate Kid 2010: I want to go home

November 29, 2019

Dre, what’s going on? Nothing Dre, what happend? What happened?
Nothing. Something happened. What, you don’t like that karate class, baby?
It’s not karate, mom. Okay, all right. Karate, kung fu, whatever.
Dre, what happened? We moved to China! That’s what happened! Okay, stop. Don’t be like that, Dre. What do you want me to do? We’ve been here less than a week and I feel…
– I feel like it’s a year! I hate it here! Dre, please let me help you. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me
what’s wrong, so please… You don’t care what’s wrong! All you care about is “how happy I am”
and “how great the ice cream is”! Well, I am not happy! I hate it here! I want to go home! Dre, we can’t go home. Okay? There is nothing left for us in Detroit. This is what we got. This is home. Okay?

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  1. What most people don't know is that Jaiden was actually referring to his Cornrows which looked terrible, were probably itchy and he wanted to get rid of badly, but his father wouldn't let him until at least 2012 because it was all-the-rage in the 2000s.

    But no seriously, this kid doesn't get enough credit for his acting. His tears and frustration feel very genuine here.

  2. Ha when he “said it’s not karate” he basically broke the 4th wall, with the name of the movie being Karate Kid and not Kung Fu Kid

  3. Guys when bullies bully you just tell your teacher or principal but guys my teacher said learn for giveness it’s what GOD’a law or rule???? but when the bully cried just try to be there Friend when it doesn’t work just tell there mom or dad

  4. This is me staying in norway for six years, I go to school, I work but I swear I cry cuz I miss my family and I wanna go home to Africa, there’s nothing like watching the sun set to the place that you grew up

  5. I would say the same thing if I moved to China from America. Atleast move to another state. If I lived in Detroit, I'd go to Chicago, new york, bostom, or even west coast seems fine

  6. People always make fun of Jayden but we always forget that the kid could act when he was younger. Sure he may be a little crazy but he is a good actor.

  7. I can sympathize with him. I had to move from my home state and I hate where I live now. Anyone else have this problem?

  8. I understand dre's problem but keeping it to himself and blaming his mother for moving to china was not helping. What I mean is getting bullied by the king fu students and making him negative about living in china.


  10. My reaction on Mugen Fighting Guild. ''I hated that forum. I wanna go to a forum where I go everyday as a user and be happy and posting in general. I will never go back again!!!"

  11. That’s kinda how I feel right now as an young adult. Moving to ATL is cool and all but I miss back home in NC the ocean and all. Most of all I missed the friends I had.. yeah you make new ones but it isn’t the same like home ?

  12. Home in china = government of ccp will tell what to say and and do like spying on other people if they hate the government of ccp and steal away your organs for profit or to prolonged there own life for the higher ups in China!

  13. I like this movie its great and the character Jaden smith in this movie he was always my favorite in this movie Like if you agree

  14. This is how I feel when my mom only cares about my other 2 siblings and everthing else instead of me, she never care for me!!!??????

  15. Exactly how I feel RN. Living in the stupid past, at the same damn place where I got hit by a car, I fucking hate this place.

  16. When you’re homesick and have to stay at your fiancé’s moms house until we find a house, and have to way 6 months which feels like a lot longer! ??❤️??

  17. Jayden’s face here reminds me so much of his dad’s in the scene from Fresh Prince

  18. Jaden and Taraji are the best actors for this movie. Jaden is really good with his emotions as well as Taraji. I love how great of a mother trying to calm him down.

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