The Introverts – Archery Date
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The Introverts – Archery Date

August 20, 2019

[Mom] Hey, it’s the introverts here. Heh. While the kids are away the parents will play. We’ve decided to do Archery. I’m going to hit…I’m going to hit a target. It might not be mine but I’m going to hit one. First time I’ve played archery, or…it that how you say it? I don’t know. Since grade nine. It’s been a few years. [Dad] So, like, ten years. Ha ha! [Mom] Ha,ha. More like 20, but yeah. [whoosh and thud of arrow] [mom] Last one. [whoosh and thud of arrow] [Mom] Agh, it hit the paper [Mom] I think my arm’s getting tired [Dad] Is it? [Whoosh and thud of arrow] [Whoosh and thud of arrow] [Mom] Nothin’ [Dad] O.K., now we’re doing video. [Mom] Hahaha! Lookit! So close! Didn’t quite make it though. I guess Jeff won. [Dad silent laughing] [Whoosh and thud of arrow] [Dad] Oh dear. [Whoosh and thud of arrow] [Mom] Good job, sweetie! [Dad] I guess. [Mom] Oh, we both missed at least 1 target [Mom] This is Jeff’s. [Mom] 1 miss, 1 was in blu… 2 are in red. Very nice. [Mom] And, this is mine. [Mom] ohhhh, we tied. [Dad] Did we? [Mom] Yeah. 1 missed, 2 in the inner red. Where your’s both in the inner red? [Dad] I don’t know. [Mom] Oh. [Mom] I think I might have won. Woooooo! [Mom] That’s the face… of second place. [Dad] Hahaha!

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