The Fondue Challenge!
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The Fondue Challenge!

August 11, 2019

– Hey guys. It’s Jordan. Today, I’m here with my sister – Audrey! – And we’re going to be
doing the fondue challenge. We have cheese in one pot
and chocolate in the other. So first we’re gonna draw out the item and then we will draw out the dip. – We’ve got some pretty
funky items here today. – Yeah, some of them we don’t
even know what they are, but let’s start this video. Okay, what is our first one? Pickles! – Yes, this is the one I really want. Okay, pickles and … – Cheese please. – Cheese! – Yay! Skewer a pickle. – This one’s mine. – I got one! – I got one. – Oh, I almost got two. – Okay, I’m just gonna adjust
this so I’m on the top. – I’m not. I’m just gonna stick it in. – Okay.
– Let’s go! (Jordan squeals) – Good job. I thought we were doing the chocolate first.
– Ah, great! – I’ve got my cheese. – Okay. – Got my cheese. – I got some cheese.
– Oh my God. – I think I got plenty. – Ready? – I love pickles. Hey! That’s good! – I like it.
– This is good. This is a new thing that we
need to do on fondue night. – Seaweed? – And cheese! – That’d be the best combination. – Actually, it’s not that bad. We’re gonna have to
hand-dip this one because I don’t see us skewering this one. Let’s … Oh! Okay. – I think we can have a
whole one each because … – I don’t see anyone
– We’ve got plenty. – eating in their pleasure,
except for my uncle. Shout out to you, uncle. – Uncle! – This one’s for you! – He likes eating seaweed. If you like eating seaweed,
that’s great for you. We’re not used to it. – It smells like fish. I’m bending mine in half so I can get the most cheese on
– That’s true. – as possible. This does not smell good together. – Okay, seaweed and cheese. Let’s go ahead. One, two, three … (seaweed crunches) Oh! – I can’t even grab it. It tastes like fish. – Ah, I don’t like fish. (girls gag) We’re gonna be doing … Let’s see. Corn! – And cheese! (girls giggle) Shuck the corn. Shuckle the corn. Shuck all the corn! – Okay, I think we’re just gonna have to hand-dip this one, too. I obviously didn’t shuck
all mine very well, but … – What? This didn’t come on. What the heck? – I think corn kinda
wants to repel cheese. – Get me some cheese on this corn. – Okay, one two, three. (corn crunches) – Hey, this is not that bad. – Non-cooked corn is a
little bit weird, but … – What? I like this! – I like it better when it’s cooked. If we cooked the corn, A plus. This is kinda … – A plus. – Next one. We got sponge cakes. – And chocolate! Which
I think will be good. – This is really cute! (Jordan squeals) I dropped mine. – Oh! Ah! That looks delicious! – Oh! That reminds me of
a chocolate strawberry. That’s actually really good. – Heaven in your mouth. Bologna! No! – And chocolate! Great! This looks too raw. Like I don’t wanna eat this. Ew, it’s moist! – It’s like a hot dog. – All right, well, let’s … (Audrey giggles) I don’t think we can stick
a skewer in this one. (girls laugh) – Jordan! Jordan! Oh my God! – Oh my gosh! I cut it with the thingy! – Now all our chocolate’s
gonna taste like bologna. – Well, there’s only one thing left to do! (Audrey giggles) It’s cold! – I can’t bite when you’re
facing it towards you. – Oh, no. Not good. No, don’t eat this. Ever. – Especially in this form. – Yeah. – Okay, ready? Next one. Onions! – Oh, great. In … chocolate!
– Chocolate! Okay, ready? Oh, juice. – A little bit juicy. Ah, it’s dripping. Okay. (Jordan laughs) – I love our method, just dunk it. – Caramel apple onion! – You have to try it, too! (Jordan laughs) – I was just waiting. – Ow, my mouth is on lock. (onions crunch) – Ew! Ew! – Oniony! – Ah!
– Ah! (girls squeal) My eye! My eyes are hurting. My mouth’s on fire. My eyes feel like they’re fire. – Okay, one, two, three. Oh. We got … Jicama! We got jicama! – Which is a Mexican fruit, and cheese. – Oh, no. I don’t even know what jicama tastes like. We have like no idea.
– Here’s your … Jicama! – So.
– It looks like a huge potato. – Yeah, we’re just gonna try it in cheese. Hopefully it’s good. – It’s the Mexican fruit treasure. – Oh. If it’s a treasure,
that should be good. – I got it, I got it. It does not wanna pick up the cheese. – This is our lunch. – Yeah, this is our lunch for the day. (jicama crunches) What? – It tastes like an apple with no flavor. – More like … – Potato! – Mhm. – It’s a potato! – I don’t like it. – If you now how to prepare this, please tell us in the comments section – We have no idea.
– because we are confused. – Very confused. – I rate this at … What? – Yeah, same with me. What? – What? – Next one. – Jello! – In cheese. – Jello in cheese!
– Jello in cheese! Mines lime. – Mine is berry blue. – This is not gonna work. – Ah! It’s not even picking up anything. – Ow! It burns my finger. – It didn’t wanna pick
up any cheese. Three. (girls giggle) Not in cheese. – Not in cheese. I think chocolate would be better. – Popsicles!
– Popsicles! – What are we doing it in? – Please be chocolate,
please be chocolate. – Chocolate! Yay, we get a good one this round. – But I don’t think popsicles are gonna go well with anything. How do you make a handkerchief dance? I don’t know yet. – Give it a little boogey. – Oh, that’s probably a good one. – Why are corn fields the best listeners? One, two, three, go. – Wait, it hardens on the … – The chocolate’s like hardening.
– Hardening. – What? What is this sorcery? Cold! – Yum. – It’s so cold on my teeth. It’s really good, though. Last round. We have … – No. – Chocolate! – Oh yeah. And jerky sticks. – Oh. – I thought jerky would
go best with cheese. – Jerky. – Not today! – And chocolate. We can skewer these ones. See? They skewer pretty good. Oh, we have different skewering methods. (Audrey giggles) – Okay.
– I do it the clean way. No. – It’s just like roasting hot dogs … – It smells nasty in here. – At a campfire. It’s just like … Chocolate
makes everything better, so I had to fully submerge mine. – Of course. – In chocolate. – Oh. I don’t like it. – This combination is really weird. The chocolate is delicious. The jerky, not so much. Together, not a good combination. Let’s never do this again. Thank you guys so much for watching! Make sure you like, subscribe,
and share this video. – Check out my channel for
another fondue challenge. – Yes. She’s gonna do the fast
food fondue challenge! Make sure you comment down below … – Comment. – What you think would be
the best thing to have. We will see you all later. Bye!
– Bye! (upbeat music)

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