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The Fourth Dimension

November 7, 2019

All right, all right, all right, everybody! [CHEERING] REVEREND MICKEY HOUSE: What up? What up? What up? Thank you guys for
coming out today. Most of you all know me from
running the Lotus Community Workshop here. I’ve been doing this
since 1978. ’78! And I go by the name of Reverend
Mickey House– in the house! All right, we got something
crazy special and super exciting for you guys today. So with great pleasure and
extreme fondness, I’d like to introduce to you today to
a man that needs no introduction, because he’s
saved so many lives. He’s touched so many lives. This man is a legend
amongst us, ya’ll! I don’t even know a greater
human being other than this guy. He’s so large, and he’s a
personal hero of mine. Please help me welcome my
friend and my mentor Val Kilmer, ya’ll! Give it up for Val Kilmer! [CHEERING] REVEREND MICKEY HOUSE: Yeah! Put it up for that man Val! VAL KILMER: Yeah! Woo! Woo! Woo! Some of you may know me,
may know my face. Cable television. [CHEERING] VAL KILMER: I have many,
many awards. I’m a consistent award winner. I’m a very well-known entity. I’m considered by most people
to be a great man. [CHEERING] VAL KILMER: You, on the
other hand, are not. You need my help? You, and you, and you, you’re
drowning in a cesspool of poverty and unemployment? You need me badly. You need me so badly that I feel
badly about how badly you really need me. You need me to light up the
sky for you, to be your beacon, to be your beacon
sparkler, to teach you awesome secrets– awesome secrets! Say it with me now! Awesome secrets! Awesome secrets! [CROWD CHANTING “AWESOME
SECRETS”] VAL KILMER: Awesome secrets! Awesome secrets! Awesome secrets! Awesome secrets, they
now come true! Awesome secrets, they
now come true! Awesome secrets, they
now come true! VAL KILMER: We’ve all been
assembled here today by a wonderful charity workshop, the
Lotus Community Workshop. It’s a non-profit for inner-city
people in need or real hard-luck cases. Sit down. Sit down, darling. Sit down. How do you get a piece of that
pie and still maintain a semblance of dignity? You know that. And I know that. It’s cool that I’m
here for you. FEMALE SPEAKER 1: I’m so happy
you’re here for me. I want you so bad. I want your baby. VAL KILMER: Sexy. [MAKING GUNSHOT NOISES] VAL KILMER: Hey. Been waiting long? FEMALE SPEAKER 2: No,
Just got here. You want to rent a video game? VAL KILMER: Cool. I’m just going to take
a minute now. Total silence. I’m going to take a minute to
examine everyone, the facial structures of the audience. [KISSES AUDIENCE MEMBER] VAL KILMER: A vibe jack. Total silence. [CLOCK TICKING] VAL KILMER: I’m not going to
speak for maybe 15 seconds. Oh, yeah. Yes, fantastic. A lot of criminals in
the audience today. I wasn’t expecting that
much criminal vibes. Woo, a bit mind-blowing. I’m not going to lie to you. A few of you look like you
could be on death row. [BUZZING NOISE] VAL KILMER: But do not worry. I’m not going to turn you in. You’re safe with me. There’s a new sheriff in town. I’m your protector now. When I was young, I was
also a delinquent. I stole things. I hurt people. I was born in a tin shack. Actually, I was born in
several tin shacks. I ran with kids who
were awful. [CHIMING NOISE] VAL KILMER: They had
pointy ears. They were more like demons than
actual human children. Scorched houses– I was into arson. I thought arson was cool. One day I was coming home
from school, and I saw an alien ship– [OOHS AND AHS] VAL KILMER: –hovering. It was a mothership. It was obviously a mothership. There were so many lights
on this ship. [CHIMING NOISE] VAL KILMER: It made
the sky sparkle. I’d never seen an alien
ship before. Oh, mama, mothership. Oh mama, mothership. Oh, mama mothership alien. Oh, mama mothership
alien ship. Mothership alien ship. Mothership alien ship. Can you see it? It’s like an alien ship. Can you see it? Look up! Look up! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Sit down! Look up! Sit down and look up! It wasn’t doing anything. Why aren’t you doing anything,
mothership? [BEEPING NOISE] VAL KILMER: What’s
going on here? Am I hallucinating? Is this a sign from God? Is it a movie set? Somebody forgot to tell
me I’m an extra in it. I started asking all these deep
philosophical questions, poignant questions. And then, just like that, the
alien ship just jacked off. Off to away from me. It was like a second, and
then it was gone. Disappeared and left
me with no answers. It evaporated into the
fourth dimension. I realized at that very
moment that life doesn’t have answers– doesn’t need answers. Life is a mothership. It hovers. [APPLAUSE] [MAKING NOISES] FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Kill freak! Kill freak! Kill freak! Kill freak! Kill freak! Kill freak! Kill freak! Kill freak! [BIRD NOISE] VAL KILMER: There was
kids on TV that were starving in Africa. [ELEPHANT NOISE] CROWD: Aww! VAL KILMER: I didn’t know
what to do, but the mothership was with me. [HARP NOISE] VAL KILMER: I felt speechless,
horrible. So I decided to write a song. Those kids, bum, bum, bum. Those kids, bum, bum, bum. They die from diarrhea. Those kids, bum, bum, bum. Those kids, they die. Ba-bum, ba-bum. From diarrhea. I sit at home and wonder
why they die from di– bum, bum, bum– di– bum, bum, bum– arrhea. I entered that song in a
contest, and I ended up winning money for it. [APPLAUSE] VAL KILMER: I turned that money
into gold bars, and I donated that money to Africa! And then I realized that I could
make a difference, which is why I made a DVD. You are so lucky for that. Come on in here for
the real thing. Woo! Woo! Trust me, trust me! MALE SPEAKER 1: I feel
I can trust you, Val! We trust you! FEMALE SPEAKER 2:
You seen this? VAL KILMER: No. FEMALE SPEAKER 2:
Looks shitty. I’ve seen all these. VAL KILMER: Have you seen
this one, Reach? FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Yeah. It was awful. Pick something funny. VAL KILMER: How many
of you like gold? Yeah! Woo! Invest in gold bars. Invest in gold. Get as many gold bars as you
can, and then bury them under your bathtub. As I’m saying this, forget
I’m saying it. But then, do it. Build a hidden safe-like contraption under your bathtub. Fill it up with gold bars. Don’t tell anyone. Don’t tell anyone your secret
code or your password. You lock it up. When you take a bath at night,
you’ll be sitting on a financial safety net. I’m talking to you robotic
so that it goes into your mind digital. 01010– I don’t know. You’ll be sitting
on a gold mine. [CHEERING] VAL KILMER: Woo! Yeah, cotton candy! FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Man, I don’t
even feel like watching a movie anymore. Let’s get a game. You ever play Kill Freak? I don’t even know if this
place would have it. You got Slaughter Haven? MALE SPEAKER 2: Mm-hm. FEMALE SPEAKER 2: What
about Kill Freak 2? MALE SPEAKER 2: Oh, yeah. FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Is it good? MALE SPEAKER 2: Oh,
it’s great. FEMALE SPEAKER 2:
Shit looks good. VAL KILMER: I want you to
be healthy and strong. I want you to be a century
old before you feel ankle pain or wrinkle. You need to last a long time. You need to lasso the moon! You need to be made
in America. If you’re not made in America,
get out, get out, get out! But you are made in America. If you’re all made in America,
you’ll make it in America! Make it in America! Some of you ride horses. Some of you ride horses. Stop riding horses. CROWD: What? VAL KILMER: It’s time
to find a job. Let’s all say that. It’s time to find a job! That’s right. Did you recognize me? Yeah, from movies,
probably, huh? Yeah, I’ve done that. But now I’m doing a whole kind
of a new thing, just reaching out to people and just
talking to them. A lot of times, the biggest
things in life are unexpected, right? Just seem to be random. And just like talking to you two
tonight, like, we had that experience. It just like nothing
else in the world. It’s like the most important
thing, suddenly. So I’m really happy
about that. And that’s something the Lotus
Community Center has given me. It’s like a real gift. Oh yeah, there was something
that happened that I could share with you. It’s really about the
fourth dimension. When I close my eyes, I can
see a kind of world like cotton candy, almost. It’s just light and fluffy. And there’s no more past, no
more future, no more convicts, no more out of work,
no more bad times. And I see it like a unity where
laughter heals, and we’re all a real family. Not a fake family, not
a fake religion family, but a real family. And it’s cotton candy-like. I see that cotton candy
all over the world. MALE SPEAKER 3: That’s cool. FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Let’s
get out of here. VAL KILMER: Adios. MALE SPEAKER 3: Adios. VAL KILMER: I went
to a bad school. I went to a bad school. There were no books. Everyone got straight F’s. Everyone got straight F’s. Everyone got straight F’s. Everyone got straight F’s. Everyone got straight F’s. [CHANTING] VAL KILMER: The cafeteria food
was basically poison. Some of these teachers had metal
plates in their heads. And one teacher coughed
up a lung. But I realized I could
change the world. And if I could, I would. And I would make everything
the opposite of my school experience, and I have. [CHEERING] [PLAYING THE RECORDER] FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Wow,
that is beautiful. VAL KILMER: You’re beautiful. FEMALE SPEAKER 2: You’re
getting so much better at that. Sounds so nice. VAL KILMER: Thank you. And you’re perfect like
the fireflies. Did you see one tonight? FEMALE SPEAKER 2: No. VAL KILMER: Oh, it
was so great. Light up the world. [MAKING GUNSHOT NOISE] VAL KILMER: How many of you
have won the lottery? No one, because lottery
is code for moron. CROWD: [SHOUTING] Moron! VAL KILMER: If you are a person
that’s addicted to the lottery, then I want you to cut
off one of your fingers with a steak knife. I want you to put it
in a glass jar. I want you to put in a glass jar
and put it in your child’s bed at night next
to their head. [SOUND OF BABY CRYING] VAL KILMER: And when your kid
asks, why am I sleeping under a severed finger? You should say, it’s a reminder
of my great idiocy. The lottery is a scam. [CHEERING] VAL KILMER: How many of you
hate job interviews? How many of you hate
job interviews? Yeah, job interviews suck. Stare at the person next to
you in a job interviewer. Stare at him! Stare at him! When you go to a job interview,
wear loose pants. Wear loose pants. Do not wear velvet when you
go to a job interview. Velvet killed Elvis. CROWD: Velvet killed him! VAL KILMER: Velvet
killed Elvis. How many of you like safe sex? Safe sex can also be unusual
and glamorous and perfect. But velvet killed Elvis. Velvet killed Elvis. [YELPS] VAL KILMER: Sometimes it’s
all so beautiful. I don’t know what to
do with myself. You know what I mean? FEMALE SPEAKER 2: Yeah, Val,
I know what you mean. VAL KILMER: Who loves
hardcore? Suck it up, drain it down,
squeeze it out, push it until it floats out. Love is hardcore. Love is hardcore. Love is hardcore. Love is hardcore. CROWD CHANTING “LOVE
IS HARD CORE”] VAL KILMER: I’m a drill sergeant
to your heart. I’m a drill sergeant
to your heart. The oil is gold, and
it’s cotton candy. [CROWD CHANTING “COTTON
CANDY”] VAL KILMER: I have children. Do you have children? I had my first child born
in the hospital. I had a great doctor. He was from Syria. He’d been an army general. [MACHINE GUN NOISE] VAL KILMER: When he was
delivering the baby, he looked at, and he winked. He whispered in my ear,
this is easy as pie. Just have to deliver a baby
with the right tools. When I had my second child with
my ex-wife, I bought a swimming pool. I was determined to have
the baby myself, born in my back yard. When the baby shot out, I
realized I needed to cut the umbilical cord. I looked around. I noticed I didn’t have anything
to cut it with. That’s when my wife screamed
to me, “get the hedge clippers, the garden shears we
used to go cut flowers with. I cut the umbilical cord,
and it worked perfectly. That’s when I remembered that
the doctor told me anyone can deliver a baby if you’ve
got the right tools. Now, we’re are all babies. We’re not convicts
and outcasts. We’re newborns. We’re babies. It’s time for you to find
the right tools. You fly away now. You scrape off the afterbirth
and kick it into the fourth dimension! [CHEERING] [WATER SPLASHING NOISES] VAL KILMER: What is the fourth
dimension, you ask? It is simply Heaven on Earth. It is security. It is the land of the
more worries. It is enlightenment. It’s the beautiful
balance of light. It comes in circles and waves. Smells like chocolate. It floats through machine gun
fire and volcanic ash. It’s invincible and
utterly whole. [MACHINE GUN NOISE] VAL KILMER: If you listen to
what I say, then you will have each entered the fourth
dimension. You’ll know the great secrets. [CROWD CHANTING “AWESOME
SECRETS”] [MACHINE GUN FIRE] [GIRL LAUGHS] VAL KILMER: Breathe it in. Everybody got their
eyes closed. Here we go. Let’s get into the
fourth dimension. It’s light and fluffy. Breathe it in now. You’re no longer unemployed,
you kings and queens of the fourth dimension. I depend on you. You depend on me. The next generation of thinkers
and innovators, great minds of the hidden generations,
the do-gooders, pleasure providers, the Hell
destroyers who are going to find cures for every
awful disease. You’re going to reveal
perfection on Earth. Breathe it in. Smell the healing. Nice. Cotton candy. Cotton candy all
over the world. Now go out and get
you’re good. [LAUGHTER] [CROWD CHANTING] VAL KILMER: You! You, you, you, you, you,
you, you, you, you! Question. MALE SPEAKER 4: How can I
be more like you, Val? How can I be more
like you, Val? VAL KILMER: There are no
impossibilities, but I can’t help you with that. Let’s dance. Let’s dance. Let’s dance. Oh, now we’re the same person. We’re the same person. MALE SPEAKER 4: Yes, yes! Thank you, Val! Thank you. VAL KILMER: Yes. MALE SPEAKER 5: My wife and my
two kids and I don’t have a place to stay. I live in my van. VAL KILMER: You live in a van? MALE SPEAKER 5: Yeah. VAL KILMER: But at least
you’ve got a van. Woo! [CROWD CHEERING] VAL KILMER: I don’t
have a van. I don’t have a van. I’ve got a bicycle. I don’t have a van. I don’t have a van. Has it got tires? [BABY CRYING] MALE SPEAKER 5: Yes. VAL KILMER: You’re blessed. MALE SPEAKER 5: How do I
find a girlfriend, Val? VAL KILMER: Are you
kidding me? MALE SPEAKER 5: I can’t
find a girlfriend. VAL KILMER: You stand outside. [COW NOISE] VAL KILMER: You’ll find one. Not now. Not now, madcap. Woo, thank you very much! You’re beautiful! [CROWD CHEERING] VAL KILMER: Woo! Woo! Woo! [CROWD CHEERING] [CROWD CHANTING “COTTON
CANDY”] VAL KILMER: Welcome to the
Lotus Community Center. Welcome to the Lotus
Community Center. Welcome to the Lotus
Community Center. Welcome to Lotus Community
killed Elvis. But mentally, raise your
hand if you’re a fatty. I’ll take a vibe jack. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. Oh gawd, the 4th dimension is not some emotional drug stuff, time, nor anything of that nature. It is something we can't comprehend, just as 2D ppl can't comprehend the concept of Up and Down. We'll we don't understand Anna and hexagon. Get it right. All space dimensions are spacial.

  2. I want my fourth dimension back!!. Why did I just watch this terrible attempt at a cinematic feature? Seriously, how the hell did they get Val Kilmer to do this film???

  3. I'm surprised the people at Vice had the balls to claim this crap was their work. If I worked at Vice and was responsible for this, I would deny all involvement.

  4. the autotune song made with a fucking songify app….this movie sucks so much!! i should of expected it would since its from Harmony Korine..

  5. "I'm homeless, I'm living in my van…"



    "Pshh.. BLESSED."

    Val kilmer had me geeking, that's all I can say.

  6. Bit of a coincidence but I fell asleep during this and had a full blown trip inside a sleep paralysis, was stuck there for an unknown length of time, but it certainly slowed down.

  7. what a total bullshit non-sensical explanation for visualizing the fourth dimension at the beginning. the whole part about the sphere has nothing to do with anything. you have your 3 dimensions, which is a point in space. you then just draw a circle through that point, 4 dimensions, done. The circle just representing that point in space through time. Don't know what that twist and punching sphere crap is supposed to mean

  8. There is no different perspectives on the fourth dimension. it is no higher plane of existence. I think they must be thinking of something else. The fourth dimension is just time. All 3 dimensions of space and 1 of time; space-time. Which our lives travel through in one direction,  the arrow of time. Nothing metaphysical about it.

  9. This film was amazing. If you dont like it , just go back to watching transformers 4 on blue ray and everyone is happy.

  10. so, I actually watched the first 10 minutes of this movie. and all I gotta say is, IT SUCKS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. There is 3 dimensional TIME just as well as 3 dimensional Space. To look out and see Past, Present and Future all existing simultaneously to each other. Let's take a visible object and place it in every possible position that a mass object can be placed in, all at (what seems to be) the same time.

    As far as the arrow of time, there is no real arrow of time, though to us; it only appears this way because we're all trapped in the one side of time that flows in one direction (forward). It will require much more force and energy, to move backwards through the opposite direction of time.

    Time is one thing, Space is another, Space-Time is another other and the 4th Dimension is also an entirely different concept within itself (more to do with the connection of points on a shape and number of sides it then has). 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D and so on. One can always see the full picture from the outside looking in, but never see the full image from the inside looking out. 

    Now what does this Stupid Ass Movie and Fuckin Cotton-Candy have Anything to do with Any of this??? NOT A DAM THING!!! LOL

  12. Очень понравился этот фильм! Заставляет задуматься о действительно важных вещах! Спасибо!

  13. The message that I gathered from this is that the fourth dimension, or time, is relevant to each of us. Whether you're spending it making peoples lives better like val kilmer, wasting it by analyzing it, like the russian scientist, or enjoying it like the four friends. Time is here to be experienced.

  14. I liked the first one because I enjoy Harmony Korine's take on things… his film played so well into the "real or fake" aspect described in the intro. The other two were good as well, I just love how overt and simple the concept was on face in the first film. Visually all three were great. 

  15. I watched 4:20 of this film …..I think i will watch the rest when I get to another dimension ,…..CRAP CRAP CRAP 

  16. This is so retarded. Just a movie with bad logic and stupid content.
    Hey, if you wanna know the "4th dimension" get to the "4th spatial dimension" and forget about the 4th direction is the time because they don't know what it should've been, because in our 3d world you can't move in the 4th direction.
    It's not so complicated to learn about the 4th dimension.
    6th dimension is a little same, but it's easy if you've already learned about 4th dimension.

    If you go into a larger dimension than 6th dimension it's more complicated.

  17. I thought it was really cool for some reason. Val Kilmer is a damn good actor to pull this one off. He might have to be a little weird himself to play a character like this(I know he plays himself)but the good kind of weird. "Cotton Candy!" haha fucking awesome.

  18. Harmony Korine and Val Kilmer demonstrate the joys of true perceptive movement in hilarious mannerisms – absurdly portrayed makes it all the better. They wipe the floor of the other two filmmakers, although I did enjoy the second one a bit. 

  19. 1:33:00 person in white sitting on a porch… Guess not everyone evacuated then (besides the kid and his father). Don't seem hurried either.

  20. Thought the first story with Kilmer was pretty cool, just a guy wasting time and trying to help others. But then again, I am a film student, so my view is invalid.

  21. It's not about time being the fourth dimension. it's about perspective relative to time. we are all traveling through time, some going slower through it or in a different direction all leading to one destination.

  22. Korine presented 4th dimension in his movie with something you can't see or feel… that's what the 4th dimension is.

  23. I feel like all of you bitching in the comments don't really understand harmony korine movies to begin with. they're not for everyone

  24. I loved Korine's segment. Hilarious stuff, but what was up with that video game? They were just shooting at nothing and enjoying the hell out of it.

  25. We humans build 3dimensional technology to view 2dimensional things. So our work are limited we can only work in 2dimensional. Imaging 4dimensional beeings building 4dimensional technology, they could view in 3dimensional. That means their for example a monitor could be more diverse. And no holograms dont work because light cant float in the air. But we human brain are still peasants and weak, so you cant imagine it. But i was in the 4th dimension i took a shroom and my cat showed me in there around it was really nice and stuff. I cant explain it tho to 3dimensional beeings. Right now im in the 8th dimension to be honest i think i took too much shrooms lol. I hope i dont die, ok gotta go bye.

  26. The 1st one with Val Kilmer is hilarious! But here's my summary of what the 1st film is saying the 4th dimension.
    The 4th dimension is faith. Val Kilmer is the preacher and the residence of the town that are at the community center are the attendees of the church.

    The whole point is to show what faith looks like without religion.

  27. oh yeah, i already saw this is some previous life, probably while i was on another dimension, while searching for unknown val kilmer flicks. how bizarre. anybody know the name or artist of that opening song by any slim chance????

  28. Val Kilmer would have been Moondog in Harms newest movie if not for his unfortunate voice issue, which really is awful.

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