The Hunters and The Hunted – Lego Stopmotion Part I

February 26, 2020

You okay sir? You look troubled? No, something is not right. What’s been troubling you then? Its movement has been going haywire; Constantly shifting weapons and seizing up when teleports. How on earth has it behaved so weird in the span of a day? It was not acting like this when we spotted it at the Quembik Research Station, taking out all of those people onboard. Hmmm,
you do have a point there. Any updates about our target? Most of the raiders are dead. I suggest we strike now, Take it while it’s offguard. Agreed. Alright fellas, listen up. We are going to split into three groups. Tolvar you’re with Cova. Get as close to Zelkion as you can. Alright! Dawson and Amzii, you’re both on sniping duty. Contact us, if there is anything else other than your target, and try to get some quick shots at it if you can. Why am I always with the rookie? Is it because I’m a better sniper than you are! Oh well, you want to bet that! Can you two just shut up?! Hulda you’re with me. We’re going to try to distract it so all of you can get some hits at it. got it? Alright, let’s kill it and go home! Really? Is that all you- got? We’re in position. Cova, Amzii what is your status? Over. Copy that. We’ve set up position and are ready when you are. Snipers are in position and have spotted the target. We are ready to fire. Good, now don’t miss your shots snipers. Yea Dawson, prove that you can shoot with that ‘sniper’! Shut it. Good. Just hold on a little longer, Hulda is briefing the centre of command- No, I’m taking it now! No Tolvar no! Wait… what did he just do? *sighs* You will not like what he did. At least he didn’t die. I expected a better fight from something like you. Snipers, we’re going in. Provide us some covering fire. Hey big menacing guy! It’s about time you crawled youself out of your hidey hole. We need to teach you some lessons on your manners. This is Hulda to the United Universal Defence Organisation. Are you seeing this? Copy that Hulda. It seems like some sort of barrier the Vex created to contain Zelkion. We are seeing if you can breach the barrier. Get back! Ahhh, where did it go? Do you think we know where it went? No! Sorry, your end is breaking up. Where did you say it went? This is not definite, but we believe that the target went to a place outside the physical world. Something they call the- Well… that just happened. Let me guess,
they decided to abandon ship on us, because they couldn’t get the job done? Shut it Tolvar! Our communications must have dropped out. With all due respect cap, but our communications have been jammed. Hmmm, something’s not right. First the sporadic behaviour, then the target disappears from some orb… and now we have lost communications with headquarters? Maybe the Vex just called it back to wherever it came from for something? The Vex don’t just get a baby black hole and suck it in and vanish like that. You’re right. The nature of whatever that thing was,
is too unpredictable for the Vex to simulate. We were this close. We had it and now its vanished, and how long have we been chasing it for? Not everything is lost though. What did you find? It’s Zelkion’s blade! I am…confused. What’s so confusing about a robot arm? Vex bodies need an immense amount of force to rip off. Especially one of a mind that size. Sooooooooo whatever did this to Zelkion, it’s still here? Possibly. If it is, we better not wait for it to come back then. Finally! Something that we can actually all agree on. I’ve got a bad feeling about this. Get back here Dawson! We don’t know if that is dangerous! Oh dear listener. What brings you to this forest? I am- We are a group of Hunters, tasked to track down a target, spotted roaming this forest. We found it but, it- Vanished. Kind of but it was sucked into something. We had it surrounded and then it was gone in an instant! I wished I could have done more but I was not st- You seek power… yet you don’t know how to get it. Consumed by fear, envy and shame, you want to become stronger, yet you face delusions of courage, morale and purpose. I don’t know how you know, but it’s true. Come closer…Hunter. I want to tell you something. In a world like this, there are many Kings and Queens, Toppling civilisations, annihilating species, conquering systems. The power they have, is immesurable, ripe for the taking… yet people are so oblivious to their presence. What does that have to do with me? You see, there is a certain King…heading your way, not just an ordinary king though, no no no no no no no. A king that has the power of a god! What do I need to do? Some terrors you defeat. Some, you become. Look to the cold expanse of space! The descent of The First Navigator, laughs as he watches your petty squabbling from afar… and yet it’s right under your nose! Enough with the riddles! Tell me how to get this power! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! It’s amusing that people of your…aptitude, don’t know what will come next. You’re all just pawns, falling right into his hands! Whose hands are we falling into? The night descends on you all. For the Taker of Wills, draws near. Dawson! Get away from it! It’s a trap! Tolvaaaaar? On it. Why did you do that!? I just had my hands on it! Don’t EVER do that again! Who knows what would have happened if you held that orb. You could have ended up like Zelkion! That orb… or whatever it was, looked strangely familiar to the one that vacuumed up our guy. Arrgh. This does not add up! What was that thing saying that the night descends? But more importantly, who is the Taker of Wills? I’m sorry but the Taker of who? Did you not hear what that thing was saying to us? Hmmmm. Must explain why you didn’t hear Maverick’s call. Indeed. Since there is nothing here for us now, I suggest we loot those raiders from before. They might have some clues related to Zelkion and its behaviour. It cannot be! That is Zelkion… how is that possible!?

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