The Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone – Official Trailer
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The Elder Scrolls Online: Wrathstone – Official Trailer

October 8, 2019

The past, they say, died long ago. But vanquished power wells up
from the darkest depths … … and emerges from lost and frozen vaults. For that which has been divided … Can be made whole again. When this occurs, the world will tremble. And so begins, the Season of the Dragon!

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  1. Don't make elder scrolls 6 a battle Royal because halo infinite might have a battle Royal , elder scrolls and halo r my favorite series but this video was cool and I know I was negative just a second ago but I think elder scrolls 6 will be amazing

  2. Hey Bethesda I'm wondering if redfall es6 will be on old consoles like ps3 and xbox360. I think it would get you more people playing if it's on more consoles. I hope you can make it on these old consoles.

  3. I don’t think anybody wanted a completely online fallout game “76” no one really liked. What would’ve been nice is a fallout game thats was like fallout 4 great story, environment, and characters along with the overall continuous cannon stories. Hopefully the next fallout that is made will have a co-op system but would have to be thought about as in other players in your world can’t activate quest but still be able to do things that I guess can be redone again and again

  4. Bethesda let obsidian handle the fallout series with a good budget and at least 3 years of development time.

  5. How does the console version work? Do I buy the physical version of Tamriel Unlimited, Summerset Isles or Elsweyr and get everything up to release so far? Looking to jump in ESO and need help on what version to get.

  6. I am a proud player of ESO since launch. Great game, met so many friends and such good moments online. 🙂

  7. Eso is not my favorite. It was fun for a bit, but Skyrim is a lot better, and if the ElderScrolls 6 has multiplayer, that would be great.

  8. I hope you guys learned your lesson about bullying the community. Fallout 76 is awful and you knew it and still tried to pull the blanket over our eyes

  9. Eso is really just one of those games I love for the sheer size of it all. I could be in Skyrim one minute finally completing everything and then moving onto the whole of highrock!

  10. This makes me want to get ESO but I cant????. I have one question though, why are they so advanced if this is thousands of years before Skyrim. Well, yes it is true that the dwemer are more superior here than in Skyrim but I am just wondering. It doesnt look lore-friendly but I know it is.

  11. Bethesda I know it's not the topic of the video but why does fallout 4 still need to install after I downloaded 10gb on my PS4 pls tell me how to play. It's stuck in the s.p.e.c.i.a.l screen for over an hour and it's still at 1%

  12. MY SEASON?! NANI?! Well then I guess its back to Tamriel for me 😀
    But putting jokes aside I cannot wait and when it will arrive I'll buy it love ESO and cannot wait to explore the new places new dugeons and new quests in ESO with my friends 😀

  13. Yeah, yeah, yeah, this is nice and all, but seriously could you people at Bethesda think about releasing Fallout 4 on the Switch physically?

  14. man ESO, you're a fun game. But it is damn hard to make your combat look good and epic no matter how you try.

  15. The 16 times the quality
    The Entire bandwidth of Bethesda Zenimax studios
    The Unparallel meme generation
    The World Canvas shortage

    Bethesda Game Changers yeah!


  17. So it's only online? Welp I guess I'ill never get the internet to play it. I shall continue playing Skyrim on Switch then. :')

  18. Could I start playing now in 2019? Without every beginner location and beginner content things being totally empty? (PC)

  19. The narrator mentioned something about "Age of the Dragons". Yet I didn't see a single dragon in the the trailer… Still cool, but no dragons lmao.

  20. JESUS! I heard this trailer before I looked at it and I seriously thought Sarevok was announcing Baldur's Gate 3!

  21. As awesome as all this is am just waiting until the necro drops so i can experience all this new content.. i have been in and out of ESO since it first launched but i still have every expansion and mini update because the game is fun. But i just dont want to play all this new content to do it again on my necro

  22. Wrong idea to keep the dragons away from other maps. It's stupid that dragons appeared only there and cannot fly farther due to some magical barrier. I don't buy this lore bulshit. It's just to pull money from our wallets for the expansion. Rather vote for Dragons Everywhere in ESO! Because why only for kittens? They should arise in Skyrim!

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