The HTC Vive has a front-facing camera — CES 2016
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The HTC Vive has a front-facing camera — CES 2016

August 22, 2019

Hi! I’m Adi from The Verge, and after making
it through several layers of ornate casino doors, I’m checking out the HTC Vive Pre, the second
generation development kit for HTC and Valve’s virtual reality headset. The Pre is coming at a weird time — it’s
only going to be around for a few months before the consumer design comes out in April. But there’s supposedly a good reason for
this. The designers came up with a big new feature
that they wanted to put in — a front-facing camera that shows you real reality inside virtual
reality. If you move outside the space that the Vive’s
two sensors can map, you’ll see a blurry monochrome version of the real world. A feature called ‘Chaperone’ Mode let’s
you see everything like this. So I can see and sit in a chair instead of tripping over
it. It’s HTC and Valve’s answer to how you
drink a glass of water in VR. The current demos don’t do much with the
feature but developers could also use the feature to blend real space with the game. Besides the camera, the Vive Pre has re-designed
controllers that look a lot more polished. Although they work about the same. We don’t know how much is going to change
between the Pre and final Vive, but it’s at least possible to imagine it as a finished
product. If you want to see more cool stuff from us
at CES, check us out at

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  1. I'm telling you that VR is not finally there yet. It is not ready for the consumer because it is way too uncomfortable and complicated to wear and you need all these senors in your room… I'd like to know how many Vives they have sold in 2015.. And how many they will sell this year. I guess not many. Maybe in 20 years we'll use VR sometimes.. For now it is just a glimps in the future thats it

  2. This is probably the most underwhelming thing they've seen at CES lol. "Come check out our VR headset, now you can be in this mundane room VIRTUALLY.

  3. Meh, virtual reality doesn't have enough GPU power yet for most consumers, especially the 0'Culus games you see tested, they required insane PC specs that most people whine about having to afford now. this is why it will not be popular mainstream til 2017. Its cool and all, but not true virtual reality by definition

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  5. 5:01 PM 7/15/2016 Where was this at?  Vegas?  I didn't know HTC Vive Pre was in Vegas as a demo or whatever that is.  I would of stopped by if I was INVITED.  I was going to just walk around naked with it on didn't know there was a camera.

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