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  1. 22:09 camera doing something funky. Not sure if it was him moving it but It like quickly moved up and froze on one place

  2. What in the hell is happening they just Yelling and nothing oh i God idea they are mentally insane

  3. I personally think it would be cool if they left that voice thing on for longer than a little bit and ask more questions and also include the question who else is out here with said person they are looking for. Ijs.

  4. I was raised believing La Llorona was a women that was murdered by her husband and took the children with him. And her
    Spirit is suffering since she’s trying to find her kids on earth.

  5. For those of you who wants to 'see' them. go here:
    but its not la llorona tho.

  6. I love how Ryan is saying what Shane will probably do and Shane's doing what exactly Ryan is saying what he will do thats true friendship right there.

  7. Did Shane say "Preyground"? 😀 …also "My!, what "sessy" Slav calves you have, all the better for squatting with" #slavsquat

  8. The story I've been told is that La Llorona's husband left her, and men got her children and they drowned them, so she killed herself. I speak Spanish and I've had an experience with her once….. I DONT want it to happen again

  9. true story: when my uncles were younger, maybe around 10 or so, they were living in mexico when they heard la llorona’s cries outside their window. My uncle said he couldn’t move, like he was paralyzed. I don’t remember much else, he told the story a while back.

  10. I watched that movie, The Curse of La Llorona. Holy Hell, it scared the crap out of me! I didn't get a wink of sleep that night. We have a La Llorona here in Texas (several actually) & I always thought it would be neat to experience seeing her. NOT NOW! I want nothing to do with this cursed legend!

  11. Alright can we talk about how clear the “do you hear that” and the “lots of twists so” are? Like seriously the “do you hear that” was one of the clearest things theyve ever gotten like they just found a ghost man the “lots of twists so” is also really believable since its a womans voice sooo… have the ghoul boys found a ghost because of curly?

  12. Omg, imagine if Cardi B was a ghost.

    Shane and Ryan are just exploring her house when suddenly she says: ooooo butterflies, in my stomach and vaGiNa.

  13. So.. you finally get to a place where you get a legit response that makes sense and next thing ya know… you just move to a different location like nothing happened?!

  14. At 11:54 they got "Twist your arm in a box" on the spiritbox and at 22:12 they got "Lots of twists so…"
    Maybe she twisted their necks?

  15. Ryan: "What she did was pretty fucked up…"
    Curly: "What she did…was pretty fucked up…"

  16. my phone was on in my pocket and all the sudden I hear “aAAAAAAGGAGA” because my thigh hit play or something. nearly shat myself

  17. Bro I used to live in Las Cruces, New Mexico. I've been to that park before, when you pass under a bridge with a bunch of graffiti you could hear a bunch of cries and screams. Also there is a river but sometimes the water turns into sand and it's just really weird. I remember when I was younger, I saw a shirtless man at the top of a bridge getting ready to jump. It was scary ?

  18. My grandma always told me how she say her and she told me how she saw to little boys walking and she asked if they were lost bu they just kept on walking and then she heard her cry and she ran

  19. Me: Sees the Video

    anxiety: DON'T DO IT!

    Me: about to click

    anxiety: i'm warning you!

    Me: clicks anyways

    Hours Later…

    Me: see's something in room

    Anxiety: Laughs in "I warned you"

  20. Okay ik im late but I'm sitting here and I hear something like sobbing or crying and I freak out but then soon to realize that it's my dog just snoring

  21. Shane's mental processing of how to lure La llorona to him.
    Step 1 shows off blindly white calf "ehh eh? Check this out"
    Step 2 "Check this out… " wears his own child face on his face "ooh I'd sure love a lemon soda.."

  22. When Ryan said “welcome to a special episode of buzzfeed unsolved” I legit thought he said “lesbian unsolved” lmao ?

  23. Love these guys but they they have to stop using the spirit box. Why do they continue to use the spirit box when it's obviously locking into bit and pieces of radio broadcasts and/or CB's?

  24. In the more southern areas of new Mexico they used to warn us of her being in the rivers as well as the canals, so as a child if we heard crying at night we ran inside to turn on all the lights. They told us to hide away from water and sway from the doors and turn of every light, also if we misbehaved she would show up in the canals near us. It was frightening when the town was small and even the adults were scared.

  25. Some things you hear on the spirit box are things from radio channels because it’s flipping through radio channels. Not everything is gonna be a ghost, just a tip!

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