The Great Record Hunt: Streetlight Records, Santa Cruz
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The Great Record Hunt: Streetlight Records, Santa Cruz

November 15, 2019

(bright music) – Hi, we’re in Santa Cruz, California. This is The Great Record Hunt and I’m your host, Ethan Minsker. We’re checking out Streetlight Records. Finding out some local recommendations. Let’s go. (upbeat rock music) – Mat Weir. I am a buyer at Streetlight Records. – Darius Koski, Swingin’ Utters. We’re on Fat Wreck Chords. – Ashely, Michael. I price the vinyl. (upbeat music) – [Mat] Streetlight has been
around for roughly 30 years and this location has been
around for about that long, too, here in Santa Cruz. We’re one of two stores. There is also one in San Jose and we have a big showcase
here in Streetlight as well. We do consignment. We do live performances. And on our Instagram and our Facebook, we’ll always try to
put things out, saying, “Hey, we just got this cool, new cd or we got this event coming up.” – Been selling records since 1970. – Santa Cruz has a university here which is it’s own kinda city. And then, I guess there’s
around 20,000 students up there. – ‘Lost Boys’ was filmed here. The recent horror film
by Jordan Peele, ‘Us’, was also filmed here. ‘Lethal Enforcer’. ‘Killer Clones from Outer Space’. Yeah, that was filmed in Watsonville and here in Santa Cruz. If you are a fan of never
having to fully grow up, Santa Cruz is definitely
the place for you. – [Darius] Tons of homeless people. – There’s tons of nature
and hiking and surf. – Lots of drugs. There’s old hippies. Culturally, it’s just,
it’s a bizarre place. – And, we were once the
murder capital of the world with serial killers like
Ed Kemper in the ’60s roaming around the jury room. (hard rock music) – The music scene here has
always been a little tricky. – Santa Cruz has a very, very
diverse local music scene. – We started here in
the late 80s, early 90s. We left around ’92. – Dating all the way back to the 60s, we’ve had psych rock, we’ve had punk, we’ve had new wave, glam,
pretty much everything. – ‘Cause there’s not a
whole lot of venues here. – At the moment, there’s a
really good hip hop scene. There’s a really good rock scene. And there’s a really good
metal scene happening. – There’s a cool little punk club that we play would close
down in a month or so. And there’s a lot of like
folk artists and bluegrass. (upbeat music) ♪ Lemonade ♪ ♪ Gimme, gimme lemonade ♪ – The Bad Light. It’s a split that they
did with Tuna de Tierra and they call it, ‘The Bad Tuna.’ Killer, heavy, do me, southern heaviness. Lots of fun on this one. (rock music) – I like the band from Santa Cruz, a new wave band called the Humans. Around in the mid-80s. – There’s another local metal band, Vultures At Arm’s Reach. Another heavy, stoner, do me type band. This was more for fans
like Neurosis, Sepultura. They actually have a really
big following in Russia. – Okay, first one is called, ‘Sisu’ and the second one is called, ‘What Once Was Is By and Gone.’ Yeah, they’re punk rock
like everything else on that label is. – So, here’s another one that we’re gonna talk about is Bl’ast. This is a band from the
80s hard core scene. They were around during the
same time as Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Adolescents. They’re actually on SST Records. It doesn’t get any crazier than this. (rock music) Fulminante. It’s a three piece. They have a stand up
bass, drums and guitar. It blends Latin rock, surf and punk. Half their songs are sing-a-longs that just go nuts. The Swingin’ Utters are another
classic local punk band. Technically, technically,
they are from Santa Cruz. They started off here and
then moved to San Francisco. We still claim them
because they rock so hard. (rock music) ♪ Are you feelin’ it ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I’m feelin’ it ♪ Jesse Daniel. Santa Cruz, born and raised. From the mountains. Plays Wayne Hancock style
country blues and western and it’s just, I mean, if you’re looking for the real outlaw country
sound, check him out. Jesse Daniel. (rock music) People should buy vinyl because
that’s just the pure sound of the way it was meant to be. – I personally love the aesthetic and I like the rich work. – There’s something fun
about taking the record out, hearing the pops and hiss. I mean, John Peele once said that life has surface noise. And that to me just speaks millions. – Getting it out and putting it on and having to flip it over, makes you pay attention to the music more. – There’s so much that’s not
available in other formats. – That’s what we used to
do when we were growing up. We’d read the lyrics. We’d look at the artwork while you’re listening to the record. Like you were really paying
attention to the record. – So, I grew up in the 90s, 2000s, my dad had a record collection and that was the coolest
thing to me as a kid was seeing all the different artwork and then, as I got older and started really getting into music, I just personally love it. – [Ethan] Santa Cruz, California
is one of those places you can find a little bit of everything. Sun, fun, beach,
boardwalk, friendly people. At the same time, there’s a little danger lurking behind every corner, but I like that. And you might, too. Next time you’re in
Santa Cruz, California, check out Streetlight Records and tell ’em, “Ethan sent ya.” (hard rock music) – You’re watching The Great Record Hunt.

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