The International 2019 – Show Open
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The International 2019 – Show Open

November 4, 2019

就在这儿 就是现在 这是你这辈子的比赛追求的目标 这项大赛的存在是因为我们都热爱Dota 就这么简单 神盾上留下名字 这是冠军归属的证明 这不仅仅是冠军盾 而是Dota的全球盛典 我们都热爱这个游戏 高潮 还有低谷 这不仅仅是比赛中发生的一切 还有比赛之外所有人与你的羁绊 建立伴随一生的友情 在打第一届TI的时候 我就有感觉这会是一个很特别的比赛 而是把Dota和竞技带到了一个全新的高度 有一样东西始终没变 中国Dota的力量 早在TI出现之前 中国就是职业Dota的中心 并且中国观众是 全世界最热情的粉丝之一 在这儿为了冠军盾而战斗
有着非凡的意义 这让我感觉 我们的Dota终于回来了 这是梦想 为赢得冠军盾而战 是一个梦想 这也不是梦想 这是国际邀请赛 全靠大家 我们才能参加 史上最大的电竞赛事 感谢 感谢 感谢 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢 感谢上海 接待我们 让我们享受Dota

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  1. Tiananmen Square Massacre. 1989. Automatic rifles were used to kill several hundred protestors. They fought for democracy.

    Fight against censorship.

  2. you have to bring TI10 back to germany (/europe).
    it all started at gamescom and the anniversary should go back to their roots to celebrate it.
    maybe not gamescom directly because the TI is way too big now but find a good location in germany or at least europe.

  3. ti9 hands down has the best matches in Dota history so far but valves sellout on china made this years ti whack. Type minglul if you agree.

  4. “dota has finally come home”? the fuck you on about dawg? yeah i get that chinese have huge fan base for dota and we are thankful. but these kinds of cheesy dumb comments really takes you out of the moment with rage

  5. Dota 2 is a video game developed and published by an American company. "Dota has finally come home" said by a Chinese player.

  6. There is a problem on the stream tho. Everytime a non-chinese team makes a good play the stream gets muted and no sound can be heard.

  7. probably one of the best open ceremonys valves ever done, and the videos they have to start it off always give me goose bumps 5x over

  8. Twitch TV is full of racist comments by all those viewers, they complaint that Chinese audience only cheers for Chinese team.

    I had watched quite a number of matches (upper bracket and lower bracket), based on my observation, they (Chinese audience) did cheer for Team Liquid, OG, Team Secret, and Mineski, etc.

    Those stupid racist comments on Twitch TV's chat room really try to create racial tension and conflict.

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