The Hunt for Red October (7/9) Movie CLIP – Wrong Conclusions (1990) HD
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The Hunt for Red October (7/9) Movie CLIP – Wrong Conclusions (1990) HD

November 18, 2019

3-1-5. You’re heading straight
into that torpedo. Yes. Doing what? He’s turned right into
the torpedo’s path. What?Red October’sturned directly
into the torpedo’s path, sir. Mother of god. Torpedo steady, bearing 3-1-5. Range: 5,000 yards. Melekhin, more speed. Negative. We are
already running 110%. Then get me 115%. Estimate range: 3,000 yards. Closing awfully fast. He’s headed right
into the torpedo. What’s he trying
to do, kill himself? Mr. Thompson, we have a firing
solution on the russian alfa. Can we shoot back? They didn’t shoot at us. I can’t attack
a soviet submarine Without authorization. Torpedo bearing steady at 3-1-5. Best range: 900 yards. Torpedo impact… 20 seconds. What books? Pardon me. What books did you write? I wrote a biography
on admiral halsey Calledthe fighting sailor,
about naval combat tactics.I know this book. Jones:
Torpedo impact… Your conclusions
were all wrong, ryan. Ten seconds. Halsey acted stupidly. Nine… Eight… Seven… Six… Five… Four… Three… Two… Torpedo impact… Now. (dull thuds) I’ll be damned. What happened? Combat tactics, mr. Ryan. By turning into the torpedo, The captain closed the distance Before it could arm itself.

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  1. The fact is Admiral Halsey won the Battle of Leyte Gulf when all was said and done. He made one mistake but it did not affect the outcome because his Jeep carriers saved the day

  2. that tactic wouldn't work at all, turning right into the path of an oncoming torpedo unarmed or not, itd still blow your sorry ass right out the ocean. most of the time torpedoes are armed the second their launched from their tubes. if it wasn't armed the second its launched you better close the distance and be quick as shit.

  3. I think Sean Connery is one of the few, sexiest men around.  I know a lady who is only 30 yrs. old, and she agrees, too.  So guys, have faith — u are beautiful, too  because age doesn't matter with women that much.

  4. Ramius had time to chat with Ryan about books but didn't have time for the briefest of explanations… "Hey guys, I turned into the torpedo to close the distance before it can arm itself."

  5. Atiboyful Really now. Car displacement is in liters and nutritional info in the food like in cans are measured in milligrams even in the United States. Only Myanmar and Liberia and the United States still use the old English imperial units and even the United Kingdom nowadays use metric system

  6. Dorian Michaels: the us military knows and use the metric system and they use them when they do training exercises with NATO and even the Asian and African allies as again the whole world uses the metric system.

  7. Of course not a single person in this entire scene realizes what Ramius is up to…I find that hard to believe. Also, the acting captain of the Dallas states he can't shoot back without authorization. Well, they are pretty close to the surface to use the radio…couldn't he have at least started the process along of calling for authorization? It probably wouldn't have come in time but to just sit there??

  8. Four amazing and intense actors all in one scene. Sean Connery, Alec Baldwin, Sam Neil and Scott Glenn. Hollywoods best

  9. The slowest stopwatch in the world… "Torpedo impact, twenty seconds"… and TWENTY SECONDS LATER, "torpedo impact, ten seconds".

  10. This was a great scene since it showed how much Capt. Ramius knew of "combat tactics" and how little Ryan knew of the subject he wrote an entire book even as Ramius is dismissing Halsey as acting stupidly while Ryan and Mancuso might think Ramius is crazy for heading straight on to a torpedo.

  11. I don't know if anyone of you is a sbmariner or not, but I am wondering about one detail ; they say that the russian torpedo is bearing 315. Ramius gives Ryan the order to turn to 315 as well. The aim of this is to meet the torpedo if I am not mistaken. Now my question is : if both, submarine and torpedo are bearing the same,will they meet?  In my opinion they would follow each other without meeting. If anyone could answer the question, it would be great, because I am no specialist in that matter. Thank you

  12. "I'll be damned… By turning into the torpedo the captain closed the distance before the torpedo could arm itself."

  13. I think this conversation is meant to show how insightful and experienced Ramius is (especially since it happens while he is out-smarting a torpedo); but the historical consensus is that Halsey did act stupidly, so it's actually Ryan who has a revisionist view of Halsey.

  14. Give it a few years from the time of this movie and that torpedo had no safety net. Armed or not it would have hit the red October and exploded!

  15. Fucking AMAZING movie…Jack Ryan is the James Bond of America which is funny with Sean Connery in this flick…

    He might not have been nailing all the women in his movies, he was married. He didn't drive a fancy car, he didn't need one. And he fight otherworldly figures that rivaled the Cobra Commander types that Bond did, Clancy wanted to keep it as close to reality as posssible. But he really was America's James Bond..For my money President Jack Ryan>James Bond..

  16. The US HAS to use the metric system….hell with all those attacks on foreign soil with the excuse…”our country is under attack”….

  17. The logic here is silly. If Captain Mancuso explained to Ryan exactly what the combat tactic was after the torpedo crashed into the hull, why did he act all surprised when Ramius commanded Ryan to steer into it? Instead of acting surprised, Mancuso should have said, "I think I know what Ramius is doing" while they were headed straight for the torpedo. Either that, or after the collision Ramius should have explained to Ryan the combat tactic.

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  24. And yo thought Chernobyl started the accent from the British isles thing
    Notice that Boris was a soviet submariner as well?

  25. You would think the American Sub Commander would've understood what Ramious was doing when he ordered him to turn towards the torpedo.

  26. The hunt for the Russian accent. First time I've heard a Soviet submarine commander who sounds like he's from Dundee

  27. Is it wrong for a straight man to find alex bladwins character attractive? Actually nevermind, il go, i just need to get my jacket

  28. anybody else notice from the time he says, "torpedo impact in 20-seconds"….its 42-seconds before it hits….must've been because they were russian-seconds…or even metric seconds, lost in translation……dosvidonia!!!

  29. He didn't close the distance before it COULD arm itself, he closed the distance before it DID arm itself. Those can be armed in the tubes. An error in the script.

  30. Notice when Jonesy addressed the Russian captain, he did not say "Sir". Now that was good writing. I liked it anyway.

  31. FYI Ramius is talking about Halsey at the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Halsey got very lucky in that the Japanese didn’t press their advantage and massacre the landing and support ships.

  32. I would think 3k yd's is plenty of space and time for a torpedo to arm, but what do I know. The only experience I have is 2hrs in Cold Waters.

  33. Pity the movie didn't follow the book better. A Soviet Warship getting boxed in by 4 A10s would have been a hell of a scene

  34. Another flaw in the movie. Someone calls out 20 seconds and the captain asks Ryan "what books" and continues to have a conversation with him for MORE than 20 seconds. Bad editing. Don't they check this easy stuff?

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