The Great Hunt Episode 4: Hunting Casino… and Drop Game Worlds?!
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The Great Hunt Episode 4: Hunting Casino… and Drop Game Worlds?!

December 13, 2019

Hello again Growtopians! It’s me your Community Manager NekoRei! And today we’re going to do another episode of Casino Hunt! So for those who don’t know whenever we do Casino Hunt, we go inside casino worlds, nuke the casino world and then ban the casino world owner and as well as the admins. Now, let this be a warning. If we catch you playing in casino worlds you will definitely get banned. Especially, if you are the owner of the casino world and you’re one of the admins of this casino world. We definitely appreciate players who come and report casino worlds to us. But please do not stay in the casino worlds. Get out of the casino world once you report the casino world to us so you won’t get banned as well. Alright so… let’s start hunting! So, I am in a casino world right now. And as you all probably know in the casino worlds there are roulettes. These green ones are the hosts… and… let’s see how they will react when they see me. Hello guys! Surprise! Hey what’s up! What are you guys doing? They just continued getting the world locks! Some of them were just saying hi, some of them were surprised, some of them were happy to see me. This world that I am in right now is different from a casino world. It’s not a casino world, it’s what they call a drop game, which is also illegal in Growtopia. If you want me to cover me banning drop games and the owners of these drop games worlds… Let me know in the comment section below. and we might create a new episode dedicated for me banning drop games. I’m gonna show a sample right here. I’m gonna show myself, so right as you can see this drop game is fairly active. Hello guys! Awww so sweet. So, that was a sample of a drop game world and this is also illegal in the game so please avoid playing it. Okay so we’re back to banning casino worlds… Oh, what’s going on in here wah… Yikes! I didn’t even bother going invisible… Hello… . No please don’t waaahhh… Hello… Ahhh noo don’t go! Well, for this one there’s only three of them and most of them are the admins. So let’s see how they will react if they see me. Noooo, don’t take a screenshot with me… are you serious? Oh my gosh, are they not aware? Now, they want a selfie. Gosh I kinda felt bad for that. Alright, oh… special guest! Thanks Fournos for reporting! Oh there we go! We also have Gatello in here! Whew! That was a lot of casinos today! Once again we’re warning everyone to please not go in casino worlds because if we catch you playing in those casino worlds you will definitely get banned. And for casino worlds owners as well as admins you are also definitely going to get punished once you get caught. Alright! So I guess that’s it for today. Thank you so much for watching today’s episode… This is your Community Manager NekoRei signing off. See ya!

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  1. Yes! Banning drop game hosts and players would be a great episode, lots of people can relate to being scammed in a drop game rather than a casino so seeing hunting drop games would be awesome

  2. I’m wondering if you banned all of the people in the world and there is left over world locks what happens to the worlds locks

  3. Nekorei pls ban KazeNoStigma he scam my 20dls pls help me im crying i quited i just joining give sawys in yt if i win i will play again

  4. I appreciate the videos you(Growtopia) post to show your playing an active part im the community, but there are a few flaws.
    In 3:28 a person enters, he gets banned within seconds from Nekorei not paying attention to him.

    There are also parts where the players of casinos leave quickly after you reveal yourself. Those players should be punished too if they aren't. (An example of this in this video is at 4:08 . Pay attention to "Hyurli". He first says wow and then realized he should leave. He managed to get away unpunished.)

    Still, amazing content, I just hope you can make sure everyome gets fairly punished.

  5. I got banned rn advertising my world in buyssptradelink 730days all i did was advertising i wish i just played pixelworld for 1year instead of growtopia.

  6. I just advertise 8hours+ and few stops and i advertise again so i can restock later and i got ban-.-bad community also bad mod banning without proof


  8. I'm Want become MODerator Growtopia Age ME 12 Player Indonesia Plss Answer Me Nekorei 🙁 AND Where I'm Want Become Moderator??? plss Answer Me Nekorei! 🙁

  9. Mod pls help me, can u ban player with grow id : LEBAYS and KORDVA, please? They both scammers, they scam my 3k chand trees, please mod ban him help me if i cant get my chand back, just ban him pls:(

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  11. There is a instgram account that does caino called @real.hay its one of the biggest casino groups each day they win tons of dls

  12. Hey. I love growtopia. I got scammed more than 8 dls and pls donate me 1-2dls my world is fibude and my growid is iretriiver

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