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The F2 Masterclass feat. Luca Zidane | Tango Squad FC

October 19, 2019

You’ve come on for ten minutes,
you’re walking everywhere! It’s not good enough, mate! Your ball! Hi guys! Nice! There it is! Oh! CIUDAD REAL MADRID Hi guys! How are you doing? Good to see you guys,
I know some of you. SEASON 1 As your manager,
we’re going to be working together. Let’s prove ourselves, don’t play games. Lead by what you do on pitch
and how you perform, that’s the best way to show the guys
that you are the one. It’s been a great experience,
we did very well, so I’m really proud. Well done, guys. Now I’m here on a daily basis,
I’m coaching the under-14s. But I’m still keeping an eye
on Tango Squad. I know you’re playing tomorrow,
Santa Ana again. Re-match from the last year. I hope that with the new players
you can create a good energy. Take this chance;
it’s a great experience and privilege. Good luck, guys! EPISODE 10
MADRID, SPAIN Guys, it’s really hot here in Madrid! Crossbar challenge, let’s go! What are you saying, son? He wants to be just like me,
I’m his role model … – What’s going on?
– Fine, you? I want to welcome you to the pitch
where it started. We are all proud of you
because you have a fantastic potential. That’s the reason why I want to give you
my captain’s armband for the match. You’re the club captain, man.
Congratulations! Here we go. Oh my God… Let’s get moving, please. Welcome everyone to Santa Ana,
in Madrid. A great chance to get our final test in before our return to Old Trafford. Kick-off is in about 15-20 minutes, which gives us plenty of time
to get warmed up. Everyone ready for this?
Cool, let’s go then, all right? We’re jogging out to here. Nice and quick on the way back,
Sidney and Kei. You want to walk around today
and not put any effort in? You can sit on the bench with me. Good! Open it! Match tempo, thank you! Love it, Kei! Come on, Jack! Back into the changing room. One thing for me, really important,
is that don’t always invite pressure. It’s really hot today, isn’t it? So, get your rest in possession. Just relax and play it and move it,
all right? Well done boys! The most important thing, for me, is that we pass the ball
and trust each other. You have to adapt from Tango League, and you have to be able to take what
we worked on on the training pitch, and put it into a team performance,
where it’s about the group. In the last game we had
one or two chances, OK? You have to be clinical. If there’s a chance, take it,
let’s get us one-nil in the game. Remember what the F2 said yesterday
about learning from the final, and, if it comes, taking chances early. TRAINING SECOND DAY F2 ATTACKING
MASTERCLASS We noticed that when
we played against Tango last year, you had much more possession
on the ball. Where we thought you were lacking
is that dangerous aspect. Your technical ability
is unbelievable. I feel like there wasn’t enough
adapting to the situation. The ball is going to get played
to the fullbacks, they’re going to pass
through the midfield, the strikers are going to hold
the ball up under some serious pressure. There’s no point standing like this
then doing this. I want to see if you can lose your
marker and then lay, OK? Those who play well
will start in the final. It’s not a given that you just turn up, and everyone plays 45 minutes,
like it’s a laugh. That’s the motivation you need. You’re playing according to the drill,
not real-match situations. That’s it, that’s that pressure!
Well played! This is better! Yes, please, gents! Nice, yes Jez! Is everyone up for this today?
Anything from you, skipper? I just want everyone
to relax on the ball. Enjoy yourself. Make sure we work together.
Let’s get sweet! Come on Tango! D.A.V SANTA ANA VS TANGO SQUAD FC First ten minutes, play forwards! There’s Bilal, nice! Well done Bilal! Tight! Go, Carlos! Good Bilal! Come on! Play him in. There it is! Ooh! Well done! Carlos! Carlos! Shoot! Oh! When the ball comes in, you know that Bilal’s
going to run around this way, right? But your body, when you hold up,
is always facing inside. So you’re having to make a pass
back there; that’s really difficult. This body shape doesn’t favour
passing the ball this way. Play him! – Look at his body shape.
– Good, there we go! Ricky, much better! Easy up! Go with him, Kei! Yes, Kei! Stop him! Well done, Carlos! – Yes!
– Referee! Ref! Unlucky. Carlos, please. Go on, Jack! Yes, Jack! So basically, defenders, we’re looking for you to be as horrible
to play against as possible. You can really play in there, and you’re going to
have to be tough to hold it … But that should be a battle,
shouldn’t it? That should be a real physical battle,
you’ve got to really want to win. That’s better! That’s the one! No chance! Lovely! Yeah! Good movement! That’s a foul! Pressure, your ball! Nice, Diego! Well done, Jack! Nice touch. Great touch. Go on in! Well done, Carlos! Shoot! Unlucky, Carlos! Nice try! Carlos got to break! Oi, Dec! D.A.V SANTA ANA VS TANGO SQUAD FC
HALF TIME 0-0 We just need to finish
our chances! Exactly what the F2 said yesterday. DECLAN MCCARTHY
TSFC We know you got a new keeper, Dec. We heard you’re amazing
at shot-stopping. You’ve been giving it all of that,
as well? No, I’m … Maybe later, we’ll go to the side
and have a little session where we’ll put you to the test. Well, thanks for having us here. It would be great if you could show us
a few things with our goalkeeper. Certainly, yes. Come on! Good. Just one thing, when you jump,
you need more balance. Stop and then set your hands. Good, very good. Good!
Good save! Good Dec! Up! More rhythm! Nice one! Slow down! When you catch it,
distribute it more calmly. Catch it and pass it out slowly. Nice one! Good finish! So, at Tango,
we have a massive game coming up, I want to know what’s in your head
before a big game, and how do you prepare. Well, first of all, be calm.
Nerves always … Well, being a bit nervous is good, but stay calm when an important match
is coming up. And always trust your skills,
which I’m certain you have many of. And I wish you all the best,
I’m sure you’ll do well. Nil-nil is no good for us. Not 0-0, OK? We have to go out with the attitude
that we’re playing to win. Come on, Tango! We have to win now,
play with tempo, raise it! Right ball! GOAL
D.A.V SANTA ANA Get the ball! Come on, Tango! Heads up! Guys, heads up! Come on! Come on! Sidney, yes, go for it! Good! Go, go, go! Yes! Get in the box! Go on, Ricky! Yes, come on, take it! And Bilal! Hey, ref! It seemed you had everything
to be a top side apart from that end product. You should have matched us
and scored some goals. There’s a couple of things to tweak.
That finishing, the strikers … We knew we could contain you
and you could keep the ball, because you didn’t have
enough threat up front. One of your top priorities
should be scoring goals. Get your training in,
get your shooting practice in. That’s a great strike! Fantastic goal! Go on, Jordan! Oh! Come on, Komel! GOAL
D.A.V SANTA ANA I’m going to expose you now. In a match you wouldn’t
get away with what you’re about to do. So, look … Why did I get that ball first? You’re playing according to the drill. In a real match, if you just stand
there, it’s so easy to defend against. – Why are you just standing there?
– Because it’s a drill… It’s a drill and there’s cameras,
but let me tell you something. When it comes to match day,
cameras won’t matter. Shoot! Get in the box! Kel, any chance
of getting yourself back in? Jack, you’re coming on! Get up front. He’s done nothing, he’s walking around. You’re just walking, you’ve come on
for ten minutes, you’re walking! It’s not good enough, mate. No, you’ve done nothing, mate. Yes! Always the last … GOAL
D.A.V SANTA ANA Shoot! Shoot! Shake hands, go on shake hands. D.A.V SANTA ANA VS TANGO SQUAD FC
FULL TIME 3-0 – You played very well, OK?
– Tango, take a seat. I’m disappointed, as well.
Was that a fair result? Probably not. Were we the better side? Yes. Was that a better performance
than Paris? Yes. Much better. Did we play as a team
in the final third? Probably not. It looked a little bit to me like … Played out from the back, build up,
bit of penetration in the final third, and whoever it felt to,
thinks it’s their time. When actually, it’s a simple pass to slide
someone in for two or three goals. Yes, pass! I’m confident we can get a result
in the final based on what I’ve seen. Yeah, 100%. Everything we’ve missed,
created, ran for … I’ve never seen players work this hard. We hit the crossbar
like two or three times. Next time, they’ll go in. We’ve got one more chance
to get it right before the final. One more training session, in Manchester, to get it right. It will come together. TANGO SQUAD FC VS HASHTAG UNITED

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  2. i'm all about women's football and have absolutely no issues with it at all but i don't understand the inclusion of the "token" woman in the squad. This kind of logic hurts women's football even more, let women play women and the level will rise organically, stop force-feeding this crap to people just to prove a PR point.

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    All the skills ain't gonna get you nowhere if you can't do the basics.
    Passing and Intelligent Moment off the ball will always be the key.
    That's what separates the best from the rest.

  5. goes to show that all the expensive gear does NOT make you a great player they got their asses WHOOPED LMAO

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  9. The next Tango Squad should pull more players from United States more specifically from Los Angeles Brothers Fc a team who always makes it to the final

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  11. The guys that are teaching Tango FC are right ! I know I'm late but I only have this to say, yes one of the team top priority is scoring goals because that's how u wins games. In dream league soccer 2019. I save my money, I buy the best of the best ,and now I'm at the Elite level, but yes I still have some weak players which I sell because they are liabilities to the team. So no weak links mean no losing matches.

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