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The Gaming Dining Table

September 6, 2019

(upbeat music) – My wife and I are big gamers, so when it came time to build
a new dining room table, I took it as an opportunity to make something multifunctional. Something that would be
just as good to eat from, as it would be to play just
about any type of board game or card game you could think of. Alright, so let me give you the tour. (upbeat music) Now the whole table is made from cherry, let me show you how it went together. (peaceful music) (sander grinding) (scratching) (clanking) (saw humming) (scraping) (saw humming) (buzzing) (clicking) (humming) (grinding) (scraping) (tapping) (sanding) (machine cutting) (sanding) (machine cutting) (machine humming) (peaceful music) (hammer pounding) (machine cutting) (wood clicking together) (peaceful music) (hammering) (peaceful music) (hammering) (metal scraping) (machine cutting) (metal scraping) (scraping) (machine humming) (machine humming) (tape snapping) (machine buzzing) (scraping) (scraping) (plastic rustling) (vacuuming) (sanding) (machine cutting) (drilling) (carving squeak) (peaceful music) (machine saw noise) (peaceful music) (drilling) (peaceful music) (spray) (peaceful music) (cutting) (peaceful music) (machine cutting) (plastic crinkling) (peaceful music) Now if you like the
way this project looks, you can get detailed plans, and videos, and And Ava thinks you should really go there, and check it out. Please, join my papa’s guild. I need a new onesie.

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  1. Those accurate fitting panels causing the far panel to pop up when the other panel is dropped in at 5:18 due to the seal… Damn.

  2. its perfect for Donjon and dragon game.. but i will put some other thing for the sheets and books.

  3. At 1:22, you use a router bit, what does that bit look like if I were to go buy one? Was the shaft routered out first and then the grove where the head of the screw was routed in a second pass?

  4. Awesome table but that's a couple hundred thousands of dollars of equipment there I haven't seen a work station that well equipped since I was in shop class.

  5. wow.. this is some truly amazing craftsmanship. I got confused when the lathe came out, but then I was like "dowel pins? he's making his own dowel pins??" Awesome work.

  6. Do you ever do custom jobs? i'd love a table like this but have no woodworking experience, and not looking to build one. but a huge gamer and would LOVE a table like this. … ?

  7. I think you need to refresh your idea of gaming pal, I thought it was some kind of PC or PS4 or Xbox related but no…

  8. DIY… if you have $10,000 in workshop tools 🙁

    Well, I'm a carpenter, I'm sure I can figure it out with just my skill saw and cordless drill, its just going to take a few jigs, lots and lots of jigs.

  9. Looks fantastic Marc. If I ever get a shop again I'm definitely coming to you for plans (and the guild membership) to build this table. Miss having a shop.. 🙁

  10. Indtead of paying for those great tools, I'm the kind of guy that pays someone like you to make stuff for me. Excellent video though and Congratulations on the baby girl.

  11. "saw this as an opportunity" he said… To disappear to the man cave. Comes back 9 months later… Wife: "Where the hell have you been?!!!" …

    "Uhhh making that table you asked me to make dear…. What's that you've got?"….

    Wife: "a baby … Remember…I was pregnant… ?!"…. "Oh… Right… Yeah"….

    So, I reckon that's pretty much how it went down…

  12. Yes, awesome table, but totally impractical to build for 80% of the DIYers who don't have $5000 worth of woodworking tools and a shop to hold them.  Aside from tool envy, I did get one thing from the video and that as the clever idea to create a recessed pin to pop up the inset panels.  I was puzzling over how I was going to do that on my table.  Thanks for that clever tip.

  13. It is an absolutely magnificent table! The big question is: Will your kids be able to do their homework at the table without having their pencil etch in a math problem on the table top? We still have a few "problems" with our table.

  14. Love a project that justifies purchasing all the tools needed to build it, particularly those that come in grey boxes with green latches!

  15. Amazing work. I'm no woodcrafter myself but my dad builds both furniture and instruments so I know good craftsmanship when I see it.

  16. Looks pretty good, congratulations on your new furniture 🙂 Maybe for the next one you could try expirementing with stains, for a bit of contrast.

  17. My brain is melting. I want to do that but also had some simple upgrades in thought. You got great stuff! Now to go myself some power tools.. and a garage.

  18. Hi Marc, great build and thank you! I'm curious to know how the sub frame (at 2:28) is fastened to the base? At 4:31 when the the table is laying on it's side, I see no fasteners. Does anyone else know?

  19. Dont get me wrong this table is amazing and well crafted, but not something everyone can do. this took specialty tools and a very good understanding of carpentry. looks good though

  20. Once I saw all the specialty pro tools being used, I knew this video wasn't for me, but I was so mesmerized with the work that I watched the whole thing anyway. Great job.

  21. Wow !!!!!!! this is amazing… sir are a super craftsman, normal humans have no chance of making this.
    so when can you come over and build mine 😀

  22. Yeah, it cool if you have your own carpentry shop. For everyday Joe with just a garage and some tools its impossible to make.

  23. Nice work.
    But not everyone has the space of a workshop as you do or the tools. Especially an air bag that sucks the air out to pressure clamp veneer to panels. Why didnt you just use some precut panels and tongue and groove those. Or even use a single sheet of oak plywood half or three quarters inch thick for the bottom of the table. For all the work of that fancy frame you put around it. It wont be seen once you build and put the sides of the box frame of your table on top. It got covered up by the felt or leather insert game playing sleeve. You can also cover it in felt.

    Aside from that I like how you made your track system for your railing to attach your shelves or drink holders.

  24. Holy hell, I am working on a table of my own and this just crapped all over it. I didnt even know some of those tools existed. I really wish I had that workshop going. Life goals!

  25. I love the design of this and have already marked it my winter challenge.

    Regarding the top, in your design, what led you to the leaf top rather than a solid over-the-edge topper. The latter seems like it would protect against spills better but I didn’t design the piece so I’m wondering what the decision process was. Aesthetics is a perfectly fine answer, too.

  26. Nice project. I'd like to attempt this but we're talking ninja-level skills here (and a bunch of tools that I don't have).

  27. I actually had a similar idea, with wider "arm rests" though so big board games can gold the character trails on the outside instead of in the inside.
    Any particular reason you used veneered plywood for the cover instead of just using wooden boards? do the warp less?

  28. General (and probably silly) question…I'm looking at making this table once I fine tune my wood working skills a bit more. I don't have a shop at my house, but do have a local one that lets you use it for a membership price. My question: is this something that you can make all the cuts and assemble it elsewhere? Or do you pretty much need to assemble it in shop to make some of those minor adjustments as it comes together? And one more related question, seems it is fully joined with no disassembly option. Would I be correct in assuming plans don't offer an alternate design for assembly/disassembly? I know it probably wouldn't be too hard to tweak it to accommodate such an option, but just didn't know if that is part of the specs/videos you can purchase.

  29. Don’t get me wrong, it is a beautifully made piece of furniture, you are clearly VERY talented at what you do and I could only dream of being that good but I am kind of failing to see the point of it the removable section? Usually the idea of removing the centre section to be to reveal a snooker table or built in poker table.. surely you can just play the games on the table top? But as I said, it is beautifully made, certainly can’t knock the quality of it!!

  30. Question for you! With this design, spilled milk is going inside the gaming vault of the table. How to design a top that goes out over and around the top of the gaming vault, so that spills do not make a mess inside?

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