The Greatest Trump Impersonator on Earth
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The Greatest Trump Impersonator on Earth

January 27, 2020

We’re going to win very very big in
November. That I can tell you. I would have to vote for him. I don’t have a lot of choice. I mean it would be – It would be four to eight years
of more work. When Trump won, I said,
“I just won the lottery.” Yeah, let me tell you.
I’m a big deal. No one speaks like Trump. Nobody. So many illegals. That’s why I think so many people
want to impersonate him. You know who you are. It doesn’t matter if it’s Trevor
Noah or Jimmy Fallon. Everybody wants to get in on this. As an actor, you want something
that you can sell. And for the first time in my life, I
feel like I’m in the right place at the right time. When he announced, I was still doing
the old Trump. I call it the “Old Trump.”
It was much more, you know, listen, you guys did a
terrible job. You’re fired. And then when I see him in these
stump speeches, I’m like, “Wow this is like
a different person.” Here’s a 70 year old man who is
incredibly physical. Everyone’s doing the thing
with their hands. He’s hitting certain words like
Clinton and China, certain things really hard. So obviously Trump is President. He’s not been getting his orange
as he had been getting. So I’ve had to back off on that. I’m trying to figure out something
that’d be totally different but yet, resonates with the crowd
as far as Trump material. There are nine other Trumps
so, no matter what I say, someone else’s going to have said
before me. I don’t know
how to prepare for this. How do you prepare for ten people
who are going to do the same thing. Anybody down there? Two or three Trumps? Oh, that’s funny. Hello fellow Trumps. How are you buddy? Good to see you. Canada. New Zealand. New York. Indianapolis. What is your name? Zane. Oh okay, okay.
There was somebody else. I also think he’s a brown guy. -Yeah, yeah.
-From what I hear. Well you all look alike,
I have to tell you. -You all look alike.
-In character already. Right. Tremendous. The week before the election,
it was just insanely busy. I did meetings where it was make
security great again, make toenails great again. In a one year period,
I did 250 interviews. CNN did three different
stories on me. NBC shadowed me for three days
and did a story on me. It’s like a dream. I mean it would be really nice if
it was just me out of character. But even very well-known actors
didn’t get the kind of press that I got in that period of time. Red leather, yellow leather. Peter Piper picked a
pack of pickled peppers. How many packs of pickle peppers
did Peter Piper pick? Alright, I’m pretty much
ready to go. There’s a woman in the lineup.
I think she’s the one from Dubai. Tremendous! You’re bigly big. You’re really amazing. I mean it. It’s just, it’s different now. -You got it?
-Yeah. Could you text those? Even when I go to
my YouTube channel, I’m like, “Shit, I got a lot of stuff.” -Mind taking a photo
of all of us? But, something along the line
is just got to catch so you can get more traction. Everybody, let’s go. Hey! It’ll be interesting to see how
each person presents their Trump. You guys know why
you’re here, right? Yeah. Alright, you keep the energy going. We’re going to bring up
our first President. Ladies and gentlemen, put your hands
together for Joseph Wilson. Everybody, Joseph Wilson! Thank you, French guy.
So weird, right? Trump is a material machine. We got to get rid of ISIS. Every single day,
there’s so much material. It’s unbelievable! Believe me. In a way, there’s actually too much
because as a comedian you wonder what’s the audience
going to react to the best? What’s everyone going to know? We’re building that wall. Wall. Cause you really want to make
everything click. Now ladies and gentlemen
put your hands together for John Di Domenico. I’m so happy that all of you are here
for my continuing victory tour and rally all over the country. This is amazing. With all of the press that I’ve had
and all the things at I’ve done, you’ve got to restart everyday.
Kind of relight the camp fire. And I don’t mind doing that. But sometimes you’re like,
“Can I just get a break?” Why do I have to do it again? But you know I’m very happy
to do it. As a performer, any time you get on
stage, it’s great. By a round of applause,
who here voted for Hilary Clinton? Tremendous! Nobody. Fantastic. The drug for me is being in front of
a live audience. And this was a great audience today. Thank you so much everybody!
It was tremendous. So right now, let’s bring all of
the judges up again. The winner of the John – of the – The winner of the Donald Trump
impersonation, our winner is John Di Domenico. I think I pronounced that right. Come on up here John. I’ll ride this as long
as I possibly can. What I like to do is use this as a
base and get back to stand up, and comedic acting, and start
auditioning for other things that aren’t Trump. Somebody ate my sandwich. Son of a bitch. I try not to focus on the politics. I try to stay on him as a
personality. I don’t want to bash the guy.
It’s kind of pointless. I’m not going to change anyone’s
mind politically. He’s obviously not going anywhere. If he loses in the next round,
he’s never going to stop being part of the American landscape. Because he has to weigh in
on everything. You’re never going to stop hearing
from Donald Trump. Another day in Trumpland.

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  1. “If you come to fame not understanding who you are, it will define who you are” – Oprah Winfrey

    WATCH NEXT: How Narcissists Took Over the World –

  2. Regardless of your “need” to impersonate him, you DID have a choice. You’re now complicit in his crimes by voting for him.

  3. So only in American can you be a impersonator and be some what successful and happy. I mean can you really say he “hates” his job, he seems to enjoy it quite well.

  4. Tyvm John sound just like P/T he, he, love the saying "If you come to fame not understanding who you are, t will define who you are" Great video

  5. Who was the greatest Obama impersonator vice? Who played your savior the best? Funny, being that Vice impersonates real news and fails every time.

  6. why is the vice video "The Rise of Acid Attacks in the UK: VICE Reports" have comments disabled? Vice afraid someone will comment on the crazy Muslim Cultists terrorizing London.

  7. I remember when I was a teenager on mtv they had celebrity look alike and one was Anna Nichole Smith . Hmmm wonder what shes doing for work today ?

  8. Imagine an American woman going to Saudi Arabia to impersonate their president equivalent – dead

  9. This guy sucks. Not only are there thousands of impersonaters but there better. Alec Baldwin was better.

  10. On Earth? Really? Pretentious just like the original at least. I think people in America's got talent and Britain's got talent do it better.

  11. This is just overblown now, it’s not even funny. Wow u made fun of Donald looloolollllollololl omg ur suuuh funny

  12. Vice is biased. I’ve never seen a non neoliberal angle. Really good content but you’ll only see one side always. Bias

  13. I think it'd be hard to do Trump accurately. Because he's actually too rich a subject, in a way. It's so easy to let your disgust and contempt for him enter the impersonation and overdo it. Trump's vile nature is so clearly-expressed in the way he talks that he's much more difficult to do than, say, Christopher Walken. Or, really, anybody.

  14. This is awesome and hilarious.

    But I would like to propose a question to everyone what if there was a contest for Obama impersonators ? would that have been racist?


  15. Not really sure now vaguely looking like the dude saves your career, but whatever. Get it now home skillet. Get that money before the whole thing goes down in flames…

  16. This guy's impersonation is spot on and very detailed. He even grabs the podium like Trump. I've had so many political arguments online, it is nice to just laugh. I wish this guy all the luck in the world and I hope he gets other gigs where he shows his other comedy, and some movie roles.

  17. Mockery is a sin in the
    eyes of God. It dosen't matter who you're mocking. rather their disable or not. So you're
    not any better then president Trump…
    You're doing the same thing you accused him
    Of doing…..

  18. Alec Baldwin does a better job impersonating Trump. This guy can't even get the lips right. This guy isn't even funny. Sucks

  19. Trump doesn't "kiss" between words like ALL impersonators are doing, he makes the kissy face WHILE HE'S TALKING. And none of them have the Vaseline swoop over the left ear either. None of them are great, that I can tell you. Fallon has the best voice and the frog smile down. The rest suck…including SNL's attempts.

  20. This story is really more about an individual actor than anything else. Even Trump supporters should appreciate this.

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