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The Game Changers | Official Trailer

October 22, 2019

The one and only, Arnold Schwarzenegger! I ate a lot of meat.
They show those commercials… Steak, that’s what a man eats. …selling that idea that
real men eat meat. Serious man food. But you gotta understand,
that’s marketing. That’s not based on reality. I’ve been teaching fighting techniques to
government agencies for more than 15 years. Then, I got injured. Unable to teach for at least six months,
I spent more than 1,000 hours studying science on
recovery and nutrition, and stumbled across a study
about the Roman gladiators. The gladiators were predominantly
vegetarian. How could the original professional fighters
be so powerful eating only plants? When I made the switch to a plant-based diet,
I qualified for my third Olympic team, I broke two American records. I was like, man, I should have
done this a long while ago. When I went plant-based,
I wasn’t sure if I was gonna survive. And I actually became like a machine. One of the biggest misconceptions in
sports nutrition is that we have to have animal protein to perform at a high level.
That’s just not true. Sometimes you have to do things that you
know your competitors aren’t doing. Today’s blood and yesterday’s blood. Damn. I think this is going to wake
a lot of people up. I was recovering better,
and not getting as sore. This was our best season
in the last 15 years and we had 14 guys
on plant-based diets. We all wanna feel great, have more energy. Cholesterol was 276, today 169. Whoa! Now you’re talking. Most guys my age
can’t keep up with their grandchildren, my grandchildren can’t keep up with me. It’s not one set of dietary guidelines for
improving your performance as an athlete, another one for reversing heart disease,
reversing diabetes— it’s the same for all of them. Someone asked me, “How could you get as
strong as an ox without eating any meat?” And my answer was,
“Have you ever seen an ox eating meat?”

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  1. Individuals are very different in what suits them, I have serious autoimmune issues, I cannot survive on a vegan diets, it shouldn't be forced upon people for whom it isnt suited

  2. Never really considered animal welfare which I admit. I only cared about performance and I can honestly say going vegan for the last month has resulted in the following
    Clearer skin
    CONSISTENT energy levels (no pre workout needed)
    Faster metabolism
    Better pumps in gym
    Got a lot leaner
    However there are cons too
    I do miss the taste of meat lol
    You've gotta be really creative with meals to make them tasty
    Requires a lot of research
    Overall I can say I am happy with the switch but I also encourage people to slowly transition and at least try one meal a day you'll be shocked from the benefits.
    Most importantly I learned that it comes down to decision we shouldn't attack people for what they wish to eat. Unfortunately a few if my vegan friends tend to demonize meat eaters which I do feel is wrong. Educate them but ultimately we should not force our opinion on anyone. Thanks for reading lol.

  3. I think I'll enjoy my burgers while you pansies eat twigs and leaves, shrinking your brain and making you susceptible to programming from your Globalist masters….but that's just me! 😆

  4. So pretty much all the athletes were injured before this propaganda film even came out LOL what a joke if you believe this nonsense the fact is you do not need any plans to survive but you need animal Foods where else are you going to get B12 choline folate heme iron vitamin A

  5. "How can you get as strong as an ox without eating meat?" Stick a needle in your butt cheek like every other "athlete".

  6. Feels like we re back in 1939's Germany with this kind of propaganda. Let humans live and develop the way nature and their instincts predisposed them to! We are part of the food chain like it or not, we are not frugivores, we are not herbivores, we need animal fats.

  7. Thank you so much for this movie! I'm vegan too and I needed a source like this I can show to all those people, who don't care about the ethical thing. Now it's about them and everybody gets alarmed when it's about themselves. 🌱🐾

  8. Imo you dont have to go full vegan but lower the meat consumption big time would increase quality of life massively and also help the earth a lot

  9. Tried veganism. Didn't work. And no, I didn't "do it wrong". Turns out I'm autoimmune to grains & legumes. So I'm back to roots, veggies and yes – meat & fish. I choose wild caught or grass fed though. No dairy. Am I a bad person and a murderer of sentient beings because I want to be healthy instead of miserable with pain and inflammation?

  10. Je ne sait pas si je doit prendre la vidéo au sérieux où la prendre a la léger… ce qui est sur, si les stars le savions depuis des décennie ils nous mentent depuis des décennie…

  11. Farris broke two american records and finished 11th in 2016 olympics hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahabahahahahahahahahahahahaha and titans are currently 2-4-0 haahahahahahaahahahahahah

  12. Who else is watching this while eating three pieces of turkey wings? Well guess who? Its meeeee.
    Until you tell me what plant is this, my protein source is still meat.

  13. It's all construct. it greatly depends on your internal & external perception of yourself. This is nothing more than a huge marketing advertisement to drive more people to the whole foods industry. Not everyone can afford to eat like this. Plant based diets are extremely expensive. That's why the video rolls out professional athletes who can afford this kind of lifestyle but how about the average consumer? Not so much. Produce in the United States is expensive. The cost of living in general is increasing every year in this country. How can the entire population afford to eat healthy foods? If you really want to impress me solve that problem.

  14. And yet its proven that the most important step in evolution, growing our brain, was caused by eating high energetic meat….

  15. this is complete nonsense most likely put forth by PETA who have been known to lie and forge documents at the experense of the public's health. I switched to the Atkins diet over 15 years ago and lost weight, lowered my blood pressure and cholesterol and feel great. I eat red meat every day, all I want. I'm in perfect health. When I tried a low fat, plant based diet, I was fat and miserable. My brother went on Atkins two years ago with the same health improvements. His doctor took him off his medications. I bet the comments here are just propaganda from vegans or PETA members too. All nonsense. We evolved for tens of thousands of years eating meat, plenty of it. Sorry PETA

  16. someone deleted my comment on here about the health benefits of eating meat. If you have to censor criticism of your beliefs, you're on shaky ground.

  17. I just watched it and I thought the most important thing Patrick said was that it's not our strength or power that's most important – it's what we do with it. Really resonated!

  18. Once upon a time: They mocked and laughed at Indians for eating veggies and doing Yoga.


  19. If you go vegan, know you need to be educated on the matter because a lot of the prepacked vegan food can still be unhealthy (whole foods will always be best) but most importantly, you can become deficient in a lot of nutrients, but the overall goal is still there, your body will become healthier. So make sure to do your research 1st so you make sure you are supplying your diet with nutrients that are mostly found in animal products that can still be found in other products but you need to be consuming them ie: B12

  20. So what this documentary is telling me is that all I gotta do to get ripped is just stop eating meat???
    I'm sure I could eat steak every day and as long as I work out hard I'd still be healthy and ripped.

  21. Truly AMAZING ! Maybe now more will listen ! Thank you for this from us all Humans + Animals + Earth unite finally as equals ♥️♥️♥️🥦🌍🍎

  22. "Have you ever seen an ox eat meat" That is like saying "have you ever seen a lion limber up b4 it takes down a gazelle" Not comparable at all what a stupid fkn thing to say and that meat eating lion would take down an ox easy, i hope this doesn't become more of the same oh "listen to our experts" "listen to this or that person" without ever actually providing proof of any of it and some people are not representative of the rest of us… like polls… or for example saying a type of drug that can help you like penicillin and because i am allergic doesn't mean it shouldn't be used on others…. telling people something is something does not mean it is that something… all this because of 1 study??? You are going to need to to a damn sight better than this, decades of studying and research and millions of test subjects and who knows how much cash needed for resources for something like this….. Fkn twilight zone full of braindead zombies bandwagoning without taking on the required knowledge to try feel good about their own fk ups in life. I have done both and i was healthier when i was eating mostly meat as well as many others… as opposed to a study of a time long past. Everybody is different, when are tards going to get this through their thick fkn skulls.

  23. Everything you see exists together in a delicate balance. When we die, our bodies become the grass, and the antelope eat the grass. And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life.
    Mufasa knows shit.

  24. Watched this yesterday and I gotta say it’s a real eye opener! I’m now converting to a plant based diet! 🙌

  25. I’ve watched many films on veganism but also videos on carnivore diet. This contradiction of information was causing a short circuit in my brain. I’m starting a water fast in two days and I wasn’t sure which diet to follow after I break the fast. This movie came at the right time. I’m giving the vegan diet a try.

  26. Ox is not an omnivore like human and it's build different than man and apes. Every primate eats meat, Chimps are hunting on smaller apes and even human children, Orangutans hunt fish with javelins, recently we discovered meat rests in dead gorilla's stomach. Ba! Even squirrels hunt mice and eat dead birds, northamerican elk sometimes eats carcass
    of any kind, if there is nothing else to eat. So… Much, much more animals than we think eat meat, even herbivores.

  27. It's not what u eat but how much u eat in general.
    The blessed prophet said eat a third of your stomach drink for the other third and leave a third for air.
    We eat 10 times more than our stomach can accommodate.

    Also eat when your hungry and stop eating before your full. U wont get any side effects of anything

  28. The interesting thing about this biased vegan agenda is that not once does it provide any info about the correct foods to eat or qualities or nutrients needed all it shows is an hour and a half of people saying on camera "yeah I feel better now on plant based diet" like it's trying to brainwash people but not giving reasons for it. And when they do give explanations it's either misleading, not accurate, comes from a bad source or simply a lie. For example, the doctor on there claiming if you dont eat a serving of meat for one meal before bed you will increase erections by up to 5 times as often and theyll be harder. Trying to make it "manly" to be vegan. If not eating meat was that effective in erections people would know about it. Or how about when they said the fact soy raises estrogen is actually a myth and it does the opposite. Total bullshit claim that people who dont know any better may actually believe since the info does seem put together quite professionally yet just not true

  29. "have you ever seen an ox eating meat?" Hahaha… Someone should tell him oxes do feed on animal proteins! The grass they eat is to feed gut bacteria which in turn they digest

  30. They say eggs have high estrogen lvl and decrease your testosterone. Then they have Arnold on saying he use to eat 15 eggs a day🤣🤣

  31. This doc made it seem like people say just eat meat and nothing else. Like athletes eat lots of meat AND vegetables, together they make a great nutrition. And to say that body builders dont eat carbs is fucking stupid, seeing carbs is your main source of energy, especially for heavy weight training.

  32. Novak went vegan and his performance fell off a cliff , he lost his number 1 ranking and finding win a slam for two years, he went back eating meat and has won several since . We need meat . This is cherry picking at it’s finest.

  33. I am 54 and I am going to adopt this nutritional strategy.  Growing up Arnold was my hero!!  I ate exactly as he described.  Once again, time to follow his lead.  Starting out on a 30 day goal.  If this is, what I think it is,  I may be on the verge of changing how I eat for a lifetime!!   This is going to be EPIC!!

  34. No meat? Not happening and say what they want I don't believe it. An ox is not a human dude. This is an old fight nothing new to it, just a bunch of vegetarians trying to convince us we should not eat meat.

  35. Becoming vegetarian 16 years ago, at the age of 19, and vegan at the age of 32 were the best decisions I ever made for my heath, the planet, and for animals! <3

  36. Cheetah is the fastest animal, cheetahs eat only the same shit like cows. Ironie Off. Do you want to be like a cheetah or like a cow?

  37. Not against something not pro something but here two thoughts:
    1. A digestive system from an Ox is way different from a human one.
    2. People shown there, they are high-performance athletes, there is literally a bunch of people measuring what they eat, planing what they have to eat, finding out what they should eat and cooking for them.

  38. You get all these block heads trying to debunk this program how about just try it, if it don't do shit for you get on with your life. I love meat and dairy but gave it a try and was amazed on how i feel so going to keep trying it..

  39. LMAO-Bullllll shyt…EAT MEAT
    MEAT HEALS…Piss off…go look at the list of GAME CHANGERS who are injured and on the DL 🤣
    Bone in ribeyes for ALL!!!

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