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The Hunt for Slenderman

November 17, 2019

Hello there mates, welcome to hunting with Dunk Today I’ll be tracking down an elusive target, the Slenderman Now I know that he really likes to hold up in the woods and we are approaching his house now *chuckle* Ah this man is an amateur, as you can see he left the front door wide open Anybody could just come in here Now *clears throat* You gotta- You gotta understand this is a messy man and I’m really gonna piss him off by starting I’m gonna piss him off right away, start slamming stuff around He doesn’t keep stuff- He doesn’t keep his house well kept He’s a murderer too- Oh see, look, he already killed the phone, and he killed his TV That’s not~ what.. This man is a monster This stuff should not be like that Umm… Let’s check back here Oh- I’m gon~ Ohh see look at this, there’s a bunch of trees all over the wall and I don’t know what that is. It’s a stick man It’s getting pretty windy outside *chuckles* You know, I’m not gonna let the atmosphere get to- Oh she died that’s nice Okay Umm.. Errr.. What do we do? Oh! *mumbled noises* (Reads note aloud) Not important Now, if you know anything about Slenderman like me, you know that he loves music and we are gonna draw him out with the music and I’m gonna set a trap for him Now I need to search the house Ooh I can jam on this, this will get him MMM! Baby’s gonna move with the buh-buh-buh-buh
and it’s really uh… he’s a big Led Zeppelin fan so this new cover by this new
modern artist is really gonna irritate him and draw him out. He’s not happy with this at all. I’ve got the flashlight here We can see what’s upstairs… gonna try and search
around for a weapon now or a bear trap Maybe some glue. I can glue him in this place. Is he out there yet? I think we still got some time. Uhh. *sigh* What can I use? *door creaks* I could hit him with this window. Oh
there’s a bucket down there. I could hit him with this bathtub maybe. I don’t know how realisti- Oh, hear that? I think that’s him outside so I gotta… I really gotta spring
this trap on him, he’s never gonna know… he’s never gonna know what hit him you know. I- I always have the advantage when I- Oh what the fuck? What the fuck was that? Okay *laughs* Um, let’s check in this in here. This is where he plays League of Legends. If you look closely here you see his home world Romulan. That’s the nebula spaceship. That’s the great volcanic battle. Um, I’m not ready yet, please don’t kill me. What’s in here? Ohhh, this could be helpful There’s a lot of realistic drawings of
him, really nice graphics and really realistic. This is what he looks like,
so we’ll be… It’s nice to have a refreshing image in my head so I know
when to get him. Maybe I can use this pencil as a weapon *Horrifying distant scream* That was a… That’s a
normal sound in this neck of the woods It’s probably just a squirrel um fell
out of a tree probably. Nothing to be worried about. Um, you know I’m… I’m cool. Let’s go outside and look for him. Hey Slenderman I’m here to get you. Ohh the slide, Slenderman hates you when you go down this slide man, I’m really gonna draw him out with this one. Weehah *dunkey noise* I think maybe he’s too old for this slide,
he doesn’t even care about that anymore. Good thing I brought the swingset *ding* I used.. used to… swing… Good! See the thing about this swing set
is somebody superglued it and soldered it to the top, so that it can’t actually
swing it at all. They really didn’t understand the concept of swings.
All right he’s really… he’s… he’s really got a cool head today and the way to
really piss him off the one thing the one thing that really gets to him, is he
puts these papers all over the place all over the woods and if you take them,
he actually just fucking loses his mind here’s one now I’m just gonna- *shock* I’m just gonna snatch this up real quick and *laughs* That’s gotta piss him off. *DUNKEY SCREAM* So I would think I’m pissing him off. So I’ve got a trap him now. Ahh *more dunkey noises* There’s a map of the forest. This is
somewhere- Now you can see a scale he’s about 1/4 of the whole forest so he’s pretty big guy so I really am pissin- I shouldn’t be pissing him off. So I took
another one of his papers anyway- Wha?! Oh god! Oh god! No- *gasp* There’s a white man! Hey can you help me fight fight him? Help me- Ahh, oh, you know what That’s the- I bet that’s the Slenderman. He doesn’t look anything like the
drawings though. I gotta go peepee Let me in! I gotta go- Oh I’m sorry, I’m sorry I’ll go peepee out here buddy ohh noo. I’ll go peepee over here by the trees
don’t worry about it… Is he done yet? Oh my he’s- God! I can see you outside of it! You’re not even in there! You’re being a dick! Bla- I want to go to the bathroom
now. I think he’s done. I gotta go pee pee Let’s just… Let’s just go… Yeah, I think he’s- he’s done, he’s done- Oh god! Oh god okay I’m done I’m stop stop I’m sorry I stop. I’ll go in the trees. Here’s his other house. Ain’t gonna piss in the
trees like a damn dog. I’m dunkey man take no shit off a little white boy. I’m a
grown-ass man go pee where I want. This is not as nice as this other one. This is
a very bad quality house he has here. Uh, It’s more of a rust rustic shit-heap
aesthetic to it and- Oh god! No no no I didn’t mean it! No no no no! *laughing* Oh okay, I think you know I think the secret to beating him is actually in the
papers themselves. I think if I read them, I’ll learn the tips I need to
defeat him. I think they can really help me out. No no you’re supposed to help me you stupid papers. I’m so fucked. *laugh*
I think if- I think- He’s he’s afraid of the trees so if I go in here he’s not gonna- He’s not gonna get me- Oh God no no no! *dunkey scream* Donkey died!

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  1. I remember playing the trial for this game on my 360 and picking up some note outside, and reading it, only to hear like footsteps and randomly feel my controller vibrate. Was it intentional? I'll never know.

  2. "If you look around you can see his homeworld, romulon. There's the nebula spascship and there's the great volcano battle"

  3. Games world be far less scary if you had the worlds brightest flashlight instead of one with like 5 lumens…

  4. It looks like the slendermen done killt the very idear of feng shui. Or fang shewey. Just look at them shelfs.

  5. How tall is slender man

    Cause I'll be taller
    Even if he's 1 centermetre taller, I'll make myself taller a centermetre taller then HIM

  6. "Taking the papers down really pisses him off. I'll take this one down right now."

  7. Dude you seem like a guy who i can chill with and actually have fun watching you play a game while i sit there smoking a few joints, blunts and also taking some dabs hits too.

  8. Give this man a medal for his rational thinkings. Clap for him, give him an applause!!

  9. Tbh i was hoping for it to be scary,but this game just not that scary,maybe it just because im just watching some black guy play it and im not playing it but i just aint see it being scary

  10. This game was actually the scariest game I ever played. The atmosphere, the rustling leaves, cool breeze and twilight with no birds or anything really made feel like i'd been there before.
    This is coming from someone that finished Dead Space 2 overnight, with the lights off and had a blast.

  11. Dunkey died which means that Donkey (animal) is dead, but Videogamedunkey is still alive because he has managed to survive the encounter with Slenderman cuz he has uploaded it
    Case closed

  12. "This is where he plays League of Legends. If you look closely here you see his home world Romulan. That's the nebula spaceship. That's great volcanic battle." Does Slenderman has PC??

  13. I just realized that the reason the visual glitches out is because you’re viewing the character’s recording

    Like found footage

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