“The Hunting Ground”: Lady Gaga, Diane Warren, Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering | Interview | TimesTalks
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“The Hunting Ground”: Lady Gaga, Diane Warren, Kirby Dick, Amy Ziering | Interview | TimesTalks

November 19, 2019

sorry I am not really sure why they
showed up and thank you all for joining us thank you all this is we’re talking
about it an important issue and a very important movie tonight and for starters
I think a lot of people are surprised to see your name connected with this how
did you come to be involved in this movie and in writing the song for it
with Diane Diane came to me with the beginnings of this beautiful song and
she told me she was talking to the team that was working on the hunting ground
and about how we wanted to raise social awareness about campus rapes around the
world she knew it was something that was important to me because of my own
history and that’s where the conversation began and then we heard you
been involved in a situation like that and hearing the stories of you know
whose it was important to everyone that the person involved with singing the
song had been abused or had an experience like that so that it was
often and it was important to me that we kept the integrity of that when making
the record so Diane and I went in and we shared our stories you know I’ve had my
own experiences with not exactly what’s in the movie but you know so you both
Delta very personal connection to this issue yes absolutely i mean but it’s hard to
say no that’s the thing about the issue in the film is that I didn’t tell anyone
for you know I think seven years I didn’t tell anyone and it was I didn’t
know how to even think about it I don’t know how to accept it I didn’t know how
to not blame myself or I think it was my fault it’s something that really changed my
life changed I was completely even change my body changed my life changed
her body well you know when you go to a trauma
like that you know it doesn’t just have physical doesn’t just have the immediate physical
gratifications I’m you for many people it has almost like drama when you we
experience throughout the years after it it can trigger patterns in your body
physical distress so a lot of people suffer from not just emotional and
mental pain but physical pain as a result of being abused braved or you know traumatize in some
type of waste and molested me and I and wanted to open the door to any person
that went through any type of experience know that it was ok to feel that way and
to share that and that you don’t have to maybe defend yourself because then
you’re not happens to you they don’t know how it feels and the fact that way
that help your performance how it got it starts out longer will you start out
like a victim and as it as the song progresses just like that like to meet
their Zach three parts you know like with the movie right there’s there’s a
beginning of the movie where you see these poor girls going to school and
they’re they’re victimizer assaulted and then and then they become survivors and
then it’s like you know i mean kite say the F word felt like you were not were not victims
fuck you were changing ok ok you know so that the the the the
current the girls the young women and a movie that’s what
they’re going through the Gaga’s performance which is genius which you
could teach a class on the best performances ever in life to me which
starts out of honorable like that like the characters are so vulnerable in said
second person and you getting pissed it’s like really no known and there was
a hard as that we were working together is because you know diana is just see
you at the p.m. so powerful and you want to make it epic and I was going I’m not
going out like that not going out on this sad cord you know
that’s not how I feel any more about it because you are so right when somebody
says to me you know how that happened to you you know that damage you you know
I’m like I’m thinking to myself you don’t know you know who the fuck right
now you don’t you don’t want to meet me in an alleyway I don’t and that’s why we
wanted young people and the people to feel all over the world that you can
actually own ear pain and then again you can get a good part of you can be
defined in the video as well that Catherine Hardwicke amazing directed
Directed Twilight the video today I’m Catherine Hardwicke
to the video again that same thing as three parts if you see the video there’s
in with your performance or like victims and their sadness in your room they
can’t the the composer count right and they can study and then they their
friends come and they’re the only person in this scenario that can heal you is
yourself right and that is the complicated process and the only person
so what the video I feel like teaches people is that it’s what helpful as that
we as humanity can be compassionate to one another to lead each other to those
epiphanies but we can’t actually provide them for each other I can’t make you
have an epiphany but I can encourage you to try to have won by looking inside
they survived that you that you can survive when all you don’t hold had
there is a glimmer of life inside somewhere that you just have to make a
commitment to look for its not your fault it’s not and if you’re not a
victim or victims this is just your unique existed when this is rather than
just like what is it about our culture or society that makes women in these
situations feel like they’re at fault and that makes it so hard to talk about
it and tell the truth can’t adjust my own for someone
state-run I want you to fuck up my friends which I don’t really talk about
I was molested by friend of mines down I never said that for a highly told him I
am same as a funny people well okay so 12 years old and I never told anybody
ever told my mom or dad liked it also was my fault it wasn’t my fault you know
it wasn’t but can you don’t you don’t you know you don’t know that you know I
never told my friend I never you know it’s like you know but I never said
anything I know I told my mom like you know and I said something which is why
did you tell us I don’t know because you know I felt it was my fault or something
and that’s I don’t know I don’t know why that is anybody know the answer to that
is it because the culture do you i mean is this shadow of it you know it’s like
you said something for me it was like after it happened like but what did I do
in my life to bring this upon myself there was like some sort of like maybe
religious guilt attached to it that I had somehow inspired by the way than
they do that again to the victims a real victim lies you if you if you like press
charges when your own thing they will what did you wear what were you wearing
for me that was a big part of it for me you could be nick is because of the way
that I dress in the way that I’m provocative as the person I thought that
I had brought it upon myself in some way you know that it was my fault and that I
didn’t like I just never even told anyone and you feel guilt the same kind
of thing yes and how many people in this room of
how I mean how do we eradicate that impulse that reaction oh it must be my
fault I must have done something wrong how do we get victims young with this so
I think we support survivors I mean that’s the first thing to believe them
and support them I mean and not to doubt because it’s a very courageous thing to
come forward and speak about this i mean you can hear you know morning you know and I don’t want to take that
away from any of the victims as well you know anyone that’s watching it’s like if
you feel like you did something wrong that’s part of the beauty and what you
didn’t you did that’s part of the way you’re going to feel you walk down the
street naked it’s always the perpetrators fault and the problem is
our culture really doesn’t understand these crimes are processed them properly
there’s a lot of rape myths that make people think happy thoughts do you say
it’s confusing and actually no it’s not confusing in fact most studies show
ninety to ninety percent of the time when someone reports of rape but also
I’m starting to take it on this earth where we not i mean the clothes and the
covering up isn’t this hold fairly new I mean colder climate was but but or part
aren’t I mean think of how old the earth and how old humanity is that like
there’s been lots of spurts of time where we didn’t really have a lot of
clothing or d’aquino covered things and maybe maybe that’s probably as long as
if not longer than the amount of time we’ve had clothes on so you know when we
didn’t have clothes was it acceptable to just raped someone because they had no
clothes on I hope not but maybe it happened more we could do research about
that Mom maybe we should do research about that but you know it’s totally
besides the point is not OK to assault somebody sexually no matter what using
using words using mentality using your body and any type of way it’s wrong that
there’s no there’s no are we still living in an age where we have to defend
why it’s wrong but it’s very hard to talk about it as you both said and I
think you interviewed how many young women for the movie and some young men
ages seventy on camera and probably about talked over 200 over the course of
two years you see the movie one of the things that makes it so powerful is just
how many people are talking in this movie and a lot of them say some things in
common and I think that’s a good introduction to our first clip from the
movie which is young women talking about one of the difficulties incoming public
and coming if I can before it that’s what was so strange about making this
film is that we were on dozens of campuses over the course of two years
and you would hear the identical story over and over and over again i mean that
some of their friends right yeah it’s it’s more often yet it’s not me it was
someone I trusted yeah yeah it’s more of an acquaintance rape or friend rape as
opposed to someone was a stranger and stranger you know so can we show that
clip when your parents found out they thought about time and money and I did I
didn’t tell my parents and killed couple days later which was probably the
hardest thing I’ve ever had to do ever crime they want to talk about it again and just the fact that they would know it would just be there in their minds
when they looked at me just mom’s voice on the phone her feeling so helpless in
that moment is probably one of the worst aspects of this entire ordeal which
makes me the most and get my assailant my mom was on the plane the next day
after she told though he wasn’t wearing it at him or his
finger that has a permanent mark from history and didn’t ring on it just was
there was even more heartbreaking for me to watch you were doing this movie did
you find yourself continuously surprised by just how much was there but just how
much were finding yeah yeah I know absolutely it was it just seemed like
every time we interviewed somebody I mean not only was it so dramatic that
they’ve been assaulted but the schools themselves did not handle it right and
often blame them and just you know created a you know a second betrayal
really i mean you know they go to the schools to completely idealistic they
can get their very safe environments in most places they are but there are
certain places that are dangerous and they don’t expect that they get
assaulted in they have the courage to come forward which is incredible and
then the school you know shut them down in flames and that’s it didn’t always
happen but it happened so many times that it was really surprising and why
does the school so I think shut them down well I think you know they make the
decision that their reputation is more important than the safety of their
students they’re they’re ready they’re concerned about donations they’re
concerned about applicants and they’re concerned if they actually address the
problem that they come forward and say we have a problem in all schools do
they’re concerned that they will be known as the rape school and people wont
go there I mean what we’re looking for among administrators and college
presidents is the show leadership here it is a tough steps to say you have a
problem but if you do that that’s the first step toward the solution and we
are starting to see some movement that’s encouraging you know it’s this has been
covered up for years and years and years is it worse now or is it just that it’s
finally come to light you know there aren’t the studies that
go way back ironically these research institutions have been very curious
about what’s been going on in the backyard for decades so we can tell you
statistically if it’s the case anecdotally it absolutely seems like
it’s been going on there’s no reason there’s no reason to think it hasn’t but
what’s different now is the internet in the digital world we live in so that now
you’re seeing survivors being able to network and we were talking about shame
it is it’s a kind of crime that you tend to go very internal with and now because
of technology as you see in our film survivors are able to stay internal but
but share with other people and forge a community and and network in a way we’ve
never seen before and change stuff so that that’s the big difference when
people can think what why now what’s the difference I think that’s what’s that’s
what the student movement allowed people to feel empowered and comfortable speaks
coming forward and create some hope to write a lot of hope ya so important to
that we take care of them you know after the fact as well you know we’re trying
to raise awareness about campus rapes and abused but you know the aftermath of
this is so magnificent you know what I really hope with this song and with our
collaboration is that we help people to feel loved after it happens and it was rape and
generals with sexual and mental illness depression the the trauma the
post-traumatic stress disorder some women become pregnant and have to decide
if they’re going to keep the baby of the rapist these are things that change
people’s lives forever and I i think that you know it’s important with these sorts of you know movements
that we acknowledge not just the thing that’s causing it but how we can help
after because the reality is that we may never be able to stop it from happening
but we can help make people that are surviving through it feel more empowered
by the world and the sixties doing that I mean you
know that your song is doing it and having that kind of effect and let me
know that the film The Fillmore all do it together in different fields but they
don’t know is that you know after the after the videotape lewd and now with
the 22 million the rape lines have been flooded the letters we’ve been getting
from people think thank you for make it look like I’m going to create I’m
getting like every day and I get like 20 like how are you getting you know that’s
why I feel like I’m getting seriously you a line to say that I was getting
them before you know i dont they’re not that different I’m getting more that
include till it happens to you as a big part of why but you know since the begin
that swype here because when I look out to be a beautiful young faces I get to
sing and dance for that I see a lot of people that have secrets that are
killing them and we don’t want to keep them anything they’re going through 2012
to keep your pain inside and let it rock like an old apple on your counter you
know like just get rid of all that trash let’s get rid of it together and that’s
what the song is about is and you know what’s so beautiful about the film is
you’re seeing real people share the darkest bits of themselves just
completely bare for the universe and its not for a reality show it’s not for any
notoriety it’s not for anyone to think they’re fabulous or beautiful or you
know that they are the new it girl or boy it’s not it’s no one’s trying to
sell you anything with this but a glimpse into what’s really happening in
the world something that we can be a part of and
do good with our lives you know I think that’s a great thing is that when the
universe reaches out and tells you what you can be a part of and I i kno for me
it’s a great gift to be a part of what we feel the same way I mean it’s just
amazing hearing the two of you talk and having this really meditation on this the depth of understanding that you have
i mean I we’ve never really work with an audit artists who have this kind of deep
understanding and I think that’s what made the songs incredible me one of the
challenges was to capture the pain and the sort of fighting back spirit and we
were working for a year trying to get the right song at the end and either it
had one of those are the other end we got to the point where we thought it was
impossible it couldn’t be done and then when you brought this song I i mean i
mean kind of created magic we didn’t think it was even possible thank you
thank you and can I say that not only that but they gifted their talents and
that therefore the gift to the film because this is so personal for them to
thank you deeply how did all four of you end up together
headed this song and in this movie are you here somewhere staff members like a
lot of big movies and a friend of mine for a hundred years and and possibly
even with our executive producer and I told Paul I really wanted an amazing
song we have this place in the film first on and I thought that the end
credit to be like this anthem at this vision and we should get
a great artist and and Paul that I’m on it and he brought me to Bonnie and then
call call was calling us like was nice enough to call me and told me about the
stories and you know harrowing it was just was high and then came the
convincing process to get that was like you do this and I was going you were crying I played you like the
start of an ID performed and recorded I listen back and I and you know they’re
going to put it in the sound waves should be in the film for short shift in
the film but we really wanted you know tell the world and raise awareness and I
was going yeah ok was hard for you accept that diana I’m just not really
sure I can talk about that with everybody you know and she was like you
can I said what I just you know but it’s just that I don’t I’m not feeling so
well you know it’s it’s it’s powerful stuff you know it and how soon after
stuff I put into the world people don’t even take it the right way anyway and
that you know I just go and I’m just going how how could I put my you know
something you don’t want to put your arms around the universe of course
that’s what I want to do all the time but what if I were to align myself with
this project and somehow leave a stench of authenticity around it where people would not focus on the
message I don’t want to get in the way I want to help with this I don’t want to
be something that you know my legs and we had to move into my art kind of like
those in front of it so we spent a lot of time talking about how you know i i
didn’t want to be in video on youtube of the song and the message and and if
people believe me great and if they didn’t great to it it doesn’t matter
because until it happens to you know how I feel and that’s where we arrived in
the concept of the song and the film is what kept us all together strong but I
won’t lie and say that you know this was my grand idea that these guys I wrote
the song with Diane but it came out of a lot of months of me healing as well through watching the film and and
working with you and it’s also kind of a similar experience do what everybody in
the film experience of deciding to come forward and present their story you had
the same experience in performing writing and performing the song
absolutely and it was you know i i can get just you know I was living the song
as i was thinkin it I was you know diane’s going but child this way I’m
going I’ll show you when I first like to think this is how someone would sing and
this is how it would be in the know she when she goes ok you know so it’s just a
start up pretty sad it started out as just didn’t want to end that way I want
every one that watches the film to win the film is over to know the power and
kindness and the power in listening to each other and lifting one another up
and you know it even just a testament to you know the times today taking the time
to talk to us about this and give it to the world this is why we did it we
wanted everyone to focus on a really important issue that affects a lot of
young people’s lives and their ability to thrive in the future I want the next
generation to be strong and able to be strong you know something interesting so
when this this this girl did she was inspired to do it right and she did the
school equipment and then this is such an interesting story and she was raped
and colleges why she did it and she told him she never told him I didn’t tell you
guys’ she told her mom last week I never told you I was raped and collaged how
crazy is that that’s like two generations right people won’t believe
the things you know and that’s a whole other issue I mean I work with my mom
and the Born This Way Foundation on this stuff all the time but when you share
your stories with the world you have no idea the people around you that we will
tell you that they’ve been through what you’ve been through and that’s also what
this film connecting people to happen so much like the video every almost every
person that was working on a bit had experiences without just in the room
when you raise your hands by the way its period so much right so this is just you
know what today is just one talk you know in this fear of violence that’s
taking place and we’re just asking everyone to pay attention to it for you
know one of our executive producer says it’s either happened to you it’s
happened to someone you love or close friend what’s happened someone you love
in a close friend and you just don’t know it yet right everybody knew
everybody is touched by this you know and then there is this domino effect was
thinking what you asked about shame we live in the schizophrenic society right
at three percent positive everything’s xxx right we sell bisex an ad but the
actual intimate act of sex is extremely private people don’t talk about it and
you know so so that’s why you see this schism in this shame around it you know
it’s in fact a prosecutor we interviewed she said you know you guys I’ve been
prosecuting rape crimes and I have the bad fortunate prosecuting prostitutes
are my or my clients right so what’s the likelihood I’m going to get a conviction
against John he said the year after year of losing case after case I finally saw
the jury down I said that I I had an idea thought that the jury down I said
to them ok everybody in the room think back on
the most fabulous last sexual experience you have everybody got that think about
it in detail everything like that best experience most recently added that
ok now who were all strangers we just met who wants to stand up and share it
with us anyone and and and you know and she said
it really did help shift the jury so why would my client want to sit in front of
you agree with strangers and talk about a horrific act that happen to her if she
was fabricating it if not if you’re willing to sort of talk about it
extremely positive sexual experience and it in that sort of thinking when you
said that so it’s part of that schizophrenia that our society has many
ppl internalized it made you should not feel ashamed and they should not ever
ever ever feel they were appalled and also its philosophy of the nation you
know it’s important for us to weaken it take the power away from the people so
when you say something happened to you that will let the government decide if it happened or not I don’t want to
live in a country like that I mean I want to be somewhere where when a child
says I was raped that every adult in the room says are you ok what happened to
what we want to help you what we know right now that you know that would not
like you doing and did you do anything wrong and where you are drugs and where
you drinking and it right it’s totally beside you provoke yeah those are the raid mislead confuse
this I wanted to these thought of as a crime like any other because
statistically it acts exactly reid identically any other crime but if the only crime
when it happens to people they are you sure you didn’t mean to give him a
televised news that you know what are you wearing when you say he took the TV
you know the likelihood that you’re lying about that is identical
statistically to the likelihood you’re lying about right but 20% when it broke
into your house edit equity fund or pension prosecutor crime one of things
it’s difficult to understand from the outside of this issue why are so many of
these cases never indicated in criminal courts why is this always left to some
campus panel it’s very confusing he explained that well why both in in both
on campuses am also in our criminal courts is it so difficult because it
usually is a private act between two people and it relies on testimony it’s
very hard to have the evidence the bar of the threshold that we have in our
criminal courts is beyond a reasonable doubt well when it’s two people with no
witnesses got a high bar to get a conviction on period end of sentence so
so that’s how you wanna talk about the civil sure if your salt in a college
campus you can report to your colleagues you can report to law enforcement now
obviously is amy was saying you know oftentimes you know police don’t
investigate properly oftentimes prosecutors don’t want to take these
cases oftentimes jurors have the same treatments that everyone else as in the
end they don’t convict so but still the school has a responsibility to keep its
campus safe rights 00 and one other thing oftentimes people in a very
rigorous academic programs so they don’t they don’t want to go through to use the
trial so the school has an obligation to keep its campus safe so that’s why it’s
so at the school take this seriously put
money into this and have much more robust investigative and adjudicated
processes because what will happen is is that the if somebody’s assaulted someone
it’s more likely they will be found responsible and if it’s appropriate you know kicked off campus and in the
rare cases where someone has been falsely accused the be a more robust
system to protect them that you know schools are just starting to move in
that direction they’ve been again they’ve been covering up for decades
they haven’t wanted to spend the money but this you know i mean i think the
safety of the students are should be the number one priority and schools are
starting to move in that direction but you know the entire country is talking
about it now but two or three years maybe we won’t be talking about this is
a moment this is an opportunity we have as a nation to really address this issue
is school then came under the microscope big-time regarding this issue is Florida
State University because the accused was someone who was on his way to winning a
Heisman Trophy I’m can you show us the second clip leaves my victims out
because in that meeting we were just talking she was like we just want to let
you know like there’s another victim from him it’s my pleasure to announce
the 2013 Heisman Memorial Trophy winner Jamis winston Florida State University say one thing about that because it’s
not I don’t think our film has it resonate clear enough that erica has
been extremely maligned and pilloried in a in a huge way of course because she
you know he’s an iconic really successful football star so you know the
sports team you know the the sports fans have really been extremely vitriolic
cords are in one thing I want to say is that when she reported and identified
Wednesday as her rapist it was two weeks into the freshman year at Florida his
freshman year at Florida State University measure about that they’re
good but it was right at the start was near the beginning near the beginning of
his of his brethren she didn’t even realize who she was even realized he
wasn’t just or quote the new recruit and and and and one that they thought might
be successful but there was so but the reason it came out a year later with
because of the ways that it was covered up and protecting investigation so that
when it exploded he then was this star and then he was accused of Jersey
chasing you know going out you know the whole thing but she would have had to be
like an amazing profit to have figured this out and and and i i just want I
wanted everyone to hear that one for the world to really understand you know she
thought she was doing the right thing to protect other people so hard so many
people don’t say anything and she should be rewarded for the people that say
something and the schools that do something that’s going to make the
change happen why should she be punished you know I do want to say one thing I
mean we hear the new york times I mean you’ve done a amazing reporting on this
issue I mean I actually want to take a moment to think your paper because
you’ve been a leader on this i mean you wrote in an
incredible story Anderson followed stories but also in this entire issue i
mean i i really think you’re you get the most important voice in in the press on
this issue and other times has been great on this enormously grateful how
many stories did you run across like that one where it was the sort of sports
sports wing of a college the athletes who are involved in that sort of whole
money-making wing of the university and that whole reputation that you know it’s
not uncommon I mean I mean you you hear these stories you know over the last
decades these stories that you hear about because athletes are are so
prominent right but there and and there are problems let’s say first of all and
most athletes are not the same ones most are horrified by this most you know so
it’s it’s only a few that are in sometimes are repeat offenders actually
but I but it’s important to realize that athletes are only a small part of this
and I don’t want people watching I think you always ask what’s now because it
happens in Ivy League schools it happens in Berkeley for example is is he still
has a huge problem with this in so it’s across all schools and in so that was
really important when we when we made our film that you didn’t walk away
thinking it was one school or one type of person know this is a problem
throughout society and some problems from you know higher education it’s
amazing moments the movie when you roll statistics from school after school
after school a show that was there a statistic that you came across in doing
this the particular blow your mind didn’t i mean the thing that is I think
you know that is supported you know time and again is that one in five women will
be sexually assaulted in college and it’s and and and you know sometimes you
can say well maybe they’re just talking about having somebody on the budget
something the reality is more than fifty percent of those are actual rape or
attempted rape stories are really serious crime so more than one in ten
will experience rape or attempted rape and and and and some of them than once but three times so it’s a real
and the percentage will come forward it’s like you know between 10 to 20%
kind of shift in there and and sometimes you know in even less I think are going
to the police actually so to law enforcement yeah it’s and again this is
gonna be like raped twice once they go and this is why it’s so important to
support these people because if you if you do that then more people will come
forward in the cases where there are repeat offenders it’s much more likely
to get a conviction and you know put them behind bars but if if you know
somebody assaults for people in only one person comes for it can be hard to
convict of two or three boy it becomes much easier and because of the shame as
we’ve talked about about this people are usually what we found off and was the
people and especially people are film only came forward when they found out he
had done it to someone health they really only did it to protect someone
else because they didn’t want to put themselves or their families through you
know so it’s just such an act that should be applauded and encouraged and
supported instead of you want to see something well I just you know just as
you were speaking about that I was thinking so much about you know how some
people are going to say how can we prevent this and you know one of the
things that I feel like there’s not a lot of information about 90 this from
having you know a lot of young girlfriends that work in the art that
are you know out in america doing their jobs working
and you know kind of stressful circumstances with men and women that
you know being able to have the information about how it’s important to
tell the police when you have a stalker when somebody’s been coming to your home the problem is is that it’s very hard to
prove these things and if somebody is you know hanging around you are showing
up at your house or you know loitering around you at school that it’s important
to tell somebody it’s important to tell the police and actually file a complaint
because it actually takes five complaints in order to file a
restraining order against true so it it takes it takes all this time so even if
you know if you get raped and they were fine and they were talking you you know
you don’t have it record and the fact that they were
stalking you and if there’s no witness so it’s really important to value your
space and to feel empowered by all of this information that you’re getting not
just to tell someone when it happens if you feel like you’re in danger that you
should say something to the police and not feel bad about you know have claimed
that it into your friends to go to the police is it’s it’s a it’s a scary thing
even if the police are doing everything perfectly right it’s still you know
walking to the police station telling stories so you know get support it’s
really important to follow through with it you know when you call them and they
say do you want to file a complaint against this person we need to send it
to a detective to your house and you go oh my god it detective what is this law
and order I don’t know I feel like I just do it because at the end of the day
it’s better to do it than not to do it that you have that protection because I
have so many friends and I i mean i I’m sure you guys my pair both my parents
and I’ll tell you you know I couldn’t tell you I don’t tell anybody can tell
you what you didn’t tell anybody for how long for seven years I don’t tell
anybody until I had to I absolutely had to tell someone because something else
happened the other person wouldn’t stop coming for me they just wouldn’t leave
me alone and they they didn’t actually believe that they raped me you know they
didn’t they’ve it’s very scary and everyone’s situation is different but I
couldn’t tell you why didn’t anybody so it’s like that that’s the other part of
it is you know we’re out there so why did you tell me what I don’t know do I
have to tell you why didn’t I don’t know I don’t tell anybody that mean that it
was right that happened no I don’t think so yeah I think what you make it you
know every survivor go through their own experience in whatever they’re doing
that is OK I think that’s really important some people talk some people
take seven years it’s it’s unique to each person and we have to support every
person and whatever the decision rational you know especially if you knew
your your attacker it’s like you’re not dealing with irrational human being and
then there’s a whole other layer of things that happen to my crazy and I
dreaming this do I just think this happened but it didn’t but I have I have
the scars and bruises on the inside forever you know so what you have to do
what you know if you’re so whatever is broken it’s it’s broken for a reason you
have to trust that an internship with someone you trust and that’s even that’s
not all bad but when someone you trust my situation I was where I mean things
you know you have to believe in yourself in that scenario you you have to
otherwise how will you hear ya and and we called the film a hunting ground
because we wanted people to get off this idea of again that it’s just an accident
it’s actually for many it’s a targeted premeditated crime and they repeat
offender and so that’s why if you do come forward and as Kirby said and
there’s multiple reports were more likely to be able to get prosecutions
against rapists and they don’t change they go in the world and not just in
college you know right well someone your gonna keep doing that you’re not gonna
be cured especially if these places are training grounds right and nothing
happens to you you learn you know the modus operandi and you can repeated over
and over again it but i dont even as a more skilled perpetrator is is there
something mean print it frees the hunting ground is there something about
college whether it’s the age of the people there whether it’s the nature of
the environment that makes it a peculiarly dangerous place when it comes
to sexual assault yes exactly what people say why did you do it on college
campuses obviously we have a salt in our society at large but what’s interesting
or are horrifying about campuses and also we did our other film The Invisible
War on the assault on in our military is that these these are these are
environments that create have perfect storm conditions for this to happen
right there’s transient population that’s extremely young there’s plenty of
opportunity because it’s everyone’s more partying you know chronically so and you
know and there’s a lot of alcohol which isn’t an excuse but we also know from studies at its used to debilitate
victims and also empower embolden a perpetrator it so you have those three
things combined that make these places a little more toxic and a little more
likely and that’s what you also and also you have the last element of these not
really great investigative adjudicative process is in place so you know combine
all that and you can keep doing this over and over and over again that’s
actually a good intro to the last clip we have to show because you mention
alcohol and I think we can mention alcohol without mentioning clip KC-one it’s not even just our culture is an
interesting time because of the whole bill cosby thing rallies you know women
are coming out and like that you know that magazine cover when it was like
that one share that was like a genius because it’s like doing all these look
at that that they came out and said you know what i mean bill cosby for a
cut-price said he couldn’t get laid a drug and rape is a so weird I know but
that’s it so it’s not just camp says it’s not just the military its own
culture but this this year has seen I really think that it’s come out of the
closet and the people that even in that scenario don’t you always find the
naysayers are going swimmin really telling the truth did they want you know you did that you
know I that sports icon who cheated on his wife like did those women really
cheat you know there’s always a good women come forward with any sort of
sexual grievances always happen and you know i mean i think is it’s not there
anymore and he was so much pressure is put on women should be beautiful huge
double standards I mean how how could you do that how could you put so much
pressure on women and men to be beautiful to be successful and then when
they are raped to say what were you wearing and what how are you preparing
yourself i mean this is like we can’t win we can’t win and and how we’re going
to shift as a culture to put back into that and that’s a loop that’s a loop a
loop of of losing and just there’s no way for us to move forward I think it is
moving forward I do think that like with some of the stuff with with the movie
and when you’re with within this message on the tornado but with progress is
pushed back and we’re even seeing it with our film I mean now that if you
often if you google our film you’ll see the controversial film alright no
controversy and you know and I got better things to do than run around and
sit here and talk to you about a fake epidemic I guess I just have to say to be a sexual being in order to succeed
in this industry and I always blamed myself for what happened to me as it was
the ultimate and I think the same thing happens to young girls that go to these
parties and they want to be noticed and they want to be desired by the boys and
be popular and it’s just you know the way normal things work and then there’s
like you know alcohol and power lawn occurs and it’s dangerous well the first
few weeks of school are said to be the red zone even more dangerous because
then you have the freshmen come in who don’t know the social mores who don’t
have the same sophistication experience and they are more prey to these
predators and you know in fact in our film it was really horrifying we
interviewed the president former president of SAE at dartmouth as these
paternity we didn’t include it in the film but I remember we’re talking and he
said that the brothers would would semiotic leary the women as they came in
and made some of them and they’d see by what they were wearing whether they were
more likely to be able to be pliable and preyed upon meeting Mike if they have
the wrong shoes they were clearly clueless you know a person would mean
that you would never been to a frat party but boorda’s no one brings the
purse and it was like that gratified and crazy you know
economically read you know they’re on scholarship they’d be less likely to
report I mean that kind of craziness but again I just want to clarify that you
know even the most minute fraternities are great but they’re they’re also and
women raped two women and two and men get rate yes so i mean i hope i
mean i think what you see with this student activists around the country
this new student movement I mean that’s one of the big reasons we’re talking
about this today is that you know many young women and men who had been survivors themselves decided to go
forward and confront their school in and bring you know in really challenger
school to do better because they love their school and they network with other
students around the country really created a new student movement in so I
think this kind of movie chronicles that the individual yes and I think our
country owes them a debt of thanks for doing this I mean it’s it’s these
students I mean it really but I yeah but I do want to point out cause and because
it is the new york times and also the all of you that you will be start
reading the press like what we’re seeing a campaign being waged against this
issue the way we fought with tobacco the way we saw it with climate change where
people are denied you are trying to create a seed of doubt you know when we
see it in different different articles and news about the statistics are
overblown the pendulum swung too far there’s no real its controversial and
just be very wary of that I’m aware of that you know again I just just looks
are rock solid you know study after study in fact our film sort of
Chronicles it up to a certain point but studies afterwards of come out even
higher and there really isn’t controversy about this so please just be
aware how much do you know about controversy how much damage to this
issue did the whole you the damage you know those who weep distracted what’s interesting about that
is again right that’s the case of bad reporting why does it then reflect on
the issue you know when when when Brian Williams
right when when when we found out the Chino cling didn’t go down the way he
said no one set of the Iraq war who knows and yet now you be a well you know
that’s a that’s such a weird it’s also so belittling to all of the victims and
survivors all over the world the reason that this is a true rebellion and it
wasn’t it showed that said that a true level is doesn’t just react right these
are not victims that you know woke up the next day all of them and just told
somebody these are people that board the pain for a very long time and we did in
till the movement was at its prime to come forward and in Jax rebellion that’s
what rebellion is and you know just to to say that is just completely
ridiculous what we’re hearing it non-stop I mean you know we were just in
the green room talking to editors to try and talk to them about an article that
we heard with coming out it was completely crazy so you mean I should
ask because you took particular heat from a bunch of harvard law professors
about the way a case in the movie is presented and the way it’s distilled in
condensed and they believe that it wasn’t true to the case what’s your
response to that and are your responsibility is a documentarian
different from a journalist yeah make sure our response please tell the truth
we stand by the film it was thoroughly vetted it showed on CNN we wouldn’t be
sitting here with our house mortgages still intact if it wasn’t so you know
and why would these professors complain oh I don’t know maybe their school was
criticized in the film is all about the money yeah I mean it was so sad to me about
that is there publicly complaining and you know the case is rock solid you know
we have the better memories I have him recite the details but you know it by
doing that they’re suggesting that the woman in our film has a complete talk
about national hero my god only have the courage you know this african-american
woman to come forward and actually report and sort of jeopardizing her law
degree like extremely rare in this culture for them to suggest you know
that there’s something wrong you know that that they were coming out publicly
against her testimony even feel that way why would they will be there power
like that that’s what I want right for money if you really feel that way by law
professors yes why would you will this is a credible institution and these are
victims why would you will to power to question a young girl like that was put
her soul out to the universe I just think that there’s more effective ways
to handle things that way I mean look at the president of Harvard right group out
you know when when it when it study came out that there was nearly 30 percent
nearly 30% of women and Harvard where they have been sexually assaulted she
came forward immediately into the entire Harvard community among night as
students to everyone instead look this is a real problem we had no just the
problem we’re shocked by this and we want to do something about it that’s the
kind of leadership we’re looking for can you tell us a bit about a few
College presents a few colleges that in the last couple of years as this has
come too late have done very very positive hopeful
things that we might all be able to learn from their examples to the best
universities huge hopeful thing happened like a month
ago right the president of the University of Alaska they had a
screening there he went and saw the film and he came out and publicly apologized
for decades it divers on campus currently impoundment cases but made
things right and how beautiful I mean that’s all people want to be seen and
heard invalidated know that like although help with the healing and why
we haven’t seen that you know we actually saw that in the military that
was amazing what’s been so striking to me is the difference of between our our
our institute of higher learning their response to the film and the the the
military’s response to her other film Invisible War where they you know I had
a lot of heart to hearts with with with people extremely high in the military of
the whole of the record that they were very grand and soul-searching and really
felt that they wanted to sort of do better I haven’t had those hard to hurt
but we do know just you know we do know that there are a lot of administrators
who know this is a problem in been trying to get there said the loser
do you have a few brave ones talking about you brave ones and I think that’s
that’s where the film it really helps because the film is now had nearly a
thousand screenings on college campuses they bring this will
mean students bring this film in fact we bring this film and on each college
campus it sort of explode and cause it cuz you know because the discussion in
an action around this issue and and and this is their way of these
administrators bringing in this film and saying look this is that you wanna do
you want to be is this what you want your legacy to be or do you want to
really address this issue so you don’t know when known mister wants this to
happen in the other thing I think we should look at it you know higher education leads this culture in
so many ways and we have a huge problem of sexual so if if higher education can
start to get this right it’s going to affect the entire culture so we’re we’re
hopeful but we have to put pressure on these institutions because they’re not
gonna do it on their own it’s a it’s a society challenge really
what did they not doing that they should do in terms of the way things are set up
here the three things that you’d like to see every school do that most don’t
whether starting to do this but they should have you no surveys of their
students to find out what the you know the true rate of sexual assault is on
the games that would be anonymous and how comfortable people feel coming
forward and then make that information public that’s the first step towards
solving the problem is finding out the information and sharing it we we think they should put much more
money into the investigative adjudicative process is so they they
have something in place to protect students and then also again to protect
the rare cases of the people falsely accused they have to support survivors
they you know this even talking about this you know the whole evening how
devastating it is just go ahead and you know I always always always the question
what’s the process you know what was the process to fix this but I have just a
much different perspective on it I think part of the process is getting the
message in its purest form around the world as much as possible to breed
compassion about this issue so that when somebody comes forward to the
administration at the school that we listen and that they really genuinely
help them and they go through the process of making sure that the child is
killed in the future you know it’s just about making sure we find the culprit or is it about making sure
that that kid has access to the right mental wellness right making sure that
the kid has access to resources and other students that have been through
the same thing I think that those things are even more important anyways just
helping to change the climate of humanity and when they think team so
impossible to solve on a macro level on a micro level such a small at all of us
can do is simply believe survivors yeah right and if each one of us does that
and treats everybody that way and it messages out that’s transformative you
know because as we see in our film and as we know from PTSD and as everyone we
interviewed said it wasn’t just it wasn’t the trauma so much that it was
everything that happened in the aftermath and they do show that if your
your first responder is compassionate and then Pathak and doesn’t challenge
you and supports you your healing process is much swifter so you know that
right there would help heal all of us when you were talking about the perfect
storm of the college environment one thing you didn’t mention by name I do
want to show the last clip because I think it’s it’s part of that storm so we
could show that I don’t single out for attorneys because it’s actually minority
fraternities but what you inevitably get are certain fraternities where the
sexual assault is really rampant within just say the last five or 10 years Sigma
Alpha Epsilon has had a number of problems known had a lot of places as
sexual assault expect it sexual assault expected sexual assault
expected sexual assault expected that you can warned not to go home and see the those like to me there’s one for turning on campus that
is called the date DK is known as a routine do we need to
reexamine the primacy of fraternities and college life well that’s a huge
thing I mean I there there so I mean for Turkey’s membership is growing up I
think fifty percent over the last ten years or so there’s so much more and
more important part of the social scene I don’t think you can get rid of
attorneys in place some fraternity exactly the intelligent great social service and it’s actually
very good for people to be in fraternities I mean it’s a it’s a family
away from home there’s a lot of positive things about this and again i mean they
provide so much leadership on campus we would hope that they would provide
leadership on this this could change i mean fraternities really doing that
there are some there are some dude in the film and we’re looking we’re looking
to engage greeks fraternities and sororities to embrace this message out
and and change their culture but the crazy thing we learned about fun
returning defective making the film which is crazy was that in the forties
and fifties was more than 50% of the people that served in our congress had
been in the military and only like 2 percent had been in a fraternity guess
what it is today it’s the river like the worst like crazy ok now don’t get it
wrong so it anywhere from 50 to 80% are now in fraternities and it’s like two
percent had never served in the military and the people running our country so
and so that ok so that means they bring up that actually that the training for
fraternities this is probably good to be a political leader that’s a good thing
that the bad things are or are them you know and actually I want to say
that politicians have been very good on this issue in many ways you know there’s
bipartisan bill in the senate President Vice President Biden and President Obama
have been excellent on this speaking out about this he showed this movie at the
white house are you crazy go a little further than anything i mean
they got in touch with us actually went crazy and we went there and it was
extremely well received we were surprised we we were you know it
was like also when we show the film in the pentagon officials you get a little
nervous but was there and they’ve been they’ve been real supporters of the
autonomous because they’ve had this it’s on his campaign and they’ve been real
supportive the film and we’ve been reports that his campaign and also just
want to say it’s it’s not just on the national level but state legislators
have been very good on this end both near more liberal ones and more
conservative ones I have actually been very pleased with the overall with the
way politicians have responded to this it’s why I happen to get talked about
hope I mean its historic I have a president and a vice president like
talking about this on a national pot and vice president a couple weeks ago and
was like and he liked looking my eyes and I mean it just told you I wish you
were there because it was such a moment and you said your song is is is it has
more impact than any speech I could give on this was like remaining in the
context of the movie or was it some of that yet some people like a meeting and
i was just to go to that and it was just but I mean it’s just
like the pattern like he was he so into you know I think it is important for
people to remember and not to take anything away from our politicians who
you know are looking out for our country them I really hope that anyway anyone
watching this today or in this room from me here is that I think the most
important people for it to to change the world as you I’m not looking to the
government to change my life I’m not looking toward the next president I’m
not looking toward next world leaders I’m looking to everyone in this room I
mean UQ culture you our culture so if you’re kind and if your compassion and
if you care and if your friend is going to rape someone in your sorority or
fraternity or in your school or work situation or in an alleyway outside the
restaurant that you bussing whatever it is that your job is if you say something
and if you are part of that greater world change that is more powerful than
any single person that’s a no way more powerful following up on that let us ask you this
and you’re talking about people finding courage you had an extraordinary year
and a year were you when you took some pretty enormous risks Oscar telecast
there was going into acting in the way you do with american are so weird how
how to how do we all find the courage to take risks of that magnitude and how do
you find that courage well you know you just can’t you know
you can’t give up and a matter how hard things get in your life and no matter
what you go through what obstacles come your way what truman who you lose
whatever betrayal that you go through you know if you put your heart into
serving the world and your passion and at the same time I guarantee you will
feel you I mean I might seem like it’s kind of an easy simple sounds simple
coming from me but I really believe that my favorite thing about today is being
here with my friend to talk to all of you about this because I know that you
know when I leave the earth there will be a small footprint from the about this
issue then I believe in so much and that there will be maybe one kid on the
internet right now that shedding a tear because they know that they can finally
tell their mom or finally tell their dad or finally tell their school teacher or
principal or not you just know what their full or no it wasn’t there or
whatever that they’re not alone I mean I think
that if you can just take the day to to be grateful for life period you know
just just like that and see life as a gift then we can start to give to each
other more often and and be kind that’s what I hope people take away from today closely with regulations on your golden
globe today after a great artist you know not only have you done everything
you’ve done you staying with Tony Bennett you blew the world when the
Oscars I hope you do that again this year but I guess I feel like I have just
the background to this because I have to say this about you understand that leg
even after even after Graham means even after the world and Twitter and shows
I’ve done around the world you can imagine going home in hating yourself
because I can happen to you seven years ago I mean it’s just like you can’t
imagine how you can’t find joy in certain moments are there how it’s
destroyed you and I just it’s very nice of you to say that but i i just i just
want everyone that’s watching to take away from it that it’s just I’m I’m a
survivor you know I’m still I’m still here so you
can to you can too you have to forgive yourself and you
have to tell somebody but the first question you got it tells you something
to tell you first to give yourself or give you so we are actually out of time
thank you all so much

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  26. Lady Gaga, I don't know if you'll ever read this…but thank you. I am that person, out there on the internet, knowing I am not alone because of your words. Thank you.

  27. I'm so happy that they finally came out and talked about this. Rape is something people aren't educated about and I wish more people knew about rape. Rape is disgusting and no one ever deserves to be humiliated and stripped from their happiness. God bless anyone who has been a rape survivor. I say rape "survivor" instead of victim because thats what they are, survivor's.

  28. The Hunting Ground film uses two main false accusers to portray males as evil rapists. Kamilah Willingham and Erica Kinsman. BOTH of these cases have been exposed as FALSE. The two main women in the movie have been exposed as liars by both the university and by Justice System process

  29. The f-Ing question should be
    How do we deal with the Male element !!!!! Not how do we get women to stop feeling so bad.

  30. Hospital doctors are raping patients and assaulting patients who stand up to this. This is going on in Pueblo , Co. and survivors are tortured and slandered for standing up with truth. This is a very dangerous situation–still.

  31. Unfortunately this is too late for me My Generation allowed me to be raped in my own home My Perpeetrarors have high positions in society and are very wealthy. Many people in my community knows what they have done.

  32. Such a complex issue. Dealing with the shame, loss of reputation, trust. Fear the response. All these things are being risked by everybody. By everyone involved from the victim to the assaulter. The family, where cultural practices add so much more complexity particularly for the victim, to society such as being discussed here. The universities, police, religious groups. Also friends, and particularly the partner of the victim. Its such a shameful act in societies all over the world. When men are unable to handle their urges to the point were they allow themselves to rape someone; women and men, this is clearly a shameful act for the man who want to hide what he has done. This is just the start. Think about having to stand up in front of an adversarial judicial system where the defence will burry the victim alive to do their job. Clearly our adversarial justice system is up there with the problem of shame in trying to address this issue. I think education at home and at school where respect is front and centre of all interactions between people, not just between opposite genders, this should have nothing do with respect. Respect should be about what it is to engage with another human being. This obviously has to start at home from the day we are born.

  33. These things make me BOIL ! I’ve never been assaulted but I always have had insecurities and I can relate to the victims feeling like they are nothing !

  34. Traduzi a descrição do vídeo e pude entender que se trata de um tema importante …más gostaria muito de entender cada palavra dita em Português nesse vídeo.Obrigada

  35. It happens cause we 're in the wrong place at the wrong time for perverts, sex molester being next to us. Now at older age n as a man I was rape at very young age I cry n cry in pain. Lost a lot of people after I came with my story family n friends

  36. How about the two young women who are the heart of this documentary.Winston is now a failed quarterback who raped an uber driver and that sexual assault was believed.

  37. Take a look at the film M.F.A. very soothing to see revenge on rapists that seem to be right out of this documentary and the
    book Missoula.

  38. Someone should really correct the subtitles, drama is substituted for trauma, honorable for vulnerable, these subtitles are giving folks the wrong information.

  39. This film is fraudulent propaganda which has been so throughly discredited, almost no one who oruginally promoted it will even mention it now.
    It seems pretty clear CNN sat on the movie becauae they knew the main accused man might successfully sue them and win a massive judgment, though it is my understanding they did not have the courage to name him.
    The main accuser, Kamilah Willingham, lied to the cops, offered false evidence, which is likely part ofcthe reason she is not practicing law ( hopefully never will) and on and on, read the article by Emily Yoffe, it destroys the fraud pretty well

  40. 00:55: "Around the world"?! No, in normal societies people have sex with their gf/bf… In this stupid society kids that can't get a girlfriend, instead of masturbate themselves " because it's a sin" or another stupid prude reason they prefere to put shit in girls' drinks and they rape them! Or stupid football or basketball players with their brains the size of a pea that are in college just bc they play in a stupid team and they can't even read… they think they could rape a girl and they can get away with it, and, in fact, they can! In a normal society people want to have sex with another person, not to use a person as a thing to have sex! In normal countries people who rape are psychopaths, not stupid horney kids who lack empathy! I'm sorry for Lady Gaga and all that women and girls who have been raped, but, like most of the time that USA forget that there are a world outside their country, THIS TIME Lady Gaga should have said "that are raped in USA", not " around the world"!

  41. The sexual impulse is primordial, very powerful and instinctual, and it can sometimes be uncontrollable. There may be a very thin line between action and restraint. The knife-edge difference between contemplating a criminal action and actually committing it can be a spur of the moment decision. The psychology of this comes through in Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment. The panel does a wonderful job of sensitising potential assailants to the sort of awful suffering this can wreak on victims. That is precisely one half of the problem. We now need focus on understanding and dealing with assailants' problems.

  42. Also… Amy Ziering, who says many positive things here and who is doing a great job, makes one statement which requires much caution. It's when she says we should always believe victims. Sadly, false accusations of sexual assault, paedophilia and the like are being invented out of thin air by separating wives on their attorney's instructions in order to obtain an optimal settlement. Very worrying and must also be dealt with. God alone knows what an innocent husband on the receiving end must go through.

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