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January 16, 2020

– [Robert] When migrants were
blocking the road in Calais in France, I wrote just
run the fuckers over. ♫ I’m so bored I’m so bored – A bit of a change, isn’t it? We should just fucking run them over. Send all of them back. I don’t care where they
come from, just send them. Send them all to Turkey, ’cause they’re all coming through there. Europe’s got, in my belief,
Europe’s got two problems. One, the EU, Brussels, get rid of it. And the second one is like what you’ve got all these migrants, so-called migrants from the war in Syria. Thank you, dear, coffee. – [Narrator] Who the the
people who spend their lives debating online, and how did the discourse become so polarised? Why do so many use the
internet to threaten, harass, and stretch freedom of
speech to its limit? And are they as angry in
person as they are online? From world leaders to
refugees, hundreds of millions of comments, tweets, and
posts are left every day by people all over the world. These are the people behind the comments. Meet the internet warriors. – It took me three years
to get my wife here going through the correct
channels, you know, paying the money. Had to have photographs of my house inside and out, my wage slips six months,
bank statements six months, all this just so my wife
can come to this country. It cost me about three,
4000 pound, all in all. And she gets here for six months, and then she’s got to go home which is another reason
I hate my government, the people in it. But she’s here now. Six months (laughs), and
then she’s got to go home. Then we have to do it all over
again, pay, pay, pay, pay. – Hi.
– Hi. When people call me a racist obviously they’re demonising me. I don’t think it’s racist
to want to identify with your own race and
to want to preserve it. That’s not racist. A racist is someone who hates other races. I certainly don’t hate other races. I identify with my own race, that’s true. So this is a tweet. “Sending children of different
race to the same schools “is a form of eugenics,
encouraging them to mix “and later to intermarry.” Diversity is not something to celebrate, I mean unless you want to celebrate your own ethnic decline and demise. I mean is that something to celebrate? I don’t think so. (laughs) Nobody in their right mind
would want to celebrate their own ethnic decline. It’s madness, total madness,
but that’s mainstream, that’s mainstream. – Whoopee, whoopee, whoopee. – It’s my mother’s dog really, but we’ve sort of become
quite good friends, and I’ve become quite attached to her. In fact she’s my first serious
relationship with a dog with any other animal other than a human. I’ve had a few pretty
serious relationships with other humans, of course, but my first serious
relationship with a dog. I wrote a blog post in
defence of Anders Breivik, not in defence of what he
did, which is indefensible, but I sympathise a lot with his motivations, what motivates him, his sense of betrayal
by his own government. I understand that ’cause
I feel the same sense of betrayal by my government,
that they betrayed us to mass immigration and this
sort of diversity they call it. It’s a betrayal, so I
sympathise with that a lot. I think I know what motivated him. What he did was indefensible, but I understand why he did it. – When some protestors were
demonstrating at a Trump rally I wrote, “Burrito Jalapeno
illegals back packing, “they come here disrespecting
our flag traditions “pretending they love America, bullshit.” Evel Knievel was one of my admirers. I seen him wearing a patriotic jumpsuit, and I thought that was
cool, so I started wearing patriotic clothing also. (doorbell rings) Well, it represents
freedom and everything, you know regardless what
some people might think. It represents our country. A lot of men defended that flag, and a lot of people died from
defending that flag also. (indistinct restaurant chatter) See ya. (grunting)
(radio blaring) Look at that. (bird chirping) – I’ve tweeted 174,000 times. Like I didn’t realise that
it had gone that high. No, I’m not hateful because I believe that to hate something you had
to have loved it before. I wrote this tweet to
the artist, Lady Gaga. “That bitch has really
fucking pissed me off. “Fuck you, you tired ass showgirl cunt. “Go back to party city where you belong.” Yeah, it’s harsh but it was necessary for me to outlet my emotions. (laughing) The things I’m most interested
in discussing online is mainly pop culture, equality, and sex that I talk about with people. Sometimes it gets me into arguments, but it’s not something that I care about, ’cause at the end of the
day, it’s just someone behind a computer screen. It’s not going to really
affect my life much. I mean you’d have to be
a really insecure person to be upset about what someone says about what someone says about you online. Another tweet I wrote, “I
hope ISIS kill David Cameron.” I really couldn’t stand David Cameron. I wished we had a different
Prime Minister here. He was an absolute twat. Yeah, I stand by that, still do. – It’s all ’cause I’m voting Trump. Who you voting for? – Trump.
– Atta girl. I knew you were a good woman. (laughing) Ha, yeah, oh, you guys are
gonna really have to block your ears for this one. I know you got all these on there. (laughing) – I’ll say it. – See, all right. In another tweet about
the US election, I wrote, “Fuck you Obama u worthless mutherfucker! “And fuck that scumbag
lying bitch Hillary! “Trump is gonna wipe your fucking names “out of the U.S. history!!” Yeah, I wrote that. (laughs) I’m proud of that one too. I think it’s gonna be
a landslide honestly. And hopefully if he is,
then Hillary ends up in handcuffs in prison
and where she belongs. Did you have a rough day? (baby babbling) No, who’s gonna be President? – Trump. – Good girl, Trump. – [TV Announcer] It’s a
great night for Democrats. Hillary has run an impeccable campaign. She has all the progressive
base for the most part. – Oh, I hope that bitch loses. Absolutely can’t stomach her. I love ya, I’ll see you in the morning. – I mean the early votes–
– Yeah, I hope we win. – Just a few hours ago we
saw one of the greatest political upsets in
American political history. Voters chose Donald Trump
as the 45th President after many polls made Hillary
Clinton the favourite. – [Man Offscreen] Did
you shoot anything today? – No, there’re just dull. “On this great day in
America, the land of the free “and the home of the brave,
I’m in the woods hunting “and loving my country and freedom.” That was one of the things I wrote. Mitt Romney wrote
something about, he said, “Best wishes for our
duly elected President. “May his victory speech be his guide “and preserving the republic his aim.” And I said, “ur a real scumbag! “Thanks for not helping Trump at all! “Eat shit!!!!! “Ur a traitor scumbag!” Sorry, it’s just how I am. (wind howling) (sombre music)

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  1. What a way to report on the opposite point of view by picking the best and brightest people of the right wing. Outstanding and fair reporting guardian. I do now believe that anyone that has issues with mass immigration ,for instance, is a complete racist imbecile like these people. Thank you guardian for fighting the good fight against wrongthink.

  2. Where did you guys find Pete Seville? I'd say this much in his favor; at least he's getting some exercise!

    @12:50, that's a dude. . .right?

    I'm not sure, but after watching this, am I supposed to find a high cliff and jump? Or. . ?

  3. This is a good example of how the media wants to portray people and how it uses its representation of people to push their agenda not a single person i that video who was right wing was under 40 (rough guess) and all were physically attribute which people find repulsive(balding, overweight etc.) they want people to associate right wing ideas with old people portraying those ideas as antiquated and out of date and by making them physically repulsive make people look down on them and make them feel better than them. I'd respect the intelligence that went into this if it were not a horrific manipulation of their audience

  4. Trusting the media to act as a filter to view the world through. Yes that's going to end well. It couldn't possibly be that the Guardian is being politically selective in this presentation could it ?

  5. Typical uneducated pricks, theres no such thing as "race" as we all come from the same biological stew. The difference is culture, which is man made.

  6. Yep, because it's not like the left ever spouts hate speech or anything (btw this is sarcasm, and I must point this out because I know you liberals have a hard time figuring these kinds of things out).

  7. Confusing video title, it should be narrow-minded humans instead of internet warriors!
    I though the video was about hacking and shit, disappointed.

  8. I wonder how the "Trump Voter" feels now. The man for the job got in and has done what you wanted mate? Pfft.

  9. "People use the social media to get to their confort zone where the only sound the hear is the echo of their own voice" Zygmunt Bauman

  10. i like how someone who looks like she has cronic diabetes can call alll lgbt people defect, what a spastic

  11. The Trump supporter dad is awesome. Boy, I'd love to move to a red state, just to see how different everything is from the blue states… Especially the south.

  12. One sided story as always, Journalists from the Guardian regularly target innocent ppl and dog pile onto them.

  13. I love this. the part where the Republican man is saying he "hates that bitch" in front of his precious 2 year old was a powerful shot. As well as the woman who is saying all that terrible stuff about Lady Gaga and then just rolls and grabs a cup off a dirty makeshift nightstand to take a sip of water. then the awful tangled hair brushing. the anti LGBT woman in her dark depressing and cluttered environment. I know I've said some harsh things online too. it makes me so mad to see all these people stuck in their identity politics uncompromising and so hateful. I hate it even more when I see that mindset manifesting in myself.

  14. I am getting the feeling that these people are not that smart, not knowing the basics of humanity… the fact that migration, war or intermingling of races and cultures has happened since the dawn of humanityand it will never stop.. it is like they are fighting against humanity, good for us they are in the minority unless the nazis will win.

  15. This ridiculously biased extremist 'newspiece' is exactly when the Guardian will die. You beg for donations because no one wants your extremism. Your time is coming to an end Guardian.

  16. Translation: "let's censor the internet so that free speech against tyranny goes away". Don't let these pieces of shit deceive you. That is the purpose of these media outlets: deceit and manipulation of the general population.

  17. Its funny, it seems to me that all this people share common feature, they all have no life. (doesnt matter where you came from Russia, USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East, China)

  18. What a one sided, double standard, disingenuous article. If this is the example of the output on the Guardian, then the Guardian is just a trash printing rag. Anyone who understands the normal distribution curve of IQ knows that there a bunch of dumb (excuse me low IQ) people out there. Nothing for it. If there are genus at one end of the bell curve there are morons at the other. This is clearly a biased selection. Where are the equal number of idiots from the progressive left? I guaranty they are equal in number, at least, to the ones on the right.

  19. " media telling lies " – this probably seems a new age ( social media – internet age ) consensus ,no matter on which side of the debate one is on any particular issue -international or otherwise

  20. I don't like what they are saying but this puts them in the worst light just mocking them. Just makes things worse…

  21. im a Trump supporter and I feel sorry for How do people see US.
    Do this is a good video that gave me a new perspective.
    thank you for that.

  22. The first guy had legitimate opinions about the EU and migration and people had the same views before the internet took off so what has that got to do with either harassing and threatening people or stretching the freedom of speech to its limits. Is it something to do with him being not very articulate or educated or is it that lefties need to be in their safe spaces without hearing contrary (not objectionable) opinions on the EU or migration? Sounds like the would be censors of the thought police of left wing hegemonists.

  23. "I'm not a racists – they're demonizing me"
    "It's not racist to only want to identify with your own race"
    "Racist is someone who hates other races"

    No you dumb fuck, a racist is someone who stereotypes other human beings into different 'races'

    You literally just defined yourself as racist, but said you're not racially prejudiced against other people. smh

  24. if it wasn't for diversity, you old grey bastard, you would still be a black man on the hills of ethiopia !!!
    know you're roots, know your history to know you're destiny!!
    we all came from black people…
    love, and unity for all people!!

  25. Well. As long as you are being'right on' and politically correct, using the Internet is fine. Try to use it to express an opinion in 'democratic' UK and you are a 'racist, sexist ….any other 'ist' that may be trendy..Stop thinking you are the center of the universe; putting yourself out there.. If you can't stand the heat..stay outta the kitchen! STAY OFF SOCIAL MEDIA! It's not rocket science. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

  26. why cant people see the hypocrisy in their own thinking. Some hypocrisy is inevitable but blatant double standards are pretty much a person's individual responsibility to correct….

  27. The second nutter should educate himself as the UK at times goes abroad to SEEK people to fill jobs in the UK, they had to do this when a large number of Civil Engineers retired and there were no British Civil Enginers to take their place. I knew a man from Jordan who came into the UK for that reason, he was recruited at his University.

  28. Geeze. Pick the most disgusting people to represent their countries and give them voices. Warriors in the title is deceiving, but what isn’t these days.

  29. The internet is to blame. You see it, you make comments, good or bad. Before the internet, you talked to your neighbors, or your coworkers. Not now; now you condemn, dehumanize, offend, seldom praise. Different ideologies, i.e., threats to your identity, creates sociological chaos. I actually understand the gentleman at the beginning of this video: he said he blames the government for allowing such an influx of immigrants into his country. He feels he is being forced to accept it without objection. I totally see his point.

  30. I just feel sorry for these people. The one who criticised Lady Gaga you can't really take it seriously when she stole that line off RuPaul's Drag Race. It's kinda ironic she says you'd have to be a really insecure person to be upset about what someone says online, surely you're very insecure if you spend your day criticising strangers just to feel better about yourself. I couldn't really take the Trump voter guy seriously either cuz he had nothing intelligent to say at all, all he did was cuss people out, he said he was proud of his tweets even though they made him look dumb. And he was there swearing, setting a bad example in front of his very young kids, it was sad. Kinda stupid for these people to reveal themselves like this, I mean won't their employer be pissed with them? I'm glad I got to see this anyway cuz it just goes to show you that people who are cruel to you online are more than likely just a very sad odd person so you really shouldn't care what they say. It was nice the guy at the end said he regretted what he'd wrote, you'd like to think people would mature as they get older anyway.

  31. To be pitied. They wouldn't dream of saying to peoples faces what they type hidden behind their keyboards. I cringe for 'em tbh.

  32. I havent watched it yet but the answer is easy. The most people are simply disgusting creatures and on the internet they can take off their masks. The amount of anti social comments is the proof.
    Your Internet presence is the mirror of your soul.

  33. That lady in green just looks NUTS!13:33 sounds like she inherited the internet warrior syndrome..21:06 the looser who is still a virgin and clocking 35.

  34. OK. I don't know if I'm going to make it to the end of the video, so I'll just leave my comment now lol. The "i'm not racist" guy is the type of person that I run into quite often on the internet, gaming, and in other spaces. The common thread with that type of personality is that a racist person is always an extreme step from where they are philosophically. In other words "What is a racist? Not me". When you say you aren't something and you have to make a comparison the someone on the far edge of your beliefs, you just might be that thing.

    I'm black, so I have run into this in my lifetime. The thing of it is, people have every right to be racist. I'm never going to want to police a persons thoughts, because all that does is breed resentment. If we leave it a point where you don't like me for some reason that is totally out of my control, that's fine with me. The problems start when people want their idea of a perfect world to be everyone's truth. I'm a realist. I know that the world will never have that moment where we see the similarities as opposed to the differences and come together. As long as your doctrine does not include hurting the people you disagree with, it should be fair game to feel any way you want about anyone you want.

  35. It is actually no surprise that the first man has an Asian wife despite being racist. The logic is quite clear: inferiority complex maybe due to to lack of success in school and work -> needs acceptance and the feeling of being superiour –> hates muslims (classic scapegoating) and carreer women, and feels wronged because some women have let them down, and hence hates feminism –> still likes to bash muslims for their view of women –> gets an Asian wife because these are easier to get for European men + they are more comfortable with a more conservative gender role pattern.

  36. Quite a generalization and the fact the comment section hasn’t come to this realization is both surprising and disappointing.

  37. Besides his opinion on Trump…am I the only one who thinks the patriotic flag guy should not use such strong language in front of his children?

  38. He lives in a slum, the dog looks filthy and he's watching other people's lives and not his own. Get a life dude!

  39. The only person on this video with any semblance of a brain was the older chap with the little dog early on. At least he was able to validate his argument rather than just spouting hate and ignorance.

  40. This is internet criminal not internet warrior. I think you need to study more on your school so you understand more about English words. Well warrior is still warrior doesn't matter it's online or offline. Criminal is criminal also doesn't matter it's online or offline

  41. That crazy cat lady 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. This documentary is hilarious – these people!! I can't breathe.

  42. People should think more deeply, these people have plain logic. Also, I think all of these have to take psychological support.

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