The horn bow, vlog 2
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The horn bow, vlog 2

August 17, 2019

Hi! I dont know if you could see it on the video from last week? It could look like that the arrow was taking a bump, like this when it leaves the bow and was clearing further down range I think thats because I was canting the bow to much something I have figured out so now we are shooting the bow without canting it so much and keeping it more vertical and see if that helps! I think that was looking good let´s make one in slow motion “deep breath” so my plan is to put the bow away and then i will wait untill i´m gonna use it about a week before i will start practice with it again cause in the meantime i can shoot all the other bows It looked like they wasent that close to each other but I think they are pretty close to each other this is the broadhead right here and the field point here so thanks for watching see you!

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  1. Den flyver fint. Ren nysgerrighed: hvor mange pund har du på fingrene og hvilken spine og pile længde er du landet på? Går ud fra det stadigvæk er en Easton axis? ?

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