The Death of Yugoslavia(BBC Documentary)
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The Death of Yugoslavia(BBC Documentary)

January 14, 2020

In 1990, the federation of six republics
that made up Yugoslavia was still united. But with the collapse of communism the two major republics, Serbia and Croatia,
fell under the sway of rival nacionalisms. Serbia’s President, Slobodan Milošević,
had been the first to inflame his people. The Serb threat provoked the people of
neighbouring Croatia to respond. In their first free elections they chose the nationalist, Franjo Tuđman,
as their President.

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  1. Destruction of a beautiful nation by the world empire and globalists so they could invade and colonize the six states making g up the country .

  2. This video show us that the multicultural society is just an dream. As have been the case throughout the history nationalism and tribalism is too strong. How come the WW I broke out and continued four years, taking the toll of millions lives? Twenty years later the second half started, another national triumph.

  3. What happened with yougoslavia???falling to parts ,,,the serbs overruled all the nacions there hungarian alban croat all.God take the land all from serbs…this was allways the hungarian dreams….

  4. It's good that you put BBC into the title so i instantly know what i don't need to watch and has nothing to do with reality.

  5. Much of this could have been avoided at the beginning if West wasn't distracted by Iraq invading Kuwait at the same time, tragic yet a taste of things to come all across Europe

  6. the head of the Yugoslavian army Mr Rankovic or Kadievic I forgot who make the biggest mistake, he have the power to arrest the mr Frano Tujman and Milosevic, and put them in the political prison goli otok , but he didn't and people suffer until this day's, Yugoslavia was something and every Europe country respected Yugoslavia and now all ex Yugoslav country's are of the bottom of the Europe list

  7. People always forget,what greed does to them.Yugoslavia was one of best countryes in the world by all means.
    But after Reagan&Thatcher agreement the fate of country was sealed.

  8. bullshit propaganda using method of good vs evil, while acctually manipulating information in order to conceal wests responsibility for yugoslav civil war.

  9. Why didn't Yovich go to prison? He is obviously a war mongerer and instigator. It is laughable though, as they are talking about the Yugoslavian Federation and it is obvious that there is none. They hate each other's guts! Little men in small countries. Look at the death and destruction they caused.

  10. Croats are nothing but modern day Nazi's. NATO chose to kill Serbian Orthodox Christians not muslims. NATO was used to destroy Yugoslavia and strengthen the islamists. NATO is an evil police force and must be destroyed.

  11. I was part of both Bosnia and Kosovo with the United States Army. What a waste and I have always said that Yugoslovia was one of the prettiest places that I've seen in this world.

  12. When west media make documentary about Serbs u dont even need to watch it, u know what they will talk about… its pretty sad. U need to learn some facts first if u want to make public documentary movie.. U cant call Serbs from Knin the "rebels" when its the Croation goverment who decided to rebel against their Federation Yugoslavia.. Serbs were just defending the integrity of the country they were born in and Croats and the other so called republics decided to tare that federation apart.. So YNA (Yugoslovenian Army) which was consisted mainly from Serbs cuz Serbs were majority of the Yugoslavija, had to act and try to prevent this disaster made up from Croats and Muslims.. Ofcourse that all this chaos was ordered from the West (USA and parts of EU) in times when SSSR colapsed and there was no balance of powers, so they could do as they wish. The goal is to reduce Serbian population and teritory and lower the influence from east (Russia). And they did they job, we paided it with catastrophic consequences… So ty about your documentary. Pls do another 1 about exterminating nativ Americans in NA, or England colonies and in Africa and India and what those countries expirenced, something about genocides in Irak, Afganistan, Libia, Syria which they gave money to be done.. so u ll logicaly understand that all that happened in Ex Yugoslavia was only part of a big game which wasnt in our control.

  13. Did anybody notice how all the major players in this bloody farce were alive for this documentary, while millions were destroyed in their stupid fiasco

  14. Jebali nas Tudjman i Sloba, Ante i Draza, Tito i Hitler… Starci koji su poginuli bi umrli kad-tad, al potroseni mladi zivoti su neoprostiva greska svih poglavara i ucesnika ovog sranja u kom smo se nasli.

  15. have u ever tried to blend Indian cooking with Italian with some Mexican spice,it tastes horrible …reminds me of Yugoslavia …or its like fixing a fiat with the wrong tools.what a mess.ive heard its starting to work nowadays

  16. Slavic Countries back then and nowadays….why do they have to resort to rob rape, murder, pillage and other sick acts to civilians? They did it WWII, throughout the Cold War, the Yugoslavian Civil War, Chechnyia, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, ect, ect….

  17. western europe has always been behind the misery of the balkans. read Trotsky´s "The Balkan Wars 1908 – 1912" to better understand how european powers have always played the balkan peoples against each other for their own benefit and geopolitical interests.

  18. Aside that there were some wrong translations, I always say how would US react if world would oppose that they send their army in some state of theirs that wanna separate? Would they activate army or just stand aside???

  19. There's a Croatian Cultural Centre up the street from me. I always thought that was oxymoronic, unless being war criminals is considered culture.

  20. damn ….so tudjman started the fire….and it spread like wild fire and killed so many people ……….why did they not use restrain in dealing with people of different nationalities when they knew that it was so sensitive? …..ultimately the whole of yugoslavia dies and along with it so many innoccent lives and so much of unity…… no one really cares what or who is croatia or slovenia or macedonia or serbia,,,,,,bunch of super small countries which are as small as counties.

  21. Mate i went out there as U.N in 92 this doc makes everyone except Serbia look innocent. All sides we're greedy blood thirsty cunts. Then the Yanks turned up… Fuck sake!

  22. I wonder what would Europeans do today if nazi party won the elections in Germany? That was exactly how it happened with the "democratic" government in Croatia in 1990, a revival and open continuation of nazi politics from WWII. And Serbs (together with Jews and Roma) know very well the genocide Croatian nazi regime did back then (killing over half million people, having concentration camps just for children which made Germans appaled…), so they were not willing to go through the same 50 years later. The beginning of that was deletion of Serbs from the constitution, which was earlier guaranteed in Yugoslavia.

  23. This documentary is really sad to watch. A thriving Country was split into smaller factions just because of distrust among the Politicians. Instead of taking a united stand and giving calm to their respective people they acted as Wild Animals. It's really sad.

  24. The horror at the serbian ex-officials telling lies in this documentary… Appaling… I cannot comprehend how the Serbs keep making themselves seem like the victims, as if they didn't fire the first shot

  25. "collapse of communism" …. I don't think so. Collapse of Yugoslavian communism; communism still in the smaller breakoffs… in fact, its evident that Muslim Marxism is growing.

  26. SO what is the conclusion_?? So many people died cause USA and NATO wanted the death of Yugoslavia. I visited all countries there exept fucking Skopje. SO nice people everywhere in Croatia Slovenia Bosnia Serbia MOntenegro ..BUT when the evil forces take a decision THEN brothers start to slaughter each other. The only thing I didnt like is tht Serajevo became an arabic country which means stricter ISlam, Fuckin Arabs are everywhere…

  27. "Nobody is driven into war by ignorance, and no one who thinks that he will gain anything from it is deterred by fear." – Thucydides

  28. As a underage boy I was a living witness to these terrible events. When Yugoslavia in Argentina became the world basketball champion in 1990, we all proudly boomed for the paper flags of that country. Only a year after that same flag became a symbol of death, evil and destruction, which was as completely unmistakable to me as a child and beyond all mind. If you live in a stable state, calm and without internal conflicts, be happy with it and hope to stay in it and stay in the end of your life. I could not believe that our neighbors, friends, and brothers overnight suddenly become quite other people capable of hurting you the most evil just because you are different from him …

  29. Why is it all of these 'leaders' of the former Yugoslavia were so irrational.
    I don't quiet get why some people put their worth on nationality and race and do not respect or accept other communities all of these leads to war

  30. My parents and their families survived this horror. It has been 28 years from then and they still can't forget it.

  31. So sad about that Croatian policeman. He just tried to keep the peace and save peoples lives and one of his own men was payed to kill him.

  32. The international community now wants to split my nation of Somalia. The only country in Africa with one religion, culture and ethnicity.

    Somalia will not die and I hope my people can learn from Yugoslavia

  33. i love serbs and croats there are good serbs bad serbs good croats and bad croats only a racist low IQ primitive stone age person disagrees

  34. This was a very thorough documentary, the filmmakers really went the extra mile when making this documentary and found interviewees from both belligierant sides, rare footage from the events that unfolded (and how did they find one-of-a-kind footage of the arms smugglers crossing the border?), and told the background of the conflict in a very in-depth way. This is a staple example of how to make a detailed war documentary.

  35. "Atrocity has no excuses, no mitigating argument. Atrocity never balances or rectifies the past. Atrocity merely arms the future for more atrocity. It is self-perpetuating upon itself — a barbarous form of incest. Whoever commits atrocity also commits those future atrocities thus bred. ”

  36. «The Death of Yugoslavia» was produced by the BBC and aired in 1996 as a TV series. Since this «awesome» documentary recycles only certain parts of the original series, the uploader should (1) credit the BBC in the video's description, (2) state which parts of the series were used and edited and (3) why exactly these parts were selected, i.e declare her or his interests. If the uploader fails to provide the information, please report the video as 'misleading'.

  37. Sometimes history just seems to have an inertia of it's own and all the wise and good cannot derail it.

  38. Each side played to each other’s fears… they beat the drum of war so long and so loud that war was the only thing that could come from it at that point. Such a waste

  39. It's sad how much hate is created in the world, in the pursuit of own wealth and power.
    What is it worth if you cannot share it with those who you love?
    Everyone defending serbia or croatia is a hypocrite, both nations and their leaders are at fault for creating this war equally.
    And it is clear to me why such a beautiful thing as Yugoslavia will never exist again, because the world is filled with hate, degenerates, and narcissists.
    Makes me want to puke.

  40. It’s really awful to learn all of this could have been avoided and the belligerents took every step necessary to ignore it. The leaders of the conflict were no better than squabbling children fighting over a toy.

  41. You know I'd have watched this but it's a bbc propaganda department the bbc.. the British were involved in bombing that region so if you believe anything this doc tells you your off your head.. don't believe anything these bbc documentaries say there always going to be the good guys..

  42. The supporters and politicians both are guilty in such scenarios despite knowing the fact that only people will be the casualties one day.

    In one way it's wrong to put the blame only on politicians when victims are not actual victims.

  43. Everyone should understand what happened here. It can happen to any country, just collapse and civil war. I think understanding is key to preventing history from repeating itself. Brotherhood and Unity was a great ideal but I think Tito's government was still far too repressive, and this partially led to these tragic events. Even without this coercive forced unity, he maybe could have allowed some kind of nationalist tendencies insofar as they did not turn to racist separatism. Not merely jokes as was common, but some kind of independent political organization. Not mere "cultural autonomy" but political autonomy, decentralization, confederated democratic structures that actually made "workers self management" a reality. The real tragedy of Tito is that he renounced Stalin while still adhering to the one-party totalitarian Marxist-Leninist state that Stalin himself founded and championed. Workers self-management was as paradoxical and hypocritical as Soviet central planning, albeit far less repressive and centralized. But economically it was still unworkable and this is tragic. He held Yugoslavia together and this was good, but when you remove such a binding force seemingly all at once, the people, finding they can take an inch, grab a yard. And with nationalism this leads to genocidal conclusions. The idea of Yugoslavia though, was and still is quite beautiful.

  44. It was all bullshit to bad Tito died . The other political leaders afterwards were political power hungry asses 😡🤬 because of a few arrogant men it was bullshit and idiots who were there they didn’t care about the people all that over a few arrogant idiotic men

  45. People blame national identity for some conflicts, it’s the taking away of national identity’s that is the real problem . 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇷🇸

  46. there is only 2 evils in this world. religion and politics. if you dont have these 2 evils, u see all people the same way, then u dont have any reason to hate someone living far away or near to you. have you guys ever seen a politician or a religious leader dying in a war ?. wake up people, stay away from religiions and politcs.

  47. I always find it interesting when I see men who sit in offices wearing fancy suits make decisions to go to war. The same men remain in fancy homes and castles and wine and dine with the best drinks and foods while the people who elect them and cheer for them run like rats searching for safety and end up laying dead in the streets and others stand and die in the line of fire. These high-end politicians, still dressed in the best of dress, do not have a CLUE what it means to feel the pain of homelessness nor the sting of shrapnel as it cuts through the flesh. Sickening! There once was a famous fitting saying, “If the followers will lead, the leaders will FOLLOW!!!”

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