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The Daily – Mon, Oct 17

November 15, 2019

Welcome to The Daily, presented by EA Sports
FIFA ’12. It’s Monday October 17th, with Greg Lalas.
I’m Jason Saghini. Plenty going on, coming out of this weekend
that really effected the playoff’s race. We’re going to start in D.C. where there
was some big time drama. Dwayne De Rosario gets a 90 minute pk, to
put them up 1-0. You think D.C. has it in the bag but someone
forgot to tell the Fire, Greg. They sure did and Gratsini gets a goal in
the 92nd minute. Then Ego Chavez, who has sort of disappeared
through the season, comes up huge with a goal in the 94th minute to get the Chicago Fire
a 2-1 victory at RFK. I think he stunned just about everyone in
the D.C. area, in this one. It keeps the Chicago Fire alive in the playoff
race. If they had lost this one, they were done
for the most part. All of the sudden, it’s incredible.
D.C. United looked like they were going to be looking good to try and get in a playoff
spot, now Chicago Fire have that momentum and it looks like they can do it.
Both these teams still alive in the playoffs. Other matchup in the Eastern Conference that
had a ton of playoff implications was the New York Red Bulls going out to Kansas City
to take on Sporting. This game turned on a very dramatic moment
when Terrione Rea was red carded in the first half of the game.
I don’t know what Terrione Rea was thinking here.
Maybe someone needs to talk to him in French about not doing something like this.
This is incredible. He goes off, out of his way, to knee Roger
Espinoza, from sporting Kansas City. He gets an automatic red card.
I’m still flabbergasted there were still some people on some of the sites, out there,
on Twitter and stuff, who though it was a bad call.
This was the best call I’ve seen ever. This was a given on a red card to me.
There’s no doubt he goes out of his way, and he ends up looking, almost, to hurt Roger
Espinoza. It looked like he was angry about a tackle
a couple seconds earlier. Kansas City finally takes advantage of it.
Tio Bumbrea gets a goal, T.J. Saphon gets a goal.
2-nil victory, puts them into a great position to stay in first place and win the Eastern
Conference. That win actually clinched the playoff spot
for Kansas City. Remember, Terrione Rea out for the huge matchup
on Thursday night against Philadelpia, which really will determine whether or not the Red
Bulls will get into the playoffs. A bunch of teams did get into the playoffs
this weekend. Colorado, Columbus, we mentioned Kansas City,
Philadelphia and Houston all clinching playoff births.
A good win for Houston up in Portland on Friday night.
I think a lot of us thought this was a game the Timbers were going to win.
They were feeling confident and Houston were not looking good.
You know what, they came out and they did a very good job.
They were pushing all along. I thought Jeff Cameron had a very good game.
Andea with a goal and Daniel Cruz with a stunner from long distance to seal the game for them.
They put in a great performance. What does this do for Houston?
They are in the playoffs, now can they actually start to make a dent as they move forward?
Houston could actually finish towards the top of the Eastern Conference, so they still
have a lot to play for. They play L.A. Galaxy in the final game of
the season. Up the coast from Portland was an incredible
display from Seattle, when you look at the crowd that showed up to say goodbye to Casey
Keller. 64,000 people that packed the stadium in CenturyLink.
They were treated with something special by Casey Keller himself.
He had a great game, 7 saves on the night, including a 4 save sequence in the second
half in the 55th minute when he comes up huge again and again and again.
At that point it was 1-nil. Chris Wonalowski got an early goal for San
Jose and what that sequence of saves did, Jason, it gave them a huge shift in momentum.
That, and Malro Rosalo came on the field, and he changed things as well on the attack.
And late, into the 82nd minute, it was, I believe, and all of the sudden newcomer Samuel
Chou with a great goal, runs on the through pass, puts it away.
And who comes up in the end? Freddie Montero, who’ve people been asking
question about all season but you know, he shows up when it really matters.
And if you look at his stats on the season, and especially his performance in the past
month and a half or so, he’s been phenomenal. This is a Seattle team that is feeling really
confident heading into the playoffs. Greg, you mention Chris Wonalowski scored,
that ties him with Dwayne De Rosario, at the top of the Golden Boot Race.
Obviously, Terrione Rea won’t be making a push.
Mendoza, though, had a couple goals this weekend. So there is still a race for the Golden Boot
heading into the Final weekend. One more game to tell you about, the L.A.
Galaxy put on a defensive display in the Super Classico.
Chad Barry got the goal in the second half, made a 1-nil victory over Chivas USA.
But it was a defense game we’ve been talking about all season long.
The L.A. Galaxy defense seems unbreakable at this point and you know what?
They’re setting new records for defense, even.
They tied the 2000 Kansas City Team for the most shutouts in a MLS season.
They have the opportunity against Houston in the final game of the season to break that
record. Plenty to talk about, clearly.
There’s a lot going on with the playoff race.
We’ll have all of that on ExtraTime Radio later today, you can get on iTunes or Buzzsprout.
And we’ll be back on The Daily tomorrow.

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