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The Hunger Games Archery! | Cranium Cookie

August 12, 2019

Hello Cranium Cookie fans! It’s Adrianna here,
your arts and history host and I’d like to introduce to you one of my
very favourite pass times The world of archery The Bow and Arrow are known to have been invented
during the upper paleolithic era, or “Late stone-age” Which is about 50,000 to 10,000 years
ago I’m here with top archer, Hamilton Nguyen!
How are you doing? I’m great, thank you.
I want to know all about you! How did you get into archery? What do you love about it? I started archery when I was in highschool,
my school had an afterschool archery club I started shooting well at the Toronto School Board
tournaments. Then I decided to do the Monday class with my current coach Joan Mcdonald
over at St. Michaels College. I started to compete more outside of the district.
So I started shooting the Ontario summer games in Ottawa. Then I won my first medal, which was a silver
medal. Ever since then I’ve just been hooked on shooting. Do you think there’s been a big rise because of
pop culture these days in Archery? Oh definitely. I think Hollywood has made
archery look on the big screen has been amazing. Things like the Hunger Games, Marvel’s Avengers,
the movie Brave A personal favourite, I’m a redhead. Definitely, a great movie. The cool thing about brave is that they took
an archer down in the states and taped him in slow mo and studied it- Learned the archer’s
paradox and re-created it spot on. Spot on in deed! As much as I love talking
about Marvel and Brave, I think we should take to the field and learn a thing or two
from the master about shooting So here we are, we’re about to start an archery
bootcamp with Hamilton Nguyen, and I’m going to take a step back as the Merida that I’ve
always wanted to be. My hunger games braid is ready for Archery bootcamp. So how does one become an archer? So you’re going to need a few things, we have
basic elliptic bow. We also have the arrows and your quiver. These arrows are a bullet-type shape and point.
It has three fletches and a ‘Nock’, where we will clip it on the string. The fletches are little feather pieces which
are glued on to the shaft. They are two different colours, one to indicate the cock-vein, so
we know which direction the arrow is going. One hand on the grip, now we’re going to make
sure your body isn’t twisted. Arm straight out. Take your arrow. You’re
going to ‘Nock’ it in the bow with the black vein out front- right in there. Now we’re going to shoot something called
“Split Fingers”. One finger on top, two fingers on the bottom. You’re going to grab it, just like that. Just
hold on to the bow, you’re going to hold your arm straight out, pull it towards your face. We’re going to go right underneath your anchor
point, which is just underneath your chin. You’re actually going to pull it closer to
your face until the string touches your face. Now, you’re going to relax your fingers. Meaning release?
Meaning release. OKAY! There you go. That’s it. Ooh, wow! That was a lot closer, to my face! Yeah. In olympic archery, we don’t use a scope,
we don’t use levels, we don’t use a release it’s all about reference points and how we
move into our body. So we anchor underneath our chin or underneath
our jawline here, and have the string run down the centre of our nose and down the side
of the mouth. It’s all contact points that we have to be
able to do, consistently every time. Thanks for watching, cookie fans! And if you
like what you see, you can always subscribe to us, and you can always like us on facebook,
and you can follow us on instagram and of course you can always find us @CRANIUMCOOKIE
on twitter. So, I don’t know about you, but I’m going
to go back and hit this range. SEE YOU LATER! If you like what we do at Cranium Cookie and
want to see our adventures to continue, click the PayPal link below to support us! If you’re ever interested in taking archery
lessons in Toronto, there are a few places you might want to check out. Go to the website as well as “Target Pro Archery” on facebook. Special thanks to Joan McDonald and Gary Gilles
with providing the equipment today as well as the Targets and the plus

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  1. For those wondering my bow is a Taiga horse bow with at #35.

  2. We also love archery! Victorians loved the sport:

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